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Canadian news media dominated by corporate lobbyists

Canada news bias conflict of interest lobbyists disclosure accountability bias

An intensive six-week study of key political shows across multiple networks and a review of lobbyist filings conducted by Ricochet in collaboration with Jacobin Magazine has revealed significant bias in Canadian television news shows. Lobbyists for banks, oil companies, arms manufacturers and other sundry corporate interests routinely appear on news shows without any public disclosure of their big money ties.

In a typical example of the practice, former Liberal New Brunswick premier Brian Gallant appeared numerous times on CBC News Network’s flagship political show, Power and Politics, in the days leading up to this year’s federal election. Viewers of the show were not informed of Gallant’s position as a senior advisor at Navigator Inc., one of the country’s largest corporate PR and lobbying firms.

Political panelists’ corporate lobbying interests are rarely disclosed on Canadian news shows, and this lack of transparency undermines news outlets’ claims to impartiality.

In the wake of the federal election, there was plenty of commentary about how media coverage of the party leaders and campaigns has shaped the views of the electorate. What this framing ignores is that even between elections, our media moulds our politics.

Despite the digital revolution, television remains the dominant source of news in Canada. Last year, a study by the Media Technology Monitor found that nearly half the population finds out about current affairs by watching TV. More than twice as many said TV was their go-to medium rather than online sources, apps and social media.

Jacobin and Ricochet’s review of Canadian television news commentary and analysis from March 29 to May 9, 2021, catalogued data on more than 860 relevant television appearances. More than one in every 10 guests analyzing the news worked for firms paid to influence the government and the public. Despite their vested interests, networks often described these panellists as “strategists.”


Canadian news media dominated by corporate lobbyists

Violence against Indigenous land defenders must stop


aboriginal land defenders Oka ancestral lands sovereignty violence betrayal treaties unceded territory Canada colonialism

Reconciliation cannot happen as long as the colonial project, and the violence it inflicts, exists

"Do you think there will be another Oka Crisis?"

After the 1990 siege of KanehsatĂ :ke and Kahnawake, commonly known as the “Oka Crisis,” I was asked this question over and over again by journalists.

I quickly grew tired of it. I hoped no other Indigenous people would have to live through what we had endured, because even though the physical barricades came down, the root causes remained. Canada was supposed to be a safe country, one that prided itself on human rights, but I knew the possibility of a parallel event was real. Canada has never repudiated the Doctrine of Discovery on which it has based its false and racist claims to Indigenous lands. We are still tethered to the Indian Act, the colonial chains that created the 1990 siege of KanehsatĂ :ke.

Having survived the 1990 KanehsatĂ :ke siege that attacked not just my community, but Kahnawake as well, I can honestly tell you that you do not want another so-called “Oka.”

During the siege, I felt like I was submerged in quicksand. Once the adrenaline wears off, you find yourself swimming in unfathomable depths of despair, uncertain of whether you will survive an armed attack by state paramilitary squads. This despair is not about your own safety, but the unthinkable possibility that someone you love and care for will be tragically hurt or killed. Or that all that you have been fighting for will be lost as the colonizer spits out words in a media it controls and in its history books. The “Indian problem” is repackaged, criminalizing you and your loved ones.

The post-traumatic stress caused by state violence grates against your peace of mind, causing bullet-like holes in your psyche and well-being. It is another level of multigenerational trauma on top of that which we have inherited from our ancestors. It isn’t our choice; it is our reality. All this pain because of the economic greed of the colonizer Canada and the corporations that control it.  (more...)

Violence against Indigenous land defenders must stop

Katsi'tsakwas Ellen Gabriel from End VAW / Contre VFF on Vimeo.

Friday, December 3, 2021

Africa Condemns the Continuing Imperialist Legacy of France


Africa France neocolonialism Synarchy Martinism fascism lawlessness tyranny Macron Algeria Haiti

Algerian government has recalled its ambassador from Paris while restricting its air space amid broad criticism of Macron’s foreign policy towards the continent

France for centuries had been involved in the Atlantic slave trade and colonialism making it one of the leading imperialist powers to emerge from the tumultuous conquering of large swaths of territory throughout the world.

It was against the rulers of France that the Africans on the island of Hispaniola won their national independence proclaiming the state of Haiti in 1804.

The enslaved Africans in Haiti waged a twelve-year revolutionary war that defeated France along with interventions by Spain and Britain. Haiti, the first Black Republic founded by former enslaved people, set the stage for the modern-day proliferation of neo-colonialism.

After independence under a world dominated by imperialism, the former colonial powers seek to dominate the oppressed peoples through economic and military means. Haiti was subjected to a blockade from both the United States and France during the early and middle decades of the 19th century. It was not until the Civil War in the U.S. that Haiti was recognized politically by Washington.

As early as 1825, France sent a flotilla of warships to the Caribbean to demand the payment of “indemnity” by Haiti to Paris for the loss of property and the profits which they would have accrued if the slave system had not been overthrown. Haiti had been the most prosperous of all the slave colonies during the 18th century.

Successive Haitian governments were forced to make payments to the former colonial power of France while its own economic development was stifled. France demanded from the people an arbitrary 150 million francs in unjustifiable claims over wealth which was stolen from the indigenous and African people victimized by European imperialism. The invented financial obligations to Paris were later reduced to 90 million francs in 1838. Today the value of these payments would exceed US$20 billion.

France refused to recognize Haiti if these payments were not made as the imperialist power collected the last indemnity payment in 1893. Subsequently, the government of the U.S. facilitated the acquisition of Haiti’s treasury in 1911. It would take until 1947 for Haiti to be released from the interest payments to the National City Bank of New York, now known as Citibank.  (more...)

Africa Condemns the Continuing Imperialist Legacy of France


What Is France Hiding in the Sahel?

Thursday, December 2, 2021

Order of the Solar Temple: A multimillion-dollar British-run Lodge?


Order of the Solar Temple cults Canada Switzerland France occult freemasonry suicide Quebec fascism

On Tuesday, Oct. 4, one farm and three chalets in Switzerland went up in flames. In addition, two houses in a resort area north of Montreal, Canada were also burned down. Twenty-five bodies were found in the chalets at Granges-sur-Salvan, and 100 miles away, 23 more were found in a ritualistic position in a sophisticated underground "temple" at the farm in Cheiry near Fribourg. In Morin Heights north of Montreal, five bodies were found, including a three-month-old infant who had been stabbed in the heart. The properties all belong to members of the Order of the Solar Temple (OST). The fires were set with very sophisticated devices, either using timers or remote control connected to a telephone.

Two things about this morbid event are certain. The first is the fraud perpetrated by people like Cynthia Kisser of the Cult Awareness Network, a kidnap-for-hire gang which preys on the fear of cults, who pushed the coverup story of "mass suicide" from the get-go. Kisser tried right away to dissociate OST from the Rosicrucian Order. The second thing one can be sure of, is that the OST atrocity is not the story of an isolated bunch of weirdos in a sect. Among some of the persons who were identified in the holocaust are a senior official of the Quebec Finance Ministry, Robert Falardeau' who is listed in incorporation papers as the president of OST; a financial journalist with the Le Journal de Quebec, Joce-Lyne Grand-Maison; and the mayor of a town near Montreal, Robert Ostiguy and his wife.

(Joce-Lyne Grand-Maison was hired by Le Journal de Quebec by Serge Cote, who is now editor-in-chief. Although he has not yet been charged with anything, Cote is a self-admitted Rosicrucian, and a highly reliable source reports that he maintained for years in his own basement a room for weekly satanic rituals, equipped with a pentagram inside of a circle on the floor, candles, weird statues, and liquids in small phials.)

Several OST members are still alive. Edith and Patrick Vuamet, the wife and son of Jean Vuamet who won the downhill gold medal at the 1960 Winter Olympics in California, admitted they were both elite members of the "golden circle" of the Order of the Solar Temple sect.  (more...)

Order of the Solar Temple: A multimillion-dollar British-run Lodge?

At length:

The Magic of Death: The Suicides of the Solar Temple

Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Synarchy Against America


Synarchy Martinism freemasonry oligarchy terrorism finance fascism war tyranny totalitarianism

The menace now confronting humanity from Washington's Cheney-Rumsfeld regime is a usurpation of power by financier terror leaders; the final, mad phase of a two-centuries-long project—to counteract the stunning success of the American Revolution and America's intervention in world affairs. This enemy totalitarian project came to be self-named, about a century ago, as "Synarchism."

To defeat it requires historical understanding, which can never consist merely of stupid lists of crimes and plots, however complex. It must instead be the story of the central fight for man's mind—and for the strategic direction of nations—over the question: Does the Creator give man Reason to shape scientific and social progress, or must "authority" manage men, as indistinguishable from beasts?

This is the persistent, nagging problem in intelligence analysis generally: Here are perpetrators, associated for such and such a purpose; here are those we judge good, in their earnest projects; yes, but how have those, with the power to shape large events, intervened to fuel or stall these actors, in line with the global, paradigmatic ideas guiding the power of those strategy-shapers?

The creation of the American republic was projected and built for by Europe's republican philosophers and statesmen, from Plato's humanism through and beyond the revival of knowledge in the 15th-Century Golden Renaissance. The American settlements of the 1600s were designed to make a renewed Renaissance base, safe from the tyranny of Europe's Venice-centered imperial rulers and their manipulated wars of religion and revenge. The 1648 Peace of Westphalia gave Europe a respite and a direction for survival. But the world's real hope was in America. Increase and Cotton Mather, John Winthrop, Alexander Spotswood, and at length, the scientist Benjamin Franklin—allied in ideas and action with the greatest minds of Europe, Gottfried Leibniz, Jonathan Swift, and their friends—all together contesting with Europe's feudal-minded financial powers over the fate of the human race.

Benjamin Franklin's world-famous scientific inquiries were informed by Plato's teaching, and by Franklin's participation in the trans-Atlantic war for the mind, led by Leibniz, against the British empiricist "dead universe" advocates Isaac Newton and John Locke.

Franklin was already to be seen, in the early 1770s, leading a world movement for self-government and scientific progress. Then living in England as the agent of the colonies, Franklin frequently visited the Earl of Shelburne at his Bowood estate. Shelburne chaired the all-powerful three-man "Secret Committee" of the East India Company, which also included Francis Baring of the banking house that bore his name. Shelburne was the most sophisticated representative of the frankly Satanic financier powers behind the British throne.

The East India Company, a Royal-chartered private joint-stock company, represented the pinnacle of mid-18th-Century power, of what was known as the "Venetian Party" of rentier-financier oligarchs, who derived their global power from near monopoly control over key raw materials and commodities, insurance, banking, and shipping routes. The East India Company of Shelburne's "Secret Committee" deployed a more modern and large-scale military force than did the British Crown, maintaining control over their private fiefdoms in India and other parts of the world. The Company represented the gradual merger of British and Dutch financier factions, and, thus, operated above any notion of individual national loyalties. In effect, Shelburne was the "doge" of the combined British and continental European financier oligarchy.  (more...)

Synarchy Against America

Synarchy, Schemers, and Vichy France


Martinism Synarchy freemasonry France secret societies sabotage war financial collapse oligarchy terrorism assassination Cagoul finance

Pop a cork and raise a glass to our masters

The Enemy Is Oligarchism


Synarchy oligarchy Banks fascism totalitarianism globalism Worms tyranny terrorism

In November 1940, the Coordinator of Information (COI), the predecessor to the U.S. Office of Strategic Services (OSS), prepared a classified report titled "Synarchie and the policy of the Banque Worms group." The three-page confidential document began, "In recent reports, there have been several references to the growing political power of the Banque Worms group in France, which includes amongst its members such ardent [Nazi] collaborationists as Pucheu, Benoist-Mechin, Leroy-Ladurie, Bouthillier, and representatives of the big French industrial organizations." The report continued, "The reactionary movement known as 'Synarchie' has been in existence in France for nearly a century. Its aim has always been to carry out a bloodless revolution, inspired by the upper classes, aimed at producing a form of government by 'technicians' (the founder of the movement was a 'polytechnician'), under which home and foreign policy would be subordinated to international economy. The aims of the Banque Worms group are the same as those of 'Synarchie,' and the leaders of the two groups are, in most cases, identical."

The COI report then went on to detail the political agenda of the international Synarchy, as of August 1940:

"(a) to check the 'Revolution Nationale' insofar as its development might entail the creation of a new social order [At the time, France was under the "social order" of the Nazis, following the Spring 1940 invasion and occupation—ed.];

"(b) to check any new social schemes which might tend to weaken the power of the international financiers and industrialists;

"(c) to work for the ultimate complete control of all industry by international finance and industry;

"(d) to protect Jewish and Anglo-Saxon interests."

The document went on to note that there is sympathy for this Synarchist scheme among some key Nazi circles in Germany including "both Goering and Dr. Funk [Walther Funk, who was Nazi Minister of Economics, president of the Reichsbank, and Nazi Germany's representative on the Bank for International Settlements, following Hjalmar Schacht—ed.]... It is alleged that certain industrial circles in Great Britain are also in sympathy with the movement. Some headway is claimed to have been made in securing the adhesion of big U.S. industry to the movement."  (more...)

The Enemy Is Oligarchism