Thursday, October 15, 2015

Pedophilia Advocacy: Are Many University Presidents Like Spanier?

Graham Spanier with Jerry Sandusky
This report, solicited by an investigator for the Pennsylvania Attorney General, was to provide factual information about former Penn State University President Graham Spanier to ascertain Spanier's foreknowledge of Coach Jerry Sandusky's child sexual abuses committed at Penn State University. Recent revelations by Attorney General Kathleen Kane that "pornographic emails in the scandal involve judges, U.S. attorneys, attorneys general, district attorneys and public defenders" discovered in her preparations for the Spanier trial suggests the import of this trial. She claims she has been subjected to a backlash from "an old boy's club determined to stop her from disclosing details about the scandal that involved figures in the state's legal and law enforcement communities."

The question at Spainer's trail would be; what/when did President Spanier know of Sandusky's child abuse. And, how many other high level authorities could Spanier's investigation expose?

As this report documents, as President Spanier held himself out as a sexuality expert, he would have been fully aware of Sandusky's crimes against children. Documentation from Spanier's 1973 doctoral dissertation establishes his long standing focus on adult sex with children. His dissertation, (claiming that "Sexual Socialization" Of Adult/Child Sex Abuse Between Birth And 13 Years Is Harmless) establishes his intellectual commitment to sexually radical, misogynistic,  pedophilic beliefs...

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