Monday, October 19, 2015

Does the TCDSB accept "gender" theory as Catholic teaching?

Elementary school children will be taught pretty well the same radical sex curriculum in both separate and public schools.  The Toronto District Catholic School Board has just released some of its teaching resources for the new Health and Physical Education curriculum. The board message states that:
Now that the revised curriculum has been released, the Catholic education community of Ontario will work together to produce resources that support our Catholic teachers and ensure that the curriculum delivered in our classrooms is consistent with our Catholic teachings, and appropriate within the context of a Catholic classroom. The Institute for Catholic Education will coordinate this work. 
From this paragraph, nobody would ever know or suspect that there was any problem with the controversial and age-inappropriate sex curriculum. Parents would have no reason to worry. It's all going to be "consistent with Catholic teaching, and appropriate within the context of a Catholic classroom."  (more...)

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