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Blank spot: Why Chrystia Freeland’s refusal to acknowledge her grandfather’s Nazi collaborator past matters in 2020


Chrystia Freeland Nazi collaborator historical revisionism war crimes Ukraine diaspora politics

Recent discourse around monuments venerating Ukrainian Nazi collaborators, such as the monuments in Edmonton and in Oakville, Ontario, is bringing new attention to Canada’s messy entanglement with a burgeoning Ukrainian nationalist movement that historians warn is whitewashing the crimes of Nazi collaborators. 

Canada’s newly-minted Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland, who is widely rumoured to be the successor to an increasingly scandal-plagued Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, has a familial connection. Her Ukrainian grandfather Michael Chomiak edited a pro-Nazi Ukrainian paper called  Krakivski Visti in Krakow and then Vienna. 

In a 2015 essay for the Brookings Institute entitled “My Ukraine,” Freeland writes, “My maternal grandparents fled western Ukraine after Hitler and Stalin signed their non-aggression pact in 1939. They never dared to go back, but they stayed in close touch with their brothers and sisters and their families, who remained behind.” But this is a highly oversimplified, airbrushed presentation of her grandparents’ history, one which she has repeatedly offered. 

Chrystia Freeland is not responsible for the actions of her grandfather, but her continual praise of Chomiak is a microcosm of a broader whitewashing of the history of the movement to establish a sovereign Ukrainian state that often downplays Nazi collaboration.

This story isn’t so much about Freeland, or even Ukraine, but a larger tendency towards historical revisionism in the leadership of many eastern European diaspora communities, whose leadership refuse to accept responsibility for their national heroes’ dark pasts.   (more...)

Blank spot: Why Chrystia Freeland’s refusal to acknowledge her grandfather’s Nazi collaborator past matters in 2020

Top Jewish Group Praises Charges Against Prominent Canadian Neo-Nazi Propagandist


anti-semitism Neo-Nazi Canada Montreal crime hate racism xenophobia

A top Canadian Jewish group expressed relief and approval on Sunday with the news that a prominent local neo-Nazi will face hate-crimes charges.

Gabriel Sohier Chaput was represented by a lawyer in a Montreal court this month to face charges of willfully promoting hatred against an identifiable group, the Montreal Gazette reported. He will be tried in November and if found guilty could face two years in prison.

The hearing came after Chaput finally responded to a two-year-old warrant issued after a series of Gazette articles fingered him as a prominent neo-Nazi recruiter and online propagandist.

In particular, Chaput used the pseudonym “Zeiger” to become one of the most prolific writers on the Daily Stormer, one of the crudest, most violent, and most popular neo-Nazi sites on the web.

Following the Gazette series, B’nai Brith Canada filed a complaint against Chaput with the police hate crimes unit.  (more...)

Top Jewish Group Praises Charges Against Prominent Canadian Neo-Nazi Propagandist


Prominent Neo-Nazi Recruiter Finally Before the Courts in Montreal

Sunday, August 30, 2020

A Sun That Never Sets: The Strange and Terrible Saga of the Landig Group


Nazi Austria Landig Group Vienna Esoteric Naziism Black Sun Fascist International Nazi UFOs Last Battalion

The Landig Group, which first emerged in Vienna during the early 1950s, never gained much of a following (at least in terms of sheer numbers) during its run and has largely been forgotten outside of certain circles since its membership began to die off in mass during the 1990s. But it none the less managed an enormous influence upon neo-fascist circles in Europe and South America. What's more, its ideology is one of the modern cornerstones of Esoteric Nazism and has even made striking inroads amongst mainstream metaphysical circles.

Despite this, the Landig Group has generated very little coverage from either New Agers or conspiracy theorists. This is not especially surprising as far as the former are concerned (as the presence of so many fascists in 20th century metaphysical circles, especially those concerning "Ancient Astronauts," is rather embarrassing to such individuals) but the silence of the latter is rather striking given the ample indications that there was an intelligence purpose behind the Landig Group's activities.

Even when the Landig Group has been addressed, such as in the case of several of Joseph P. Farrell's ridiculous accounts of post-WWII Nazi survival, they have been presented in the most literal and outlandish light as possible. But then again, given that the Landig Group potentially had ties to some of the "guiding lights" of American conspirology, it may not be that surprising after all that Landig and his merry band have been so widely dismissed or reduced to caricatures by "serious" researchers.

Over the course of this series I shall attempt to rectify these lapses. This is not an easy task as very little in the way of scholarly research has been done on the Landig Group, and what is available has largely focused on the esoteric aspects of the Group rather than their potential political agendas. While I am primarily interested in the political aspects of the Landig Group, I shall try to address certain aspects of their esoteric interests (especially in regards to Nazi UFOs and the Black Sun) as there is a lot of nonsense floating around the Internet on such subjects.

With that being said, let us move along to the origins of the Group. It sprung up in Austria's capital at roughly the same time The Third Man was presenting an unforgettable depiction of bombed-out, war-torn Vienna to America audiences. The classic film was true to Austria's capital at the time and it was among these nightmarish surroundings that the Landig Group first emerged.

If this did not make the location fitting enough, there's also the fact that Vienna had spawned the two founding pillars of Ariosophy, Guido von List and Jorg Lanz von Liebenfels. Prior to the First World War, Vienna had been at the heart of the broader Volkisch movement in addition to providing fertile ground for its most esoteric and sinister branch. List, Liebnefels, and their followers had operated extensively out of Vienna both prior to and after the First World War. While it is uncertain as to whether any members of the Landig Group encountered Ariosophy and its architects at this point, the latter organization and its members' ties to Vienna makes the earlier residency of the two pillars of Ariosophy even more curious.  (more...)

A Sun That Never Sets: The Strange and Terrible Saga of the Landig Group Part I    Part II    Part III    Part IV

More Austrian drollery:

Devils, Murders & Lavender Mafia

South Tyrol and Nazis on the Run: How Hitler’s Henchmen Fled Justice

Austrian Vatican Cleric Claims Catholics Can Be Freemasons

Pump This: The Schwarzenegger File

Devils, Murders & Lavender Mafia


Holy Cross Opus Angelorum Catholic crime homosexuality pedophilia murder satanism lavender mafia gay clergy

Our Lord has been Crucified. He was nailed to the Cross at the Noon hour. This is our meditation for today. His murder was truly a satanic act, conducted by the wicked high priests of His day. But He triumphed over all of them, because you cannot kill God, for the weakness of God in submitting to Crucifixion is stronger than all the wickedness of men.

Satan, being defeated upon Calvary, however, goes about the world trying to replicate that crime. He does this most particularly by inciting men to the worst vices and inspiring them to become priests and inflict horrible crimes upon the innocent.

One such crime is the rape of boys by priests. Worse, still, is when murder follows.

Such individuals are psychopathic. And in my opinion they should receive capital punishment for all three crimes: murder, rape and sacrilege of their sacred office as priests.

These boys suffer in a sense the full hatred of Satan upon Christ Jesus at Calvary. But, alas, the consequences of their murders are not salvific. The corrupt network of clergy who protect, promote, ordain and consecrate such perps is called the Lavender Mafia. And FromRome.Info is committed to exposing their work in the Church, for the sake of protecting all the Faithful, boys included.

One particularly ugly case is that of the Canons Regular of Santa Cruz and the Opus Angelorum the movement which founded them.  (more...)

Devils, Murders & Lavender Mafia


An Old Jewish Sect and the “Work of the Holy Angels”

Friday, August 28, 2020

Political religions and fascism


political religion Nazi secularization sacralization higher cause fascism fanaticism

‘I'm beginning to comprehend, I think, some of the reasons for Hitler’s astounding success. Borrowing a chapter from the Roman church, he is restoring pageantry and colour and mysticism to the drab lives of twentieth-century Germans.’ So wrote William Shirer in his famous Berlin Diary, commenting on the Nuremberg Rally of 1934.

He continued: ‘This morning’s opening meeting in the Luitpold Hall on the outskirts of Nuremberg was more than a gorgeous show; it also had something of the mysticism and religious fervour of an Easter or Christmas Mass in a great Gothic cathedral.’ Shirer went on to describe how the packed hall was electrified when the band played the Badenweiler March, music only used for Hitler’s entrances. As Hitler arrived, along with other leading Nazis, he was met by saluting followers. Kleig lamps were used to dazzle the stage where he then sat, surrounded by a hundred party officials and army and navy officers. As the music died down, Rudolf Hess read out the names of Nazi ‘martyrs’, those who had died fighting for the movement, while behind the assembled men was the ‘blood flag’ that had been paraded in the streets of Munich on the day of the failed putsch of 1923.

As Shirer concluded, ‘In such an atmosphere no wonder, then, that every word dropped by Hitler seemed like an inspired Word from on high. Man’s – or at least the German’s – critical faculty is swept away at such moments, and every lie pronounced is accepted as high truth itself.’

This powerful scene from the early days of the Third Reich makes us consider how faith and politics are blurred by fascism. The creation of new symbols and rituals to evoke belief in a higher cause are central to the critical concept familiar to many historians of fascism and communism, ‘political religion’. This term has been prevalent in fascism studies for at least two decades, and has a much longer history rooted in contemporary responses to interwar fascism itself.  (more...)

Political religions and fascism

An Old Jewish Sect and the “Work of the Holy Angels”


Opus Angelorum Catholic Holy Cross heresy angels demons gnosticism Manicheism

In early September of this year, a 26 year old women by the name of Elizabeth Huber was discovered wandering through the woods not far from the Austrian Headquarters of the Opus Angelorum (Work of the Holy Angels) near Innsbruck.  She had spent the week in the woods, burying herself, according to her own report, under a pile of stones, to escape from the curse of an Opus Angelorum priest as well as “the demons of the Opus Angelorum.”  Huber had lost weight and was in a state of exhaustion, disorientation and anxiety when discovered; however, in a few days she related some of the details of her “retreat” at the headquarters of the Opus Angelorum and what had driven her to flee. 

The retreat took place in a cabin in the forest.  Elizabeth and the other participants were repeatedly asked for dates when departed relatives had died and told repeatedly of their connection with the dead souls in the fires of Purgatory.  Huber also noticed strange sights and sounds in her room at night.  After inspecting the room she found gas jets which filled the room with the odors of fragrant oils and incense.  During the night Huber also heard screams.  By the time morning came, Huber had had enough.  Shortly after the gates to the compound were opened, she fled into the forest and disappeared.  When the local newspaper, after hearing of her disappearance, called the OA headquarters, it was told that the OA people had never heard of her, a fact registered in the records of the local police. 

It was a scenario right out of a cheap remake of an Edgar Allen Poe story, and the local press gave maximal attention to all of its Gothic details.  The Vienna newspaper Kurier featured a picture of the OA castle towering above the village with the headline “Castle of Demons holds a village in fear.”  The reaction, however, was hardly limited to the Austrian tabloids.  Two days after the story broke, the local ordinary of the diocese of Innsbruck, Reinhold Stecher, pressed Rome for a quick decision on the OA, complaining that the OA had still not responded to his demand that they distance themselves from all teachings on angels not sanctioned by the Church.  Stecher reminded Catholics that the OA had been forbidden any use of Church facilities in his diocese.  The liberal Catholic press in Austria used the occasion to attack Cardinal Ratzinger for allegedly shielding the group.  In the German speaking world, the OA had become a convenient stick for beating the Church and those within the Church in positions of authority, like Ratzinger. 

In neighboring Germany, Dr. Franz Heinrich, Director of the Catholic Academy in Munich, talked about the “general horror in Bavaria that a swamp of superstition like this could spread in our Church.”  Heinrich felt that the attraction of a group like the OA “had roots which reached back thousands of years in human history, back to the religious ideas of the Persians and ancient Hebrews, as well as to Gnosis and Dualism.”  In an article which appeared in the May/June l988 issue of Una Voce Korrespondena (“Ein alte juedische Sejcte und thr chistiliches Echo: Zur Problematikdes “Engelwerkes, “  [“An old Jewish Sect and its Christian Echo,”] pp. 157-175), Father J.P.M. van der Ploeg, O.P. shows that the OA is promoting a set of doctrines which goes back through the Cabala, the Jewish Gnostic writings, all the way to the writings of the Essenes, commonly known as the Dead Seas Scrolls.  (more...)

An Old Jewish Sect and the “Work of the Holy Angels”


OPUS ANGELORUM - Satanism and Disobedience

Nazism, a Gnostic-Manichean Sect

Thursday, August 27, 2020

Holy Rollers: The Religious Leaders Using Churches to Launder Illicit Cash Across the Americas


Evangelical crime money laundering corruption

When Erik Súñiga died in U.S. custody in April, he left a rich religious and political legacy in the Guatemalan town where he founded an evangelical church, and served as mayor for over a decade.

He also left behind a property empire that was most likely built with drug money. Some of that cash appears to have been laundered through his religious and political network.

That is one of the findings of a cross border investigation by 12 media organizations from nine countries, coordinated by Columbia Journalism Investigations and the Latin American Center for Investigative Journalism (CLIP) , OCCRP’s regional partner in Latin America, into church-related money laundering across the Americas.

The phenomenon is widespread, as religious organizations often escape scrutiny due to their respected role within communities and the lack of regulation governing their affairs, experts say. In a number of countries, this includes tax exemptions.

“Over the years, religious institutions have been repeatedly used … to launder money,” said Mark Califano, a former assistant U.S. attorney and chief legal officer at Nardello & Co, a global investigative firm. “And their special and protected place in most countries and societies has allowed that to happen.”  (more...)

Holy Rollers: The Religious Leaders Using Churches to Launder Illicit Cash Across the Americas


Paraísos de dinero y fe

Presidential Crimes Commission--or In Other Words: Trump Crimes Commission

We the People have had to contend with an unending stream of crime, abuse and corruption from the administration of Donald J. Trump. Come January, when we have a law-abiding president and a law-enforcing attorney general, it will be time for accountability.

As a 30-year federal prosecutor, I can assure you that there can be no healing without accountability. There can be no deterring other political criminals without accountability. There can be no justice without accountability. When it comes to political criminals, we've had to learn this lesson the hard way. Gerald Ford pardoned Richard Nixon, depriving the country of healing, of accountability, and of justice. Indeed,, the pardoning of Richard Nixon gave birth to the Donald Trump presidency.  

This time, there can be no "let bygones be bygones." This time, there can be no turning of the other cheek.  This time, there must be no putting  our long national nightmare behind us by DECLINING to hold a criminal president accountable.  This time, there must be accountability. This time, there must be justice. Because Justice Matters.

accountability corruption crime justice politics Trump Russia

Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Former Toronto Grade School Teacher Arrested For Sexual Assault Of A Student


homosexuality abuse boys education pedophilia rape misconduct

Toronto Police have made an arrest in a sexual assault investigation the Service is calling "historical".

David Ronald Stanford, a retired school teacher, now 72-years-old, is in custody.

Stanford was a former Toronto District School Board teacher at Williamson Road Junior Public school in the beaches.

According to police, the alleged sexual assaults occurred with one student between 1973 through 1983.

The student was between the age of 9 and 18 at the time of the alleged assaults.

Stanford was arrested Tuesday and faces charges of Indecent Assault on Male, Indecency and Buggery.  (more...)

Former Toronto Grade School Teacher Arrested For Sexual Assault Of A Student

Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Deconstructing the Covid Narrative

 Today on Objective:Health we interview independent investigative journalist Rosemary Frei. Rosemary has an MSc in molecular biology from the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Calgary, was a freelance medical writer and journalist for 22 years before she had had enough of the industry, the lies, the shady Big Pharma influence and moved on to dig deep and report the Truth. Rosemary has written for OffGuardian, Global Research and you can find many of her articles on You can also follow her on Twitter @RosemaryFreiTO

Join us for a fascinating discussion on the great Covid swindle, vaccines, viruses and dubious "fact-checking" organizations. She goes into detail about how little is actually known about SARS-CoV-2 and what the implications are for the vaccine, testing, immunity passports and even the state of the research itself.

pandemic COVID-19 coronavirus medicine healthcare fraud pharmaceuticals


“No one has died from the coronavirus”

The swamp creature that held Pope Benedict XVI in its deadly grip


Germany Nazi ratlines war crimes Vatican money laundering books

Effective schemes had been developed by the Nazis and militarists to obstruct law and justice. After they had reached success, after thousands of Nazi criminals had fled to Spain and Egypt, after other thousands had been freed from Allied prisons, there appeared accounts in some Rightist newspapers, congratulating a group of Nazi ringleaders on accomplishing an almost impossible task. The Deutsche Soldaten Zeitung aune 1958) published a full-page account of a farreaching secret organization which had been founded in 1948 in violation of Allied rules.

The purpose of the organization was to free the war criminals in defiance of law and justice. The author of this remarkable report, Major General Hans Korte, describes how a kind of General Staff, or “steering committee,” was set up in Munich to direct all the anti-warguilt propaganda in occupied Germany and throughout the entire world. A group of Nazi jurists who had served in Nuremberg as counsels for major war criminals formed the nucleus of the directing body. Prominent among them were Dr. Rudolf Aschenauer of Munich and Ernst Achenbach (of the Naumann circle) of Essen, the latter having excellent financial connections on Rhine and Ruhr.

In order to conceal certain activities from the occupying powers, a number of fronts or subagencies were created to serve as special task forces. To furnish the press with propaganda on the war-guilt question, an “independent” monthly newsletter, Die Andere Seite (The Other Side), was issued, in which material about the “so-called war criminals” was cleverly introduced among other news items. This distorted and slanted news was reprinted not only in the provincial press but in such leading papers as the Frankfurter Allgemeine) the Stuttgarter Nachrichten) and Die Welt. In addition, a circular letter was mailed periodically to organizations and influential personalities in Germany and abroad in order to gain their support for the release of all war criminals.

To camouflage these activities well-known German church representatives were brought into the organization, so that both major denominations joined the common defense for the convicted Nazi war criminals. A Committee for Christian Aid to War Prisoners was formed in 1948; among its sponsors there were prominent Roman Catholics-Cardinal Josef Frings of Cologne and Bishop Johann Neuhaeussler of Munich-and leading Protestants-Bishop Theophil Wurm of Stuttgart and Bishop Meiser of Munich. These church leaders had already issued several strong protests against the Allied war crime trials.  (more...)

Ratzinger’s Vatican Benefactor

books Germany Nazi ratlines war crimes money laundering corruption

Erin O'Toole and the Banderites


Erin O'Toole Conservaties Canada politics Stepan Bandera Ukraine Nazi collaborators

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Exposed Illuminate Elite

 In 1967, Myron Fagan released a three-LP set titled Illuminati. This recording has been transcribed  and the text has been used to create this edition, published in 2017 by A Distant Mirror in paperback, Kindle and epub formats.

Myron Fagan reveals the plot for global enslavement launched two centuries ago by Adam Weishaupt, an apostate Catholic priest who, financed by the House of Rothschild, created the organisation which he named the 'Illuminati'. Fagan describes how this group has been used by the House of Rothschild to work towards a world government, and how every war during the past two centuries has been instigated by them.

He describes how Jacob Schiff was sent to the United States by the Rothschilds to further the Illuminati plot, and how he was able to gain control of both the Democratic and Republican parties. He shows how Schiff seduced the American Congress and Presidents so as to achieve control of our financial system, and create the cancer of income tax. He also reveals how Schiff and his co-conspirators created the Council on Foreign Relations, in order to control our elected officials and gradually lead the U.S. into becoming part of a luciferian world government.

In short, this is the fascinating, horrifying - and factual - story of the most sensational plot in the history of the world. Fagan lays out the history of the Illuminati, exposing the plot for a single world government. The author gives names, dates, organizations, modes of operations - all exposing the Satanic octopus that to this day seeks to strangle the world in its grip. This book exposes the entire history of the plot - the Rothschilds, Zionism, the Luciferian ideology, the destruction of national sovereignty and religions, the role of Freemasonry, the Illuminist banksters and media, and the plans for three World Wars.

Illuminati freemasonry Luciferianism New World Order education politics

Sunday, August 23, 2020

Oradour-sur-Glane: Uproar after France Nazi massacre site vandalised


Oradour-sur-Glane France Nazi massacre memorial graffiti war crime genocide

French President Emmanuel Macron has condemned as "unspeakable" the defacing of a memorial at the site of one of the worst atrocities carried out by the Nazis in France during World War Two.

Images of an inscription at the site in the village of Oradour-sur-Glane show the word "martyr" in the text "martyr village" replaced with "liar".

The village was destroyed by SS troops in 1944, with 642 inhabitants killed.

The old village's ruins are preserved just as they were after the massacre.

After the war, a new village was built nearby.

Philippe Lacroix, the mayor of Oradour-sur-Glane, said he was shocked, adding: "We know what happened here but obviously there are always people who try to tell lies."

Mr Macron said that everything would be done to track down and punish those responsible for the vandalism.

The act has been widely condemned by French officials.  (more...)

Oradour-sur-Glane: Uproar after France Nazi massacre site vandalised

Le centre de la mémoire d'Oradour

The Empire… In Their Own Words


Thomas Malthus imperialism British Empire eugenics population control environmentalism ecofascism

The oligarchic principle of intentional genocide shines through clearly in these citations from leading spokesmen for the British Empire, spanning over 200 years. It is only by identifying the true ideological strain that is at the heart of both “right wing” monetarist, and “left wing” ecological thinking in the modern world that true humanists may both understand and recognize the solution to our many sided crises now pressing upon our future.

1791, Parson Thomas Malthus, hired pen of the British East India Company’s Haileybury College, wrote in his An Essay on Population in 1799: “We should facilitate, instead of foolishly and vainly endeavoring to impede, the operations of nature in producing this mortality; and if we dread the too frequent visitation of the horrid form of famine, we should sedulously encourage the other forms of destruction, which we compel nature to use. In our towns we should make the streets narrower, crowd more people into the houses, and court the return of the plague.

More from MalthusAn Essay on the Principle of Population:

“We are bound in justice and honour formally to disdain the right of the poor to support.”

“To this end, I should propose a regulation to be made, declaring that no child born from any marriage taking place after the expiration of a year from the date of the law, and no illegitimate child born two years from the same date, should ever be entitled to parish assistance.

“The infant is, comparatively speaking, of little value to society, as others will immediately supply its place.”  (more...)

The Empire… In Their Own Words

Epstein Associate Jean-Luc Brunel: Rape and Trafficking Allegations on Both Sides of the Atlantic


Jean-Luc Brunel Ghislaine Maxwell France Epstein sex trafficking pedophilia crime

A series of photos of Jean-Luc Brunel ‘playing with’ (harassing?) alleged sex-trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell on the “Pedophile Island” was published by UK’s The Sun (and NY Post). The troubling pictures brought back to the headlines the role of a man once described by a fellow agency owner as a “public danger“.

Brunel, Epstein’s associate accused of rape and sex trafficking on both sides of the Atlantic, is reportedly “fed up” with the allegations.

Apparently, the-man-formerly-known-as-Jean-Cul (Johnny Ass) better brace himself for even tougher times.

By now, Brunel, who founded model agencies in France and in the US, has been repeatedly accused of rape, sexual assault and sexual harassment by several former models over the span of decades.

Brunel was also allegedly a vital part of Jeffrey Epstein’s sex trafficking ring, having reportedly provided over a thousand of his “daughters” to the “king of pedophiles”.  (more...)

Epstein Associate Jean-Luc Brunel: Rape and Trafficking Allegations on Both Sides of the Atlantic

Friday, August 21, 2020

The Carney/Freeland Green Reset Shapes Canada’s ‘New Normal’


depopulation Freeland Carney World Economic Forum Green New Deal economic collapse derivatives bubble crash decarbonization Canada

Surprising ruptures have shaken the Canadian political landscape this week as Trudeau’s Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland announced that she would add “Finance Minister” to her portfolio the day after scandal-ridden Bill Morneau stepped down from the position on the evening of August 16th. As Freeland gave her remarks to the press, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau also announced that Ottawa’s parliament would be requesting that the Queen’s Governor General prorogue parliament until the end of September whereby a new Throne speech would announce a new green “economic restart” for the Canadian economy.

(In the peculiar form of British Parliamentary governments, parliaments can be shut down unilaterally by an order signed by the Monarch’s Governor General at any time a Prime Minister should request it).

The logic behind prorogation is that the government’s annual economic program announced last December did not take into account the emergence of COVID-19 and this reality demands we prepare for the “post-COVID world order”. Pesky democratic institutions like Parliament might only get in the way of the types of broad reforms needed for these changes.

The next several weeks will be decisive in planning out this transformation. and as he unveiled the news of prorogation, Trudeau stated: “we need to reset the approach of this government for a recovery to build back better. And those are big, important decisions and we need to present them to parliament and gain the confidence of Parliament to move forward on this ambitious plan.”

While commentators and opposition parties were abuzz with speculation about the Liberal government’s corruption (all committee hearings investigating the We Charity scandal have been shut down until September 24th), the reality is not so superficial and has much more to do with the oncoming economic collapse and the false solutions being prepared to “solve” it.  (more...)

The Carney/Freeland Green Reset Shapes Canada’s ‘New Normal’


The Great Reset Fraud

Freeland on track to one day become PM

Thursday, August 20, 2020

Meet Canada’s Ruling Oligarchy: Parasites-a-Plenty!


Canada oligarchy Desmarais Laurentian politics neoliberalism Power Corporation

Meet Canada’s ruling oligarchy.

I will focus here on the composition of the oligarchy in terms of how they control of the Quebec educational system. This part in the series will be part article and part research annex. First, I will introduce the reader to Canada’s most powerful family, our version of the Rockefeller’s south of the border, or the Rothschilds in Europe, and of course, all these families are close in both business and social circles. Such is the nature of being an elite in a globalized world. The Desmarais family, located in the province of Québec, are without question the most influential and powerful family in the country, and it’s no wonder, considering their power is vested in an investment company known as Power Corporation.

The name says it all: it has Power. Founded in 1925, Power Corporation of Canada is an investment company involved in communications, business, and especially finance. Power Corporation was founded by A.J. Nesbitt and P.A. Thomson, two partners in the Montreal investment firm, Nesbitt, Thomson and Company, who wanted to consolidate Canada’s power sector, and established Power Corporation as a ‘holding company,’ meaning, it owns other corporations. In the 1960s, the company began to invest in energy, finance, industry, and real estate. In 1968, financier Paul Desmarais took over the leadership of Power Corporation, and rapidly expanded the assets held by the company, including by the 1970s: Canada Steamship Lines (transportation); Consolidated Bathurst (pulp and paper); Investors Group, Great-West Life, Montreal Trust (financial services); and Gesca (communications). Power Corporation expanded across Canada, Europe, and into China. Paul Desmarais stepped aside as Chairman and CEO in 1996, though remaining as the controlling shareholder, and had his two sons, Paul Jr. and André, become Chairman and President and Co-CEOs. Power Corporation owns Gesca, a communications company which in turn owns La Presse as well as six other daily newspapers in Quebec.

The Desmarais family, wrote Christa d’Souza for the London Telegraph, are “Canada’s equivalent of the Rockefellers or Vanderbilts.”[1] Indeed, it would appear that the Desmarais are very much akin to the Rockefellers, the most powerful family in the United States, and one of the most powerful families in the world (perhaps only challenged by the older European-based Rothschild banking family). The Rockefeller family developed the Standard Oil empire, which branched off into several different oil companies, including Exxon and Chevron; founded the Rockefeller Foundation as an engine of social engineering, founded the University of Chicago, became a dominant force in global banking (through Citibank and JP Morgan Chase), highly influential in politics (Vice President Nelson Rockefeller and Senator Jay Rockefeller), and of course, remain a dominant influence in think tanks, such as the Council on Foreign Relations, the Bilderberg Group, and the Trilateral Commission, which ultimately play a major role in shaping policies of industrial nations.  (more...)

Meet Canada’s Ruling Oligarchy: Parasites-a-Plenty!

Cecil Rhodes, the Roundtable Movement and Eugenics


eugenics Cecil Rhodes Roundtable imperialism British supremacy

The British East India Company, modeled on the older Levant Company of Venice, had been raping India since the early 1700s; but it wasn’t until 1763 that this Venetian faction was able to seize control over the Empire as a whole. It was the rapacious looting policies of this faction that forced the American colonies to declare their independence.

After the American Revolution, the British launched a renewed drive against India, completely conquering the Subcontinent by the first years of the new century. It was in this period that the opium trade, for which India was the linchpin, became the dominant pursuit of the Empire.

After Lincoln’s victory over the Confederacy in the American Civil War, and even more so after the 1876 Centennial Celebration, it became clear that the United States could not be conquered militarily.

The British responded by launching the pseudo-science of eugenics, and also the Round Table movements of Cecil Rhodes and Lord Alfred Milner. In the 1880s and 1890s, this “elite” movement created the Eugenics Society, founded by Sir Arthur Balfour of the Venetian-origin Cecil family and John Ruskin’s “Pre-Raphaelite” Brotherhood.

Opposing the entire European Renaissance; the Round Table of Cecil Rhodes, Alfred Milner, Balfour, and their friends, strategists from the African and Asian empire, seeking world power for the Anglo-Saxon master race. These men shared a bored contempt for the existence of mankind, like the satanic Zeus of Aeschylus’ Prometheus Bound.. Their idea was to convince the United States to join them in their quest for Anglo-Saxon world government while coordinating their commonwealth possessions to that same end. Canada’s proximity to the United States made its role that much more vital to advance the subversion.

The Round Table of Cecil Rhodes was originally centered on the imperial networks of South Africa, which later spawned raw materials monoliths such as Rio Tinto Zinc, Anglo American, Lonrho, and DeBeers. It was this inhuman cabal which ran the Boer War, conducted genocide against the black population, and later set up the horrendous Apartheid regime. One of the wealthiest, most influential, and evil men of his day, Rhodes was a virulent racist, or as he and his friends termed it, a race patriot...  (more...)

Cecil Rhodes, the Roundtable Movement and Eugenics


Collapse of the British Empire, The Round Table Movement, Canada’s Untold History

Royal Rabbit Hole

 Epstein and Ghislaine are just the tip of the iceberg. The British Royal Family is involved in a lot more than anyone realizes, from longstanding connections to child abuse rings to bodies found on the Queen's property. Wanna know how deep the Royal Rabbit hole really goes?

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The Royals: Royal Family Secrets Revealed

Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Quebec's Catholic Demise: The True Story Behind the October Crisis of 1970


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On June 15, 2019 the strange fact was made public by Canada’s National Post that the entire 40 year CSIS dossier compiled on Canada’s most famous Prime Minister, Pierre Elliot Trudeau was destroyed by Canada’s spy agency in 1989.

How this embarrassing fact could have gone un-noticed for so long is tied to access to information laws in Canada which make all government dossiers available on any public or private citizen 20 years after their deaths. With the 20 year anniversary of Pierre Trudeau’s death just around the corner, hungry historians searching for a story filed early applications to read this long awaited dossier which was supposed to be awaiting scrutinizing eyes in the Archives of Canada. The answer they received from CSIS and the National Archives was that the massive treasure of documentation was destroyed because it did not “meet the threshold set out by the CSIS Act to justify being kept in service’s active inventory. The file also fell short of criteria for preservation set out by the national archives”.

Many are now wondering if the secrets CSIS wished to remain hidden are tied to its own subversive behaviour, or if it relates to potentially embarrassing information on the role played by Canada’s third longest standing Prime Minister within the context of Britain’s geopolitical “Great Game” against the world.

As we will briefly review here, by looking at the global transformation underway during Pierre Trudeau’s reign, and the specific “inside job” played by Trudeau and Anglo-Canadian Intelligence agencies during the “October Crisis” in 1970, we will discover that both answers are likely close to the truth.  (more...)

Quebec's Catholic Demise: The True Story Behind the October Crisis of 1970


Montreal’s Permindex and the Deep State Plot to Kill Kennedy

Renowned 'Nazi hunter' says Canada still a haven for scores of war criminals who will likely never face justice


Canada Nazi immigration indifference crime war history complacency

Back in the 1990s, Steve Rambam posed as a university researcher to get war criminals to tell him their stories.

In Hope, B.C., he interviewed Antanas Kenstavicius.

“He was a police chief in Lithuania and his unit, under supervision of Germans, rounded up 5,000 Jews. They were locked up for a week, the women raped, their belongings looted. Then they lined them up naked in the ditch… it took them six days to kill them all by gunfire. This guy was telling me all this matter-of-factly. He told me: ‘Then on Nov. 19, no more Jews.'”

It took them six days to kill them all by gunfire. This guy was telling me all this matter-of-factly

Proceedings to deport Mr. Kenstavicius began in 1997; the 90-year-old died the same day.

The case was not the first, or last, Canadian failure to bring suspected Nazi war criminals to justice.

It is estimated that between 2,000 and 5,000 war criminals fled to Canada after the Second World War, but not one Nazi has ever been successfully prosecuted in this country.

“It is to the Canadian government’s great and eternal shame that more was not done,” said Mr. Rambam, the renowned “Nazi hunter”...  (more...)

Renowned 'Nazi hunter' says Canada still a haven for scores of war criminals who will likely never face justice

The world’s worst Nazi spy: The German agent caught by Canada in a matter of hours


Canada war Nazi spy espionage RCMP history books

The first clue was the weird banknotes the stranger used to pay for his hotel bill.

To staff at the Carlisle hotel in New Carlisle, QC he presented oversized $1 bills that had not been in regular circulation since the First World War; the modern equivalent of handing over a fistful of pre-loonie $1 bills.

He said his name was William Branton of 323 Danforth Avenue in Toronto — an address now occupied by a women’s wear boutique. Having arrived into New Carlisle by bus that morning, he said he wanted to stop in for a quick bath and breakfast before continuing on to Montreal.

But the first bus into New Carlisle would not arrive for another three hours.

“We knew that he was a foreigner, by the way he spoke … he had kind of a guttural speech in the back of his throat,” Marguerite, the daughter of the Carlisle’s owner, would later tell journalist Dean Beeby for the 1996 book Cargo of Lies, an account of the spy fiasco.

In reality, the stranger had arrived in Quebec via the relatively unorthodox mode of a U-Boat.  (more...)

The world’s worst Nazi spy: The German agent caught by Canada in a matter of hours


Toronto's Grace Buchanan-Dineen's life of intrigue and espionage in Detroit

Canada war Nazi spy espionage RCMP history books

Inside the twisted world of ‘rapist’ designer Peter Nygard


Peter Nygard Canada Winnipeg Bahamas fashion abuse prostitution sex trafficking rape pedophilia crime

Peter Nygard, the flamboyant Canadian fashion mogul, built a nearly billion-dollar fortune hawking slacks and blouses at Sears, Walmart and his own store in Times Square. Known as a hard-partying Peter Pan, the man Forbes dubbed “The Polyester Phenom” was often surrounded by young women and threw legendary parties at his homes in the Bahamas and Los Angeles.

But it all came to a halt in February when the FBI raided Nygard’s Manhattan office. The bust came just a week after 10 unidentified women filed a federal lawsuit accusing the 78-year-old of a “decades-long sex-trafficking scheme” in which he “recruited, lured, and enticed young, impressionable and often impoverished children and women, with cash payments and false promises of lucrative modeling opportunities” — only to, allegedly, sexually assault and rape them. On April 22, 36 more women joined a class-action complaint against Nygard.

The new book “Predator King: Peter Nygard’s Dark Life of Rape, Drugs and Blackmail” (Hot Books) by Melissa Cronin tells this dark story. (Nygard’s lawyer has sent a cease-and-desist letter to the book’s publisher, according to the mogul’s rep, Ken Frydman, who told The Post that Nygard was not contacted by the writer or publisher about the book. “Peter Nygard denies all allegations in this salacious, so-called book cobbled together by a gossip writer,” Frydman said.) Here, an adapted excerpt chronicles how Nygard allegedly used his power and privilege to take advantage of people.  (more...)

Inside the twisted world of ‘rapist’ designer Peter Nygard


Peter Nygård’s Family: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Fashion tycoon Peter Nygard's two sons accuse him of paying his sex worker girlfriend to rape them when they were just 14 and 15

books Peter Nygard Canada Bahamas Winnipeg fashion rape sex trafficking

Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Investigating the Radical Right’s Presence in the Military


Canada Army radicals Nazi racism hate xenophobia ideology

In the early morning on July 2, Corey Hurren, a 46-year-old military reservist from Manitoba, rammed his pickup truck through the front gate of the grounds at Rideau Hall, which houses the official residence of the governor general of Canada and Rideau Cottage, the temporary residence of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his family. Armed with four weapons — a revolver, two shotguns, and a newly-banned Norinco M14 rifle — Hurren was arrested by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (Canada’s federal police corps) after a 90-minute stand-off. Hurren currently faces 22 charges, including “knowingly utter[ing] a threat to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.”

Hurren’s motives remain somewhat unclear. In a handwritten two-page letter found on his person, he expressed a litany of grievances, including fears over the suspension of Parliament due to the ongoing pandemic and the possibility that the country, under Trudeau’s leadership, was on its way to a communist dictatorship. Such a list sits alongside what has been described in the Canadian press as a mixture of “personal despair and financial distress.”

Hurren’s exact motivation for this act remains somewhat nebulous. He has a long history of being drawn to conspiracy theories, including QAnon, a radical-right conspiracy theory detailing a supposed plot by an alleged deep state against US President Donald Trump and his supporters. The incident itself took place in the immediate aftermath of a protest on Parliament Hill, which saw a few hundred of far-right protesters descending on Ottawa to call for the prime minister to be prosecuted for diverse alleged crimes. These factors have led some analysts, including myself, to wonder whether this represented yet another incident of Canadian military personnel being in ideological alignment with radical-right groups.  (more...)

Investigating the Radical Right’s Presence in the Military

Street Honouring Nazi Captain Must Be Renamed


Nazi war history navy memorial

TORONTO – B’nai Brith Canada is urging a Greater Toronto Area municipality to rename a street dedicated to a Nazi battleship captain who fought in the Second World War.

Langsdorff Drive, located in Ajax, Ontario, was named in 2007 after Hans Langsdorff, who commanded Nazi German forces at the 1939 Battle of the River Plate. The Town of Ajax is named after the HMS Ajax, a British ship that took part in the engagement.

After losing the encounter, Langsdorff scuttled his ship off the coast of Argentina, allowing its crew to escape rather than face the British fleet again. He then shot himself, leaving a suicide note in which he remarked: “I shall face my fate with firm faith in the cause and the future of the nation and of my Führer.”

B’nai Brith’s position is that there is no room for monuments or other dedications in Canada honouring Nazi combatants or their collaborators.

In July, Ajax Town Council voted to rename Graf Spee Lane, another street in the municipality named after the Admiral Graf Spee — Langsdorff’s ship at the Battle of the River Plate. It is unclear why the name of the ship was deemed inappropriate while the name of its captain was allowed to remain.

“There is no place for streets honouring Nazi combatants in Canada,” said Michael Mostyn, Chief Executive Officer of B’nai Brith Canada. “While Hans Langsdorff was attacking Allied shipping in the South Atlantic, his comrades were murdering Jews and Poles en masse in occupied Poland. These were inseparable components of the overall Nazi war effort.”  (more...)

Street Honouring Nazi Captain Must Be Renamed


Opposing Nazi Glorification at Home and Abroad

NAUGHTY NAZIS: Hitler Youth rallies an orgy of sexual hijinks


history Nazi Germany pregnancy abortion girls

Hitler Youth rallies were an orgy of hormone-charged hijinks in addition to a heaping, helping of hate, a new exhibit reveals.

The project at the Nazi Documentation Centre in Cologne pulls back the curtain for the first time on Hitler Youth and the League of German Girls (BDM).

Both were established in 1936 and all German children aged 10 to 18 were obliged to participate. The idea was to provide wholesome activities to build character.

And also to brainwash the 9 million children involved, who made dictator Adolf Hitler their rock star.

But the exhibit reveals that the carnal capers at mixed-gender rallies were far from wholesome.

After the notorious Nuremberg Rally in 1938, the exhibit reveals that 900 teenaged girls became pregnant. The prudish Nazi poohbahs were not pleased by the Teutonic trysts and ordered the girls to have abortions.  (more...)

NAUGHTY NAZIS: Hitler Youth rallies an orgy of sexual hijinks

Canadian Fascists


Canada fascism Nazi xenophobia anti-semitism

Efforts to transform local movements into national political organizations have generally failed. Ideology provides much stronger glue than localized hostility toward some practice or group. Perhaps one of the hidden benefits of a divided Canadian dualism and pluralism is that it is difficult to muster a mass response to a putative scapegoat group. In times of crisis — like the Great Depression — it becomes possible to mobilize anger and xenophobia as a political movement.

One cannot, therefore, take too lightly the appearance of fascist movements and parties in Canada in the 1930s. Of these, there were three main examples: the Canadian Nationalist Party led by William Whittaker and based in Winnipeg, the Canadian Union of Fascists (a pro-Mosleyite, British fascist organization), and the Parti National Social Chrétien (PNSC). The PNSC was the largest and most successful of the three, the political wing of a Quebec-based fascist movement under the leadership of Adrien Arcand (1899-1967). Heavily influenced by the rise of anti-Semitic movements in Europe and especially by Adolf Hitler’s German National Socialist (Nazi) Party, Arcand was an enthusiastic promoter of an all-white, all-Christian vision of Canada. The PNSC looked beyond the borders of Quebec, seeking sympathizers among Anglo-Canadians under the umbrella of the National Unity Party of Canada (NUPC). The emergence of Ku Klux Klan chapters in Ontario and on the Prairies, as well as the deeply entrenched anti-Asian sentiment among Euro-British Columbians made fertile ground for Arcand’s message. Following on the example set by European fascists, Arcand’s group took to wearing distinctive uniforms festooned with swastikas. While Hitler had his “brown shirts,” Benito Mussolini in Italy his “black shirts,” and Oswald Mosley in Britain his “green shirts,” in Canada the fascists were “blue shirts.”  (more...)

Canadian Fascists


This Isn’t the First Rise of the Far-Right in Canada

The Canadian Fuhrer: The Life of Adrien Arcand

books fascism Canada politics xenophobia anti-semitism

Monday, August 17, 2020

The Volunteer: The True Story of the Resistance Hero who Infiltrated Auschwitz

 Jack Fairweather’s new book "The Volunteer" tells the little-known story of Witold Pilecki, who spent nearly three years in Auschwitz clandestinely working to undermine the Germans and inform the Allies of Nazi crimes. Pilecki’s exploits were suppressed for decades after the war by Poland’s Communist government, but with the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1989 and the opening of the archives in Warsaw, the story of his heroic mission slowly emerged. Fairweather has drawn on Pilecki’s own accounts, including previously uncovered writings, hundreds of prisoners’ testimonies and exclusive interviews with those who knew him and fought beside him, to paint a compelling, nuanced portrait of a hero who risked everything to bring the horrors of Auschwitz to light. Fairweather was joined in conversation by the co-host of NPR’s "On Point" David Folkenflik.

Poland Auschwitz Home Army war courage resistance Pilecky genocide

Fashion tycoon Peter Nygard's two sons accuse him of paying his sex worker girlfriend to rape them when they were just 14 and 15


Peter Nygard Canada sex trafficking fashion oligarch crime rape pedophilia

Canadian fashion tycoon Peter Nygard has been accused of hiring his sex worker girlfriend to rape two of his sons when they were teenagers in a bombshell new lawsuit.  

Nygard's biological sons made the stunning allegations against their father - who has been accused of sexually assaulting dozens of women in a decades-long sex trafficking scheme - in a complaint filed Sunday in Manhattan federal court. 

The men claim they were both statutorily raped by the same 'girlfriend' of their father, who was a 'known sex worker'. 

The alleged rapes took place 14 years apart at properties owned by 79-year-old Nygard, the complaint obtained by states. 

In one case, Nygard, who has seven children in total, allegedly told the woman that he wanted her to 'make a man' out of one of the sons, who was 14 at the time.

'Each of the sons has experienced, first-hand, the destruction caused by Peter Nygard's sex trafficking venture and, through their truth, stand for accountability and justice,' the complaint obtained by states.  (more...)

Fashion tycoon Peter Nygard's two sons accuse him of paying his sex worker girlfriend to rape them when they were just 14 and 15

Captain Witold Pilecki and the Resistance in Auschwitz

 Witold Pilecki was Auschwitz Prisoner 4859. He was also the only known individual in the world to enter the notorious death camp voluntarily - to gather intelligence for Poland's Underground and to form a Resistance Movement within the camp. He survived for nearly three years, then escaped. 

His mission in the notorious German Nazi concentration and death camp lasted almost three years, from 1940 to 1943. He was sent by Poland's Underground Resistance Movement to smuggle out information about the then-secret camp and to create a resistance organization within. After the war, he was arrested by communist authorities, tortured, given a show trial and executed - branded a traitor to his country. 

Before his death, Pilecki wrote a detailed report from his time in the camp. That report was recently translated into English, and published in 2012 by Aquila Polonica as The Auschwitz Volunteer: Beyond Bravery: Captain Witold Pilecki.

On Jan. 27, 2013 - International Holocaust Remembrance Day - the Embassy of Poland in the U.S. partnered with the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum on an event honoring Witold Pilecki.

Poland Auschwitz military heroism resistance books history

Sunday, August 16, 2020

New Yorker risks life as double agent in Nazi underground, brings down Duquesne Spy Ring


Nazi espionage FBI sabotage crime books

The day after Hitler declared war on the United States on Dec. 11, 1941, a Brooklyn jury returned convictions on a viperous nest of Nazi spies brought to justice by a humble but courageous Manhattan man.

William Sebold was the FBI's first double agent and the country's first hero of World War II.

In a fascinating new book, "Double Agent," Peter Duffy reveals the little-known story of the New Yorker who risked his life daily in the city's Nazi underground, ferreting out traitors sworn to arming the Führer's deadly Luftwaffe bombers and providing lethal assistance to German U-boats.

The Duquesne Spy Ring, as it was known, was brought down by Sebold in what still stands as the largest espionage case in American history. A femme fatale, a soldier of fortune and a gun-toting Sperry engineer were among the 33 spies, most naturalized citizens, eventually sentenced to a total of 300 years in prison.

Sebold, a German immigrant, was a naturalized American citizen when he returned to Germany to visit his mother in 1939. The Nazis, overly impressed with a low-level job Sebold once held in the aircraft industry, were determined to put a spymaster in place in Manhattan and informed him at the threat of death that he now worked for them.  (more...)

New Yorker risks life as double agent in Nazi underground, brings down Duquesne Spy Ring

Toronto's Grace Buchanan-Dineen's life of intrigue and espionage in Detroit


Nazi spy Toronto Detroit crime treason Rosedale Irish Catholic

Countess Grace Buchanan-Dineen, child of a prominent Rosedale family, lived a glamorous life in Detroit during the Second World War. Beautiful and cosmopolitan, she rapidly “became a social favorite,” one observer recalled, as she regaled them with anecdotes about her decade spent in Europe as the continent descended into war. Then, in late August 1943, her high-profile arrest on espionage charges shocked Detroit and Toronto with the revelation that the countess had been a Nazi spy, gathering intelligence on U.S. war production and defence capabilities as head of a spy ring. Though she’d turned FBI informant, Buchanan-Dineen faced the possibility of trading her mink coats and jewels for a long term in prison clothes—or even the death penalty. One senior FBI official found the plot “so fantastic” that it sounded “like storybook reading.” But, in reality, it was something straight out of a Hitchcock film.

Returning home to Toronto after serving time for her crimes, Grace Buchanan-Dineen expressed her desire, as the Toronto Star paraphrased, to “begin working on a novel or a series of short stories on the last 10 years of her life,” detailing her exploits in espionage and intrigue. Although no such stories were ever published, it was a fitting ambition because Buchanan-Dineen’s life as a spy had been about crafting fictions.

She used her own name, but the version of her biography the FBI assembled for the press—presumably with her cooperation—was filled with half-truths and obfuscations. Buchanan was, in fact, her middle name—one she shared with her father, Frank Buchanan Dineen, in honour of his mother’s maiden name. But she hyphenated her name or, at least, she never seems to have corrected the countless FBI agents and reporters who did. She was commonly described as a Countess, whose great-grandfather had been the last Count De Neen of Brittany, and was said to be born to French-Canadian parents in Toronto. That she was born in Toronto was true—on May 23, 1909. But no one else in her family ever seems to have claimed roots in the French nobility—or, in fact, to be anything other than plain Irish. If the family had ancestors in the nobility, it was likely further back in her family tree. Her grandfather, William D. Dineen, was a self-made man, in the common telling of her family’s history.  (more...)

Toronto's Grace Buchanan-Dineen's life of intrigue and espionage in Detroit

books Nazi spy war treason espionage crime