Friday, October 16, 2015

TDSB apologizing as voters set to cast ballots in dirty schools

Politics may be dirty, but Canada’s largest school board doesn’t want voters to think education is, too, as they cast ballots Monday in schools where caretakers on a work-to-rule haven’t cleaned halls in weeks.

The Toronto District School Board is preparing signs of apology to the electorate — and the public at large — that schools aren’t in their usual spit-spot shape because support workers are on work-to-rule. The signs will be offered to all schools, including the 354 to be used as polling stations Monday, said spokesperson Ryan Bird.

The move was sparked by concerns from Trustee Gerri Gershon who didn’t want people arriving to vote “to think this is how we maintain our buildings — the big ones are getting grubby.

“I’m concerned people are going to walk into filthy hallways and not know there’s strike action underway.”  (more...)

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