Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Benedict XVI States the Unthinkable: Jesuits should Obey the Pope

The Holy Father met with the delegates to the general congregation of the Society of Jesus on February 21 and gave them an ear full. There is no full English translation of his address to the Jesuits yet, but a CWN story reports that different news sources seem to confirm that his talk was not mere flattery:

“The themes of the salvation of all people in Christ, of sexual morality, of marriage and the family — continually discussed and questioned today — must be deepened and enlightened in the context of contemporary reality, but maintaining the harmony with the magisterium that will avoid provoking confusion and concern among the people of God,” he told them. 
Pope Benedict also objected to the idea some Jesuits have that the order’s special fourth vow of obedience to the pope is limited to obeying him when he asks an individual Jesuit or the entire order to undertake a specific mission. 
The pope said the “fuller meaning” of the vow, according to the thought of Jesuit founder St. Ignatius of Loyola, is “to love and serve the vicar of Christ on earth with that ‘effective and affective’ devotion that makes you his precious and irreplaceable collaborators in his service of the universal church.”

It seems funny that this would need to be explained to educated men. Or does it?


On that note:

Monday, December 30, 2013

Government-Funded Pornography?

pornography politics accountability

MIM Condemns Government-Funded Pornography

WASHINGTON, D.C. (December 30, 2013) –  The Daily Caller reported that the National Endowment for the Humanities gave nearly $1 million since 2010 to “The Popular Romance Project” to study “romance fiction.” This project highlights erotic material at the expense of taxpayers.

“We are appalled that the federal government would use taxpayer funds to promote pornography,” said Dawn Hawkins, executive director of Morality in Media. She added, “It isn’t surprising that the American Library Association would partner with this project, but the government?”  (more...)

Perv (Planned) Parenthood’s cell phone app to 12-year-olds: “Having Sex Feels Good”

Des Moines, IA – When the truth came out, Planned Parenthood had to abandon their controversial Teenwire.com website pushing teenagers to pursue anal sex, “fingering,” multiple partners, and the use of sex toys and pornography.

But don’t think that offensive content or Planned Parenthood’s mission to sexualize your children has gone away.  Now it’s going direct to their cell phones.

Planned Parenthood has been pushing free “Apps for Teens” that they can read on their cell phones.  Planned Parenthood of the Heartland has been pushing it on their Facebook page with this message: “Planned Parenthood’s Info for Teens: Once a week, we’ll be featuring a free app that can help you learn all about sex, relationships, birth control and more.  Want a sneak peek?  Take a look at all of them here.”  (more...)

How divorcing parents delude themselves about the effect on children

Divorced parents are often in denial about how badly the break-up has damaged their children, a survey has found.

More than three quarters believed their children had ‘coped well’ – even though just 18 per cent of youngsters said they were happy with the situation.

Many parents fail to notice that their children are turning to drink and drugs, or even considering suicide, the poll found. Some were insensitive enough to break the news of the divorce to their children by text.

One in five of the children polled felt there was no point confiding in either their mother or father because they were ‘too wrapped up in themselves’.

The survey, by parenting website Netmums, polled about 1,000 divorced parents and 100 children aged eight to 18 from broken homes.

Although it featured only a relatively small pool of youngsters, a stark picture emerged of the struggles that many of them face when coping with their parents’ break-up.  (more...)

This semester’s top 11 teachers busted for getting busy with their students

As the winter break begins to wind down for students around the country, The Daily Caller would like to note that the national epidemic of schoolteachers having sex with underage students — or oral sex, or nude photo-laden texting sessions — continues unabated all over the country.

Here’s a list of the semester’s top 11. It could easily be a top 50.  (more...)

Sunday, December 29, 2013

National homeschool pro-life network launched

A national pro-life club for homeschoolers has been started by two homeschooled students in affiliation with Student Life Link and Toronto Right to Life. The co-founders are Alexandra Jezierski, organizer of the Letters4Life campaign in support of Motion 312 and 2013 summer student at The Interim, as well as Sarah Blake, a youth board member of Toronto Right to Life.

The Homeschool Pro-Life Action Network, launched at Toronto Right to Life’s annual general meeting on Nov. 1, connects homeschoolers online using a web site (homeschool.studentlifelink.ca) and a mailing list. The web site will have an idea for pro-life activism every two weeks, among other articles. The first challenge suggests writing a pro-life letter to the local MP and involving the local homeschool, church, or youth group. It provides a form letter homeschoolers may choose to use. “All of our content is meant to cater specifically to homeschoolers and the challenges they face in their more isolated situations,” Sarah Blake told The Interim in an interview by email.

Toronto Right to Life has helped facilitate the meetings and develop ideas while providing the web site and email infrastructure. The club is affiliated to TRTL through Student Life Link and has also received assistance from the National Campus Life Network. The organizers will be keeping the membership up to date about these pro-life groups’ events and are open to other pro-life initiatives that are practical for homeschoolers.

The club is in its early stages – it is spreading the word to pro-life and homeschooling groups, as well as pro-life media, and recruiting members for the mailing list.  (more...)

Pedophilia: Doctor Claims It’s A Sexual Orientation

When a nationwide clamor among homosexual activists resulted in many states legalizing same-sex marriage, many concerned Americans worried the debate would open the door for even more egregious perversions to become culturally accepted. While the radical left roundly lambasted such predictions, recent court rulings regarding bigamy and increased efforts to legitimize the sexual abuse of children indicate the concern was well-founded.

Dr. James Cantor of Toronto’s Centre for Addiction and Mental Health is at the forefront of the disturbing trend. He recently presented his findings that pedophilia is a genetic predisposition that is as deeply rooted as any other sexual proclivity.

He and his team have conducted numerous studies to determine how men react to suggestive images of both young girls and grown women. Cantor is now speaking out in defense of pedophiles – a group some experts say could make up five percent of the male population.

The unorthodox testing concludes pedophiles are generally shorter than the average population with a higher propensity toward being left-handed or ambidextrous. The most disturbing aspect of his research, however, is his assertion these child molesters are unable to change their sexual orientation.

This is the same argument that has been used for decades to rationalize homosexuality. It should come as no surprise the left – which is tolerant of virtually any view short of biblical morality – is moving toward explaining other reprehensible behavior in the same manner.  (more...)

Saturday, December 28, 2013

How Our Children Are Betrayed From One Generation To The Next

In a rather succinct book, Erin Pizzey gave the world a simple message that should have changed our society for the better. I will never forget the breathtaking sense of clarity I felt as I read its very first page. Her book was called “Prone to Violence”, and in it she documents her experience of running the first ever domestic violence refuge, Chiswick Women’s Aid, which she founded in 1971.

What she wrote seemed incredible to me at the time, but today it seems incredible that it wasn’t obvious before that moment. Indeed, I find incredible that it isn’t immediately obvious to everyone. I realise now, of course, that the reason for this is that our cultural narrative blinds us to the truth, and we must cut through this first.  (more...)

Friday, December 27, 2013

The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America

Researcher: The Influence of Pederasts on the Greens More Significant Than Expected

The so-called City Indians at a Party Meeting of the Green's in Saarbrucken (1980)
GÖTTINGEN. The Goettingen Institute for the Study of Democracy has submitted an interim report about  the entanglement of the Greens with pedophile circles. The Institute was commissioned to do so by the party. For the Greens it was  "entirely unavoidable  to recall, even though it may be painful and, 'electorally detrimental '"  is the conclusion the 118 page study drew. "The participants were to know exactly what they had actually debated and decided upon and which boundary lines have been left vague or had been consciously exceeded."

Indeed, the Greens were "neither the first nor have they been the only point of contact for pedophile activists", but due to their cultural claims and their organizational structure that the party offered "a special sounding board for the concerns of minorities and marginalized groups".  "Pro-Pedophile forces" had  been thus been capable for several years, "to feed their views and demands in the decision-making process of the country".  (more...)

Strange Bedfellows: Neo-Catholics & the Far-Left

Catholic Answers Live strikes again. In this episode, Chris Ferrara and Michael Matt discuss the eerie similarities between this latest CAL attack on "radical traditionalists" and that served up by the far-Left Southern Poverty Law Center.


Brian Lilley and Lorne Gunter discuss the education system’s failures, from excessive bureaucratic control, a flimsy curriculum, and steadily declining standards.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Burglar finds child sex abuse on tapes he took, so he points out suspect, police say

Madrid, Spain (CNN) -- If you doubt there's an unwritten code of honor among criminals -- governing certain behavior that's just not permitted -- consider this:

Police say a burglar in southern Spain who stole an old Super 8 camera and tapes from a home discovered to his horror the graphic video content of a man sexually abusing boys.

The burglar put three tapes in a brown envelope, hid them under a parked car, and then called police from a public phone, directing them to go find it.

Inside the envelope, police found a note with the home address of the suspected pedophile and a message from the burglar:  (more...)

Why do parents fork out $230,348 to learn their child’s gender is “ze”?

Tuition, room, board and other fees to attend Mills College in Oakland, CA is $57,587 per year, not counting health insurance fees of $3,600 per annum, (assuming you graduate before you reach the age of 26 and that your parents, who are helping you pay for school, are also footing the bill for your insurance).  Multiply that by four years of college (assuming you don’t need an extra year to complete the requirements of your major in Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies and your minor in Queer Studies), and your educational price tag can cost upwards of $230,348.

What do you get for nearly a quarter million dollars?  Along with a degree from a well-respected liberal arts college, the “Vassar of the West”, you might discover that your gender isn’t “he” or “she” but “other,” or “ze.”

Your professor doesn’t teach you your gender; these pronouns are strictly self-selected.  Take your pick from the smorgasbord.  (more...)

Reason 6,803,597 to Homeschool

Under fire, Democrat gives up quest for government-approved parents

Capri Cafaro YouTube screenshot/Ohio Senate Democratic Caucus
Ohio state senator Capri Cafaro, a Democrat, has withdrawn a controversial homeschooling bill that would have required social workers to conduct a background check on all parents who decide to homeschool their children.

Cafaro withdrew Senate Bill 248, also known as “Teddy’s Law,” late Thursday in the face of intense and mounting opposition, reports EAGnews.org.

“SB 248 was never meant to be a policy debate about educating children in the home,” Cafaro explained. “It was meant to address weaknesses in the law pertaining to child protection. Unfortunately, the true intent of the bill to curtail child abuse has been eclipsed by the issue of home schooling.”

The namesake of Cafaro’s ”Teddy’s Law” is Theodore “Teddy” Foltz-Tedesco, a 14-year-old boy who was tortured and beaten to death by a Zaryl G. Bush, man who was dating his mother. The mother, Shain Widdersheim, had removed her son from school after teachers began to suspect abuse. She said she would homeschool him.

Both Bush and Widdersheim are now in prison.

However, because homeschooling was an utterly tangential element in the sick and heinous abuse and murder a teenage boy, the meddlesome Democratic state senator crafted a bill requiring invasive state investigations into the lives of every parent or legal guardian seeking to remove children from public schools...  (more...)

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Kinsey's Spectre: Is pedophilia a sexual orientation?

This the most alarming piece I've read this year:

Dr. James Cantor of the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health has spent the last decade
on research suggesting that pedophilia is a deep-rooted, unchangeable predisposition.
Pedophilia has been widely viewed as a psychological disorder triggered by early childhood trauma.

Now, many experts see it as a biologically rooted condition that does not change — like a sexual orientation — thanks largely to a decade of research by Dr. James Cantor at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health.

Cantor’s team has found that pedophiles share a number of physical characteristics, including differences in brain wiring. It’s now thought that about 1 to 5 per cent of men are pedophiles, meaning they are primarily attracted to children.

These findings have been widely accepted among scientists, but have had little impact on social attitudes or law. However, we are left with the alarming question: if some men are born pedophiles, what should society do with them?

Bolstered by this research, pedophiles who have never molested children are seeking social acceptance.  (more...)


84% of UK agree Christmas is ruined for Dads

2013 - My story on whats wrong with family law:http://youtu.be/pjz12QXnHBk

2013 - Psychology today cover my story:http://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/c...

Ontario Teachers Pension and Union Drama

“We are concerned about the resignation of the two independent members”
at Barrick, Ontario Teachers’ Chief Executive Officer Jim Leech said Friday.
Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan, Canada’s third-largest pension manager, is concerned about the “sudden” departure of two Barrick Gold Corp. independent directors.

The world’s largest gold company said Dec. 17 that Donald Carty and Robert Franklin resigned, less than two weeks after the miner announced a board shakeup following criticism of its corporate-governance practices, including by Canada’s largest pension funds.

Carty and Franklin were the directors who contacted investors and “appeared to have the mandate to drive the board rejuvenation” and address concerns raised by shareholders, Ontario Teachers’ Chief Executive Officer Jim Leech said in an interview today at the pension fund’s Toronto headquarters. Leech retires on Dec. 31 and will be replaced by Ron Mock, currently senior vice president of fixed income and alternative investments.

“We are concerned about the resignation of the two independent members” at Barrick, Leech said. The pension plan is “trying to determine what that all means at the present time before reacting.”  (more...)

And union troubles south of the boarder:

Where teachers' unions have their own problems:

Homeschoolers don't need to deal with this crap.

Now Rolf Harris is charged with abuse of girl as young as 7

Harris has painted a portrait of the Queen and performed at her diamond jubilee concert last year
Rolf Harris has been hit with new child sex charges including an alleged assault on a girl thought to have been only seven.

The entertainer and artist is already facing 13 charges of indecently assaulting two girls aged 14 and 15 in the 1980s and downloading child pornography as recently as last year.

Yesterday it emerged that prosecutors believe there is sufficient evidence to charge him with an attack on a child who was seven or eight when the alleged abuse happened in 1968 or 1969.

The 83-year-old has also been charged with molesting another 14-year-old girl in 1975. And prosecutors have added a further offence relating to an existing complainant, who was 19 at the time she claims she was groped by Harris in 1984.  (more...)

Monday, December 23, 2013

Former swim coach and lifeguard deserves four years for sexually abusing proteges, prosecutors argue

Abraham Kiewiet
Prosecutors are seeking a four-year prison sentence for a former swim coach and lifeguard who abused teenage boys during the 1970s and 1980s.

Abraham Kiewiet, 71, pleaded guilty to four counts of indecent assault on a male by a male and one count of gross indecency. He was initially facing 26 charges.

A sentencing hearing was held Monday in B.C. provincial court in Vancouver.

Kiewiet became a volunteer coach for the Vancouver YMCA’s Marlins swim club in 1969 and held that position for the next 20 years.

During that time, he also worked as a lifeguard and instructor for the City of Vancouver.  (more...)

Why you MUST READ one of the most awful books ever written

Homosexual org. expects $34 million in taxpayer funding for LGBTQ sport facility

TORONTO, December 23, 2013 (LifeSiteNews.com) – A homosexual organization is banking on Canadian taxpayers to partially foot the bill to build what it calls the “first ever LGBTQ-focused” sports and recreation centre in Toronto.

The 519 Church Street Community Centre (the 519) estimates it will cost $100 million to turn the Wheel and Foundry site on Eastern Avenue in the West Don Lands into the new LGBTQ sports centre. It anticipates that $34 million of that will be covered by municipal, provincial, and federal governments tax-generated grants.

While Maura Lawless, executive director of the 519, says the facility would be open to all, a proposal to the city states the center would offer a “range of spaces” for LGBTQ “community activities.”  (more...)

What should the German faithful do if their bishops openly abandon the Catholic Faith in 2014?

Our thoughts and prayers should go out to the faithful and loyal Catholics of Germany facing the prospect this Christmas that many of their bishops appear set on abandoning the Faith of the Catholic Church by openly defying the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith by allowing divorced and re-married Catholics to receive Holy Communion.
Towards the end of November Reuters reported that Bishop Gebhard Fürst, the ordinary of Stuttgart, had told the Central Committee of German Catholics that the German Bishops’ Conference will soon vote to approve guidelines allowing divorced and re-married Catholics to receive Holy Communion.
According to Reuters Bishop Fürstt ‘was the most explicit of several German bishops to rebuff Archbishop Gerhard Mueller, head of the Vatican doctrinal office, who last month ruled out any change after Freiburg archdiocese in Germany unveiled its own reform proposals.’ Bishop Gebhard Fürst said to the  Central Committee of German Catholics: ‘We want to approve new guidelines at our plenary meeting in March. Expectations (of reform) are great, and impatience and anger are greater still.’
The question facing faithful and loyal Catholics is how do they respond to bishops who openly abandon the Faith of the Church and defy the authority of the Holy See?  (more...)

School psychologist accused in sexual assault released on bond

Megan Michelle Snipes
A Battery Creek High School psychologist charged with sexual battery of a student was released from jail on a personal recognizance bond Saturday, the same day the Beaufort County Sheriff's Office released new details of the incident.

Megan Michelle Snipes, 28, was arrested Friday after a Beaufort mother told deputies she discovered communication between her 16-year-old son and Snipes that led her to believe the two were having sex, a report on the incident said. The student has been meeting with the school psychologist at least once a week, according to the Sheriff's Office .

Snipes was released from the Beaufort County Detention Center at midday Saturday on a personal bond of $50,000, according to court records.

On Friday morning, the student had reportedly left a mobile application open on his mother's phone, revealing several messages between him and Snipes.

One conversation lasted from 5:20 a.m. to 10:25 a.m. Friday. Snipes sent another message to the student shortly before 2 p.m., while deputies were speaking with his mother, the report said.  (more...)

Much more...

Socon or Bust Launches Home Renovation Business

For the past couple of years, I have been more and more convinced that in order restore “all things in Christ”, we need to restore some semblance of Christian ethics in business.  The moral collapse in the West does not only impact those areas beneath the belt, but really impacts all areas of life, not the least of which is the business world...

...I’ve started my own Renovation business with the principal aim of making it a Christian vocation to serve and to bless people.  Applying Gospel principles to the business world should not be that difficult, but based on my experience, some parts of this industry need to be baptized.  It’s also a way of engaging our culture and participating in the New evangelization.   (more...)

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Socialist Studies: A Series on Cross-Dressing in Ontario Schools

Homeschooling anyone?

Married Pennsylvania high school teacher arrested for having sexual relations in her car with student

Harrington-Cooper was surrounded by reporters as she entered the court Thursday
A married Pennsylvania high school teacher has been arrested for having sexual relations with a male student.

The arrest came after the alleged victim's parents found a sexually explicit conversation on a laptop between 31-year-old Lauren Harrington-Cooper and the boy.

The parents went to Wyoming Valley West High School and informed the principal of the material Thursday and Harrington-Cooper, of Plymouth, was arraigned that night on a single count of institutional sexual assault.

According to the Times-Leader, Harrington-Cooper, a ninth-grade English teacher at the school, told the victim's sister she thought he was 'hot.'

The boy obtained Harrington-Cooper's phone number from his sister and the pair exchanged text messages.  (more...)

Cover-up that let the head of Nick Clegg's prep school get away with abusing boys for decades

Peter Wright, pictured in the 1960s,
has been found guilty of 12 counts
of abusing children aged between
eight and 13
Roland Peter Wright still lives in a cottage overlooking the playing fields at Caldicott School.

The person who answers the front door is a bespectacled old man with a walking stick and hearing aid.

‘Go away,’ he snaps. This is the same man who, in his heyday, was the charismatic and distinguished headmaster of the blue-chip Buckinghamshire prep school.

One of the (now) famous former pupils under his charge was Nick Clegg, the Deputy Prime Minister. He was head boy. Andrew Strauss, the former England cricket captain, was a pupil in the late Eighties.

Indeed, those who attend  £20,000-a-year Caldicott (motto: ‘Per Victorium Ad Glorium’ or ‘Through victory to glory’) regularly win scholarships to Eton, Harrow, Marlborough and Wellington.

Many Old Caldicottians occupy important positions at the heart of the British establishment.  (more...)

An upper-crust epidemic?:

Why I Cannot Blame Russia and India for Taking on the Gays

Russia and India: Defenders of Decency, Bogeymen of the Gay Lobby

Russia remains stalwart in its laws that aim to curb the influence of the West's gay-friendly culture on Russian youth.  Meanwhile, last week, in a stunning turn of events, India's high court reinstituted a nineteenth-century law against sodomy.  On cue, the ligbitist kibitzers are going crazy in such homophile haunts as the New Yorker and the Guardian, expressing total outrage that there should exist, anywhere on the globe, nations that do not think it's normal or appropriate to subsidize and celebrate men sodomizing boys.

I cannot blame Russia, India, or any nation for reacting to what they see in the West with measures that I would ostensibly oppose on principle.  Russia's ban on promoting homosexuality to children does impinge on free speech.  India's ban on sodomy is an intrusion into the sex lives of consenting adults.  But we don't live in an ostensible world.  We live in a real world, where there are real gay organizations in the West, who are engaging in real machinations to spread their sickness all over the globe.  (more...)

CCRL calls for new legislation following SCC ruling in prostitution case

OTTAWA, ON December 20, 2013 – The Catholic Civil Rights League today commented on the Supreme Court of Canada decision in the prostitution case Canada (Attorney General) v. Bedford, in which the League was an intervener.

The unanimous decision, issued today, struck down three Criminal Code provisions regulating prostitution:  living off the avails of prostitution; communicating in public for purposes of prostitution; and keeping or being found in a bawdy house. The effect of the decision is suspended for 12 months to give Parliament a chance to respond.

“Clearly this is not the decision we wanted, nor in our opinion is it what the majority of Canadians would wish to see,” said League Executive Director Joanne McGarry. “We encourage the government to introduce new legislation on prostitution that will reduce its incidence and improve the safety and security of its victims.”  (more...)

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Cardinal Kasper says Church will soon give Communion to divorced, remarried Catholics

Cardinal Walter Kasper
ROME, December 20, 2013 (LifeSiteNews.com) – Despite a recent strongly worded clarification from Rome, confusion is continuing to be stirred up over the Catholic Church’s practice of refusing Communion to those who are divorced and remarried. A prominent curial cardinal, and favourite of Pope Francis, has defied the Vatican’s doctrinal office, saying that he expects a change.

Cardinal Walter Kasper has said bluntly, and in direct opposition to the head of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF), that the rules will shortly be changed to allow divorced and remarried Catholics to be admitted to Holy Communion.

In an interview with the German language paper Die Zeit, which was later picked up by Vatican Radio, Cardinal Kasper (who is himself a member of the CDF) said, “Christians who want to live by faith with the Church, who acknowledge that they have made ​​mistakes by the breaking of the first marriage, which they also regret - for them it should be a way back fully to participate in Christian and ecclesial life.”  (more...)

Comments at Protect the Pope:

Can a shooting be stopped with mental health first aid?

A Toronto city police officer speaks with
a Toronto Transit Commission staffer
For the second time in less than a year, a distraught and possibly psychotic youth has been gunned down by Toronto police.

On Friday, December 13, an unnamed 18-year-old allegedly armed with a gun on a subway train at the Queen Street station was believed to be shot by police.

Virtually no information has been released to the public on the specifics of the shooting, and will not be until the Special Investigations Unit probe is complete.

When Sammy Yatin was shot nine times on a streetcar on July 27, 2013, Police Chief Bill Blair commented in a statement:

“I am very aware that the public is very concerned about this tragic event. They have every right to be concerned. I recognize that there is a need for answers and that the public quite rightfully expects that this matter will be thoroughly investigated. I want to assure you that this will be done.

The public also has a right to demand that the Toronto Police Service examine the conduct of its officers and to ensure that its training and procedures are both appropriate and followed. This will be done.”

Based upon Chief Blair’s statement, Landmark Report submitted the following information request to Toronto Police Services media staff:  (more...)

See What The Radicals Expect You To Forget

Which One to Baby Sit Your Kids?
Just the other day I was scanning the Internet to see what was going on in our world, and lo and behold a man named Larry Brinkin popped up before my eyes. For those that do not know his name, Larry Brinkin is a “gay rights” icon.

Brinkin is a career lawyer and a homosexual activist who was crowned by the homosexual community when he led the effort to legalize same-sex “marriage” in California. He is also the man that was making $135,000 per year working for the human rights commission in San Francisco. As a matter of fact, the board of supervisors even established a “Larry Brinkin” week in February of 2010 in his honor.

But did you know …

The San Francisco Weekly reported, “Larry Brinkin, San Francisco’s well-known gay rights activist, appeared in court this afternoon where he pleaded not guilty to six felony charges of sending and receiving images of child pornography.  (more...)

Senior Master Sgt. Philip Monk Discusses Military Religious Freedom Incident

Master Sgt. Phillip Monk shares his story about how he was relieved of his duties when he refused to agree with his openly lesbian commanding officer that a subordinate's expression of opposition to same-sex marriage constituted "discrimination." His punishment was intended to have a chilling effect on service members throughout the military. This case among many other similar incidents prompted Congress to overwhelmingly vote to strengthen conscience and religious freedom protections for our men and women in uniform. Passage of the 2014 National Defense Authorization Act requires the Armed Forces to accommodate a service member's ability to practice and express their religious beliefs and to issue regulations formalizing those safeguards. For more information go to militaryfreedom.org. Thank you for standing up for #militaryfreedom. 

Truth Alliance Foundation: I Love Christmas

I love Christmas.  I love the snow.  I love the lights and decorations.  I love the music and the cards and the parties and the family gatherings and watching all the old favorite Christmas movies.  Most of all, I love the focus of the season—Christ.

Like all of us, I would be completely lost if not for Him.  So I am especially joyful at this time of year when we celebrate the anniversary of His birth.

In honor of Christmas, we will suspend posting the terrible stories that remind us of how broken and fallen our world is so that we all can concentrate, undistracted by ugliness, on all that we have to be grateful for, starting with the birth of our savior.  Don’t think we’ve gone away.  We haven’t and we won’t.  We will resume the Monday after Christmas.

Please continue to support our ministry throughout the rest of the year, and as we enter 2014.

Unlike many 501(c)3 organizations, our ministry deals with many ugly and disturbing issues.  We rarely have happy stories to tell.  That takes its toll on everyone involved.  While most people are as concerned as we are about the problem of child sexual abuse, there are not many people who can handle working to combat it day after day.  At the same time we are committed to growing and expanding our reach.  Ultimately, we will fail in achieving our objective unless we are able to educate a critical mass of average people, going about their day to day lives, to the point where they are able to spot predators and keep them away from our children.

We need your help and support to accomplish this goal.  (more...)

CAFE Presents Karen Straughan, aka GirlWritesWhat YouTube Sensation: Ryerson University, Friday January 24th, 2014

The Canadian Association for Equality is starting 2014 with a bang!

We’re very excited to announce a public event featuring Karen Straughan, best known as GirlWritesWhat on YouTube!

Date: Friday, January 24, 2014
Location: Ryerson University, venue to be announced


Friday, December 20, 2013

Ontario school boards skirted wage freeze with raises for senior staff

Ontario school boards awarded raises averaging 3 per cent a year to many senior staff, despite a provincial wage freeze on management salaries.

The revelation of salary hikes at school boards exposes weaknesses in wage-freeze legislation meant to cut costs, but filled with loopholes that several groups have used to hike salaries. At Ontario Power Generation, almost one-third of managers received increases in 2012 and as did 8 per cent of managers at Hydro One.

School boards implemented the raises for superintendents and associate directors, ranging between 2 and 12 per cent, between 2010 and 2012 after receiving legal advice that the province’s legislation allowed for increases. The Globe and Mail obtained minutes of an April, 2010, meeting among staff in the Premier’s Office, education ministry officials and school board representatives at which boards were told they could determine whether managers would receive pay increases.

School boards left the meeting with the understanding that the government would not challenge such raises.  (more...)

Teachers unpaid day is a small sacrifice

Premier designate Kathleen Wynne has chosen MPP Liz Sandals to be her education minister.
TORONTO - Friday is not a PA day.

Got that?

Teachers are not being paid not to show up at work on the last Friday before the Christmas holidays.

Their unions are anxious that you understand this fact.

Ontario English Catholic Teachers’ Association (OECTA) President James Ryan put out a news release Thursday to say that schools are closed Friday because, well, teachers decided to shut them down — and not get paid.

In fairness to Ryan, OECTA is one of the reasonable teacher unions.

But perhaps they should look around before they complain.  (more...)


Daniel Proussalidis with details on Friday's Supreme Court decision on Canada's prostitution laws.


The Long War against the Gay Lobby

Well, the Duck Dynasty Drama continues, and I am heartened by how this has galvanized social conservatives. Here's a piece by Eric Erickson that captures the necessary potential for the Phil Robertson flap to goad us into more intelligent discourse:


As Erickson rightfully points out, those who are pushing the ligbitist agenda aren't interested in resting with one symbolic victory, such as marriage "equality." They want to redefine family and in fact redefine human life, who owns children, how we awaken to our sexual identity, how we love. The LGBT movement is fully totalitarian--or, as Camille Paglia told Laura Ingraham, "Stalinist" and "fascist," if you will.

So it's good that people are angry. It's a good time to pull the old Charlie Chaplin speech off the shelves and dust it off, remembering that sometimes when we think we've reached the apex of civilization, we have actually fallen into a nadir and must tell uncomfortable truths at the podium given to us (more...)

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Catholic schools’ acceptance of gay anti-bullying clubs coming back to bite them: pro-family leaders

Nancy Kirby, then-president of the Ontario Catholic School
Trustees Association, stands with then-Minister of Education
Laurel Broten at the announcement of Bill 13 in 2011.
MISSISSAUGA, ON, December 19, 2013 (LifeSiteNews.com) – Pro-family leaders are saying the Ontario Catholic school system’s acceptance of homosexual clubs is coming back to bite them this week as a high school student threatens to sue his Mississauga Catholic school board for not allowing his club to be openly homosexual.

Christopher Karas, 18, who identifies as homosexual, set up his anti-bullying club last year following the 2012 passage of Bill 13, which mandates schools accept “gay-straight alliances”. He told DailyXtra he hopes the club will help students with same-sex attractions to “come out.”

The school, École secondaire catholique Sainte-Famille, says their intention was that the club would not focus exclusively on homosexuality. But Karas argues that Bill 13 gives him the right to launch a club with such a focus.  (more...)

Parent outraged over brochure in Catholic school telling students where to obtain morning-after pill

LONDON, Ontario, December 19, 2013 (LifeSiteNews.com) – A family in an Ontario Catholic school board is outraged after their child brought home a police brochure that tells students where they “can get answers to their sexual health questions” and obtain “birth control, and the morning after pill.” The pamphet tells students to "report homophobic" behaviour, which critics fear could include stating the Christian belief that homosexual acts are sinful.

The brochure, titled “Take back your school from Hate Crimes,” was put out by the London Police Service in partnership with The HBT Working Group, a homosexual activist group. It appears to be circulating in schools of the London District Catholic School Board (LDCSB).  (more...)

Socialist Studies: TDSB School May Discontinue "Dress In Drag Day" After "Hate Speech And Slander" From Bloggers

Article has been taken down but you can see the cached page here:

Inglenook Community High School sparks controversy over its annual Dress in Drag Day event. An event where students voluntarily attend school in attire of their opposite gender. Inglenook is a school that describes itself as a, “small, friendly, alternative community high school with a family-like atmosphere,” they only offer courses in grade 11 and 12, and has an average of one hundred students at any given time. 
This year however, Inglenook garnered more attention than normal due to the event. Multiple blogs began posting photos of underage students, along with hate speech and slander, angered at the notion that a TDSB school would host such an event.  (more...)

Male transgender prisoner guilty of brutal murder is moved from women's jail 'because he kept having sex with female inmates'

Murderer Paris Green, 22
A pre-op transsexual locked up in a women's jail for a savage torture-killing has been moved to a different prison after claims he was having sex with female inmates.

Murderer Paris Green, 22, who was previously known as Peter Laing, was allowed to serve his 18-year sentence in Cornton Vale women’s prison, in Stirling, because he says he is transgendered.

But today it emerged he has been moved amid suspicions that he was involved in casual-sex relationships with other convicts there.  (more...)

Christopher Paul Neil, 'Swirl Face' Viewed Child Porn In Canada

RICHMOND, B.C. - A British Columbia man who spent five years in a Thai prison for sexually abusing children after an image of his digitally obscured face was reconstructed is facing new allegations that he has viewed child pornography since returning to Canada.

Christopher Neil, a former English teacher from Maple Ridge, B.C., who became known as "Swirl Face" due to the effect used to alter his face on digital images, was arrested in Bangkok in the fall of 2007. He pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting one boy and was later convicted of assaulting another.  (more...)

Lesbian boss ‘fired me for being straight’

Kenney says he was fired because of his “traditional
family status” from Trinity High School.
A married, heterosexual gym teacher at a tony Upper West Side private school was fired because his lesbian supervisor disapproved of his “traditional family status,” the canned teacher claims in a new Manhattan lawsuit.

Gregory Kenney, 50, taught gym at the Trinity School on W. 91st St. for 16 years before he was let go in June 2012.

Kenney, who lives with his wife and three young children in LI, says he was a well-liked employee at the elite institution that counts Truman Capote, Ivanka Trump and Eric Schneiderman as alumni, until a gay athletic director named Pat Krieger took over in 2009.

Krieger allegedly forced him to coach three sports, even though his contract only required him to join two teams, according to his reverse discrimination suit.

When he complained that the extra responsibilities interfered with his family obligations Krieger allegedly told him, “We all make choices,” the suit says.

After Kenney told Krieger that he couldn’t keep working nights and weekends, she reported him to the headmaster “while a single, female teacher faced no scrutiny when she refused to coach a third season.”

Kenney claims the allegedly biased athletic director “routinely favored other single, younger females without children and discriminated against [him] because of his gender, sexual orientation, ‘traditional family status,’ and age.”  (more...)

Scientific Groupthink and Gay Parenting

University of Texas sociology professor Mark Regnerus’s study, “How Different Are the Adult Children of Parents Who Have Same-Sex Relationships? Findings from the New Family Structures Study,” published in the academic journal Social Science Research last year, caused a firestorm in the scientific community. Unlike most previous studies, Regnerus found that children of parents who had experienced a same-sex relationship fared worse than children of heterosexual parents on measures of social, emotional, and psychological adjustment as well as educational attainment, employment history, need for public assistance, substance abuse, and criminal justice system involvement.

The reaction to the Regnerus study was swift and harsh. Many of his academic colleagues said it was fatally flawed. Many questioned the motives of the author, reviewers, and journal editor. Did they have an anti-gay political agenda?  (more...)

The Silent Scandal of Straight to Gay Therapy

With the new Private Members Bill "Counsellors and Psychotherapy (Regulation) Bill" a number of Members of Parliament want to ban all therapy that attempts to help someone overcome unwanted homosexual feelings. This is in line with the "ethical" statements of the United Kingdom Council of Psychotherapy (UKCP), the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP), the British Psychological Society (BPS) - ethical statements written, in the main, by active homosexuals and without proper reference to the various scientific papers. This leaves people with unwanted homosexual feelings one theraputic option - help to accept these feelings and to enter the gay lifestyle. This lack of options is being cheered by the gay press, counsellors and psychotherapists across the UK. But personal experience shows that this option is no more than a therauptic attempt to make straight people gay. Not only this, the BACP, UKCP, BPS, the American Psychological Association, the Royal College of Psychiatrists and other mental health bodies are actively promoting a therapy that is both harmful and unethical.  (more...)