Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Support Rallies To “Men’s Centre” Lecture After University Mandates Students Pay High Security Fee

TORONTO, ONTARIO — (September 23, 2013) The University of Toronto Men’s Issues Awareness Society received overwhelming financial support after announcing the administration was mandating the group pay $964 for campus police or risk having their Friday event cancelled. At previous events rioters had committed illegal acts including pulling fire alarms and blocking exit doors.

“This campus group is sparking a positive and vital dialogue about gender on campus,” said Malcolm Johnston, CAFE Spokesperson. “We are excited to announce that the Miles Groth event will proceed this Friday, thanks to support from the many men and women who stepped up to donate. They understand that rewarding law-breaking rioters by cancelling events of which they disapprove will only lead to increased censorship and risk making the U of T a more dangerous place.”

Groups opposing the “men’s issues” agenda, including the University of Toronto Student Union (UTSU), will host a series of events this week calling for a “militant feminist” response to CAFE’s peaceful educational programs. While the UTSU uses mandatory levies charged to all students to fund gender-focused events at which they have ejected dissenters, CAFE’s campus societies with almost no resources manage to provide open forums where all views are welcome.  (more...)

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