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NASA's Nazi Memorials - Honouring War Criminals 2024


NASA Nazi memorials war criminals  von Braun history Paperclip technology corruption unaccountability cover-up whitewashing ratlines

In 2024, several Nazi war criminals that were brought to America under Operation Paperclip in 1945 to work on the US ballistic missile and space programmes, are widely honoured. These men were responsible for tens of thousands of deaths, mostly of slave labourers forced to build Nazi rockets, and were also active Nazi Party members and SS officers. It is an interesting moral problem for NASA, other space organisations and the American public to wrestle with - should such men, that got America to the Moon in 1969 still be accorded such honours?

The Jasenovac Concentration Camp in Croatia during World War II


Croatia Ustache Jasenovac Concentration Camp WWII Nazi barbarism war crimes genocide ethnic cleansing history cover-up

The Jasenovac Concentration Camp was established by the Ustaše regime, a fascist and ultranationalist movement, during World War II in the Independent State of Croatia, which was a puppet state of Nazi Germany. Located in modern-day Croatia, Jasenovac became one of the largest and most brutal concentration camps in Europe. Jasenovac was primarily used to imprison and exterminate ethnic and religious minorities, particularly Serbs, Jews, Roma people, and anti-fascist Croats. The conditions in the camp were extremely harsh, and prisoners faced widespread torture, forced labor, and systematic killings. The methods of mass murder employed at Jasenovac were exceptionally brutal. They included shootings, beatings, hanging, and a particularly notorious method called the "piccolo" (small flute), where victims were tied together and thrown alive into the Sava River, while the Ustaše guards played music to drown out their screams. Estimates of the number of victims at Jasenovac vary widely, but it is believed that tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of people perished there. The exact figure is difficult to determine due to the deliberate destruction of records by the Ustaše before the end of the war.

CIA Front Companies Play Crucial Role in Arms Pipeline to Ukraine and Profit From the Human Misery it Generates


CIA companies arms trafficking Ukraine military covert cover-up secrecy unaccountability profiteering drones

CIAGate is a new website set up on substack that draws on information from an anonymous CIA whistleblower to publicize and expose criminal conduct being carried out by the CIA. Its mission statement reads: “We the people. We oppose all wars and military conflicts. Our purpose is to abolish the CIA and military-industrial deep state. We stand firmly on our principles.” Below is a series that CIAGate published on the CIA’s involvement in the arms pipeline to Ukraine through a shadowy CIA company that supplies drones to Kyiv

Analyzing the CIA’s records, we’ve noticed that there were many references to the Noetic international Inc., a company with questionable origin and activity.

According to its website, the enterprise specializes in “delivering products and services including assessments, operations and finance to clients in the energy, telecom, space, cybersecurity and intelligence sectors.“

In a previous article on substack we wrote that the CEO of the Noetic International Inc. was Johnna May Holeman, a former U.S. artillery soldier and CIA operative, who took part in the supply of 155mm white phosphorus rounds to Ukraine through a tea-trade company in Bulgaria.

Now we can say that there was another CIA officer behind the creation of the Noetic International Inc. Ladies and gentlemen, please meet John Alan Irvin–the godfather of clandestine operations.

So, it was John’s idea to establish a company that would carry out the CIA’s clandestine activities without attracting much attention. However, being a top-tier spy John himself does not really conceal his affiliation with the Agency. According to his track record, John is a specialist in the field of analyzing the activities of covert secret agents. He also has decades of experience conducting clandestine operations.  (more...)

CIA Front Companies Play Crucial Role in Arms Pipeline to Ukraine and Profit From the Human Misery it Generates


CIA arms trafficking Ukraine profiteering front companies corruption military exposure scandal

Is it finally time to say ‘no’ to NATO?


Canada NATO aggression Nazi imperialism colonialism military warmongering Article 5 oppression hegemony

What benefit does the average Canadian gain by having billions of dollars go towards an organization that dismantles peace efforts and promotes war and conflict in all corners of the globe?

This month marks the 75th anniversary of the founding of NATO.

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization is an intergovernmental military alliance formed amidst the Cold War and has been a key factor in escalating armed conflict throughout the world since its inception.

Canada, along with the U.S. and 30 other member countries, have been engaged in a number of unnecessary military campaigns due to the treaty each member agrees to upon joining NATO. This is exemplified with the “principle of collective defense,” enshrined by Article 5 of the treaty, which stipulates that “the Parties [of NATO] agree that an armed attack against one or more of them in Europe or North America shall be considered an attack against them all.”

As long as Canada remains in NATO, we also take on the enemies of every other member country whether those enemies pose any threat to Canadians or not.

NATO has been the subject of controversy in several conflicts. Many interventions led by NATO forces have been in conflicts and regions not directly affecting the security of member states, contrary to Article 5 of the NATO treaty, such as the 2015-2021 mission in Afghanistan, and NATO’s 2011 intervention in the Libyan civil war. These instances did not involve the attack of any member state of NATO, rendering NATO forces as an actor free to exert their dominance on regions outside of member state borders.  (more...)

Is it finally time to say ‘no’ to NATO?

The On to Ottawa 2024 'Peace Caravan'


Canada military arms trade peace caravan On to Ottawa activism organizing profiteering fascism

Another On to Ottawa trek is planned from May 12 to May 28 this year, initiated by Women’s International League of Peace and Freedom (WILPF) and the Canadian Voices of Women for Peace (CVOW). Ending in Ottawa, the trekkers will meet the crowd at CANSEC arms trade fair to oppose the arms trade and complete their mission by rallying at Parliament Hill. 

Multiple organizations and the Canada-Wide Peace and Justice Network are cooperating to lead this caravan.

On to Ottawa protests trekking from Vancouver to Ottawa is a people’s tradition established during WWI and repeated during the Great Depression. First, migrant farmers of Ontario walked to Ottawa with demands and, in 1919, other men did so for bread and jobs.  

Unemployment Relief Camps were created across Canada in 1932 by PM R. B. Bennett; there, men could get a bunk bed, medical care and basic food plus 20 cents a day, for doing physical labour 44 hours a week. Men complained of the camp conditions and exploitation. 

Following a fundraising picnic of 20,000 supporters, 1,000 workers walked off the job, jumped on box cars, stopping in Kamloops, Calgary and Edmonton, their numbers growing to 1,500.

Police truncheons stopped them on June 14, 1932. Bennett invited eight trek leaders to a meeting in Ottawa on June 22, but it failed. Back in Regina, the traveling protesters were blocked by the RCMP. A third demonstration of 2,000 people took place in Market Sq. on July 1, though only 300 trekkers remained. This time, the RCMP used guns, tear gas and charging horses.  (more...)

The On to Ottawa 2024 'Peace Caravan'

Friday, April 19, 2024

Ottawa doing the opposite of peacekeeping


Canada warmongering NATO Israel Ukraine aggression collaboration colonialism imperialism

The Canadian government is enabling geopolitical tensions that could lead to World War III. They’ve encouraged Israel’s bid to ignite a regional war, promoted the NATO proxy war in Ukraine, dispatched forces towards China and increased military spending to counter China and Russia.

In innumerable ways the Trudeau government has enabled Israel’s holocaust in Gaza. Ottawa responded to Israel’s slaughter by ramping up arms sales while simultaneously maintaining bilateral military ties and turning a blind eye to Canadians illegally assisting the Israeli military.

Ottawa refused to condemn Israel’s assassinations of Iranian officials on April 1 even though the adjacent Canadian embassy building was damaged when Israel blew up part of Tehran’s diplomatic compound in Damascus. While staying mum on Israel’s flagrant violation of international law, the Trudeau government immediately condemned Iran’s response. They’ve also discussed imposing more sanctions on that country.

A great deal of Israel’s shadow war with Iran, which Benjamin Netanyahu seeks to have the US fight, has taken place in Syria. There are a few thousand US and Russia troops in that country. Even though they are on different sides, Israel and Russia have thus far largely avoided fighting each other. If fighting between Israel-Iran grows, Russian forces could be drawn into skirmishes with Israeli forces in Syria. Already in a proxy war with Russia in Ukraine, the US would likely then end up in direct conflict with the world’s other main nuclear power.

The Trudeau government has also aggressively promoted the NATO proxy war. On Monday the federal government announced that Canada was giving Ukraine another 450 drones and Tuesday’s federal budget included over $4 billion worth of new support to that country. The number of Canadian troops on Russia’s border with Latvia keeps growing along with NATO forces across Eastern Europe. Two weeks after the French president suggested sending ground troops to Ukraine, French Prime Minister Gabriel Attal and Justin Trudeau released a joint statement noting, “we will continue our financial, humanitarian, military, and diplomatic support to Ukraine for as long as it takes.”  (more...)

Ottawa doing the opposite of peacekeeping

Ontario government says no to anti-Nazi day, yes to Nazi education


Canada Ukraine Palestine Israel NATO Nazi Nakba Ontario Lecce Holodomor historical revisionism Azov Battalion education PDSB

Historical revisionism is the point of order for a declining Canadian political elite, which views with terror the rise of anti-colonial thinking in the population and the strengthening of a socialist-multipolar oriented state alliance crippling NATO’s colonial capabilities. No comparison is more revealing than the Ontario government’s attitude towards education around Palestine and towards the historical Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic (now Ukraine).

The Ontario government openly condemned the inclusion of a Nakba Remembrance Day in the Peel District School Board’s calendar. Ontario’s education minister, Stephen Lecce, demanded that the PDSB remove it, under the guise of wanting no politics in the classroom. But last fall, the same education minister spoke proudly about imposing mandatory ‘Holodomor education’ on Grade 10 students, based on a Nazi myth that baselessly claims that the USSR starved Ukrainians for opposing agricultural collectivization. As part of this ‘education’, the Ontario government gave $400,000 CAD to support the ‘Holodomor’ bus tour, run by an organization which aided a Ukrainian Nazi’s army medical section and whose COO formerly trained a Nazi Ukrainian battalion, the Azov Battalion.

Lecce’s professed attitude towards politics in the classroom, when Palestine is on the menu, is such:

“Over the past months, I made my expectations clear to all school boards that there is no room for politics or the influence of personal opinions in Ontario classrooms. At a time when so many young Canadians are divided, it is critical that schools bring people together.”

But when it comes to imposing Nazi propaganda – ‘Holodomor’ education - on young students, Lecce’s attitude towards politics in the classroom is much different, seeing it as part of:

“Ensuring the next generation embraces democracy & freedom, & never sits on the sidelines in the face of evil.”

The reason for this is clear. Young people grappling with the Western colonialism against Palestine - with Zionists as the colonial enforcers given leeway to set up a colonial outpost in the Middle East amid a wave of anti-colonial national liberation efforts - produces very uncomfortable questions about the nature of Canadian foreign policy in constantly backing Zionism from even before Israel came to exist, Canadian imperialism more broadly, and Canada as a colonial state itself. Meanwhile, the ‘Holodomor’ propaganda serves to demonize a historical socialist anti-colonial nation, the Soviet Union (USSR), which led the way in defeating the fascist Axis powers during WWII. Lecce and Canada’s political elite seeks to ideologically charge young people for capitalism and against socialism.

The concern about politics in the classroom only comes because acknowledging colonialism against Palestine is based in reality and a threat to Canadian imperialism. It is not a genuine concern for Lecce.  (more...)

Ontario government says no to anti-Nazi day, yes to Nazi education