Friday, September 20, 2013

How foreign paedophiles are stalking British children online and 'sexually blackmailing' them

Children as young as eight are being targeted online by foreign paedophile gangs who believe that Britain’s ‘liberal’ values make them easy prey.

Britain has become the top target for cyber sexual predators, a report reveals today.

The criminals trick victims into thinking they are talking to a boy or girl the same

They then persuade them to send compromising pictures or perform ‘slave-like sex acts’ live on webcams – before threatening to show the pictures to their families or friends or post them on the internet.

Investigators believe youngsters in this country are being exploited more than in any other nation due to offenders’ perceptions that British teenagers are more promiscuous.

The gangs also believe British parents impose fewer boundaries due to our ‘free, open and liberal society’, the report says.

Over the past two years 357 children in the UK were urged to carry out sexual acts live over the internet after being duped by criminal gangs posing as youngsters the same age as them.

This represents almost half of the 716 known victims worldwide, according to the figures published by the Child Exploitation and Online Protection centre.  (more...)

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