Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Hollywood Hypocrisy: Celebrating Pederasty While Grandstanding Against Sexual Assault

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In a plot twist that rivals anything penned by the most astute screenwriters, the some of the same Hollywood elite who are proclaiming that “Time’s Up” for sexual assault in the industry are celebrating pederasty. As sexual assault and harassment allegations continue to mount against media giants such as Harvey Weinstein, and Hollywood elites wear “Time’s Up” pins and  black at the Golden Globes and white roses at the Grammy Awards in “solidarity” with sexual assault victims, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has nominated a film celebrating pederasty for four Academy Awards. While Kevin Spacey was ousted from television and movie roles for allegations of engaging in sodomy with underage boys, the actors, directors and screenwriters of Call Me By Your Name will be walking the red carpet on “Oscar night” hoping to go home with one of the golden trophies.

Reviewers have lauded Call Me By Your Name as a “romantic marvel” and “sumptuous love story” in The Atlantic and “an erotic triumph” in The New Yorker. Lost amid the accolades about a “fairy tale” like portrayal of “young love” is the fact that the movie portrays an adult man engaging in sodomy with a teenage boy. In a more realistic assessment, a Boston Globe commentator said, Call Me By Your Name “is a deftly directed, beautifully photographed, wonderfully acted master class in sexual predation and abuse.” The commentator, herself a teenage victim of sexual abuse, warned that “[i]n real life and in the movie, these shouldn’t be thought of as sexy coming-of-age romances, deliciously painful trysts from which both partners emerge better for having known each other. When an adult grooms a teenager and engages her or him in a sexual relationship, it’s neither romantic nor consensual.”  (more...)

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