Monday, March 26, 2018

Nazis not welcome: Protesters hit the streets in Hamilton, but city keeps its cool

fascism nazi immigration politics police violence youth hate racism xenophobia

They were rebels without a cause.

At least not a clear one.

They were anti-Nazi and pro-Muslim. A few liked the police, but most didn’t. They were in favour of Canada, but they had varying ideas of who should be Canadian. Black Lives Matter to some, but not others. They didn’t say much about gentrification, but some believed that “Capitalism sucks.” They were patriots who had to stick to sidewalks because they didn’t apply for demonstration permits. The media were vultures, but everybody played to their cameras. This land was stolen, but it belongs to everybody. We should fight for what we believe in or we should all just get along. They wanted their voices heard, but kept their faces covered.

In all, it was a protest comprising a confusing variety of causes and groups which wandered up and down Hamilton’s Main St. W. a couple of times looking for a place to go. The 150 or so participants were aiming for Locke St. S., but walls of police officers at every corner easily kept them back. Eventually, the protesters returned to Victoria Park, where they had started from, to shout at each other. They were angry, loud and ornery, but lacking in clarity.

“Is he one of us or one of them?” a protester asked pointing to a guy ranting about taking back the city.

The whole muddled and bewildering thing lasted 90 minutes before a Hamiltonians Against Fascism (HAF) guy with a bullhorn told everyone it was time to go home.

Hamilton police say there were no arrests or injuries.

It was billed as a “Patriot Walk on Locke” on social media, apparently instigated by far-right groups wanting to demonstrate against a recent vandalism spree on Locke St. by a masked mob. In online postings leading up to Sunday’s walk, the Patriots seemed to include Soldiers of Odin, the Proud Boys and the Ontario Northern Guard.  (more...)


It's a tragedy that the chameleon Trudeau was never unmasked. The enormous harm done to our society by this closet Nazi and salon Bolshevik may have been averted. Lesson: Don't just read the label. Open the jar and take a long, deep whiff.
fascism nazi immigration politics police violence youth hate racism xenophobia

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