Tuesday, April 30, 2024

Pro-Israel groups vs. student democracy at McGill


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Liberal MP Anthony Housefather is clamouring for the violent suppression of McGill students protesting Israel’s genocide in Gaza. It is an odious escalation in the Zionist movement’s bid to suppress democracy at the prestigious university.

On Saturday afternoon students set up two dozen tents on the university’s main lawn, which disrupts nothing but is exceptionally well placed just off a major downtown street. Soon after the first student divestment encampment in the country went up, Housefather posted to X, “Encampments are a violation of university policy. City police are municipal & universities fall under provincial jurisdiction. I call upon university administrators, police (and if needed provincial governments) to act. We can’t allow what is happening in the US to happen here.” A few hours later, at 10:20 PM on a Saturday night, Housefather repeated his call for a repression through a video message. On three occasions on Monday and Tuesday Housefather reiterated his demand for state repression, calling on McGill leadership to take “swift action.”

B’nai Brith and Friends of Simon Wiesenthal Centre echoed the MP’s message. Housefather and the apartheid lobby groups have long sought to suppress student voices and democracy at McGill.  (more...)

Pro-Israel groups vs. student democracy at McGill

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