Sunday, September 20, 2015

Von Clausewitz, List, the Bormann Capital Network and the Subjugation of Europe

Martin Bormann
To  come to understand what is taking place in Europe, it is essential to understand the military philosophy of Prussian military theoretician Karl von Clausewitz. In All Honorable Men, James Stewart Martin highlighted an important aspect of von Clausewitz’s philosophy, that war and diplomacy are two sides of the same coin. When diplomacy is no longer effective, the policy goal is pursued through the use of armed force. When war and military power have reached the limits of their effectiveness, diplomacy continues the pursuit of the goal.

Generations of Germans have understood this and incorporated that concept into the methodology of German power structure.

A primary focus of this website is, of course, the Bormann capital network, termed by one banking professional “the largest concentration of money power under a single authority in history.”

Having plundered, pooled and secreted away the liquid wealth of Europe, the network was in excellent position to realize the von Clausewitz gambit of the postwar, explained below.

Beyond that, the Bormann capital network is more than just the fruit of World War II plunder. The organization’s vast wealth derives from corporate power and the business and political brokers that administer that influence. Heavily invested in major corporations (especially American “blue chip” corporations) the group can exert great pres­sure with little effort.

Of course, when that doesn’t work, the Underground Reich will not hesitate to use deadly force.

19th Century pan-German theoretician Friedrich List foresaw a Germany economically astride Europe as a vehicle for world domination. The Underground Reich has realized the Nazi goal, formalized through the Federal Republic.  (more...)


"The good will be martyred, the Holy Father will have much to suffer, various nations will be annihilated."

Didn't think it would be the other socialists wieldng the knife?

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