Friday, April 19, 2024

Ottawa doing the opposite of peacekeeping


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The Canadian government is enabling geopolitical tensions that could lead to World War III. They’ve encouraged Israel’s bid to ignite a regional war, promoted the NATO proxy war in Ukraine, dispatched forces towards China and increased military spending to counter China and Russia.

In innumerable ways the Trudeau government has enabled Israel’s holocaust in Gaza. Ottawa responded to Israel’s slaughter by ramping up arms sales while simultaneously maintaining bilateral military ties and turning a blind eye to Canadians illegally assisting the Israeli military.

Ottawa refused to condemn Israel’s assassinations of Iranian officials on April 1 even though the adjacent Canadian embassy building was damaged when Israel blew up part of Tehran’s diplomatic compound in Damascus. While staying mum on Israel’s flagrant violation of international law, the Trudeau government immediately condemned Iran’s response. They’ve also discussed imposing more sanctions on that country.

A great deal of Israel’s shadow war with Iran, which Benjamin Netanyahu seeks to have the US fight, has taken place in Syria. There are a few thousand US and Russia troops in that country. Even though they are on different sides, Israel and Russia have thus far largely avoided fighting each other. If fighting between Israel-Iran grows, Russian forces could be drawn into skirmishes with Israeli forces in Syria. Already in a proxy war with Russia in Ukraine, the US would likely then end up in direct conflict with the world’s other main nuclear power.

The Trudeau government has also aggressively promoted the NATO proxy war. On Monday the federal government announced that Canada was giving Ukraine another 450 drones and Tuesday’s federal budget included over $4 billion worth of new support to that country. The number of Canadian troops on Russia’s border with Latvia keeps growing along with NATO forces across Eastern Europe. Two weeks after the French president suggested sending ground troops to Ukraine, French Prime Minister Gabriel Attal and Justin Trudeau released a joint statement noting, “we will continue our financial, humanitarian, military, and diplomatic support to Ukraine for as long as it takes.”  (more...)

Ottawa doing the opposite of peacekeeping

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