Saturday, September 21, 2013

Tunisian comfort women go to Syria for ‘sex jihad’

A group of dedicated Tunisian women have made their way to civil war-torn Syria to in pursuit of “sex jihad.” This noble mission involves providing comfort to Islamist rebels who seek to overthrow the Assad regime, reports international news channel France 24.

“They have sexual relations with 20, 30, 100″ militants, Tunisia’s Interior Minister Lotfi ben Jeddou charged in front of the country’s constitutional assembly on Thursday. Jeddou said that many of the female sex warriors are minors.

“After the sexual liaisons they have there in the name of ‘jihad al-nikah,’ they come home pregnant,” Ben Jeddou explained.

‘Jihad al-nikah’ is an Arabic term meaning sexual holy war.  (more...)

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