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CIA Front Companies Play Crucial Role in Arms Pipeline to Ukraine and Profit From the Human Misery it Generates


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CIAGate is a new website set up on substack that draws on information from an anonymous CIA whistleblower to publicize and expose criminal conduct being carried out by the CIA. Its mission statement reads: “We the people. We oppose all wars and military conflicts. Our purpose is to abolish the CIA and military-industrial deep state. We stand firmly on our principles.” Below is a series that CIAGate published on the CIA’s involvement in the arms pipeline to Ukraine through a shadowy CIA company that supplies drones to Kyiv

Analyzing the CIA’s records, we’ve noticed that there were many references to the Noetic international Inc., a company with questionable origin and activity.

According to its website, the enterprise specializes in “delivering products and services including assessments, operations and finance to clients in the energy, telecom, space, cybersecurity and intelligence sectors.“

In a previous article on substack we wrote that the CEO of the Noetic International Inc. was Johnna May Holeman, a former U.S. artillery soldier and CIA operative, who took part in the supply of 155mm white phosphorus rounds to Ukraine through a tea-trade company in Bulgaria.

Now we can say that there was another CIA officer behind the creation of the Noetic International Inc. Ladies and gentlemen, please meet John Alan Irvin–the godfather of clandestine operations.

So, it was John’s idea to establish a company that would carry out the CIA’s clandestine activities without attracting much attention. However, being a top-tier spy John himself does not really conceal his affiliation with the Agency. According to his track record, John is a specialist in the field of analyzing the activities of covert secret agents. He also has decades of experience conducting clandestine operations.  (more...)

CIA Front Companies Play Crucial Role in Arms Pipeline to Ukraine and Profit From the Human Misery it Generates


CIA arms trafficking Ukraine profiteering front companies corruption military exposure scandal

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