Friday, September 20, 2013

The Ghosts of Causes Celebres Past

Wow. The new Book of Matt by Stephen Jimenez really blows a hole in Gay Inc. Matthew Shepard, it turns out, was not a blond cherub killed for being gay. He was unjustly murdered and the victim of a heinous crime. But he was killed by other men he'd had sex with, and with whom he had a drug-dealing relationship.

People are shocked -- shocked! Shocked!

Here's the thing. As I commented in a past American Thinker article -- "Understanding the Viciousness of the Gay Left" -- the LGBT movement is based on one overarching priority: Public image. For various complex reasons, the leaders of this movement did not consider any problem facing homosexuals as serious as the issue of "stigma," i.e., what straight people thought about gays as a class. Individual gays could be viewed as ugly, too effeminate, or embarrassing for their political views -- which explains why Dan Savage has no problem calling Marcus Bachmann schoolyard insults based on conjecture and fantasy -- but the important thing was always for The Gays as a community to be viewed by Everyone Else as good people.  (more...)


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