Wednesday, March 21, 2018

The History of the Population Control Movement 1798 to 1998

The population control movement (or better put: the contraception-abortion-sterilization medical-industrial complex), while little understood and seldom discussed, is one of the most culturally and politically influential movements of the modern world. The population control movement and the environmental movement are so pervasively collaboratively and ideologically conjoined as to be conceptually inseverable. The following articles hopefully may serve as stepping stones across the 200-year wide river of darkness separating the general public from any practical awareness of this deliberate historic endeavour profoundly affecting each and every one of our lives.


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Closet Nazis in the pro-life movement? They're controlled opposition. Astro Turf. Keep your wallet in your pocket, and your back to the wall. Bigots and elitists do NOT love life.

Update: Some local tree-huggers are about to put their "civic mindedness" on display:

Can't have too many colored babies pulling wings off butterflies.

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