Sunday, July 31, 2022

Suddenly, The Truth: Ukraine and the "Ibykus Principle"


Ukraine blacklist narrative control threats intimidation disinformation corruption election interference organized crime oligarchy

On Thursday, July 28, a group of independent-minded writers, journalists and thinkers, most of them former participants in symposia organized by the Schiller Institute, began circulating the following response to an operation, launched by the multiple intelligence agencies of NATO, to discredit them and prevent their exposure of the true nature of the so-called “Ukraine conflict.” That statement reads:

“We, the participants in various conferences of the Schiller Institute, are accused of promoting ‘Russian propaganda’ on a list posted by the Ukrainian ‘Center for Countering Disinformation,’ which is officially part of Ukraine’s National Security and Defense Council, operating under the authority of the President.

“In times of war, publishing such a list is tantamount to targeting individuals. It is all the more unacceptable that the list agglomerates the names of many speakers, representing top institutions from around the globe, with diverse opinions, who are involved in a dialogue, searching to arrive at peace in the interest of all.

“To assume that such a wide array of speakers are all ‘Putin agents’ and can’t think for themselves, can only be explained by a belief in conspiracy theories, or as mere vulgar propaganda, or both. The key question is whether the listed speakers are promoting viewpoints consonant with the truth.

“Normally, this would be up to an audience to decide. But the U.S./NATO efforts to blacklist those that would offer any ‘alternative narrative’ on Ukraine, until now, remains unchallenged.

“So, hats off to Ukraine for providing a handy list of speakers who voice different ideas.

“Those interested in finding out the truth will now be better able to compare the official story—the ‘narrative’—with an uncompromised critique, determine which can bear close scrutiny, and decide for themselves which analysis is closer to the truth.”

Many of those who appeared on the “Ukrainian blacklist” have endorsed this statement, and other names are now being added.

This is no time to remain “an average person” to idly stand by as these crimes are committed in the name of “democracy,” and in the name of the United States—in your name. This is no time for those who know better, to squat and pretend that they are simply “the average person.” There is a way to both know the truth, and to fight for it. As economist and statesman Lyndon LaRouche asked, in his “The Science of the Human Mind”: “How is universal truth defined with certainty, and what are the human mind’s potentialities for ordered progress in discovering this universal truth?” 

Municipal councillor PUNISHED for convoy participation


Canada freedom convoy truckers fathers politicians mandates lockdowns restrictions biofascism Ontario protests resistance dissent retaliation vindictiveness pettiness

FULL REPORT by Tamara Ugolini:

Rebel New's Tamara Ugolini spoke with West Lincoln Councillor Harold Jonker about his participation in the Freedom Convoy and subsequent punishment.

Student “Dies of Joy” After Acing Exams While U of T Mandates Boosters For Students


Canada education University of Toronto vaccines mandates fear harms injuries fatalities restrictions exclusion coercion over reach biofascism COVID monkeypox boosters

A university student in Egypt has “died of joy” after suffering a heart attack that was allegedly brought on by the news that he passed his exams.

Meanwhile the University of Toronto has announced that they are bringing back Covid-19(84) vaccine mandates in the upcoming year, jumping the gun and beating the government to the punch by about 3 or 4 months.

In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth covers the latest MSM propaganda that is designed to ramp up the fear state so that everyone will eventually rush out to get their “vaccine” for whatever variant is being pushed that week.

Saturday, July 30, 2022

RESIDENTIAL SCHOOLS: Indigenous Canadians Tell a Different Story


Canada Catholic aboriginal native indigenous residential schools false narrative fake news calumny missionaries freemasonry persecution Jesuits

Michael Matt consults the testimony of several indigenous Canadians and a Catholic missionary priest in order to offer a more comprehensive account of what actually happened. 

In this Hot Take, Michael moves beyond the fake news and listens to indigenous witnesses that have a different story to tell about the residential that does not at all fit the Trudeau/Vatican narrative, which is why you haven't been allowed to hear it. 

Francis and Trudeau are blaming the Catholic Church for a government program that sought to educate indigenous peoples living in remote regions whose nomadic way of life was coming to a dramatic end. 

The Catholic Church had neither the authority nor the power to "take children from their homes", so why are Francis and Trudeau pretending that it did? What's really going on here?

Friday, July 29, 2022

Stop the War on Farmers!


Canada farmers oppression obstruction politics fascism restrictions mandates WEF climate change ecofascism environmentalism starvation depopulation urbanization austerity

FULL REPORT by Sheila Gunn Reid:

Rebel News' Sheila Gunn Reid explains why it's integral for society to end the faulty war on farmers.

Monday, July 25, 2022

COVID-19 and Poland’s Parliamentary Group Nuremberg 2.0. Reiner Fuellmich Interviews Gzegorz Braun


Poland coronavirus COVID mandates vaccines masking restrictions authoritarianism human rights politics police state globalists WHO

Guest: Gzegorz Braun, a Polish Politician and Director, Screenwriter and Publicist. He is one of the leaders of the polish party “Konfederacja”. He initiated a project called “Norymberga 2.0” (engl. Nuremberg 2.0). The project aims to gather evidences against crimes against humanity of those supporting segregation based on vaccination status.

This session:

  • Sums up the years of plandemic in Poland and one year of their Polish parliamentary group NUREMBERG 2.0 activity.
  • Is about the “official symptoms”, as he calls them, (i.e. government propaganda) of the “next wave” coming.
  • Is about his personal situation (immunity waiving and substantial financial fines/cuts).

Sunday, July 24, 2022

Gauging A Possible Future Threat Of Neo-Nazi Foreign Fighters Returning To The West After Performing Combat In The Ukraine-Russia War


Ukraine mercenaries volunteers return threat Nazi blowback ideology terrorism crime

Within two weeks of the start of the Ukraine-Russia war, it was reported that 6,000 Americans had contacted the Ukrainian Embassy in Washington to inquire about joining the fight against Russia.[1] Ukraine's military attaché in the U.S., Maj. Gen. Borys Kremenetskyi, said in early March that the would-be foreign fighters "really feel that this war is unfair... This is not mercenaries who are coming to earn money. This is people of goodwill who are coming to assist Ukraine to fight for freedom."

Days after the February 24 Russia invasion, Ukraine Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba tweeted a call for volunteers. He wrote: "Foreigners willing to defend Ukraine and world order as part of the International Legion of Territorial Defense of Ukraine, I invite you to contact foreign diplomatic missions of Ukraine in your respective countries."

According to Kremenetskyi, half the would-be volunteers were quickly rejected and did not even make it as far as the initial Zoom interview screening. They either lacked the required military experience, had a criminal background, or were unsuitable for other reasons. He added that of the others, only 100 U.S. citizens had made the cut, as of March 10. They included combat veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky's office announced days earlier on March 5, 2022 that it had launched a recruitment website for foreign volunteers for the International Legion, stating that "foreigners who want to help Ukraine can find a detailed, step-by-step instruction on the website on how to join the just fight with the aggressor." Visa-free entran­ce to Ukraine for foreign volunteers came into effect on March 1.

Some 20,000 foreign fighters were on route to Ukraine by March 6, many of them ideologically inspired. Their return to their homes across the U.S. and Europe will be difficult to track. Some counterterrorism officials have expressed concern that extremists among them could use their experience in this conflict to train, recruit, and plan violence back home.  (more...)

Gauging A Possible Future Threat Of Neo-Nazi Foreign Fighters Returning To The West After Performing Combat In The Ukraine-Russia War

Saturday, July 23, 2022

Forensic Report calls for Criminal Investigation into COVID-19 Response


crime corruption COVID Canada fraud investigation forensic report deception evasion crime politics

Naming alleged perpetrations and outlining the crimes, forensic report engineer urges police to initiate a criminal investigation into the COVID-19 response.

►FULL REPORT by Tamara Ugolini:

Rocco is Alive! Discussion on the Latest Court Cases & Government Manipulation


Canada dissent vaccines constitutional rights politics masking lockdowns mandates biofascism academia justice lawsuites legal action court cases

Rocco has had a very successful 32-year career as a litigator. He has well over 500 cases reported in the jurisprudence, at all level Courts, including the Supreme Court of Canada. Twice, he was named one of “Canada’s Top 25 Influential Lawyers” by Canadian Lawyer Magazine.

On October 29, 2019 Rocco made the following powerful statement on the steps of the Ontario legislature; “The right to choose does not belong to the state. It belongs to the individual. Only in a police state could you violate a person’s body without their informed knowledge and consent.”

Rocco believes it is his duty not just as a lawyer, but as a citizen, to speak up and take action. He says that “As Canadians we prefer not to engage, and pretend that everything is OK, and it’s not.” He says that he does not seek out controversy. But if no one else will call out the government when it’s wrong, rest assured that Rocco Galati will.

Rocco Galati Updates VCC on Legal Challenge


Rocco Galati Canada vaccines constitutional rights medicine doctors patients legal cases lawsuits politics

Rocco Galati updates Vaccine Choice Canada on the legal challenges he is working on, on behalf of VCC and many other Canadians.

Friday, July 22, 2022

Nazi Empire Building and the Holocaust in Ukraine


Ukraine Nazi Holocaust imperialism barbarism genocide ethnic cleansing books history

On 16 July 1941, Adolf Hitler convened top Nazi leaders at his headquarters in East Prussia to dictate how they would rule the newly occupied eastern territories. Ukraine, the "jewel" in the Nazi empire, would become a German colony administered by Heinrich Himmler's SS and police, Hermann Goring's economic plunderers, and a host of other satraps. Focusing on the Zhytomyr region and weaving together official German wartime records, diaries, memoirs, and personal interviews, Wendy Lower provides the most complete assessment available of German colonization and the Holocaust in Ukraine.

Midlevel "managers," Lower demonstrates, played major roles in mass murder, and locals willingly participated in violence and theft. Lower puts names and faces to local perpetrators, bystanders, beneficiaries, as well as resisters. She argues that Nazi actions in the region evolved from imperial arrogance and ambition; hatred of Jews, Slavs, and Communists; careerism and pragmatism; greed and fear. In her analysis of the murderous implementation of Nazi "race" and population policy in Zhytomyr, Lower shifts scholarly attention from Germany itself to the eastern outposts of the Reich, where the regime truly revealed its core beliefs, aims, and practices.

SECOND company involved in PHAC info-scoop uncovered


Canada technocracy cellphones tracking surveillance human rights sovereignty privacy intrusion biofascism

FULL REPORT by Sheila Gunn Reid:

Sheila describes how information from unwitting cell phone users turned over to PHAC 'contains the aggregated data for the indicator of time spent away from your primary location.'

Thursday, July 21, 2022

The Hidden Hand Of The British Empire From Lincoln’s Assassination To The Iraq War


British Empire imperialism colonialism slavery assassination Canada Lincoln republicanism monarchism oligarchy subversion Confederation freedom sovereignty

On this episode of The American Journal with Harrison Smith on Infowars, Matt was invited to speak about his work on The Unfinished Symphony (vol 1 of the Clash of the Two Americas), with a focus on the international dynamics of 1776, the failure of Canada to accept the Ben Franklin challenge, and the British-Canadian foundations to Lincoln's murder.

Volhynia-43: Genocide for ‘Glory to Ukraine’ | Ukrainian nationalist atrocities during World War II


Volhynia Ukraine Poland OUN-B Bandera war crimes genocide ethnic cleansing barbarity atrocities remembrance Nazi Germany collaboration history

In 1943, one of the greatest and bloody tragedies of World War II unfolded in Volhynia. The Ukrainian nationalists killed and tortured more than 60 thousand Poles. Historically, Volhynia has always been under the control of the opposing sides. Ukrainians inhabited the area, which, after World War I, became part of Poland. A group of Ukrainian nationalists tried to tear away a piece of Polish territory to establish a state of their own. They planned to build Ukraine for Ukrainians only, and their ideology was based on hatred. What led to such unspeakable tragedy?

Wednesday, July 20, 2022

Black Goddess As Harbinger of Bio-Social Supremacy


critical race theory academia politics eugenics biofascism depopulation oligarchy bloodlines economy privilege hypocrisy manipulation

Professor Hamamoto of Cultural Forensics® offers disturbing insights into the revelation by Professor Khiara M. Bridges of the new political-economic order whose foundation rests upon "Bio-Social Supremacy" as being announced by its harbinger, The Black Goddess.

True Decentralization w/ QORTAL


technology freedom privacy security internet economy finance community decentralization networks Qortal

Here is the stage talk Jason Crowe and Mike Winner gave at the recent Greater Reset conference in Austin, TX.  Jason and Mike explain how QORTAL is revolutionizing our relationship to technology from the ground up with first principles of the original cypher punk movement.  

True decentralization requires control from the hardware on up with no accommodations towards the legacy internet 2.0.  This is what QORTAL aims to achieve while providing an economic model based on collaboration, cooperation and abundance for all.

Say NO to ArriveCan! Here's how we're fighting Trudeau's travel tracking app


Canada surveillance travel technology internet smartphones airports technocracy petition politics lawlessness | Despite being promoted under the guise of keeping Canadians safe, this government-mandated tracking app is yet another failed response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Visit Rebel News for more on this story ►

Tuesday, July 19, 2022

Canada and the Five Eyes


Five Eyes Canada Communications Security Establishment colonialism unaccountability imperialism

The US, UK, New Zealand, Australia and Canada “Five Eyes” is a seven-decade old intelligence-sharing framework. With 2,700 employees and a $700 million budget, the Communications Security Establishment is Canada’s main contributor to the Five Eyes. Recently, the NSA-led alliance has been at the centre of Washington's growing conflict with China. 

Join Communications Security Establishment expert Bill Robinson, Professor Radhika Desai, Professor Joshua Klein and author Yves Engler to learn more about the Communications Security Establishment and Five Eyes.

Monday, July 18, 2022

Mi'kmaq fisherman Cody Caplin faces criminalization for exercising his rights


aboriginal indigenous native Canada hunting criminalization rights sovereignty RCMP fishing tradition

Rhonda Martin, host of the Got Something to Say Podcast on Real People's Media speaks with Mi'kmaq fisherman Cody Caplin about facing criminalization for exercising his rights in Eel River Bar First Nation.

Peace-minded Canadians deserve a voice in Parliament


Canada Ukraine peace proxy war NATO NDP imperialism OUN-B Bandera diplomacy

NDP foreign affairs critic Heather McPherson’s promotion of NATO and opposition to diplomacy is prolonging the horrors in Ukraine.

On Monday McPherson attacked the Liberals for acceding to Germany’s request to allow Siemens’ to return turbines that were repaired at its facilities in Montréal. “It is shocking and disappointing that the Liberal government has decided to allow the Nord Stream 1 turbines to be sent to Germany and returned to Russia,” declared McPherson. “This decision goes against the sanctions Canada imposed on Russia in response to the illegal invasion and genocide in Ukraine.”


McPherson’s position is more belligerent than Washington’s. The US State Department released a statement supporting Canada’s decision to return the turbines to Germany.

At the start of last month McPherson supported expanding the nuclear-armed NATO alliance. During a parliamentary debate McPherson stated, “I want to begin my remarks tonight by stating unequivocally that the New Democratic Party supports Sweden and Finland in their bid for membership in NATO, and that New Democrats call on all NATO members to approve the application as quickly as possible to address the urgent situation that is facing both countries, including the very real threats made against both Sweden and Finland by the Russian Federation.”

McPherson supports enlarging NATO in response to a war partly caused by the alliance’s expansion.  (more...)

Peace-minded Canadians deserve a voice in Parliament

Saturday, July 16, 2022

“Follow colonial laws or go to jail”


colonialism Canada native indigenous aboriginal ancestral lands criminalization resource extraction

The sun is breaking through the rolling clouds that have brought heaps of rain to northern B.C. over several days in mid-July. Molly Wickham, also known by her Wet’suwet’en name of Sleydo’, stops in the rural town of Houston on the way to visit her mother in Smithers with her husband, Cody, and three children. She unloads her two-year-old daughter, Winïh, from her car seat in the truck. Winïh totters to catch up with her older sister Lily, 6, and brother, Liam, 11, as they race to frolic at a playground.

With her husband attending to the children, Wickham, dressed in a “Wet’suwet’en Strong” black hoodie and jeans, sits down at a picnic table nearby. She is part of the Gidimt’en Clan and her family live on its territory.

“You know, I never, ever want to take it for granted,” she says, referring to raising her children out on the yintah (Wet’suwet’en territory), about a two-hour drive up a mountainous road west of Houston, where the family has lived since Liam was a baby.

“I’m so in awe of them and so grateful for the way that they get to live. And so bewildered by how much they know.” She pauses and tucks a strand of her brown hair behind her ear.

“Just by living out there, by living on the land they know, and they understand more than I feel like I ever could because I didn’t grow up like that. It wasn’t instilled in me from childhood — I didn’t know the land, I didn’t learn that until I was in my thirties.”

Wickham’s mother, June, was taken from her birth parents as a baby and adopted into a non-Indigenous family as part of what is known as the Sixties Scoop. Her mother, despite being displaced from her Indigenous culture and traditions, taught Wickham and her older sister Jennifer to be proud of their Indigenous identity. But it wasn’t until Wickham was in university that she began the journey of reconnecting to her roots. She was far away from home, in Victoria, and planning to become a lawyer when she decided to take an Indigenous governance degree program. That course, and the revelations that came with learning about her Indigenous culture, led her to move to her home territory on the yintah.

Since then, Wickham and her Haida husband have devoted their lives to the reclamation of Indigenous knowledge, governance, law, and living on the land. But this way of life has come at a cost.  (more...)

“Follow colonial laws or go to jail”

Friday, July 15, 2022

Toxicology vs Virology: The Rockefeller Institute and the Criminal Polio Fraud


toxicology virology Rockefeller Institute polio vaccines human experiments pseudoscience fraud public relations cover-up harms injuries fatalities institutional crime medicine pharmaceuticals

One of the outcomes of the alleged new SARS Covid virus that publicly emerged in 2019 is that the medical specialization of virology has been raised to a stature almost Godlike in the media. Few understand the origins of virology and its elevation into a leading role in today’s medicine practice. For this we need to look at the origins and politics of America’s first medical research institute, the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research, today Rockefeller University, and their work on what they claimed was a polio virus.

In 1907 an outbreak of a sickness in New York City gave the director of the Rockefeller Institute, Simon Flexner, MD, a golden opportunity to lay claim to discovery of an invisible “virus” caused by what was arbitrarily called poliomyelitis. The word poliomyelitis simply means inflammation of the spinal cord’s grey matter. There were some 2,500 New Yorkers, mostly children, designated with some form of poliomyelitis, including paralysis and even death, that year.

The most striking aspect of the entire polio saga in the USA during the first half of the 20th Century was the fact that every key phase of the business was controlled by people tied to what became the Rockefeller medical cabal. This fraud started with claims by the Director of the Rockefeller Institute, Simon Flexner, that he and his colleague, Paul A. Lewis, had “isolated” a pathogen, invisible to the eye, smaller even than bacteria, which they claimed caused the paralyzing sickness in a series of outbreaks in the US. How did they come to this idea?

In a paper published in 1909 in the Journal of the American Medical Association, Flexner claimed he and Lewis had isolated the poliomyelitis virus responsible. He reported they had successfully “passaged” poliomyelitis through several monkeys, from monkey to monkey. They began by injecting diseased human spinal cord tissue of a young boy who had died, presumably from the virus, into the brains of monkeys. After a monkey fell ill, a suspension of its diseased spinal cord tissue was injected into the brains of other monkeys who also fell ill.

They proclaimed that the Rockefeller Institute doctors had thus proven poliomyelitis virus causality for the mysterious disease. They hadn’t done anything of the sort. Flexner and Lewis even admitted that:

“We failed utterly to discover bacteria, either in film preparations or in cultures, that could account for the disease; and, since among our long series of propagations of the virus in monkeys not one animal showed, in the lesions, the cocci described by some previous investigators, and we had failed to obtain any such bacteria from the human material studied by us, we felt that they could be excluded from consideration.”

What they then did was to make a bizarre supposition, a leap of faith, not a scientific claim. They took their hypothesis of viral exogenous agency and made it fact, with no proof whatever. They asserted: “Therefore, …the infecting agent of epidemic poliomyelitis belongs to the class of the minute and filterable viruses that have not thus far been demonstrated with certainty under the microscope.“ Therefore?

Simon Flexner simply asserted it “must” be a polio virus killing the monkeys, because they could find no other explanation. In fact he did not look for another source of the illnesses. This was not scientific isolation. It was wild speculation: “…not thus far been demonstrated with certainty under the microscope.” They admitted this in a December 18, 1909 follow up in JAMA, titled, THE NATURE OF THE VIRUS OF EPIDEMIC POLIOMYELITIS.

The so-called “virus” they were injecting into monkeys was hardly pure. It also contained an undetermined amount of contaminants. It included “pureed spinal cord, brain, fecal matter, even flies were ground up and injected into monkeys to induce paralysis.” Until Jonas Salk won approval from the US Government in April 1955 for a polio vaccine, no scientific proof of existence of a virus causing poliomyelitis, or infantile paralysis as it was commonly known, had been proven. That is the case to this day. The medical world all took Flexner’s word that it “must” be a virus.  (more...)

Toxicology vs Virology: The Rockefeller Institute and the Criminal Polio Fraud


Lessons Never Learned: New Lies for Old

A blast from the past: Why The Pharmaceutical Industry Is The Worst


pharmaceuticals monopoly cartel price gouging corruption exploitation antitrust unaccountability plutocracy

“Pharmaceutical bro” Martin Shkreli isn't the only one hiking prescription drug prices to make a profit. It's common practice in the pharmaceutical industry — and they're bleeding us dry.

Some things never change.

Rogers Internet was HACKED! - The Media and Rogers are lying to you


Rogers telecommunications Canada outage hacked technology shutdown cover-up disaster deception evasion corruption mainstream media censorship

A security threat was discovered by a hacker that could jeopardize private information of all Canadians. The hacker notified Rogers about the security threat. This resulted in Rogers shutting down the internet for 4 days to figure out the issue.  The Hacker claims this is due to Rogers staff incompetence. The Hacker claims the issue could have been resolved in 20 minutes and that the threat is still not resolved, therefore a network shutdown could happen again.

Thursday, July 14, 2022

Operation Pedo Pan and the Lost Boys of Neverland


CIA pedophilia sodomy pederasty conspiracy oligarchy child abuse academia books assassination terrorism kidnapping degeneracy

Professor Hamamoto of Cultural Forensics® draws from an account by a Cuban American counterrevolutionary handled by infamous CIA operative David Atlee Phillips to understand classic tactics being used to destabilize the U.S.A for its takeover by UNNATO.

Revenge Of A Holocaust Survivor: Simon Wiesenthal’s Hunt For Two Nazis


Germany Nazi crimes against humanity genocide history extermination camp Sobibor fugitives capture prosecution

After surviving multiple concentration camps, Simon Wiesenthal dedicated decades of his life to Nazi Hunting. In this episode we watch him hunt down SS Commander Franz Stangl and his deputy Gustav Wagner, otherwise known as 'The Beast'. During their time at the Sobibor extermination camp, the pair were responsible for thousands of murders.

Nazi Soldau: Ashes of 8,000 victims found in mass grave in Poland


Germany crimes against humanity Nazi Soldau camp extermination internment compensation Poland justice reparation evasion

A mass grave containing 17.5 tonnes of human ashes has been unearthed in northern Poland, close to the former Nazi concentration camp of Soldau.

Tomasz Jankowski from Poland's national remembrance institute said the grave contained at least 8,000 victims.

The bodies are thought to have been dug up and burned in a Nazi operation to hide traces of their murders.

The Nazis murdered Jews, political opponents and members of the Polish elite at Soldau.

The concentration camp was built in 1939 for transit, internment and extermination and used throughout the Nazi occupation.

Up to 30,000 people are thought to have been killed there and researchers hope to carry out DNA analysis of the remains to find out more about the victims. Among the Poles who were murdered were members of the clergy and intelligentsia.  (more...)

Nazi Soldau: Ashes of 8,000 victims found in mass grave in Poland


Poland still counts losses from WW2 invasion

Wednesday, July 13, 2022

Majority of Germans no longer support government’s course on Ukraine


Germany NATO proxy war Ukraine policy dissent enthusiasm second thought circumspection regret economy

That was to be expected: support for the German government's Ukraine and sanctions policy is dwindling rapidly among the German population – even though Russia has not yet taken any active countermeasures and most of the consequences of the sanctions are still hypothetical.

Nevertheless, more than half of Germans now have doubts about the policies of the federal government. This was reported by German daily Welt with reference to a survey by the opinion research institute Infratest dimap.

Accordingly, only 39 percent of Germans currently support the course of the coalition in the Ukraine war. In contrast, an impressive 56 percent of Germans have concerns.

At the same time, more and more Germans are worried about the consequences of supporting Ukraine. Although seven out of ten respondents describe their own economic situation as “good” or “very good”, almost half of those surveyed view their future prospects “with skepticism and concern”. Above all, they fear energy bottlenecks and a loss of purchasing power. The mood is clear: almost half of those questioned (48 percent) fear that their personal economic situation will be worse in a year’s time than it is today.  (more...)

Majority of Germans no longer support government’s course on Ukraine

Road accidents to stop Putin: Augsburg to switch off traffic lights


Germany austerity proxy war energy masochism Ukraine NATO Nordstream sanctions

One of the most active globalist trendsetters is once again the German State of Bavaria. CSU Prime Minister Söder already distinguished himself with particularly drastic measures during the Corona crisis. Citizens are now expected to accept questionable measures in the fight against Russian President Putin.

In the Bavarian city of Augsburg, for example, it has been calculated that energy costs are likely to rise by almost 80 percent in the current year. That is why everything that can be switched off, including traffic lights, will soon be switched off.

Mayor Eva Weber (CSU) explained: “The situation is serious.” Therefore, room temperatures in municipal offices are to be lowered in autumn and winter, and some buildings will be left completely cold through “effective room management”.

Water temperatures in swimming pools will be reduced. The façade lighting on historical buildings and museums will be switched off, and fountains will also be turned off. Street lighting will be dimmed. Switching off of traffic lights will also be considered.

The city and the police will be explaining which traffic lights are most relevant to safety – all others could be switched off without further ado. There are no longer any taboos when it comes to saving energy in the state.  (more...)

Road accidents to stop Putin: Augsburg to switch off traffic lights

It doesn't stop:

‘Heating halls’ planned in several German cities

Abe Shinzō & Attack of the Killer B’s (Biden, Bercerra, Burns)


Japan assassination CIA Jesuits conspiracy war crimes colonialism oligarchy freemasonry

Professor Hamamoto of Cultural Forensics® draws from U.S.-Japan postwar history to speculate on the means, motive, and opportunity behind the assassination of Abe Shinzō, former prime minister of Japan.

Tuesday, July 12, 2022

Ontario physician joins growing list of dissenting medical professionals


dissent doctor medicine Ontario vaccines mRNA harms injuries COVID coronavirus miscarriages misconduct pseudoscience fatalities pharmaceuticals

Joining a growing list of dissenters, yet another licensed Ontario physician has come forward to denounce the handling of COVID-19.


America’s New “Angels of Death”: Inject Humanity with a Gene-altering Death-dealing Technology. Medical Professionals Cannot Claim Ignorance


Josef Mengele medicine science corruption COVID coronavirus pandemic vaccines mRNA harms pharmaceuticals crimes against humanity books compliance Nazi misconduct doctors

“The guilt for the mass murder is solely that of the political leaders….. I accuse the leaders of abusing my obedience. At that time obedience was demanded, just as in the future it will also be demanded of the subordinate. Obedience is commended as a virtue.”  —Adolph Eichmann, Nazi, at his trial

 Early in the declared Covid19 Pandemic, America’s medical community —  and this included America’s pharmacies  —  coalesced around a system of outlawing medicines known to be effective, safe and inexpensive, notably ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine  In time, it became obvious that withholding early treatment was crucial for the pharmaceutical industry’s project to vaccinate the world against a claimed Covid19 virus.

Had the effectiveness of inexpensive and available medicines been widely seen, the pretext for ‘Emergency Use Authorization’ of a warpspeed-produced experimental product would have vaporized. With a trillion dollar global vaccination project at stake, that couldn’t be allowed, so the lies of ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine being toxic were authoritatively enforced.  

The policy descended (and continues to descend) from administrative networks within the Department of Health and Human Services, (notably CDC and NIAID) to the states. These networks are part of, and fed by, an international complex involving the World Health Organization, itself under the control of international pharmaceutical interests focused primarily on vaccines, as well as on gene manipulations sold under the deceptive banner of “vaccine”.

This multi-pronged, vaccine-focused universe now includes research universities and medical schools, medical societies and fraudulent medical journals showcasing ghost-written “scientific” articles. A key player is the discipline of Public Health, a politicized field posing as objective science, enforcer of official narrative and hurler of the “misinformation” epithet at dissenters. And of course there is the compliant media. And money, endless rivers of it.  (more...)

America’s New “Angels of Death”: Inject Humanity with a Gene-altering Death-dealing Technology. Medical Professionals Cannot Claim Ignorance

Monday, July 11, 2022

Genomics expert censored over concerns about vaccine stability


science publishing censorship mRNA COVID transparency accountability

Genomics scientist who sought to compare differences in vaccine versus virus spike protein has paper censored after favourable peer review.

►FULL REPORT by Tamara Ugolini:

Celebrity Frontmen For Global Trafficking


Ukraine Richard Branson celebrities Virgin human trafficking pedophilia organ trafficking crime corruption oligarchy

Why was Richard Branson meeting with Ukraine president Zelensky? I have a very dark hypothesis . Get ready for a rollercoaster ride!  References below:

Ukraine thousands of Unaccounted Children (BBC, 2022):

Pandora Papers re Ukraine / Zelensky:

Organized Crime Index Ukraine:

BBC article on baby thefts in Ukraine (2006):

Globe and Mail article baby thefts Ukraine (2009) (via ECLJ):

Eastern Europe’s Chamber of Horrors (Catholic Culture, 2007):

Expansion of Stem Cell ‘therapies’ in Ukraine:

Corey’s Digs: Shipwrecked on Ten Islands with Branson, Clinton:

ILO report on trafficking: Economics of forced labour: ILO says forced labour generates annual profits of US$ 150 billion

Himmler's Prince Charmless - Royal Nazi War Criminal


history Nazi nobility Germany Buchenwald crimes against humanity corruption Himmler royalty oligarchy privilege unaccountability preference

Josias, Hereditary Prince of Waldeck and Pyrmont was a fabulously wealthy German royal who became an SS general and a close confidante of Heinrich Himmler. With command responsibility for Buchenwald Concentration Camp and involvement in other controversial actions, he was one of many German royals and nobles who joined the Nazis and paid the price at war's end.

Sunday, July 10, 2022

Justin Trudeau’s opponent would ban ministers from attending WEF


Canada politics globalists WEF election Conservative Party sovereignty patriotism nationalism cabinet ecofascism austerity neofeudalism

Canada’s Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Chrystia Freeland sits on the WEF’s Supervisory Board. Shadow Minister of Natural Resources Michelle Rempel Garner can also be found on the organization's website. She denied in an article that Canada was run by the WEF.

Earlier, WEF chief Klaus Schwab had boasted however that more than half of the Canadian cabinet was made up of Young Global Leaders of the WEF.

Poilievre thus indicated that he wanted to take Canada in a completely different direction. He is planning to take on Trudeau in the next election and defeat him.

“I have made it clear that I will ban my ministers in my cabinet from attending the World Economic Forum if I become prime minister,” he said at an earlier meeting. “Work for Canada. If you want to go to Davos, to that conference, buy a single ticket. You cannot be part of our government and pursue a policy agenda that is not in line with the interests of our people.”

Poilievre is running in the 2022 Conservative Party of Canada leadership election and is considered to be the frontrunner. He has supported those in the Canada convoy protest against vacccine mandates who were protesting peacefully and said the federal government had abused its power by invoking the Emergencies Act during the protest and proposed limiting its power and use to prevent it from being used similarly in the future.  (more...)

Justin Trudeau’s opponent would ban ministers from attending WEF

Saturday, July 9, 2022

Fritz Lang's ~ Ministry of Fear


war spies Nazi film drama suspense mystery sinister underworld occult

Suffused with dread and paranoia, this Fritz Lang adaptation of a novel by Graham Greene is a plunge into the eerie shadows of a world turned upside down by war. En route to London after being released from a mental institution, Stephen Neale (Ray Milland) stops at a seemingly innocent village fair, after which he finds himself caught in the web of a sinister underworld with possible Nazi connections.

Thursday, July 7, 2022

The Mideast and the 'Black International'


Francois Genoud Switzerland Nazi banker finance Fascist International terrorism assassination destabilization coups books

By the mid- 1950s, less than ten years after the military dismemberment of the Third Reich, the apparatus for the coming "Fourth Reich" was already in place. In a July 1983 interview with Swiss Radio, SS Gen. Karl Wolff stated, "We are greatly indebted to François Genoud. His contributions following the war were of immeasurable value to us. Without him we would not have survived!" - a compliment of which Genoud is justly proud. In February 1984, he told Stern magazine: "Everyone has his hobby; mine is to help people like him," by which he meant the SS "Butcher of Lyons" Klaus Barbie.

Genoud has traveled a great deal over the last thirty years in pursuit of his "hobby." Immediately after the war he turned up in Tangiers, the neutral zone where the spies and intelligence services of Asia, Africa, Latin America, and Europe could hold their rendezvous. During the war Tangiers had been a center of the Nazi secret service. Besides Genoud, following the war, General Wolff, General Ramcke, Gen. Hans Rudel, SS Captain Reichenberg, SS Colonel Skorzeny and numerous others took up residence there, and repeatedly turned up as Genoud's closest collaborators. This was especially the case during 1952-56, when the entire pack could be found back together in Cairo, together with their old friends, the Grand Mufti al-Husseini and Hjalmar Schacht.

Before he went to Cairo, Genoud appeared in public once - more in 1951, although very discreetly, when he helped found the Black International in Malmo, which was later named the Malmo International. Genoud, who then withdrew from active political life, was the actual godfather of this organization of unrepentant fascists.

Among those present at the founding meeting in Malmo were the previously mentioned Gaston Amaudruz, Per Engdahl from Sweden, the former German SS officers Heinz Priester and Fritz Richter, Pierre Clementi _ of the French Volunteer Division of the Vichy regime, Sir Oswald Mosley from Great Britain, and Count Loredan from Italy. Their stated purpose was to found the "European Social Movement" for a "New European Order." This "movement" has been the spawning ground for every neo-Nazi organization of the past thirty years, and Lausanne and Malmo have served as coordination centers.   (more...)

The Mideast and the 'Black International'

Further reading:

Executive Intelligence Review Feature

books Fascist International Adolf Hitler Francois Genoud Switzerland Nazi bankers finance terrorism assassinations coups

Playing a dangerous game: Canada risking nuclear war with Russia


Canada Ukraine proxy war Nazi NATO expansion destabilization imperialism military

It’s been four months since Russia launched a large-scale invasion of Ukraine. While Canadians generally consider Moscow’s actions brutal and illegal, few recognize Ottawa’s role in helping precipitate and prolong the deadly conflict.

After Viktor Yanukovych’s Party of Regions passed a bill favouring Ukrainian neutrality in 2010, Ottawa worked to subvert the elected president. During the three-month long Maidan protest that toppled Yanukovych in February 2014, then foreign affairs minister John Baird attended an anti-government rally in Kyiv. Ottawa-sanctioned government officials and opposition activists used the Canadian embassy as a base for a week.

(Imagine Canada’s reaction if a foreign embassy hosted those “truckers” who demonstrated in Ottawa earlier this year, and helped them overthrow the government.)

The coup divided Ukraine between the continental Europe–aligned west and centre of the country and Russian-oriented south and east. It led to an eight-year war in the Donbas region that left 14,000 dead before Russia’s full-scale invasion.

In a bid to halt the fighting, France and Germany oversaw the Minsk peace process. Two months after Minsk II was signed in February 2015, Canada launched a military training mission that bolstered Ukrainian officials opposed to implementing their commitments under the peace accord. Through Operation UNIFIER the Canadian military assisted Ukrainian forces fighting a deadly war in the Donbas.  (more...)

Playing a dangerous game: Canada risking nuclear war with Russia

Wednesday, July 6, 2022

The Fascist International coup and terror network


fascist international nazi coups terrorism assassinations iSwitzerland bankers finance Hitler destabilization oligarchy history geopolitics war freemasonry

On the first of May 1945 the last official Nazi uniform was discarded by its last wearer, whoever he might have been, as Adolf Hitler's organization of terror and mass murder was finally annihilated by the victorious Allied arms. As of that date, tens of thousands of the international mass murderers and torturers who had opened the gates of Hell for 12 years discreetly vanished into scores of well-protected sanctuaries around the world. Their lines of communication, their finances, and the controlling mother organization remained intact. The fascist international with its various disguises and names such as Die Spinne, Odessa (Organization der Ehemalige SS Angehorige), Perm index, and MaimCi International, continued to be a well-preserved asset of its owners. It is now surfacing once again, summoned by the same owners, attempting to reopen the gates of Hell. Its pawprints were picked up by our investigators looking into the attempted destabilization of the Italian republic around the present Sicilian disturbances sponsored hy the Sicilian separatist movement.

The reputed controller of that movement is one Carmelo Zuccarello, a member of both the Italian fascist MSI and the Spanish Fuerza Nueva, a man who likes to describe himself as the "most powerful man in Sicily." Above him stands Licio Gelli, the head of the Propaganda-2 Freemasonic lodge who, having once been a member of Mussolini's OVRA secret police, later escaped to South America, engineered Juan Perlln's return to power, coached and promoted to power the Libyan madman Qaddafi, and helped coordinate and finance "left" and "right" terror organizations in hoth Europe and Latin America, from the Red Brigades to the dreaded "Death Squads." The Sicilian separatist movement is part of a broader European-wide capability which includes the Corsican separatists, the Basque movement, the Turkish Grey Wolves, and a number of other regionalist violence-oriented groups whose assigned role is to be the battering rams against the existing national states of Europe. They are all controlled and deployed by the same financial and strategic interests which once launched both the Mussolini and Hitler movements. Swiss banking families are the historical and intellectual "mother" of these fascist dregs; by association with such Swiss financial interests, the controlling apparatus presiding over this fascist network have also heen certain financial fortunes of the Anglo-American world.  (more...)

The Fascist International coup and terror network

Full report:

Who inherited the Fascist International's coup and terror network?

fascist international Nazi coups terrorism assassinations Switzerland bankers finance oligarchy geopolitics destabilization

Mind Control: Are you a victim of industrial strength mind control?


coronavirus Canada mind control behavioral science mass formation manipulation psychological warfare psyops compliance coercion biofascism technocracy


The Health cartel has been conducting a massive psychological operation, otherwise known as a psy-op, on their populations throughout the COVID narrative.

Ghouls of the Emerging Bio-Economy


medicine organ harvesting blood donation Red Cross organized crime books cell lines tissue economy

Professor Hamamoto of Cultural Forensics® warns against the international blood, organ, and cell lines trade being erected as one of the primary financial pillars of the post-human political-economic world order.

New concerns raised about integrity of the public inquiry into Canada’s deadliest mass shooting


Canada Nova Scotia mass shooting RCMP cover-up politicization gun control deflection incompetence dereliction obstruction corruption


The Mass Casualty Commission (MCC), a public inquiry into Canada’s deadliest mass shooting and its handling by the RCMP and Nova Scotia government, is still in session. Michael Scott, counsel for some of the victims' family members, said the Commission's decision to restrict him from questioning Banfield "fundamentally undermines the purpose of the Commission."