Friday, March 16, 2018

Foreign service is anything but professional

Just how professional is Canada’s professional foreign service?

Recent events give Canadians the impression that our federal diplomats are not only incompetent but in the bag for the Liberal Party of Canada.

The most recent example of cringe-worthy bureaucratic stupidity came on Monday when the visiting delegation from Belgium was met at an official event with a German flag.

The Belgian king and queen planned their trip to commemorate the 100-year anniversary of Canadian troops liberating Belgium during the First World War. Canadians were once again instrumental in defeating the Nazi’s and freeing Belgium during the Second World War.

Our Belgian allies wanted to thank Canada for its historic contributions to peace and freedom.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, apparently, was not interested in meeting the Belgian royal couple, as his father Pierre Trudeau had as prime minister in 1977. On that visit, the Belgian queen planted a tree on the grounds of Rideau Hall to celebrate the Canadian-Belgian friendship.

This time around, small flags were used to identify the 1977 tree — except, whoever’s job it was to bring a Belgian flag accidentally brought a German flag, causing a frenzy among the flabbergasted Belgian media.  (more...)


These Liberals are Nazi and Nazis are dumb.

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