Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Irish Catholic School Teachers Face ‘Anti-Catholic,’ Hostile Campus Culture

A number of Catholic school teachers in Dublin, Ireland, recently spoke out against the hostile and “openly anti-Catholic” environments at the Catholic schools where they work, saying they felt “intimidated” when raising concerns about the need to strengthen Catholic identity on campus.

In interviews with The Irish Catholic, the teachers said the lack of Catholic identity at Catholic schools was a widespread problem. Teachers weren’t named in the article because they feared reprisal by their more senior colleagues and school administrators.

“You feel oppressed because of the attitude there is towards faith, and the Catholic faith in particular. That creates a fear of sharing your views. There is a fear of fully expressing and fully living the Faith,” said one teacher, described as working at “a prominent Catholic school in south Dublin.”

He also told the newspaper he was made to feel “embarrassed” and “isolated” because of his Catholic faith. (more...)

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