Wednesday, September 25, 2013

TH2: CRAZY-EYED V2 VISIONS (Part 2c, Sidebar)

I. NIHILO: Has the reader even been overwhelmed with the current state of the Church and world affairs such that you eventually reach a point of total inertia, physically and mentally? "Last of all, gentlemen, it is best to do nothing", said Dostoyevsky's Underground Man. The eminent Russian novelist wasn't referring to the Catholic Church specifically. But hopefully you get my point. Your host has undergone a greater-than-normal world weariness over the last few months, which explains the nothingness of longer-than-normal breaks between article postings. Work and personal responsibilities, very involved, have also encroached. Peace these days only comes from the Holy Mass and when I pray to the Blessed Virgin. Most everything else, self-directed activities, seem a waste.  As indicated in the top-right corner of this blog, Essaying, Assailing and Assessing heresy/apostasy in CanChurch to the extent done in this space saps ones fortitude, like having my brain sucked out with a vacuum cleaner. Yes, I'm complaining and, yes, I shouldn't and, yes, I deserve reprimand for doing so.  (more...)

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