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High Tech Cobra's Stare


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You REALLY Won't Believe What The UK Govt Are Doing Now!

Zelenskyy Is A Rotary Club Brother


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Like all the rest of them

Canada’s Foreign Military Training Operations Are Unscrupulous Power Plays


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Canada’s pretense of being a champion of peace and mediation conceals the aim of its foreign military training operations. These operations are not instances of bighearted largesse — they are strategic, geopolitical power projections.

US military training has long been controversial. Exhibit A for this controversy is the US military’s School of the Americas, the infamous “counterinsurgency” training site, responsible for instructing Latin American military personnel in the arts of torture and dirty war techniques in the 1980s. After years of protest over its training of death squads and tyrants, the school changed its name to the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation in an attempt to evade public hostility. It is widely understood among peace and anti-imperialist activists that military training is an important part of US global power projection.

In Canada, however, there is little discussion of the politics that shape international military training. The war in Ukraine may change that, specifically Canada’s involvement in Operation Unifier — a connection that directly links Canadian tax payers to violence in the Donbas region.

CTV, the Walrus, the Canadian Press, Le Journal de Montréal, and Radio Canada have all published recent stories on Operation Unifier. A recent front-page Wall Street Journal article, headlined “NATO Training Retooled Ukrainian Army,” focused on the central role played by Canadian military trainers. This increased media scrutiny should be the spear tip of greater public engagement with the issue. Canada presents itself as an avatar of peacekeeping and mediation. Canadian military adventurism — dressed up as obliging training assistance — requires oversight and democratic accountability.

Between April 2015 and Russia’s illegal invasion on February 24 of this year, 200 Canadian troops — rotated every six months — trained 33,346 Ukrainian soldiers as part of Operation Unifier. Canadian taxpayers spent $890 million on a training mission that began after Ukraine’s military largely collapsed amidst the violence unleashed by the ouster of elected president Viktor Yanukovych in 2014. Ottawa supported the three-months-long protest against Yanukovych — who opposed Ukraine joining NATO — a president who won elections the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe called “an impressive display of democracy.” During the uprising, Ottawa adopted new sanctions against the county, Foreign Minister John Baird attended an anti-government rally in Kiev, and activists were given safe haven in the Canadian embassy for a week.

Alongside US and UK troops, Canadian soldiers worked with Ukrainian soldiers on tactics, command structures, explosive-device disposal, and sniper training. In 2019, Yanukovych’s successor, former Ukrainian president Petro Poroshenko, dubbed former Canadian defense minister Jason Kenney “the godfather of the modern Ukrainian army” for his role in instigating Operation Unifier.  (more...)

Canada’s Foreign Military Training Operations Are Unscrupulous Power Plays

Did Russia Really Capture Canadian General in Mariupol?


General Trevor Cadieux Canada military Ukraine Azovstal Mariupol biolabs capture mercenaries scandal

Since the end of April 2022, information about the detention of senior NATO general Trevor Cadieux at Azovstal has been circulating on the Internet. Unfortunately, there is no confirmed information about this at this time. The Russian power structures have not yet officially reported it. Nevertheless, there is quite serious evidence to substantiate this information.

General Trevor Cadieux of the Canadian Armed Forces has a long service record. He graduated from the Royal Military College of Canada in 1995 and joined the 3rd Canadian Regular and Reserve Strathcona Division. In 1997, he participated in combat operations in Bosnia. In 2002, he served in Kandahar. He then led a group of troops in Jordan. And in 2017, he became head of the 3rd Canadian Division, where he once began serving.

The Ottawa Citizen reported that Lieutenant General Trevor Cadier was supposed to take command of the Canadian Army last September, but that was canceled after a sex scandal erupted around him. A former female member of the army accused him of violence. At the same time, it became known that Cadier had left Canada despite the fact that the investigation was still ongoing.

“Canadian media are reporting that “former” Army commander Lieutenant General Trevor Cadieux is in Ukraine, having been absent since February. It is speculated that he may be surrounded in Mariupol,” the channel reported on April 24.

Trevor Cadier did appear on Ukrainian territory, which there is a lot of evidences of, and then suddenly disappeared from sight. He is not in Kiev and is not listed among the dead. As Ottawa Citizen concludes, the NATO general is currently in the catacombs of the Azovstal plant in Mariupol together with Nazis from Azov and several hundred foreign mercenaries.

In addition, there is information that the general was in charge of Biological Laboratory No. 1, where they allegedly worked with deadly viruses. Now Cadieux is already in Moscow, where he will stand trial.  (more...)

Did Russia Really Capture Canadian General in Mariupol?

Saturday, May 21, 2022

New Age Voodoo & Shamans At Davos World Economic Forum 2022


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They're coming to take you awayyyyyyyyy....

Nazi Veterans Created Illegal Army


Nazi Germany secret army Gladio BND Schnez-Truppe unaccountability NATO CIA fascism lawlessness cold war

For nearly six decades, the 321-page file lay unnoticed in the archives of the BND, Germany's foreign intelligence agency -- but now its contents have revealed a new chapter of German postwar history that is as spectacular as it is mysterious.

The previously secret documents reveal the existence of a coalition of approximately 2,000 former officers -- veterans of the Nazi-era Wehrmacht and the Waffen-SS -- who decided to put together an army in postwar Germany in 1949. They made their preparations without a mandate from the German government, without the knowledge of the parliament and, the documents show, by circumventing Allied occupation forces.

The goal of the retired officers: to defend nascent West Germany against Eastern aggression in the early stages of the Cold War and, on the domestic front, deploy against the Communists in the event of a civil war. It collected information about left-wing politicians like Social Democrat (SPD) Fritz Erler, a key player in reforming the party after World War II, and spied on students like Joachim Peckert, who later became a senior official at the West German Embassy in Moscow during the 1970s.

The new discovery was brought about by a coincidence. Historian Agilolf Kesselring found the documents -- which belonged to the Gehlen Organization, the predecessor to the current foreign intelligence agency -- while working for an Independent Historical Commission hired by the BND to investigate its early history. Similar commissions have been hired by a number of German authorities in recent years, including the Finance and Foreign Ministries to create an accurate record of once hushed-up legacies.

Kesselring uncovered the documents, which were given the strange title of "Insurances," while trying to determine the number of workers employed by the BND.

Instead of insurance papers, Kesselring stumbled upon what can now be considered the most significant discovery of the Independent Historical Commission. The study he wrote based on the discovery was released this week.  (more...)

Nazi Veterans Created Illegal Army



Friday, May 20, 2022

Sleepwalking Into Fascism: Why CIA/NATO’s Foreign Policy Has Been Consistent for the Past 77 years


CIA NATO Nazi war criminals proxy war Ukraine fascism Gladio terrorism assassination Gehlen Germany

Bertrand Russell discussed in his book “The Impact of Science on Society” (1952) that the subject which “will be of most importance politically is mass psychology,” that is, the lens in which an individual views “reality” and “truth.” Russell is very clear, such “convictions” are not generated by the individual themselves but rather are to be shaped by the State.

Of course, individuals are not encouraged to think about an absolute truth or reality, rather they are encouraged to think on a much smaller scale, on individual “facts,” for this is much easier to control and shape and also limits “problematic” thinking such as the ponderance on cause and effect.

Russell, in his “Impact of Science on Society,” goes on to talk about how one could program a society to think snow is black rather than white:

“First, that the influence of home is obstructive. Second, that not much can be done unless indoctrination begins before the age of ten. Third, that verses set to music and repeatedly intoned are very effective. Fourth, that the opinion that snow is white must be held to show a morbid taste for eccentricity. But I anticipate. It is for future scientists to make these maxims precise and discover exactly how much it costs per head to make children believe that snow is black, and how much less it would cost to make them believe it is dark gray.”

This is of course a program for the most ambitious “reframing” of “reality,” however, as we see today, we do not need to start before the age of ten for other sorts of “reframing,” and nowhere does this seem to be the most successful and effective with any age group than the West’s “foreign” policy.

For snow is something that we see and experience regularly. It is much more difficult to “reframe” something familiar, however, something that is “foreign” has always been a rather blurred and undefined concept for millennia, and thus is a much easier candidate for the State to “reframe” as our collective “reality,” our collective “existential fear.” And thus, for most of history, our understanding of who is our “friend” and who is our “foe” has rarely been determined by the people themselves but rather their governing structure.

Such a governing structure is free to determine for us what is “truth” vs “falsehood” what is “fact” vs “fiction,” because the people, despite all the abuse and exploitation from such a governing force still look to this very thing to protect and shield them from the frightful “unknown.”

Better the Devil you know? In this case, ignorance is most certainly not bliss…

However, the “facts” emboldened by the State have shown themselves to not be so “fact-based” after all, thus we now commonly see from the angels of justice; the flawless, omnipotent, and anonymous “fact-checkers” that “truth” is becoming increasingly not a matter of “right” or “wrong” but rather, about semantics, priorities and what one chooses to emphasize.

For instance, the very real neo-Nazi problem in Ukraine, has now been “reframed” by the media to either 1) acknowledge that there are indeed actual neo-Nazis in Ukraine but that they are also nationalists and thus fighting for all of Ukraine, 2) to claim that they are “reformed” neo-Nazis that have apparently been domesticated and are now respectable defenders of Ukraine, 3) Ukraine has a Jewish President and thus such a thing is somehow fundamentally impossible.

The thing is, we have heard this story before, 77 years ago…  (more...)

Sleepwalking Into Fascism: Why CIA/NATO’s Foreign Policy Has Been Consistent for the Past 77 years