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Holocaust Survivor: Israel Is LYING About Antisemitism


Zionism antisemitism conflation deception manipulation exploitation protest criminalization censorship rhetoric Israel professional Jews

Holocaust survivor and pro Palestinian activist Rene Lichtman explains the difference between antisemitism and anti Zionism and why it’s dangerous to conflate the two. He also talks about the protest he organized in front of the Holocaust Museum in Michigan over their silence on Gaza.

On December 22, 2023, Rene took part in a demonstration outside of the Zekelman Holocaust Center in Farmington Hills, Michigan, against the US-backed Israeli massacres in Gaza.

African Liberation Day and the Struggle for Freedom in Palestine


Africa Palestine liberation freedom genocide Zionism apartheid geopolitics Gaza solidarity independence

There is a close connection between the Pan-Africanist Movement and the current struggle to end the genocide in Gaza

African Liberation Day Statement

Note: This statement was submitted at the request of the All-African People’s Revolutionary Party (GC) for its African Liberation Day rally being held on Sunday May 19, 2024 in Malcolm X Park in Washington, D.C. The event was organized under the theme: “From Cape Town to Cairo, the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea, Pan-Africanism and Palestine Liberation are Indivisible! Smash the Genocide of International Zionism and Apartheid!”

This commemoration of African Liberation Day comes at a critical conjunction in the overall struggle against imperialism and for the total liberation of our continent along with other oppressed and exploited peoples throughout the globe.

Since October 7, the people of Palestine have once again renewed their leading role in ending the yoke of Zionism and imperialism over their land and people.

Some 76 years ago on May 15, 1948, the Zionists regime was recognized by the United States under President Harry S. Truman as the purported “legitimate” entity over the land of Palestine. Even prior to 1948, the Zionist project had been advanced by the French and British imperialists.

From its inception in the 1890s, the World Zionist Movement was committed to an “ironclad” alliance with western imperialism. This is why today the U.S. national security capitalist state is the main supporter of the oppression and genocide against the Palestinians.  (more...)

African Liberation Day and the Struggle for Freedom in Palestine

Rousing convocation speech says 'never learn to stay silent about injustice'


student activism Palestine solidarity justice convocation moral courage encampments Canada universities denunciation free speech

While receiving an honorary degree from Acadia University today, author, activist, professor, and Breach columnist El Jones praises students across the country who are “standing against a genocide” in Gaza.

“Over the past few months, we have been told that it is our words and not bombs that are harmful and violent.”

‘EU Suppresses National Sovereignty of Members, Sanctions Those Who Disobey’ - Jan Charnogursky


Robert Fico assassination attempt Slovakia independence sovereignty EU tyranny hegemony coercion oppression politics

RT had the pleasure of speaking with Jan Charnogursky, former Slovak Prime Minister, about the assassination attempt on Robert Fico, shifting opinions on the Ukraine crisis, and why the Western world continues to lose its global monopoly.

Saturday, May 18, 2024

Whom The Gods Would Destroy, They First Make British


hegemony collapse Robert Fico assassination attempt Ukraine Israel Winston Churchill BRICS neocolonialism imperialism

Before the United States, as a direct result of its increasingly lunatic military and other policies, disappears, along with the rest of the world, in a thermonuclear mushroom cloud, patriotic but enlightened American citizens should consider a happier alternative. This nation should drop its slavish adherence to British imperialist Winston Churchill’s post-1945 influence on American foreign policy, transmitted through the treasonous influence of the late Henry Kissinger right up to the moment of his death in November, 2023.

Here’s what Kissinger had to say at the 200th anniversary of the founding of the British Foreign Office, May 10, 1982, at London’s Chatham House.

“All accounts of the Anglo-American alliance during the Second World War and in the early postwar period draw attention to the significant differences in philosophy between Franklin Roosevelt and Winston Churchill reflecting our different national histories. America, which had never experienced a foreign threat to her survival, considered wars an historical aberration caused by evil men or institutions…Britain had seen aggression take too many forms to risk so personal a view of history…The dispute was resolved according to American preferences—in my view, to the detriment of postwar security.…Fortunately, Britain had a decisive influence over America’s rapid awakening to maturity in the years following.“

The “years following” have been dominated by Kissinger’s British-influenced view, from his 1950s {Nuclear Weapons and Foreign Policy}which espoused the “Mutual Assured Destruction” strategy—MAD—to his opposition to a Palestinian state, discussed by him just weeks before his death in November of last year. Today’s Manhattan Meeting will discuss how Lyndon LaRouche’s approach to foreign policy, rooted in a different idea of humanity, of America, and of the Classical principles of statecraft first clearly enunciated by the poets and inventors of Greek tragedy, can still, even at this late date, return the United States, and even Britain, to a semblance of sanity, before all is lost.

SPEAKERS: Harley Schlanger, Gerry Rose

Why Israel is Stuck


Israel military dysfunctionality Gaza genocide Palestine atrocities ICJ Freedom Flotilla student activism Calgary encampment journalism militarized police crackdown violence brutality racism Zionism colonialism ethnic cleansing Nakba

Three concepts of Western warfare

After months of threatening a Rafah invasion, Israel finally went in. They quickly took the civilian crossing with Egypt - in violation of the peace treaty negotiated between the two countries to Israel’s great advantage in the 1970s. They planted Israeli flags at the crossing, blasted the sign saying “I love Gaza”, and declared a kind of “Mission Accomplished” moment.

But like George W Bush’s speech which was supposed to be the end of the Iraq war but was actually the beginning of the Iraq insurgency and a major step in the long-term erosion of American supremacy, Israel’s declaration of victory is premature.

Over the next few days, Palestinian resistance groups initiated a series of operations (many of which they recorded in dramatic field videos) at a tempo nearly unmatched in the war, now in its eighth month. Resistance spokesman Abu Obeida told listeners that the fighters had scored hits on 100 Israeli military vehicles in 10 days in Rafah in the south of Gaza, Jabalia in the north, and Zeitoun in the north (from which the Israelis have since withdrawn). Israeli soldiers, Abu Obeida said, were suffering casualties “by the dozen”. 

Under heavy fire in both Rafah and Jabalia, Israel is likely to withdraw from these areas as well. We can then expect a return to aerial bombardment and siege warfare on the starving population. Then more raids, perhaps into the middle of Gaza, during which Israel will lose more soldiers and more vehicles, before withdrawing. Then a period of bombing, then more raids. All the while, Lebanon’s Hizbollah will be hitting military installations on Israel’s northern border with escalating firepower and Yemen’s Ansarallah will be tightening a blockade on ships trading with Israel. 

Based on the experiences of the 2006, 2008/9, 2012, 2014, and 2021 wars, Israel would have been expected to have accepted a ceasefire by now, having settled for the demonstration effect of killing between 40,000 - 200,000 or more (according to an estimate made by Ralph Nader) and unwilling to bear the growing costs in soldiers’ lives, displaced Israelis, and economic difficulties. 

Why has Israel been so determined this time, compared to previous times? Is it the case that, having mobilized around half a million men, that the numbers of casualties sustained in these ground operations is bearable by Israel, even if Israeli casualties reach the thousands or even tens of thousands?

This is, likely, the calculation. Israel has mobilized all available troops and the US has provided all the firepower Israel can wield. But this approach of maximal firepower and maximum mobilization - of overkill and of over-mobilization - has disconnected Israel from normal military calculations and normal strategic thinking, rendering it vulnerable to the resistance’s counter-strategies.  (more...)

Why Israel is Stuck

South Africa urges ICJ to order Israel to end assault on Rafah


Israel South Africa ICJ Rafah assault denial deceit evasion Gaza genocide apartheid

As South Africa made an urgent appeal to the International Court of Justice regarding IDF attacks on Rafah, Israeli representatives were heckled as they attempted to shift the blame to the African nation.

University Encampments and the Freedom Flotilla: Fighting Back Against Historical Racist Genocide


student activism universities encampments freedom flotilla Palestine solidarity Gaza genocide ethnic cleansing racism lawlessness colonialism

Disregard for the fate of civilians, even children and babies, takes us beyond levels of what people frightened for their families should tolerate – if they are civilized. We have dug deep in the bowels of human experience of those aspects they have difficulty confronting, and have now struck on a foul emerging stream of filth that has a name – racism.

But we are also seeing many students and volunteers, a lot of them Jews, in the United States, Canada, and around the world determined that they can transcend the unbearable burden of our dreadful legacies, both for those of Jewish ancestry and others who attained certain advantages in European and North American (White) countries at the expense of Indigenous people, and Black people, and Asian people. They are planting tents in universities insisting their schools disclose and divest from companies and institutions tied in with Israel’s occupation of Palestinian land. They are actively lobbying governments and boycotting those speaking out in favour of Israel’s “Counter-Offensive.”

And some are even going to take what could be the ultimate risk in getting aid and supplies to Gaza as an act of basic human decency.

The clash of these two contradictory primal forces playing out on the world stage will be the focus of this spectacular episode of the Global Research News Hour.

In our first half hour, we will speak with return guest, journalist and documentary film-maker Robert Inlakesh about the pro-Palestine encampments across universities everywhere. He also will discuss Israel’s decision to end the ceasefire they offered after Hamas agreed to it!

In our second half hour we hear from lawyer, activist and journalist Dimitri Lascaris about the decision by him and others to try to staff the Freedom Flotilla in a few weeks to take aid and supplies to Gaza. This is followed by a conversation with geopolitical analyst Mike Whitney who will discuss the background of his article King Bibi’s Land Grab, discussing the blatant anti-Arab racism that pollutes the Israeli appraisal and fuels the ongoing war.  (more...)

University Encampments and the Freedom Flotilla: Fighting Back Against Historical Racist Genocide

FBI Harass Israeli Dissident + The ‘War of Annihilation’ on Gaza


FBI harassment Israel dissidence Gaza genocide South Africa ICJ annihilation ethnic cleansing apartheid

TNT Radio host Patrick Henningsen speaks with independent journalist and Washington correspondent Sam Husseini, about the recent news of Israeli historian and best-selling author of The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine, Ilan Pappé, was detained and harassed by the FBI while traveling through Detroit. We also discuss a profound piece by noted historian Walid Khalidi about the religious extremism that may be motivating Israel war of annihilation against the native Palestinian population in Gaza.

The Political Sewer


Canada politics corruption Dave Wallace Conservative Party Alberta Religious Right fanaticism Evangelicals influence betrayal backstabbing Doug Ford

Political dark arts specialist David Wallace drops by to preview a bombshell of a story about to drop via  Press Progress.

Friday, May 17, 2024

Sanctions on Extremist Settlers Give Israeli Government a Pass: CJPME


Canada complicity Israeli settlers extremism sanctions government enablement half measures violence Palestine CJPME

Canadians for Justice and Peace in the Middle East (CJPME) welcomes Canada’s belated imposition of sanctions on four extremist Israeli settlers, but warns that this narrow approach to state-settler violence fails to address the enabling role of the Israeli government. For months, Canada has warned that settler terrorism has the support of Israeli leaders and is often carried out with the protection or even participation of Israeli soldiers. CJPME continues to urge Canada to widen its list of targeted individuals to include Israeli officials responsible for settler violence, including far-right National Security Minister Itamar Ben-Gvir, and to recognize the Israeli government as a state sponsor of terror under the State Immunity Act.

“While today’s sanctions set an important precedent that Canada can use economic measures to address Israeli violence against Palestinians, it totally fails to address the core of the problem. By narrowly focusing on a few individuals and failing to include any Israeli leaders in its list, Canada entirely sidesteps the complicity of Israeli leaders and the Israeli government,” said Michael Bueckert, Vice President of CJPME. “Years of evidence demonstrate that Israeli settler violence is a form of state-sponsored terrorism. Canada must sanction all Israeli officials responsible for supporting and enabling these crimes, starting with National Security Minister Itamar Ben-Gvir,” added Bueckert.  (more...)

Sanctions on Extremist Settlers Give Israeli Government a Pass: CJPME

Whole-of-government Approach Needed to Address Canadian Complicity With Israeli Settlements: CJPME


Canada Israeli settlements complicity politics Palestine land theft real estate sales war crimes impunity unaccountability lawlessness colonialism

Canadians for Justice and Peace in the Middle East (CJPME) is calling on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to lead a “whole-of-government approach” to address the problem of Canadian collusion in war crimes related to illegal Israeli settlements. This initiative follows the recent “Great Israeli Real Estate” events in Montreal and Toronto, which involved the open sale of properties within illegal Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank. CJPME is urging Canada to crack down on such events and focus on ending other forms of Canadian complicity in settlements. To that end, CJPME has provided Prime Minister Trudeau and his cabinet with 19 policy recommendations based on the status of settlements as war crimes under Canada’s Crimes Against Humanity and War Crimes Act.

“Canadians buying properties in settlements is participation in an active war crime. Thanks to decades of impunity, Canadian complicity in Israel’s settlements has gone completely unchecked. This requires a whole-of-government approach for Canada to end its involvement in Israel’s colonial war crimes,” said Alex Paterson, Senior Director, Parliamentary Affairs for CJPME. “For nearly 25 years after Canada adopted the Rome Statute into domestic law, successive leaders have continued to willfully ignore illegal Canadian involvement in Israeli land theft and colonization of Palestine. It’s time to put these brazen war crimes to an end and meaningfully challenge Israel’s policy of annexation.”

CJPME notes that Canadian support for illegal Israeli settlements is a long-standing problem that touches on a range of Ministerial portfolios and crosscutting policy issues. For example, Canada extends free trade benefits to settlement businesses through the Canada-Israel Free Trade Agreement (CIFTA), gives charitable tax status to organizations that funnel money to settlements, votes against resolutions to condemn settlements at the UN, and fails to discourage or penalize trade and investment in the settlement economy.

“While Canada’s long overdue promise to impose sanctions on a few extremist settlers would be a good start, meaningful action to target Israel’s colonial take-over of Palestinian land requires using all the tools available to the government,” added Paterson. “If Canada was interested in stopping Israeli land theft, it has numerous policy tools at its disposal to go beyond symbolism or half measures. It is actively choosing to avoid those measures while Israel starves and slaughters Palestinians.”  (more...)

Whole-of-government Approach Needed to Address Canadian Complicity With Israeli Settlements: CJPME

McGill Encampment Withstands Second Legal Challenge


Canada student activism McGill University encampment Palestine solidarity Gaza genocide legal challenge steadfastness police politics repression

The student protest for Gaza holds firm despite mounting pressure.

“Students are prepared to sustain this camp until they are forcibly removed.”

The protester didn’t raise her voice but there was a firmness to that statement. She stood outside the encampment’s steel barriers Tuesday, her shoes caked in mud and her face weathered by the sun.

It would have been easy to dismiss those words as bluster two weeks ago. Back when rumours of an imminent police raid coursed through the McGill encampment. In those first days, it felt like a strong gust of wind could blow the whole thing onto Sherbrooke St.

But it became a lot harder to brush off the protesters after they secured another victory in court Wednesday. Superior Court Judge Marc St-Denis ruled that McGill University didn’t provide enough evidence to warrant an emergency injunction against the encampment. Yes, the protesters are boisterous and their occupation of the university’s front lawn will almost certainly disrupt convocation next week.

Even so, St-Denis ruled that the students’ right to protest McGill’s stake in the armaments industry — as Israeli missiles rain death and destruction on Gaza — supersedes the university’s property ownership rights. At least for now.  (more...)

McGill Encampment Withstands Second Legal Challenge

Toronto Sun endorses Zionist think tank's call to persecute foundations supporting Palestine protests


Zionism mainstream media Canada Toronto Sun lawfare criminalization Palestine solidarity repression Warren Kinsella Kevin Vuong politics

The Zionists have proposed a new tactic, and the Toronto Sun is fully on board. 

The Institute for the Study of Global Antisemitism (ISGA) proposes disclosing the name of the leadership of the running charities which provide the most financial resources to the protests, and ordering them to be shut down if they were run by individuals who were previously working for organizations such as Holy Land Foundation, which was forced to shut down by state persecution. 

This came after ISGA researched funding sources for Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) chapters throughout North America and proposed cut off this financing by labelling them “terrorist” sources, in a report entitled “National Students for Justice in Palestine: Anti-Semitism, Anti-Americanism, Violent Extremism and the Threat to North American Universities”. 

The ISGA wants to use a prior example of unjust state repression of a charity as a building block for further repression of the protests. The report has been pushed by Warren Kinsella in the Toronto Sun, and an infamous politician, Independent MP Kevin Vuong, who demanded a probe into the financing for all of the encampments. So what is this report, flaunted around by the Canadian right, all about?  (more...)

Toronto Sun endorses Zionist think tank's call to persecute foundations supporting Palestine protests

Robert Fico, Slovak patriot


Robert Fico assassination politics toxicity Slovakia patriot Europe globalists smears scandals

Poison politics of Europe

Modest proposal to prevent hurt feelings over anti-Israel demos


Canada Zionism indoctrination children youth private schools IDF recruitment glorification genocide colonialism ethnic cleansing propaganda ideology racism brainwashing delusion

According to a Parliamentary Commission Jewish students are feeling “unsafe” on Canadian campuses.

Last week a House of Commons justice committee hearing instigated by Liberal MP Anthony Housefather heard from a half dozen students about how difficult life has become as their peers criticize Israel’s holocaust in Gaza. As the Grind’s Dave Gray-Donald pointed out, the media ignored that three of the students who testified previously held positions in Israel lobby organizations. But focusing only on those paid to promote a foreign state ignores the depth of the problem.

The problem begins when two and three-year olds are indoctrinated into worshiping a far-away apartheid state. The daycare and preschool at the Miles Nadal Jewish Community Centre in Toronto has Israeli flags on the wall and describes “Israel as a Source and Resource”.

From daycare to summer camp to kindergarten, many young Jews are conditioned to be “terrified” by those opposing genocide. At a number of private elementary schools, they paint the kids’ faces with Israel’s colours on special occasions and regularly sing the national anthem of one of the most violent states in history. At Montréal’s Hebrew Academy Israeli emissaries lead five- and six-year-olds in “fun IDF programs”. Photos of Israeli soldiers and IDF emblems are common and schools also show movies that celebrate the Israeli military and have students send gifts to IDF bases.  (more...)

Modest proposal to prevent hurt feelings over anti-Israel demoss

University Encampments and the Conditions of State Violence


student activism Canada encampments Alberta militarized police crackdowns brutality violence Gaza genocide Palestine solidarity fascism crimes against humanity repression mass arrests university

By occupying the campus in support of Palestine, students around the world are reimagining that space as one that promotes relations of care here and abroad.

The militarized suppression of pro-Palestine encampments at Alberta’s two largest universities, cheered on by Premier Danielle Smith, reveals how a student movement to divest from companies profiting from Israeli human rights abuses is disrupting settler-colonial dynamics locally.

Ending the horrific violence the Israeli state has waged against the Palestinians over the past seven months and 76 years is the focus, but these protests raise crucial questions about the purpose of the university and to whom it belongs, the limits of liberal notions of free expression, and state violence.

At the crack of dawn on May 11, Edmonton police were seen chanting "move" in unison while assaulting community members with their batons and firing “special munitions” at them after the University of Alberta administration asked them to remove the encampment from their quad, resulting in three arrests.

This came two days after Calgary police marched on the University of Calgary campus in riot gear like they were going to war, firing tear gas and stun grenades at community members in response to a similar request from UCalgary admin, making five arrests. 

Encampments calling on their universities to disclose all their investments and divest from those involved in Israeli war crimes have emerged on campuses across Canada, including the University of Toronto, University of British Columbia, McGill University and University of Manitoba, among others, as part of a global student movement.

As of writing, the only encampments in Canada that have been met with force from authorities are UCalgary and UAlberta, but the threat looms over all the encampments.  (more...)

University Encampments and the Conditions of State Violence

Thursday, May 16, 2024

Blockout 2024: celebrities face backlash over Gaza


celebrities Gaza genocide boycotts blockout Palestine solidarity social media digital guillotine backlash youth

Now trending: the ‘digital guillotine.’ It’s a campaign known as Blockout 2024 to block celebrities on social media. Launched after the Met Gala in New York, it’s meant to hurt celebrities’ ad revenue. Will it have an impact?

In this episode: 

  • - Ahmed Shihab-Eldin, Journalist 
  • - Dr. Marcus Collins, Assistant Professor of Marketing, University of Michigan

CBC has whitewashed Israel’s crimes in Gaza. I saw it firsthand


CBC bias whitewashing Gaza genocide Israel crimes narrative control censorship repression mendacity journalism moral bankruptcy

Working for five years as a producer at the public broadcaster, I witnessed the double standards and discrimination in its coverage of Palestine—and experienced directly how CBC disciplines those who speak out

The executive producer peered at me with concern. It was November 16, 2023 and I had been called into a virtual meeting at CBC. I was approaching my sixth year with the public broadcaster, where I worked as a producer in television and radio.

He said he could tell I was “passionate” about what was happening in Gaza. His job, he told me, was to ensure my passion wasn’t making me biased. He said I hadn’t “crossed the line” yet, but that I had to be careful. The conversation ended with him suggesting that I might want to go on mental health leave. 

I declined. My mind was fine. I could see clearly what was happening.

Earlier that day, I had spoken out in a meeting with my team at CBC News Network—the broadcaster’s 24 hour television news channel. It was six weeks into Israel’s siege and bombardment of the Gaza Strip, which had, at the time, killed over 11,000 Palestinians, the majority of them women and children. Legal experts were already suggesting that what was taking place could be a “potential genocide,” with an Israeli Holocaust scholar calling it “a textbook case.”

I expressed concern to my team about the frequency of Palestinian guests getting cancelled, the scrutiny brought to bear on their statements, and the pattern of double standards in our coverage. After this, I pitched a reasonable and balanced interview: two genocide scholars with opposing views discussing whether Israel’s actions and rhetoric fit the legal definition of the crime.

Senior colleagues sounded panicked. My executive producer replied that we had to be ”careful not to put hosts in a difficult position.” They wanted time to consult with higher-ups before making a decision. A few hours later, I was sitting across from the same executive, being warned about “crossing the line.”

The following afternoon, I showed up for what was supposed to be a typical meeting to go over the interviews we had lined up for the coming days—but some unusual guests were present. In addition to my co-workers, the faces of my executive producer and his higher-ups appeared on Google Meet.

The managers were there to talk about my pitch. They said they weren’t vetoing it—they weren’t meant to even make editorial decisions—but suggested our show wasn’t the best venue. I pointed out that the network was deemed a suitable place for interviews with guests who characterized Russia’s war on Ukraine and China’s oppression of the Uighurs as instances of genocide. The managers looked uncomfortable. I was reassigned to work on a panel with two guests calling on the West to support regime change in Moscow and Tehran. (Ever since these unusual meetings had started, I was recording them for my protection.)

But that wasn’t the end of the blowback. The next week, late on a Friday afternoon, I received an email from the same two managers who had poured cold water on my pitch. They needed to speak to me urgently. Over the phone, I was asked to keep the conversation secret.

They told me I had hurt the feelings of some of my co-workers. But it was more than just hurt feelings: someone was accusing me of antisemitism.

I had, it appeared, “crossed the line.”  (more...)

CBC has whitewashed Israel’s crimes in Gaza. I saw it firsthand

Particularly CRUEL "games" and EXECUTIONS in Warsaw | WW2


WWII Germany Poland Warsaw resistance uprising genocide Himmler Nazi ethnic cleansing oppression barbarism

Prototype for Gaza

A Sarajevo Moment?


Ukraine kill list assassination Slovakia Robert Fico NATO EU war regime change hegemony lawlessness

The attempted assassination of Slovakian Prime Minister Fico should be a wake-up call to all those opposed to the London-Washington-Brussels Unipolar Order.  As opposition grows to its disastrous policies, watch for regime change coups, assassinations, false flags, etc., as part of a geopolitical game plan to disrupt the emergence of a New Paradigm, through a policy of Permanent War.

Is Ukraine starting to back terrorism around the world?


Slovakia Robert Fico assassination EU NATO Ukraine kill list friendship Russia terrorism Gladio politics influence threats

The Prime Minister of Slovakia, Robert Fico, suffered an assassination attempt on May 15th. The politician was shot during a visit to the city of Handlova, being hospitalized in serious conditions. According to the latest updates, however, his surgery was successful, and he is expected to recover well.

The attacker was arrested and then identified as Juraj Cintula, 71 years old. Cintula was described by the media as a poet and member of the "Progressive Slovakia" party, which is opposition to Fico. He confessed to the police that he shot Fico due to political agenda disagreements, further stating that his shots were aimed "against Russian-Slovak relations.”

The aggressor’s pro-Ukrainian fanaticism makes it clear what is behind the attack: the desire to stop Fico's sovereigntist policies. Since returning to power in October 2023, the prime minister has taken a series of measures to protect Slovak national interests amid the anti-Russian madness that is currently affecting the EU and NATO. Described as "pro-Russia" by Western media, Fico has been a critic of the military aid to Kiev, as well as admitting that the war did not start in 2022, but "in 2014, when Ukrainian Nazis and fascists started murdering the Russian population of Donbass."

This is Fico's third term. Previously, he governed Slovakia between 2006 and 2010 and between 2012 and 2018. His policies are seen as aligned with left-wing nationalism, mixing strong patriotism and social concerns - what the Western media often calls "populism". Fico is a social democrat who prioritizes Slovak interests over EU and NATO agendas - which is enough for these organizations to see him as an enemy.

Being a strong critic of American military influence in Europe, Fico adopted a pro-peace stance in the current conflict. He correctly identifies Ukraine as being responsible for the conflict due to its genocidal actions in Donbass, which is why the Slovak prime minister rejects any possibility of supporting Kiev. His policies have broad popular support as friendship between Slovaks and Russians is extremely strong.  (more...)

Is Ukraine starting to back terrorism around the world?


Slovak PM Robert Fico: Noted critic of Western approach to Ukraine conflict

Wednesday, May 15, 2024

Police accountability in action: Chief McFee no-shows city council and police commission meeting is now online-only due to "safety considerations"


Canada University of Alberta Edmonton student activism Palestine solidarity encampment Gaza genocide militarized police crackdown brutality violence accountability politics

Two rallies were organized on May 14 in response to police’s violent dismantling of a pro-Palestine encampment at the University of Alberta over the weekend, with both coalescing at Edmonton city hall, requiring overflow seating in the building concourse to accommodate all attendees.

The first rally was hosted outside city hall before council returned from its lunch break to hear an annual update from the Edmonton Police Service (EPS), and the other occurred on campus at U of A.

Chief Dale McFee was a no-show at council. Instead he let his underlings stand in his place, but none of them took accountability for or explained the decision to send officers in riot gear to forcibly dismantle an a peaceful anti-genocide protest encampment in the U of A quad. The riot squad beat protestors with batons and fired “special munitions” to force their dispersal, days after Calgary cops did the same at U of C. 

Both encampments were part of an international student movement calling on academic institutions to disclose and divest from investments complicit in Israel’s genocidal attacks on Gaza. 

Refuting EPS claims that nobody was injured during the encampment’s removal in the early hours of May 11, one former U of A student who was hospitalized after being beaten by police spoke to protestors gathered outside city hall. 

In his remarks, Brandon Robinson likened the Canadian state’s colonial violence to that of Israel. 

“The colonial machine runs on fear. It has nothing else. It has no bravery, it has no soul, no heart, no mind, it has no convictions,” said Robinson. 

He decried the “empty machismo” exemplified by the officers’ marching in unison while chanting for the protestors to move.   (more...)

Police accountability in action: Chief McFee no-shows city council and police commission meeting is now online-only due to "safety considerations"

An open letter from two U of A PhD students resigning from the U of A after violent sweep of anti-genocide protest camp


Canada University of Alberta student activism Palestine solidarity Gaza genocide complicity Indigenous First Nations settler colonialism encampment violence brutality denunciation

To Bill Flanagan, the University of Alberta Board of Governors*, and the Administration of the University of Alberta.

We, the writers of this open letter, are both Métis people pursuing our PhDs at the University of Alberta. In our time as graduate students, we have held leadership roles in our faculty’s Graduate Student Association and have acted as both official and unofficial supports for our peers, helping them navigate the University’s academic and labour processes to be successful. We have further supported both faculty members and undergraduate students in our roles as Research and Teaching Assistants. We have also supported our faculty by developing, contributing to, and teaching new courses geared to both University students and to the broader public. And we have supported the University by producing our own academic research and writing, representing the University at conferences, public presentations, guest lectures, and within the Métis community in Alberta and beyond.

Throughout our years at the University, we have been more than willing to give our time, labour, tuition dollars, and cultural and academic knowledge to an institution that claims to have a commitment to decolonization, justice, and building meaningful relationships with marginalized communities.

For months we have watched, from our screens, the atrocities being committed against the people of Palestine: families buried under the wreckage of their own homes, children carrying pieces of their siblings in bloody backpacks to what few hospitals remain in Gaza, people testifying to their terrible experiences in Israeli torture facilities, parents begging for money to escape with their babies out of Rafah before Israel’s next refugee camp bombing. Every day, our hearts break as we witness this unspeakable colonial violence. Yet every day we are inspired by the unbreakable spirit of resistance of the Palestinian people in the face of this genocide.

As Indigenous Studies students and researchers, the commonalities between Israel's current actions and Canada's past ones are unmistakable, as are the responsibilities that the University holds to do what it can to end this genocide.  (more...)

An open letter from two U of A PhD students resigning from the U of A after violent sweep of anti-genocide protest camp

UNB links to Israel under scrutiny as students establish ‘solidarity camp’ in Saint John


Canada student activism Palestine solidarity Gaza genocide encampment ethnic cleansing oppression divestment University of New Brunswick protests

UNB’s Saint John campus is among the latest sites of a Gaza solidarity camp, following a series of student protests and occupations across North America that have sometimes been met with severe police clampdowns.

Meanwhile, some professors at UNB Fredericton have supported the students by pressing administrators at university Senate to disclose ties to Israeli institutions.

Up to 20 people have attended the protest site in the quad at UNB Saint John, according to Sarah Durham, a doctoral student in the Department of Biological Sciences.

Unlike on-campus protests in other parts of North America, students in Saint John haven’t attempted to occupy the site overnight.

“We set up every morning and then we take down in the evening, so we haven’t escalated anything quite yet,” Durham said. She said the response has mostly been positive, although one or two people have attended as counter-protesters.  

Video footage and photos from the location shows placards and banners calling for a ceasefire, Palestinian flags, at least one tent and a hammock, and people seated in lawn chairs or blankets spread out on the grass.

The protest sprang up spontaneously after Durham learned that the biology department chair, Prof. Jeff Houlahan, was out in the quad with a sign that said “Free Gaza.”

“I grabbed all my stuff and I ran out there to join him and I just put out the word,” Durham said. “And that first day, I would say there was probably around 10 people and it’s kind of waxed and waned ever since.”  (more...)

UNB links to Israel under scrutiny as students establish ‘solidarity camp’ in Saint John

Israel Supporters Assault, Spit, Wish Rape On Protestors


mainstream media distortion deceit Zionists assault spit wish rape on protestors student activism backlash repression Palestine solidarity

U.S. media and politicians have spoken out ad nauseam about the alleged anti-semitism on display at ceasefire protests. Not only do they fail to distinguish between antizionism (which is not antisemitism) and antisemitism, but they refuse to cover the the violence and hate speech perpetuated by Israel supporters AGAINST pro-Palestine protesters.

Eyewitness: Police Repression of Students for Gaza


student activism Palestine solidarity Gaza genocide encampments rally militarized police crackdown targeting violence University of Utah repression racism surveillance tyranny

Student encampments and street protests for Palestine have been hit with a heavy wave of police violence and repression from coast-to-coast. In some cases, it’s the same police departments whose staff and leaders get training from the Israeli Defense Forces that are attacking peaceful events calling for divestment and justice. In Salt Lake City, police viciously attacked students at the University of Utah on April 29th, and then arrested student organizers the next day before a demonstration at the President’s Circle. Some of those arrested were held for hours or days before being released, even after bail was paid. Students and community have responded in force, mobilizing multiple times, demanding the charges be dropped, all the while keeping Palestine front and center.

We’re joined by Devin Martinez, a local organizer in Salt Lake City and Deja Gaston, an alumna of the University of Utah.

Raise a flag for genocide!


Canada Toronto city hall police Zionism Gaza genocide oppression complicity Israel racism bigotry colonialism dehumanization

I ran into my friend on the bike path. We hadn’t seen each other since his wife and kids managed to escape Rafah. Had anything gone wrong with the plan, had there been a delay at the bank, a robbery in Egypt — anything — they would still be in Rafah right now, trapped.

“Noura” he calls me, “Noura they destroyed the border crossing. It’s gone. They’re doing scorched earth in Rafah. It’s all gone! My kids were dancing at that border crossing just weeks ago! And now it’s gone.”

The rumors are flying about what’s next. The people who had sent money to the Egyptian travel agency that arranges for people to leave Gaza are afraid that their money is gone (between paying and evacuation can be several weeks). No one can leave any more. A US company is going to be installed to manage the border crossing for Israel, says the word on the street. Who knows if it’s true? It’s the fog of genocide.

Al Jazeera says that at least 35,173 people have been killed and another 10,000 people, at least, are missing. That number includes 14,500 children and are certainly low estimates. In the West Bank, nearly 500 people have been killed since October 7. And, as Israeli officials have vowed to wipe Gaza off the map, they have done a number on the civil infrastructure too. From Al Jazeera,

  • 80% of commercial facilities
  • 73% of school buildings
  • 12 out of 35 hospitals are partially functioning
  • 83% of groundwater wells not operational
  • 267 places of worship

have been destroyed. And, half of all residential buildings too.

If we consider that a similar rate of death would have resulted in 47,000 Torontonians murdered in just six months, maybe we could humanize Gazans for enough time to give ourselves pause — who on earth supports this slaughter?

Well, for one, the City of Toronto, which has allowed Israel to raise its flag at City Hall to celebrate its Independence Day.  (more...)

Raise a flag for genocide!

Tuesday, May 14, 2024

B’nai Brith Canada’s Report Normalizes and Perpetuates Anti-Palestinian Racism


Canada B;nai Brith racism Palestine censorship discrimination smears slander calumny Zionism

The Anti-Racism Program of the CJPME Foundation (ARPCF) is expressing deep concern over the recent “Annual Audit of Antisemitic Incidents” report issued by B’nai Brith Canada (BBC), which it finds rife with anti-Palestinian racism (APR). By systematically conflating legitimate criticism of Zionism and Israeli policies with antisemitism, BBC not only mischaracterizes the advocacy for Palestinian rights but also endorses a narrative that perpetuates discrimination against Palestinian activism. This narrative seeks to normalize racism against Palestinians, silence support for Palestinian human rights, legitimize the racial and colonial nature of the Israeli occupation of Palestine, and legalize the racial nature of the Zionist political movement.

“B’nai Brith Canada’s report dangerously legitimizes APR under the guise of combating antisemitism,” said Jamila Ewais, a researcher for the ARPCF. While the report documents real incidents of antisemitism, it still conflates many other incidents with Palestinian activism. “This not only distorts the nature of antisemitism but also undermines the integrity of genuine human rights advocacy by ignoring the severe impact of Israeli policies on Palestinian lives.”

BBC’s advocacy efforts regularly try to smear all support for Palestine.

“It’s as if criticism of Palestinian human rights activism were the whole raison d’être of B’nai Brith Canada,” Ewais added.

The ARPCF points out that BBC regularly defames, stereotypes, silences, excludes, and justifies violence against Palestinians, and does not hesitate to express its support for the Israeli occupation and the dehumanization of Palestinians, with racist acts inferred from a supremacist perspective.  (more...)

B’nai Brith Canada’s Report Normalizes and Perpetuates Anti-Palestinian Racism

US student protests vs Gaza genocide weather violent repression


student activism Palestine solidarity Gaza genocide protests encampments repression violence Zionism lobby militarized police brutality complicity

The Grayzone's Max Blumenthal and Aaron Mate cover the national student uprising against the US-backed Israeli genocide in Gaza, and the courage of the students as they face down a wave of violent crackdowns by militarized police departments.

Former student further exposes racism of Zionist high school


Canada Toronto TanenbaumCHAT Zionism high school IDF racism genocide indoctrination recruitment

TanenbaumCHAT’s charitable status must be revoked. Canada’s largest private high school is a racist, genocide-promoting institution that shouldn’t receive any public subsidy.

In a recent article I wrote about the Toronto high school sending students on a “Solidarity Mission to Israel” where they cooked for soldiers on an army base. Earlier, the school also sent hundreds of students to promote genocide at rallies in Ottawa and Washington DC. In response to the widely circulated piece a former student, Amir Fleischmann, wrote about his personal experience at TanenbaumCHAT:

“My high school, everybody! 13 years on and I’m still filled with resentment and shame about having gone here. They deserve to have their charitable status revoked. Here’s some highlights from what I saw there:

“They recruit West Bank settlers to come teach in Canada for 2-3 year stints. A teacher described to me, without an iota of shame, how during the 1948 Nakba his grandfather climbed on the roof of his house, fired a rifle into the air, and expelled all the Arabs from the village.

“The principal had his personal friend Melanie Philips (a British crypto-fascist) give a speech at the school about how Muslims could never live peacefully in the West. I was the only person who didn’t participate in the standing ovation.

“No surprise, then, that a student in one of my classes made a comment some other time implying that all Muslims should be kicked out of Europe. I lost my cool at her, nobody else seemed to think that comment crossed a line.

“They once had a person give a pro-Palestine presentation to our class. Finally, I thought, we can hear from the other side. NOPE! It was a fake out presentation to ‘expose the lies’ of those who support Palestine.

“This is all in addition to the usual clichés Zionist institutions tell you. That the Palestinians left in 1948 of their own accord. That the Palestinian people doesn’t exist. That the Palestinians never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity. That the IDF is the most moral army.

“TanenbaumCHAT nearly pushed me away from Judaism completely. Only years after leaving, when I discovered authors like Isaac Deutscher and Walter Benjamin on my own was I able to make our tradition meaningful to me.

“TanenbaumCHAT, like too many Toronto Jewish institutions, is complicit in Israeli apartheid and the ongoing Nakba. Our community needs to reckon with that fact.”  (more...)

Former student further exposes racism of Zionist high school

Student encampments for Gaza are welcome on Indigenous land


Canada indigenous land student activism encampments McGill University Gaza genocide youth alumni faculty violence repression crackdowns police

Student protesters are standing up for peace, and opposing genocide. Violently repressing them is a betrayal of our democratic ideals

Freedom of speech and the right to peaceful protest are under attack by political leaders trying to silence legitimate voices of dissent on university and college campuses across Turtle Island. Not since the 1960’s, when repression of student protests against the Vietnam War resulted in four deaths at Kent State, have we witnessed the level of state violence against student protestors that we are seeing now. 

As violence directed towards peaceful student protestors by state authorities ramps up, many have expressed outrage at the brutality inflicted upon students, alumni, and even faculty members. 

At McGill University, the administration is seeking a court injunction that would force police to remove and arrest student protesters. In documents filed in court, McGill details their efforts to convince Montreal police to clear the protest encampment — efforts that were rebuffed by the police because the “criteria for a police intervention were not met.” Instead, McGill has asserted, the police urged them to “resolve the situation peacefully… principally through dialogue.”

This answer was not satisfactory for McGill’s administration, who are now asking a judge to grant an injunction that would force police to raid the protest. Should universities really be more eager to see the blood of their students spilled in a violent confrontation than the police? 

McGill has also argued that its grounds, while open to the public, are private property. But to whom does that property really belong?

As title holders to the land, the Kanien’kehá:ka peoples must constantly remind entities like McGill University, that they have built their institutions upon our unceded homelands and that as rights holders, we have the authority over our lands.  (more...)

Student encampments for Gaza are welcome on Indigenous land

Canada is ‘whitewashing’ Nazi crimes – Russian prosecutor-general


Canada Ukraine Waffen SS Galician Yaroslav Hunka war crimes NaziGate Russia prosecutor-general Igor Krasnov whitewashing

Igor Krasnov blasted Ottawa’s refusal to prosecute SS veteran Yaroslav Hunka, honored last year by Parliament

Ottawa’s failure to prosecute a former Nazi soldier amounts to its government “whitewashing” the crimes of Adolf Hitler’s regime, Russian Prosecutor-General Igor Krasnov has claimed. 

Last September, SS veteran Yaroslav Hunka, 98 at the time, was invited to the Canadian parliament and given a standing ovation for his role in fighting “for Ukrainian independence against the Russians” during World War II. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau had blamed a “mistake” amid the ensuing scandal. He claimed that his government was unaware of the former Nazi allegiance of the man.

Krasnov lashed out at Canada during a discussion with RIA Novosti about Moscow’s failed attempt to have Hunka extradited to Russia to stand trial for war crimes. The prosecutor’s office alleges that the soldier was personally involved in the killings of some 500 civilians in 1944, when a Nazi unit manned by Ukrainian volunteers, the Galicia Division, was deployed to what is now Western Ukraine.

“Not only did they refuse to hand him over to us, but they wouldn’t prosecute him themselves,” the official is quoted on Monday as having said. “It was total whitewashing of the Nazi crimes at a state level.”

The entire SS organization was labeled criminal during the Nuremberg trials, after the Nazis were defeated, Krasnov added.  (more...)

Canada is ‘whitewashing’ Nazi crimes – Russian prosecutor-general


Coalition Renews Calls For Full Israel Arms Embargo


Canada arms embargo Israel Gaza genocide technology weapons industry politics unions organizing pickets coalition

A coalition of Canadian advocacy groups and labour unions has launched a new campaign renewing demands for a “full, immediate arms embargo on Israel,” including on Canadian military goods and technology that are shipped to Israel via the United States.

Rachel Small, an organizer with World Beyond War Canada, told The Maple that a “unified collective demand” was needed to demonstrate that the federal government’s promise to pause approvals of new permits for military exports to Israel is “far from sufficient.”

“It has become clear that it will take a strong, unified, multi-sector demand of people all across the country to push this forward right now,” said Small.

MPs voted in favour of a non-binding motion in Parliament in March that called on the Trudeau government to “cease the further authorization and transfer of arms exports to Israel.”

However, Foreign Affairs Minister Melanie Joly clarified that she would only commit to delaying approvals of new permits, and that those approved before January 8 would still be allowed to go ahead as normal. The government has not issued a formal notice about the promised pause on new permit authorizations.

The newly launched “Arms Embargo Now” statement notes that Canada’s own laws require that the government stop military exports if there is a substantial risk that such goods could be used to “facilitate serious violations of international humanitarian or human rights law, or commit serious acts of violence against women and children.”  (more...)

Coalition Renews Calls For Full Israel Arms Embargo

Israel’s Willing Executioners


Israel depravity blood lust domination sadism Gaza genocide atrocity

Hundreds of thousands of people are being forced to flee, once again, after more than half of Gaza's population took sanctuary in the border town of Rafah. This is part of Israel's sadistic playbook.

Run, the Israelis demand, run for your lives. Run from Rafah the way you ran from Gaza City, the way you ran from Jabalia, the way you ran from Deir al-Balah, the way you ran from Beit Hanoun, the way you ran from Bani Suheila, the way you ran from Khan Yunis. Run or we will kill you. We will drop 2,000-pound bunker buster bombs on your tent encampments. We will spray you with bullets from our machine-gun-equipped drones. We will pound you with artillery and tank shells. We will shoot you down with snipers. We will decimate your tents, your refugee camps, your cities and towns, your homes, your schools, your hospitals and your water purification plants. We will rain death from the sky.

Run for your lives. Again and again and again. Pack up the pathetic few belongings you have left. Blankets. A couple of pots. Some clothes. We don’t care how exhausted you are, how hungry you are, how terrified you are, how sick you are, how old, or how young you are. Run. Run. Run. And when you run in terror to one part of Gaza we will make you turn around and run to another. Trapped in a labyrinth of death. Back and forth. Up and down. Side to side. Six. Seven. Eight times. We toy with you like mice in a trap. Then we deport you so you can never return. Or we kill you.

Let the world denounce our genocide. What do we care? The billions in military aid flows unchecked from our American ally. The fighter jets. The artillery shells. The tanks. The bombs. An endless supply. We kill children by the thousands.  We kill women and the elderly by the thousands. The sick and injured, without medicine and hospitals, die. We poison the water. We cut off the food. We make you starve. We created this hell. We are the masters. Law. Duty. A code of conduct. They do not exist for us.

But first we toy with you. We humiliate you. We terrorize you. We revel in your fear. We are amused by your pathetic attempts to survive. You are not human. You are creatures. Untermensch. We feed our libido dominandi – our lust for domination. Look at our posts on social media. They have gone viral. One shows soldiers grinning in a Palestinian home with the owners tied up and blindfolded in the background. We loot. Rugs. Cosmetics. Motorbikes. Jewelry. Watches. Cash. Gold. Antiquities. We laugh at your misery. We cheer your death. We celebrate our religion, our nation, our identity, our superiority, by negating and erasing yours. 

Depravity is moral. Atrocity is heroism. Genocide is redemption.  (more...)

Israel’s Willing Executioners

Monday, May 13, 2024

Mae Brussell, Reinhard Gehlen and the JFK assassination


Mae Brussell fascism conspiracy Reinhard Gehlen Alan Dulles JFK assassination Nazi CIA ratlines Operation Sunrise Lee Harvey Oswald White Russians Dallas

The Essential Mae Brussell is a compilation of chilling essays and radio transcripts by the seminal American anti-fascist researcher, famously supported by John Lennon and Yoko Ono.

Mae Brussell was a married housewife with five children living in southern California before she took up the study of fascism in America. After the Kennedy assassination, she purchased the twenty-six-volume Warren Commission Report, and compiled, for herself, evidence that Lee Harvey Oswald was, as he maintained after his arrest, a "patsy." She had a regular radio broadcast on KLRB, an independent FM radio station in Carmel, California. She also published articles in Paul Krassner's the Realist, Hustler, People's Almanac, and the Berkeley Barb. In 1983, Mae's hour-long program shifted to KAZU-FM in Pacific Grove, California, and she remained on the air weekly until her final broadcast in June 1988. On October 3, 1988, at sixty-six, Brussell died of cancer.

Mae Brussell fascism conspiracy Reinhard Gehlen Alan Dulles JFK assassination Nazi CIA ratlines Operation Sunrise Lee Harvey Oswald White Russians Dallas