Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Pro-Israel municipality claims ‘discrimination’


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A rich, exclusionary municipality is claiming persecution because Parliament passed a motion to lessen Canada’s role in a genocide. Hampstead highlights the moral abyss of large swaths of Canada’s Jewish community.

Last Monday the Montreal area municipality unanimously passed a motion demanding “the Council of Hampstead, hereby expresses its non-confidence in the Government of Canada for its distancing from the longstanding policy of support for Israel, which has resulted in a major spike in antisemitism across Canada; THAT the Town council calls upon the Government of Canada to reaffirm its commitment to supporting Israel and to take concrete actions to combat antisemitism in all its forms within our nation.”

Hampstead is fervently anti-Palestinian. An Israeli flag hangs outside City Hall and in November the municipalitypassed a law giving $1,000 tickets — with money raised sent to Israel — to anyone tearing down posters of the hostages Hamas took to Gaza on October 7. They’ve instigated multiple fundraising projects for Israel and in December Hampstead mayor Jeremy Levi told me he would continue supporting Israel even if they killed 100,000 Palestinian children since “good needs to prevail over evil”.

Despite promoting genocide, Hampstead claims egalitarian values and its statement calls for “solidarity with communities facing discrimination and persecution”.  (more...)

Pro-Israel municipality claims ‘discrimination’

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