Saturday, October 24, 2015

Sandals should resign over union payoffs

Secret payouts worth millions of dollars. Money for vulnerable high school students spent on raises for teachers. Now public elementary teachers are withdrawing from extracurricular activities. Accusations. Denials. Finger pointing.

It seems all we talk about in public education is the latest fight between the government and teachers’ unions — strikes, work-to-rule campaigns, cancelling school clubs, half-done report cards. Well, that and sex ed.

It taints all of public education. We should be talking about student engagement and achievement, how best to help struggling students.

But no, as Lisa Gretzky, the NDP MPP in Windsor West and education critic at Queen’s Park, observed. This is what education has seemingly become. This garbage.

Everyone puzzled over how public high school teachers could get a 2.5 per cent raise when the government, facing an $8.5-billion deficit, insisted it wasn’t spending more money. Now we know. No wonder it was kept secret.  (more...)

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