Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Escape from TDSB: Shaun Chen wins Scarborough North

A pretty compelling campaign pitch
Liberal candidate Shaun Chen swept to victory in Scarborough North, retaking what had long been part of a Liberal stronghold.

Robert Yap, official agent for the Chen campaign, credited part of the win to “the Trudeau factor.” Liberal leader Justin Trudeau’s strong performance during the campaign overcame doubts initially raised among voters by Tory attack ads, Yap said.

Scarborough North is a new riding with 100,000 citizens, 68 per cent of whom came to Canada as immigrants. Almost 57,000 are from Asia. In 2010, the median annual income was $20,500.

The riding includes part of the old Scarborough-Rouge River riding, which had long been held by Liberal Derek Lee until his retirement before the 2011 election. Rathika Sitsabaiesan then became the first MP of Tamil descent, winning Scarborough-Rouge River by 5,000 votes for the NDP. She sought re-election in the new Scarborough North riding.  (more...)

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Personally, I think a Tamil MP would have been pretty cool. Instead, we got another education bureaucracy insider.

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