Thursday, April 25, 2024

We must hold Guilbeault to account for supporting Israeli violence


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As a long-time ecologist Steven Guilbeault knows we can’t overcome the climate crisis without just and equitable rules that apply to everyone no matter where they live on the planet. As a former Greenpeace spokesperson he knows militarism is extremely ecologically damaging. As a father, Guilbeault knows that killing 15,000 Palestinian children cannot be justified.

Still, Canada’s environment minister has supported one of the most horrific military onslaughts in recent memory. In fact, Guilbeault is in the cabinet of a government that has enabled Israel’s holocaust in Gaza.

The only public statement Guilbeault seems to have made regarding the conflict came soon after Hamas’ October 7 assault. On X he posted, “Canada condemns the violent terrorist attacks on Israel. Full stop.” It linked to a message from the prime minister noting, “Canada strongly condemns the current terrorist attacks against Israel. These acts of violence are completely unacceptable. We stand with Israel and fully support its right to defend itself.”

As Israel has “defended itself” by killing 40,000, Guilbeault has stayed mum. An individual who said I “came into politics so I could continue to be an activist” has ignored the many thousands who have marched in his riding over the past seven months. He has ignored a Laurier—Sainte-Marie Palestine solidarity group’s repeated appeals to support a long-term ceasefire and two-way arms embargo. Activists have also asked Guilbeault to raise his voice against Israel’s siege of Gaza and Canada’s complicity in Israel’s occupation, organizing multiple protests and town halls focused on the environment minister’s complicity in genocide. But he’s failed to even meet with organizers.

If the killing of over 15,000 Palestinian children isn’t enough to move Guilbeault, perhaps the ecologist could at least denounce the environmental devastation wrought by Israel’s war machine?  (more...)

We must hold Guilbeault to account for supporting Israeli violence

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