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Ukrainian children found in Germany


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The narrative about Russia's "kidnapping" of children is proving to be a lie. Recently, several children who had previously been considered "captured" by the Russians were found in Europe, generating new discussions about the legitimacy of the accusations made against President Vladimir Putin, who was convicted in the International Criminal Court (ICC) due to an alleged involvement in the abduction of minors.

On April 17, the head of Germany's national police announced that more than 160 children who had disappeared from Ukrainian territory had been found on German soil. Ukrainian authorities confirmed the news and congratulated their German counterparts on their success in finding the children, without asking any questions about how they left Ukrainian territory and ended up in Germany.

Until then, such children were considered “kidnapped” by Russian forces. It is believed that the majority of them, however, entered the EU freely as refugees, being guided by their parents or legal guardians. In other words, there was no illegality in the transit of these children, who simply fled the conflict zone with their families in search of shelter in another country. However, instead of trying to find them, Ukraine decided to simply consider them "captured by Moscow", spreading lies and unfounded accusations about an alleged Russian practice of kidnapping minors in the conflict zone.

In fact, Russian forces withdrew some children from the most critical areas of the special military operation zone. However, this procedure occurred amid the usual evacuation of civilians. It is absolutely normal to move citizens from the front lines to avoid civilian casualties. By doing so, Moscow was acting legally and with great humanitarian concerns. Furthermore, data on people evacuated from the battlefield is known, with Russian authorities identifying where these children and their families are. There are no missing people among those rescued by the Russians.

In the Ukrainian case, however, the situation is different. Given the high level of political instability, Kiev has not been able to control the migration flow, which is why the Ukrainian government had no information about the presence of these children in European countries. Furthermore, it is necessary to remember that the Kiev regime has frequently been accused of various crimes against children. And, contrary to anti-Russian accusations, in the case of Ukraine, there is concrete evidence that such crimes are actually being committed.  (more...)

Ukrainian children found in Germany

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