Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Canada’s Russia policy raises many questions

accountability politics corruption fascism
A Trudeau minion
Canada’s decision to expel Russian diplomats raises more questions than it answers.

Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland said the expulsion of four diplomats and the refusal to accredit three more is designed to show solidarity with Britain, which blames Russia for deploying a deadly nerve agent in England.

She called the use of the nerve agent, which sent three to hospital, a “despicable, heinous and reckless act” — which undoubtedly it was.

But like her British counterpart, she provided no evidence that the Russian government was behind the attack.

Freeland also said she was expelling the four Russians because they had used their diplomatic status “to undermine Canadian security or interfere in our democracy.” That too is a serious charge that warrants explanation.

Yet, so far, the Canadian government has offered no information about this interference.  (more...)

A sorry track record:

accountability politics corruption fascism


  1. Interesting that the former CSIS Director admitted on television that many nations were actively spying on Canada. All of this is a massive fraud just to mislead the "masses" that these so-called politicians (bought and paid for shills) hold in such disdain. Freeland herself has yet to explain her silence on her family's collaboration with Nazis. Fascinating it also is, how international Zionism is silent if not an active co-conspirator in the advancement of this neo-Nazism.

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