Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Tinkering is not the answer

You didn't fix my school
It is very clear to me, after 45 years of teaching, 3 university degrees and many other educational classes, and 20 years running a small business from my home part-time, that no tinkering with the current system of public education is going to work. If we could convince all the governments in Canada to free all workers from the Closed Shop unions, we might have a chance to do something about the huge gaps that are occurring in our children's education. This might have a chance to improve things slightly. However, that option will not reappear even slightly while your Premier and our Premier and our new Prime Minister are in power for the next 4-5 years.

Meanwhile our children are missing out on an education and, worse yet, being indoctrinated daily from K-12, or maybe even earlier. Apparently India has implemented some "Home Schools" which charge $1/day because they lost hope in their public schools. Now these graduates run a huge percentage of the world tech industry. My children are long finished with public schools, but their children are not and they are not being challenged or taught properly. The oldest is now losing interest because she is taking "Native History" for the 5th or 6th time, and basically Zero European or American history of how we got to such things as Freedom and higher levels of science, mathematics or engineering, etc.

Our best option is to stop sending our children to these schools using excuses of sickness, no babysitters, no transportation or no money for transportation, and meanwhile setting up community "schools', at least for the little ones. Once they learn the basics, insist they READ, READ, READ, do home study (as Dr. Ben Carson did) and test them using sources from the Internet.

Okay, so I am dreaming. I congratulate you for trying to reform the system, but I know it is far too late. Our schools only "teach" approximately 165 days per year now, so how long do we wait for things to change through the present bureaucracy? They know we parents lose interest as soon as our kids leave school, so we have to STOP playing by their rules.  (more...)

How do we get there?

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