Wednesday, September 25, 2013

New Report: 51% of Canadian universities fail to uphold free expression rights on campus

OTTAWA: The Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms ( today released the 2013 Campus Freedom Index, a report which measures the state of free speech at 45 Canadian public universities.
Using a five-tier letter scale—A, B, C, D and F—the Campus Freedom Indexgrades universities and student unions on their stated policies (what they say) and their practices (what they do). Each university receives four letter grades for each of university policies, university practices, student union policies, and student union practices.
With 180 letter grades awarded to 45 campuses, Canada’s universities and student unions receive only six ‘A’ grades. Conversely, and troublingly, ‘F’ grades were earned 32 times: 13 by universities and 19 by student unions. The Campus Freedom Index also assigns 19 B’s, 80 C’s and 43 D’s.  (more...)

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