Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Hidden Agenda? ‘Dictator Pope’ author revealed

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Regnery Publishing has revealed the author's name

The author of the Dictator Pope has been revealed as historian Henry Sire.

Sire, whose book was self-published last year under the pen name Marcantonio Colonna, was born in 1949 in Barcelona.

He was educated at Stonyhurst College before reading Modern History at Exeter College, Oxford.

The Dictator Pope caused considerable stir when it appeared in December. It tells the story of Francis’s pontificate, as well as his life before becoming Pope, drawing on a wide range of material including confidential sources within the Vatican.  (more...)

Be mindful that Regnery Publishing is a known CIA front and Oxford is a prime MI-6 recruiting ground. Both are steeped in Freemasonry:

They've been playing us for a very long time:

Meek as doves, wise as serpents

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