Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Torture 101: Prof Ousted for CIA Role?

Term assignment?
Gannon University knew before it hired David Martine full time in 2013 that he had previously worked for the Central Intelligence Agency. At the CIA, he worked in such roles as chief of overseas operations for polygraph and interrogation. His jobs had him working in Iraq after the U.S. invasion.

At Gannon, in Erie, Pa., Martine drew on that experience to teach courses in criminal justice, interrogation and terrorism. The university boasted of his background and expertise in promoting its criminal justice programs and Martine's public appearances. He taught three and sometimes four courses a semester, working on an annual contract. He didn't have nor seek tenure.

Martine's employment ended suddenly this month. He says he was called to the human resources office the day after an article (caution: article features several graphic photos) ran in Newsweek about his work in Iraq and subsequent investigations into what happened to a specific prisoner known as the Iceman who died while being detained by U.S. authorities.  (more...)


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