Wednesday, March 28, 2018

WE the latest charity to withdraw from Halton Catholic school board list

accountability Catholic education gay agenda political correctness Marxism

A global charity has withdrawn its name from a list of non-profits that declared they were in compliance with a controversial policy from an Ontario school board blocking donations to organizations that opposed Catholic doctrine.

WE Charity had originally signed a declaration from the Halton Catholic District School Board that it would not provide “public support,” directly or indirectly, for certain activities, including abortion, euthanasia and contraception. The charity said early last week that it did not have projects supporting any of the activities outlined by the school district. It said that the questions asked by the school district were “not applicable” to the charity.

But on Saturday, in a subsequent statement on its website, WE Charity said that “after gathering further information and context,” it had formally withdrawn its name from the list of charities that signed the declaration. “The WE Charity believes the voices of those who choose to be in a school system educators, parents and students, (21,000 of whom have already signed a petition on this issue) – should be respected when choosing the causes and charities they support,” spokeswoman Angie Gurley said in an email on Tuesday. “WE Charity seeks to turn ‘students into leaders,’ and on this important issue, feels a strong solidarity with student leaders.”  (more...)

Where have we heard that name before?

accountability Catholic education gay agenda political correctness Marxism

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