Thursday, April 25, 2024

Canadian state apparatus conspires with Zionist vigilantes to dox and spy on pro-Palestine community


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A web of spying and doxing is being laid upon the pro-Palestine community in Canada.

Former leader of the Canadian chapter of an FBI-recognized terrorist organisation (Jewish Defence League) Meir Weinstein and far-right vigilante organisation ShomRim has converged to spy on the pro-Palestine community. Their latest target is Tara, a woman who they doxed by revealing her LinkedIn information, phone number, and address. They have even threatened to engage in illegal revenge porn against her and dox her in front of the whole pro-Palestine community. Zionist Conservative MP Melissa Lantsman has engaged in separate doxing towards the pro-Palestine community, and is even connected to ShomRim as well.

The far-right, pro-colonial forces that embody the inherent nature of Canada are now engaging in targeted offensives against the pro-Palestine community. They have started at vulnerable targets such as Tara, in order to send chills down the spines of the less committed, and perhaps less principled. When that fails, due to strong leadership, they will simply arbitrarily detain and concoct pretexts for other forms of pro-colonial repression and violence.

The Canada Files reached out to Tara after learning of her doxing by Meir Weinstein and his associates. According to Tara, as a single mother, she began to advocate for Palestine after seeing the horrors involved in Israel’s genocidal bombing campaign and siege. She then converted to Islam. Afterwards, she found herself in an online ‘flame war’ with Meir Weinstein, Joe Warmington, and a doctor from Texas named Gary Branfman after she posted a video denouncing Meir Weinstein’s slander about Tara's previously posted protest safety videos, and his generally violent, “every Jew with a .22” terror-linked history.

The most controversial events happened shortly after the illegal settlement sales controversies and exposes on the actions of the Zionist community during those protests.  (more...)

Canadian state apparatus conspires with Zionist vigilantes to dox and spy on pro-Palestine community

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