Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Doug Ford anointed - literally - by controversial evangelical pastor as part of effort to win social conservatives

heresy politics sex education abortion social conservatism religion evangelicalism

On the sprawling stage of Toronto’s Prayer Palace mega-church, Doug Ford stood solemnly as Pastor Paul Melnichuk blessed him and his bid to be Ontario Progressive Conservative leader.

“I’m sensing a deep and profound anointing,” Melnichuk told his flock in the dramatic cadence of the evangelical preacher. Behind them, the scene was broadcast on a towering video screen.

“Because of your prayer and your light, God’s hand will rest upon Mr. Ford.”

As the anointing ceremony ended, the giant screen filled with the words, the website where the former city councilor had earlier urged the congregation to sign up as Tory members.

“Go online … register, register your family and friends, because that’s the only way we can make a change in this province,” Ford told them. “And we will make sure — I can guarantee you we’ll make sure — the church has a voice. All the time.”  (more...)

This is how social conservatism dies. False ecumenism, sliding into appropriation of orthodox Christian social teaching by deep state religious puppetmasters corrupts the natural appeal and rationality of authentic faith. Orthodox Catholics, Jews, and other family-based traditions get side-swiped and marginalized by vulgar charlatans. Gestapo General Reinhard Gehlen was an evangelical minister -- no friend to Christians.

heresy politics sex education abortion social conservatism religion evangelicalism

How the game is played:

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