Thursday, March 8, 2018

Challenging the lie: Canadian schools facing blowback for ‘white privilege’ awareness campaigns

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Two Canadian educational institutions this week faced blowback for campaigns intended to highlight the racial “privilege” of students.

The University of Ontario Institute of Technology (UOIT) put up posters encouraging students to “check their privilege” using a list of privileges such as “Christian,” “White,” “Heterosexual” and “Male.”

Meanwhile, B.C.’s School District 74 put up posters featuring school administration officials highlighting their own encounters with racism and privilege.

In one, district superintendent Teresa Downs stands next to a quote reading, “I have unfairly benefitted from the colour of my skin. White privilege is not acceptable.”

In another, district principal of Aboriginal education Tammy Mountain appears next to the quote, “I have felt racism. Have you?”  (more...)

That word "blowback". I don't think it means what you think it means.

There is structural inequality in our society, but it has nothing to do with being Christian, white, heterosexual, or male. In Hitler's death camps, you could be all of those and end up just as dead as anyone else. I speak here of the Russians, Poles, and Serbs who were murdered in the millions by the Nazis. You say there are no Nazis in Ontario? Let me straighten you out on that one.

Across campus, when I was an undergrad, a chapter of the John Birch Society was founded by Paul Fromm, a proud lad of Franco/German extraction. He found common cause with holocaust denier Ernst Zundel and assorted campus Nazi sympathizers. A solid cohort of deniers and sympathizers were resident in my own college. A sizable group of ratline kids -- sons and daughters of Nazis and fascists from Axis countries coalesced around these ideologies. They shared Nazi material and openly discussed their bigoted views in the halls and dormitories of the college. They even cleverly adapted the identity politics developed by the Cultural Marxist college to their own efforts to obscure authentic civil rights and create artificial conflicts for exploitation. Were there any adults in the room to help form these youth in less sociopathic attitudes?

Well, the adults -- the dons, lecturers, and dean --  were creatures of their institution. That institution was powerfully funded and directed by the Freemasons, as I learned from the students and staff. I also learned that the parents of the ratline kids were also Freemasons. The Lodge was instrumental in assisting their immigration to Canada, positioning them in society, and ensuring their economic success. If you've read about the Nazi ratlines run by the Vatican, you would have a picture of the citizenship for sale, money laundering, and identity falsification that this entails. And, the "adults"? They diligently tended this garden of nettles, cultivating its toxins. My own don had all the markings of a CIA spook. I, myself, repelled bald attempts at recruitment by the Freemasons and thinly veiled induction into CIA spookery --  the kind that renders you mind-controllable and expendable. I walked away from this milieu with my integrity intact, although my dignity was much offended.

So, the structure of inequality in our institutions is not about if you are Christian, white, heterosexual (my don was homosexual), or male (many of the female students were recruited by the Eastern Star). It is about secret societies, illicit financial flows, and institutional corruption. And, if you resist that corruption, it's about integrity. If Canada had real journalists like Daphne Caruana Galizia and Jan Kuciak, this information wouldn't be hidden away in blogs like mine and obscured by misdirection such as the National Post's drivel. A real campaign to address inequality would focus on the 1% kleptocrats and oligarchs who murdered Galizia and Kuciak. The investigation into Honey Sherman's death may also cast its gaze in that direction. She was also a student at my college in that timeframe.

accountability corruption education fascism freemasonry immigration politics politicval correctness politics nazi

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