Sunday, October 18, 2015

Goliath Meets David

Ever lament the monolithicity of our brave new global world?

Ever been frustrated by the ever-narrowing choices offered by today's mega-corporations?

Are you old enough to remember how many more providers were available for essential services back in the 50's and 60's, and how their numbers dwindled as mergers and acquisitions consolidated much of the corporate world?

Did you watch as regulators failed to grapple with the increasing power imbalance between consumers and corporate monopolies? Were you dumbfounded as industry insiders captured seats on regulatory boards, spinning through government/corporate revolving doors? Did you feel powerless as high-paid lobbyists chipped away at consumer protections and nullified already-weak regulatory legislation? Were you really surprised when high-paid corporate lawyers waltzed around class-action lawsuits brought by consumers?

Ever try to live "off-grid"? Do you understand the term "essential services"? If you're reading this, your using one.

Go pour a glass of your favorite stress-releiver and come back...

Legislation is being passed in increasing numbers of countries compelling providers of essential services to sell bulk services at wholesale rates to re-sellers who can then create flexible plans more tailored and individualized to customer needs. Profit margins can be trimmed to provide a more equitable deal for the small consumer. Also, the big-marketing approach to advertising and sales can be bypassed so the consumer won't pay dearly for wasteful traditional media and store/kiosk space. Web-based direct-selling approaches can be used to cut out these expensive middle-minions (more engaged with back-office politics than customer service), lowering costs to consumers.

That's what I do. If you want to see how you can gain back a bit of control over how you purchase your essential services, explore my storefront. If you want help analysing how you can benefit from this alternative way of acquring the services you need, take this survey. And if you're impressed, having given this approach a test drive, and want to get into the business yourself, my storefront will soon be able to direct you to how that process begins.

That's my approach to anti-bullying.

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