Friday, April 19, 2024

Canada: The Bloody Wedge Between America and Russia


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In this episode of Tim Kirby Russia, the theme of Canada's Untold History is tackled with a recasting of history as you've never imagined. Not only is the myth of Canadian nationalism largely a British-shaped chimera, but the historic role of Canada as a British imperial wedge blocking US-Russian cooperation (and anti-American operations from Montreal and Toronto) has also been an integral part of the northern monarchy's dark legacy. In this first of two parts, we explore the origins of British Canada from 1763 to 1863.

In this episode of Tim Kirby Russia, we continue where we left off in part 1 by reviewing the British instigation of the Civil War and the true causes for Czar Alexander II's deployment of the Russian Navy to the USA in defense of the republic and also the sale of Alaska in 1867. From this vantage point, a better appreciation for the dynamics in British Canada can be understood shaped by the opposing worldviews of republican nationalists friendly to Lincoln vs those pro-imperial traitors like Sir John A MacDonald who wished to keep Canada under British control and as a wedge between US-Russian cooperation. We review several major battles that occured over the ensuing century between these two opposing paradigms in the Americas leading up to the FDR networks in Canada during and after WWII.

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