Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Shutting down the International Assassination Bureau


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Q. How do we shut down the International Assassination Bureau, and prevent it from killing heads of state, including American Presidents? Let’s take America. To expose the international assassination machine, we must change the political culture of the United States. Exactly how would we do that? 

Lyndon LaRouche offers a partial answer, taking the specific case of the United States: “As all of us who are adults, and who are honest about what we know, recall, that, with the most extremely rare individual exceptions, virtually every American, including those who claim to be devoutly religious, is an impulsive liar. He, or she will lie, almost instinctively, as the typically depraved members of ‘debaters' clubs’ do, and as certain popular political candidates do, ‘to win the argument,’ ‘to get my way.’”

When both Presidents Donald Trump and Joe Biden refused, despite the law mandating it, to release the entirety of the files in the John F. Kennedy assassination, it was a way of perpetuating the most important lie, deception and coverup against the American people in the nation’s history. Today’s systemic addiction to self-deception, such as is seen in the present, unresolved banking crisis, the blowing up of the Nordstream pipeline, the “man-made global warming” fantasy, the Russiagate hoax, has made the country more and more ungovernable. This, in turn, endangers the entire planet; our self-deception has led to the doorstep of imminent thermonuclear war, but we pretend that is not the case.

Today’s Manhattan dialogue, occurring two weeks before the June 10 60th anniversary of JFK’s “Peace Speech” at American University features Prof. Clifford Kiracofe, President of the Washington Institute for Peace and Development, and Jacques Cheminade, President of Solidarité et Progrès party, and former French Presidential candidate; Col Richard Black, former head of the US Army Criminal Law Division at the Pentagon and former VA State Senator; and TLO spokesman Harley Schlanger.

Monday, May 29, 2023

Sunday, May 28, 2023

Will The Covid “Operation Warp Speed” stop Trump’s presidential bid?


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Getting Donald Trump to admit his mistakes is the sort of thing that most people by now understand requires nothing short of a miracle.

And as it would happen, a miracle is also what was largely required if you were in the United States military during the COVID coup and wanted to avoid taking the poison poke.

Somehow, Iowa state Senator and Air National Guard Colonel Kevin Alons won the lottery on the latter, and now, feeling like he’s got the hot hand, he has decided to do what he can to use the Iowa Caucus process to turn Trump back from the dark side. Alons, whose late father was one of the state legislature’s conservative stalwarts for many years, posted a video on his nascent Twitter account that up until now has largely gone unnoticed — ironically, just like the escalating excess deaths, whose increase just happens to coincide with the mass injecting of Americans with a certain experimental mRNA sacred cow we’re supposed to ignore.

The video, which Alons titled “I want to endorse Trump for president but I need a fighter against medical tyranny,” hasn’t made anyone click-rich off its number of views. However, underneath the surface of all the bravado and poll-driven predictions that the presidential primary is already over, it symbolizes the silent sword of Damocles hanging over Trump’s presidential aspirations — particularly in a state with a significant medical freedom contingent like Iowa. And they all vote.  (more...)

Will The Covid “Operation Warp Speed” stop Trump’s presidential bid?

Last Man Standing


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In this episode of ICIC, Dr. Reiner Fuellmich and Prof. Joseph Molitorisz, philosopher, have a detailed and very illuminating conversation with Andrew Bridgen, a British politician and businessman who also holds a degree in Microbiology. Bridgen has served as Member of Parliament for North West Leicestershire since 2010. He attended the University of North London, where he studied Law and Politics. After graduating, he worked in various roles in the financial sector, including as a stockbroker, before starting his own business in property management. Bridgen was a member of the Conservative Party, but was expelled permanently from the party in April 2023. Why: He had called the Corona vaccination with its side effects the greatest crime since the Shoah.

Bridgen and Fuellmich sum up the complexity of the global events currently taking place, dare to look into the future and pursue the question of whether certain entanglements in politics and economics from the past are connected to the global situation in which mankind currently finds itself in its entirety. Are these connections perhaps (consciously) the cause of social and human evil, and what can we do about it? Is there still hope and enough people who see through this perfidious game of the rulers and who dare to stand up for the truth and voice it, despite all repressive measures?

The worldwide synchronized proclamation of the so-called "Corona Pandemic" with all its anti-democratic, unlawful excesses and measures has made Andrew Bridgen got his attention. He was not afraid to be the only one in the House of Commons to openly share his concerns. The consequences followed on their heels, but he was and is not swayed and remains steadfast in his opinion.

It is apparent that inhumane "reset" plans by a self-appointed global elite are no longer working, despite massive pressure at all levels of life. The good in all this bad is that the clouded vision of many people is becoming clearer and more awake. True democracy prevails when politicians fear their own people and not the other way around. The optimistic message is to remain defensible and not relinquished. Because it is always darkest just before the dawn.

Saturday, May 27, 2023

War Against the Weak, America's Campaign to Create a Master Race


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In War against the Weak, award-winning investigative journalist Edwin Black traces some of the Nazis' most horrendous crimes back to Charles Davenport's early 20th-century pseudoscientific eugenics movement in the US. Based on selective breeding of human beings, eugenics began in laboratories on Long Island but ended in the concentration camps of Nazi Germany. Cruel and racist laws were enacted in 27 U.S. states, while the supporters of eugenics included progressive thinkers like Woodrow Wilson, Margaret Sanger and Oliver Wendell Holmes. Ultimately, over 60,000 "unfit" Americans were coercively sterilized, a third of them after Nuremberg had declared such practices crimes against humanity. This is a timely and shocking chronicle of bad science at its worst—with many important lessons for the genetic age in which an interest in eugenics has been dangerously revived.

100 Years Henry Kissinger – Global Strategist and War Criminal?


Henry Kissinger Harvard CFR Round Table globalists imperialism oligarchy Germany war crimes

Henry Kissinger, a well-known figure on the international political scene, will celebrate his 100th birthday on May 27, 2023. He is a Nobel Peace Prize laureate and former U.S. Secretary of State. But who is „Heinz Alfred Kissinger“ really? Did he have a decisive influence on the fate of world politics?

Friday, May 26, 2023

Our Children’s Futures Are At Risk!


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What can you do?

On June 9th 2023, join our Parents Rights Day of Action. Together, in public, we will defend our children, speaking out against the institutional indoctrination that is first confusing, then perverting our children’s sexuality. The outcome? Sterilizing their futures, leaving them unable to ever create “life through love…”

More information about June 9th: https://parentsrightsdoa.ca