Sunday, April 28, 2024

Michael Moore Was Almost Shot By The IDF


Michael Moore IDF Palestine solidarity academia student activism campus encampments dissent protests Gaza genocide Judaism unions Flint Michigan

00:00:00 Michael Moore on Katie's Genocide Remix song   

 • Biden & Netanyahu React To ICJ: 'Noth...  

00:02:25:20 Michael Moore's experience being shot at by the IDF in the 1980s

00:04:51:05 On the Jewish history of Flint's labor struggle

00:08:21:27 Seder protests and police arresting students, the next generation

00:10:34:02 What counts as antisemitism? Okay to criticize Jeffery Epstein?

00:11:09:27 On the killing of aid workers

00:13:39:22 The best thing you can do for Israelis is speak out against the killing

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