Sunday, September 22, 2013


Daniel Cohn-Benit, green leader in the European Parliament: did he just invent
the paedophile experiences he was so proud of? Or were they real??
A few day ahead of the national elections in Germany, the leftist-ecologist “Green Party”, which has ambitions to replace, as part of a coalition  with the Social Democrats and the extreme-left Party “Die Linke” the centre-right Government led by Chancellor Angela Merkel, is again confronted with revelations concerning its role as the political mouthpiece of openly paedophile lobbies.
Of course, it is well known (and never was a secret) that the Greens are the political movement that is more active than any other group in promoting homosexuality as a “normal” and socially acceptable lifestyle. But it somehow had fallen into oblivion that this agenda was from its very beginning deeply entangled with the paedophile lobby. And this entanglement was by no means accidental. The promotion of both homosexuality and paedophilia simply was part of a larger project: a cultural revolution that sought to establish all rules concerning sexuality, hoping that this “sexual revolution” would lead to a complete destruction of the existing culture and thus open the way for the construction of a completely new society.   (more...)

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