Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Ettore Gottie-Tedeschi: Letter to My Granddaughter about the Family Synod

This letter I write to my granddaughter Olivia, who was born a month ago, so that in 20 years when she reads it, can better understand the world in which she will live.

Dear Olivia,

in 20 years you could feel the desire to marry. What sacramental marriage will be in 20 years yet depends on us today, or rather, it seems to depend on a referendum, from the assembly of the faithful ...
A synod on marriage ended a few days ago and with the Newspapers reading that one might come to the conclusion that all have triumphed (Progressives and Conservative), just as we are used to from political elections. If you read the letter of the Synod Secretary, Cardinal Lorenzo Baldisseri to the Corriere della Sera on 27 October, one might get the impression that the one concerned (the people of God) decides himself, being interviewed by questionnaire of the sensus fidei. Because the herd possesses the right "sense of smell" in order to discern what the Church has to do in the things that concerns them. And eventually,  finds the Holy Spirit in the faithful echo of the voice  - of course. But this, I fear, we will, in order to know what sacrament  you can expect, must await the decision of the meeting of  the assembly on the matter of interested faithful ...  (more...)

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