Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Robert Johnson, 62, is in court for sentencing in London’s largest child porn bust, with 220,000 images

If every image from London’s biggest child porn bust was printed, the stack of paper would reach a height of 45 metres.

And if one second were allowed to review each image in Robert Johnson’s collection of porn and child nudity, it would take 94 hours to see them all.

Those were the Crown’s estimates during its arguments Monday for sentencing Johnson, 62, an admitted pedophile with a history of collecting child pornography.

Superior Court Justice Alan Bryant also learned that Johnson suffers from Asperger syndrome. He has two university degrees and has worked at both Western and Brock universities before finding it more comfortable to work on his own, then retiring.

He was married for decades and has a child, but neither his ex-wife nor his daughter want contact with him.  (more...)

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