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All in the family: The spread of the Nazis after World War 2

Dr. Joseph Farrell is a guest on Dr. Katherine Horton's new interview series Special Investigators. They discuss the spread of the Nazis after World War 2, and their technology and methods.

books accountability transparency fascism Catholic Nazi politics research business crime corruption freemasonry Venice Amsterdam Frankfurt Luciferian Illuminati

accountability transparency fascism Catholic Nazi politics research business crime corruption freemasonry Venice Amsterdam Frankfurt Luciferian Illuminati

,,, In Financial Vipers of Venice, Joseph's second book directly on matters related to finance, Dr. Farrell takes us directly into the heart of the alchemical principles that lit the fuse of the Renaissance. His investigation into the murder of Giordano Bruno, the alchemical theologian and scholar of the first magnitude that was induced to come to Venice and wound up roasted on an Inquisitional barbecue, brings forth clues to a deep and very old agenda to suppress the true nature of human consciousness and existence itself.

The real "fire" that Giordano Bruno's auto-de-fe attempted to squelch was the paleo-ancient concept of what Dr. Farrell calls "the Metaphor," a crucial fact of the universe largely kept from modern man. For the Metaphor describes the relationship of the physical man to the cosmos itself. It supports an understanding of existence and the universe as the most powerful kind of open system, where new information is created as the core function of the unceasing moment of creation. The very nature of the Metaphor itself allows him to contrast its meaning with the modern definition of economy and even money. He shows in certain terms that the current and historical financial systems are the diametric opposite of what the Metaphor, an ancient scientific principle, would suggest to be in line with this ultimate natural law.

Dr. Farrell, being the detective he is, then connects these topics to the behavior of the voracious and predatorial families that gave rise to the Most Serene Republic of Venice. He traces their roots to the Chaldean slaves that eventually took over the Italian Peninsula and who brought with them the philosophy, genetic memory and business techniques of the ancient Sumerians. He analyzes their practices and their effects, their feint alliances and their treacheries. You will never see Venice in the same light again.

He shows us some evidence that these "Venetians" moved into Bavaria, Holland, and England in the mid to late 14th century due to the impending "discovery" of the New World. Their spiritual and behavioral cancer took root in those places and the effects are with us today...

Benefits of an Oxford Education -- Going to University

The vlogger doesn't stress this point, but the the belt in the Oxford University coat of arms, as well as the urns prominent in the campus architecture are very good examples of what she calls "cartel signalling", as you will appreciate below. The belt and urns are key elements of the ritual described by historian Sean Hross here:

education freemasonry crime corruption Luciferianism Illuminati cartel cabal murder conspiracy
A neighboring college to Katherine Horton's Hertford College is New College Oxford, which was the model on which New College University of Toronto was founded. Although rather boxy looking, the curved central quad of New College Toronto appears patterned on the Isis River that snakes through the Oxford campus. Also, a piece of the old college was donated to and incorporated into the building of Wetmore Hall -- a sculpture of a headless angel -- Lucifer?

education freemasonry crime corruption Luciferianism Illuminati cartel cabal murder conspiracy

The stories of the old New College and the angel in the new New College give a bit of context.

Armed with these new facts, the belt-murders of a New College alumnus and her husband take new meaning:

Such was the stuff of my undergraduate years.

Friday, April 26, 2019

Who Hooked Us on Halloween? Mars Crime Corporation

accountability business fascism corruption politics family tax evasion corporations Halloween
John Franklyn Mars being knighted by Queen Elizabeth II
The Mars family are worth over 70 billion and are a top criminal bloodline in the United States and they own one of the largest candy companies in the world. They are one of the most evil families in the US. They are leaders of the Cult of Mars which is a murderous militant cult. John Franklyn Mars was knighted by the House of Windsor and serves the British Crown. Queen Elizabeth II visisted the Mars candy factory. Prince Harry is a top member of the Cult of Mars. They add slow acting poisons and chemicals into their candy as a form of chemical warfare on society also known as alchemy. Artificial flavors and colors can cause diseases. They oppress humanity so that it is easier to control society. They use their large amount of wealth to conceal criminal transactions used for funding Nazi style persecution carried out by secret societies like the Knights of Columbus and Hells Angels and Aryan Brotherhood. The modernized concept of Halloween and Trick-or-treating was established in 1911 the same year that Mars candy company was established. The Mars family were the Candia family of Venice which ruled the Kingdom of Candia located on the island of Crete during the height of the Venetian Republic. Kydonia was a state during the Kingdom of Candia and is the name of a region on the planet Mars. The Venetians were merchants involved with the sugar trade. An Italian word for candy is candito. The ancient mystery schools covertly taught witchcraft and alchemy and these schools were maintained on the islands of Crete, Malta, and Rhodes. The Candia family served the House of Savoy and governed territories for them. Stephen Badger's mother is Jaqueline Mars. The Thurn und Taxis family originated in northern Italy and their name Taxis is from Tasso in Italian or Taxus in Latin which means badger.  (more...)

accountability business fascism corruption politics family tax evasion corporations Halloween
Queen Elizabeth II at the Mars candy factory

Germany's Right-Wing AfD Party Fights Culture of Remembrance

The 'Alternative for Germany' is trying to chip away at Germany's culture of remembrance and its memorials to the victims of Nazi atrocities. Lamenting that young people were being made to feel guilty, the party appears to see no problem in forgetting the lessons of history.

history media education fascism crime Nazi military politics genocide propaganda denial revisionism Germany

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

How A Little Money Laundering Can Have A Big Impact On Real Estate Prices

accountability crime shell companies corruption business family politics real estate money laundering banks finance

Money laundering in Canadian real estate is a widely accepted fact of life these days, but the impact isn’t. Government and academics are still debating how much money is needed to distort a market. The truth is, not a whole lot is required to distort any asset market. This is a problem the stock market has been dealing with since the 1920s, and the reason it’s so highly regulated.

The key to understanding how laundering impacts prices, is understanding the marginal buyer. If you understand how prices are set, it doesn’t take long to see it’s not the amount of money that’s the issue. Price distortions can be the result of capital velocity, and the intention of the marginal buyer.

First, let’s clarify laundering. Money laundering is the process of making illegally-gained proceeds appear legit. Those proceeds can be from monstrous activity, like fentanyl trafficking. Sometimes it’s less nefarious, like earned income evading a country’s arbitrary capital controls. All of it is illegal however, and is people are trying to hide it. There’s a few ways to do it – but the all follow the same basic process.

Money laundering is usually done in three phases – placement, layering, and integration. Placement is the introduction of cash into a legitimate system. Layering is conducting multiple transactions through multiple accounts, to obfuscate a trail. Integration is working the money back into the legit system. Properly laundered money should be extremely difficult to tell from legitimate business.

One last time, the goal is clean money. Parking cash long term in assets is not typical – these aren’t investors. That said, the layering process usually involves moving cash around very quickly. Fast moving cash often leaves a wake, especially if it’s moving through real estate. To understand why, you need to understand a few concepts – marginal buyers, money laundering, and sales comps.  (more...)


Religion and Politics Interpenetrate in Brasil

conservatism Brazil politics Evangelicalism Pentecostalism fascism heresy military prosperity gospel propaganda media messianism Christian Zionism

The Universal Church of the Kingdom of God (Igreja Universal do Reino de Deus or IURD) is a complex that involves a media empire not only aimed at propagating its religious and moral precepts and proselytizing, but also expressing the extraordinary growth of the Evangelicals in Brazil, especially that of neo-Pentecostalism, which has Prosperity and Health Theology at its heart. The neo-Pentecostal Evangelicals are a clear threat both to traditional and to popular Catholicism.

The IURD is a church-enterprise, whose power has spread especially in the Brazilian peripheries and has reached the public sphere and institutionalized politics, through the election of pastors and adherents who represent it in the National Congress and in Brazilian municipalities and states. Thanks to its high number of adherents and its media empire, alongside the Assemblies of God, the oldest Pentecostal Brazilian church, it works as a space to recruit voters and to enlarge the image of candidates who follow its line, to whom they offer in return the maintenance and amplification of power.

The neo-Pentecostal churches, led by the IURD, have become a kind of electoral breeding ground, on the one hand, and centers to broadcast electoral propaganda on the other, for those who represent it and those who will, if elected, offer it advantages and power.

The Evangelical Parliamentary Front (popularly called the ‘Evangelical Bench’), founded in 2003, clearly reflects the insertion of various kinds of Evangelicals into institutionalized politics. Most of the Evangelical parliamentarians in the Evangelical group are members of the Assemblies of God or the IURD.  (more...)


Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Morals, taxes do not mix well: Jesuit economist

Canada Africa Jesuits accountability transparency business corporations Catholic corruption fascism politics tax evasion mining

Accounting isn’t nearly as dull as we think it is, at least for those who practice the craft on behalf of international corporations that don’t want to pay taxes.

Corporate tax accountants can employ such schemes as the “single malt,” the “green jersey,” “patent boxes” and the “double Irish” to sidestep the tax man.

“I studied accounting once,” said Rotman School of Business, University of Toronto emeritus professor of economic analysis and policy Richard Bird. “My first accounting professor — this was in England — said to me, ‘What do you say when your boss says tell me what the profits are for last year?’ I didn’t know. I was a first￾year student. He said, ‘You ask him what he wants them to be.’ ”

All that accounting creativity is costing Africa big time, complains Jesuit Fr. Charlie Chilufya, an economist and director of the Justice and Ecology Network for the Jesuit Conference of Africa and Madagascar.

A 2016 report from a panel headed by former South African president Thabo Mbeki estimated the offshoring of profits for tax purposes was costing African countries between $60 and $100 billion per year in tax revenue. To make the math easier, Chilufya uses the figure of $50 billion for the 54 countries in Africa, asking his audiences what it would mean to put nearly $1 billion per year into the treasury of every African nation.

That kind of injection would mean there would be medicine on the shelves of pharmacies in rural hospitals, food for poor mothers and their children and paved roads to allow farmers to get their crops to market.

Canada is deeply involved in all of this, Chilufya told his audience at a presentation titled “Africa: Tax Justice and the Common Good” at the Mary Ward Centre in Toronto, organized by the Canadian Jesuits International, last month. Canadians for Tax Fairness pegged Canadian funds squirreled away in tax havens at $261 billion at the end of 2016, down from $272 billion in 2015.

Chilufya pointed out that Canadian stock markets are home to about half the publicly-traded mining companies in the world, and that international mining companies are among the masters of tax avoidance, often negotiating extended tax holidays with corrupt or illegitimate governments in exchange for investments that are sometimes grossly overstated.

“This is a matter of ethics,” Chilufya declared, speaking a few blocks north of the world’s largest stock market for mining, oil and gas.  (more...)


Monday, April 22, 2019

Operation Gladio: The Unholy Alliance

mafia CIA accountability Catholic corruption crime drugs military politics freemasonry banks finance books
Calvi, Sindona, Gelli e Marcinkus
On the hot summer morning of Aug. 2, 1980 a massive explosion ripped apart the main waiting room of the Bologna railway station. Eighty-five people were killed and hundreds more injured. Though at first blamed on Italy’s legendary urban guerrillas, The Red Brigades, it soon emerged that the attack had, in fact, originated from within the ‘deep state’ of the Italian government itself.

The full nature of this secret parallel state would only come to light a decade later when the Italian premier, Giulio Andreotti, under questioning from a special commission of inquiry, revealed the existence of arms caches stashed all around the country and which were at the disposal of an organization which later came to be identified as ‘Gladio’.

The members of this group turned out to include not only hundreds of far-right figures in the intelligence, military, government, media, Church and corporate sectors, but a motley assortment of unreconstructed WW2 fascists, psychopaths and criminal underworld types to boot. And despite Andreotti’s attempts to airbrush the group as ‘patriots’ it appeared evident to much of the rest of the Italian polity that these seemed rather more like pretty bad folk indeed. Little did they know. Follow-up research by the likes of Daniele Ganser, Claudio Celani, Jurgen Roth and Henrik Kruger traced connections to similar groups spread throughout Europe of which all were found to be deep state terrorist organizations, and all of which were found, ultimately, to be subservient unto the highest levels of the CIA and NATO command structures.

The moniker ‘Gladio’ (after the two-edged sword used in classical Rome) was eventually broadened to include a bewildering host of related deep state terrorist structures including: ‘P2’ In Italy, ‘P26’ in Switzerland, ‘Sveaborg’ in Sweden, ‘Counter-Guerrilla’ in Turkey and ‘Sheepskin’ in Greece. This (hardly definitive) European list was then found to have connections not only to virtually every US sponsored secret state terrorist organization the world over (including the likes of Operation Condor in Latin America), but also to many of the global drug cartels that provided the secretive wealth needed to fund and otherwise lubricate the whole rotting, corrupt shebang.

If all this sounds sinister enough, it pales in light of the detailed structure of the dazzlingly diabolical Gladio edifice.  (more...)

mafia CIA accountability Catholic corruption crime drugs military politics freemasonry banks finance books

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Hell is Watching Endless Bad Remakes of Beau Geste

France Catholic Islam freemasonry apostasy tradition

The rooster says, don't make me do this to you eternally:

Saturday, April 20, 2019

Stephen Bannon Is a Fan of a French Philosopher…Who Was an Anti-Semite and a Nazi Supporter

history fascism Catholic Nazi immigration politics collaborators France Vichy anti-semitism xenophobia hate racism bigotry

Stephen Bannon, President Donald Trump’s chief strategist, recently spoke approvingly of the ideas of an anti-Semitic French intellectual who was sentenced to life in prison for cooperating with the Nazis during World War II.

In an article on Bannon’s interactions with European right-wing nationalists who want to break apart the European Union, Politico reported last week that Bannon has “expressed admiration for the reactionary French philosopher Charles Maurras, according to French media reports confirmed by Politico.” Recent articles in French media claim Bannon favorably cited Maurras to a French diplomat. Politico describes Maurras as a Catholic nationalist—like Bannon—and notes that Bannon has parroted several of Maurras’ ideas. A hero to members of Europe’s far right, Maurras is a natural fit for Bannon, who has expressed support for Brexit and France’s National Front movement and is known to hate the European Union.

But Maurras was more than a nationalist. He was an infamous anti-Semite, whose anti-Jewish views were central to his outlook. From 1908 to 1944, Maurras edited the anti-Semitic paper L’Action Francaise, the organ of an eponymous movement that was anti-democratic and pro-monarchy. The movement was born out of the Dreyfus Affair, an international controversy in which an innocent Jewish soldier was convicted in 1894 of passing secrets to the Germans, a crime for which he was later exonerated. The movement’s “founding prejudice” was that Dreyfus was in fact guilty and that those who supported him were undermining France, according to Frederick Brown’s The Embrace of Unreason: France, 1914-1940. Maurras spent years writing anti-Semitic articles. He referred to the French government, known as the Third Republic, as “the Jew State, the Masonic State, the immigrant State.”  (more...)

history fascism Catholic Nazi immigration politics collaborators France Vichy anti-semitism xenophobia hate racism bigotry

Bad Faith: A Forgotten History of Family, Fatherland and Vichy France

books Nazi fascism Vichy France accountability politics collaboration anti-semitism crime genocide

Bad Faith tells the story of one of history’s most despicable villains and con men—Louis Darquier de Pellepoix, Nazi collaborator and “Commissioner for Jewish Affairs” in France’s Vichy government.Darquier set about to eliminate Jews in France with brutal efficiency, delivering 75,000 men, women, and children to the Nazis and confiscating Jewish property, which he used for his own gain. Carmen Callil’s riveting and sometimes darkly comic narrative reveals Darquier as a self-obsessed fantasist who found his metier in propagating hatred—a career he denied to his dying day—and traces the heartrending consequences for his daughter Anne of her poisoned family legacy. A brilliant meld of epic sweep and psychological insight, Bad Faith is a startling history of our times.

books Nazi fascism Vichy France accountability politics collaboration anti-semitism crime genocide

In memory of my sixth grade teacher

Friday, April 19, 2019

Criminal Germany: Faked Emissions May Send Volkswagen CEO to Prison

Bill Black examines the corrupt corporate worlds of Germany and the U.S. and how Trump ignores corporate malfeasance.

accountability business corporations crime technology fascism cartels transparency fraud

Where did Daddy Drumpf learn his business smarts?

accountability business corporations crime technology fascism cartels transparency fraud

Thursday, April 18, 2019

Guinea Pigs: Technologies of Control

books medicine technology crime fascism MKULTRA mind control gang stalking

For years the federal government has sought to remotely control human behavior. Starting with the CIA projects MKULTRA and MKSEARCH in the 1950s, the American public has been unwitting guinea pigs in a multitude of non-consensually performed experiments that have continued into the 21st century.

Guinea Pigs takes readers on a journey into the darkest corners of U.S. non-consensual experimentation and the various technologies of control that have led to our current surveillance state.

The recent revelations regarding the extent of NSA eavesdropping is only the tip of the iceberg. We are currently in an information war and a mind war, where our privacy and autonomy as human beings are at stake.

Guinea Pigs will arm you with the information needed to fight back against those who seek to eliminate human free will. Over the coming years, terms like “remote neural monitoring,” “brain-mapping,” and “electronic harassment” will become household words. To be one step ahead of the game, be prepared for the future with Guinea Pigs.

Paranoia Nation: Targeted Individuals & Mind Control

Aaron and Melissa interview Dr. John Hall, author of "A New Breed: Satellite Terrorism in America" on tonight's Truthstream Media LIVE broadcast at a special time: 8 pm CST. We'll be talking about targeting with microwave weapons, the government's capabilities and the revelations of the Navy Yard shooter carving "My ELF Weapon" into the shotgun he reportedly used to gun down 12 people.

MKULTRA CIA accountability fascism crime military police medicine totalitarianism politics

MKULTRA CIA accountability fascism crime military police medicine totalitarianism politics

Trust your government? After they ratlined Nazi spies and scientists by the  thousands? Here's a nice lollipop for you.

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

CIA Docs Shows UK, France and West Germany Wanted to Bring “Operation Condor” To Europe

CIA accountability Operation Condor crime justice police politics military torture assassination abduction

SANTIAGO, CHILE — A recently declassified CIA document has revealed that members of the intelligence agencies of France, the United Kingdom and West Germany discussed how to establish “an anti-subversive organization similar to [the CIA’s Operation] Condor” in their own countries. Described by the CIA as “a cooperative effort by the intelligence/security services of several South American countries to combat terrorism and subversion,” Operation Condor was a campaign of state terrorism originally planned by the CIA that targeted leftists, suspected leftists and their “sympathizers” and resulted in the forced disappearances, torture and brutal murders of an estimated 60,000 people, as well as the political imprisonment of around half a million people. Around half of the estimated murders occurred in Argentina.

The document, released last Friday as part of a release of newly declassified U.S. government documents related to the U.S.-backed military dictatorship that ruled Argentina from 1976 to 1983, states that:
"Representatives of West German, French and British intelligence services had visited the Condor organization secretariat in Buenos Aires during the month of September 1977 in order to discuss methods for establishment of an anti-subversion organization similar to Condor” due to their view that “the terrorist/subversive threat had reached such dangerous levels in Europe.”
The representatives from the three countries then stated that they felt that pooling “their intelligence resources in a cooperative organization such as Condor” would be an important way of combating the “subversive threat.” Notably, England at the time was already involved in an international “intelligence sharing” program known as ECHELON, a program between the “Five Eyes” intelligence pact between the U.K., the U.S., Canada, Australia and New Zealand that continues in a different form today.

The document, which was written in 1978, came two years after Operation Condor targeted left-wing Latin American exiles living in Europe. Several other documents in the recent release discuss a decision made by Condor member countries in May 1976 to train and send a military unit to “conduct physical attacks” against left-wing Latin American exiles and their supporters in France, in what was codenamed “Teseo.” Several Condor countries, aside from Brazil and Bolivia, were eager to participate and the training of the “Teseo” unit did occur, though the CIA was apparently unaware whether the unit was actually sent to France.  (more...)

Death Squads: The French-Algerian School

English Version of "Les escadrons de la mort: L'école franco-algérienne," a 2003 documentary by Marie-Monique Robin about how Latin American death squads were trained by the generals in charge of the "The Battle of Algiers," and how the film by that name was used unironically as a training film. Also how these generals and Trinquier's book created the foundation of the School of the Americas curriculum and the Phoenix program in Vietnam.

accountability fascism crime war politics justice Argentina France Chile Brazil torture

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Pierre Laval, Nazi Collaborator

Pierre Laval was a French politician who held several cabinet posts including Foreign Minister and was Prime Minister in 1931-32 and 1935-36. After the Nazis occupied France in 1940, Laval developed a close relationship with Adolf Hitler and proposed that the two countries should collaborate. In 1943 Laval created the Milice. Within six months they were playing the leading role in capturing Jews and left-wing activists and deporting them to Germany.

Nazi collaboration fascism Nazi crime politics war France

French revolution, matrix of the future genocides : Vendée, 1793

Vendée, 1793, peasants first support the Revolution but when French Republic forbids freedom of religious worship and introduces conscription to go fight against Europe, they quickly turn against it.

In Vendée, the revolt is organized into the so-called Catholic and Royal Army but at the end of 1793 it is put down.

Republic trembled and is now going to avenge with no mercy. Under the Committee of Public Safety rules, slaughters will multiply. Dozens of thousands of prisoners are tortured, rapped, shot or drowned... The army hunts down Vendeans, including women, children and elders, to eliminate them methodically.

In 1986, young historian Reynald Secher publishes a thesis where he describes the slaughters from the Republican Army in Vendée and names them as genocide. This is the end of a 200 year taboo.

In this documentary broadcast in France 3 on March 7th 2012, Franck Ferrand recalls this silenced part of French national history.

 Bibliography :
  •  La Vendée-Vengé, Le génocide franco-français - Reynald Secher
  •  La désinformation autour des guerres de Vendée et du génocide vendéen - Reynald Secher
  •  Le livre noir de la Révolution Française - Renaud Escande et collectif d'historiens
genocide Vendee French Revolution Catholic censorship crime Enlightenment freemasonry military violence war denial

genocide Vendee French Revolution Catholic censorship crime Enlightenment freemasonry military violence war denial

Germany: Murder Pays

BERLIN (Own report) - Germany is still paying war victims' pensions to Nazi collaborators abroad, while refusing any compensation to the numerous victims of the Nazis. As was reported a few weeks ago, more than 2000 former Nazi collaborators, living in various European countries, are still receiving monthly state pensions of up to €1,275 from Germany. This has caused considerable anger. However, the administration offices in charge are willing to "examine" the cases of only four former members of the Waffen-SS living in the Netherlands. The German state pays a monthly total of three-quarters of a million euros to former collaborators - whereas it is not in a position to pay a symbolic €2,500 as compensation to an 83-year-old man, who, had been abducted as a child from his parents in occupied Poland to be "Germanized" in Germany. Last week, a German court rejected his final appeal. The Nazis had abducted up to 200,000 children to the Reich.

Particularly children from Poland, Russia, Czechoslovakia, Slovenia and Norway, were victims of this abduction. Nazi "race" specialists had classified them apt for "Germanization," because of their physical characteristics, such as blond hair, blue eyes. Their parents had been abducted into forced labor or murdered, if they had not already died through the conditions of the war and terror of occupation. The children were then sent to SS Lebensborn homes or foster families. They were robbed of their identity - forbidden also to speak their mother language - and subjected to the process of "Germanization" through physical and psychological coercion. Frequently, because they had been abducted at a very early age, they had never learned of their fate. Others, who had remembered or learned of their abduction, had to make extensive investigations, just to learn their original name or true date of birth. Many suffered or - if alive - still suffer from the psychological consequences of their abduction.  (more...)


The nightmare continues:

Monday, April 15, 2019

'Prey': A documentary by Windsor director shines a light on sexual abuse by priests

abuse accountability boys Catholic crime gay clergy homosexuality misconduct education pedophilia rape
Patrick McMahon hopes the documentary will help raise awareness about
crimes of this nature.
It's a documentary that Windsorite director Matt Gallagher has been aspiring to create for about 15 years — and now, his film Prey about sexual abuse by Catholic priests will premiere at Hot Docs, Canada's largest documentary film festival later this month.

The film focuses on one perpetrator in particular, Father William Hodgson "Hod" Marshall, a retired priest and teacher, who several years ago pleaded guilty to sexually abusing 16 boys and one girl at schools in Toronto, Sudbury and Windsor.

Featured in the film is Windsorite Patrick McMahon who, as a boy, fell victim to Marshall.

McMahon has been using his voice to speak out and protest in an effort to hold those within the church accountable.

"It's something I feel passionately about....I will continue to speak out until people who cover this up are brought to justice," he said.  (more...)

Sunday, April 14, 2019

Year of Lead: Washington, Wall Street and the New Imperialism in Brazil

corruption books fascism politics military Brazil CIA regime change coup

As empire looked on, the leading candidate was jailed, a rising star was assassinated, and a fascist ascended - in the violent, post-truth hysteria of Brazil's dirtiest election year in modern history.

A few months later the newly inaugurated President and his Minister of Justice would walk into the headquarters of the CIA in Langley, Virginia.

With twenty one diverse contributors, Year of Lead gives unique firsthand insight into the realities of this enormous country, and how foreign designs on its wealth have again altered the course of its history.

A resource on Brazil's crisis, and how it got there.

"Understanding the tactics of lawfare, the misuse of corruption as a tool to elevate far-right politics and the ways in which the extremes of Brazil's situation reflect and parallel our global predicament is essential."
-Michael Brooks

"We cannot stay silent as social progress and the rights of millions of citizens in Brazil are threatened. We need to ensure the truth is known.
This book is timely, necessary, and will infuriate apologists for what is being done to Latin America."
-Richard Burgon, UK Member of Parliament
Shadow Secretary of State for Justice


Saturday, April 13, 2019

'Ve hav vays of making you relax': How SS recommended yoga to death camp guards as a good way to de-stress

Yoga New Age fascism gnosticism Nazi genocide

A German historian has discovered how the SS in Nazi Germany recommended its members - including death camp guards - practice yoga to enrich their 'mind, bodies and spirits.'

The first ever book probing the Third Reich's fascination with the ancient discipline - intended to attain 'perfect spiritual insight and tranquility' - was published this week, entitled Yoga In National Socialism by historian and yoga expert Mathias Tietke.

It shows how S.S. overlord Heinrich Himmler was fascinated with the discipline and perverted it and its ancient roots into a philosophy to justify the Holocaust.

'Whoever thinks about yoga,' said the author, 'thinks of  people sitting in the lotus position, greeting the sun in order to reduce the stress of everyday life.

'It is associated with mental equilibrium, the search for wisdom and inner peace and is not considered to be about force or persecution. Nevertheless, there is also this side to the history of yoga.'  (more...)


When you've broken the first commandment...

Friday, April 12, 2019

One Nation Under God: How Corporate America Invented Christian America

books Christian Right politics corruption modernism business prosperity gospel totalitarianism heresy gnosticism fascism

Conventional wisdom holds that America has been a Christian nation since the Founding Fathers. But in One Nation Under God, historian Kevin M. Kruse argues that the idea of “Christian America” is nothing more than a myth—and a relatively recent one at that.

The assumption that America was, is, and always will be a Christian nation dates back no further than the 1930s, when a coalition of businessmen and religious leaders united in opposition to FDR’s New Deal. With the full support of Dwight Eisenhower in the 1950s, these activists—the forerunners of the Religious Right—propelled religion into the public sphere. Church membership skyrocketed; Congress added the phrase “under God” to the Pledge of Allegiance and made “In God We Trust” the country’s official motto. For the first time, America became a thoroughly religious nation.

Provocative and authoritative, One Nation Under God reveals how the comingling of money, religion, and politics created a false origin story that continues to define and divide American politics today.

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Hate groups targeting high school students, experts say

Nazi fascism education alt-right white supremacy freemasonry youth Orange nationalism identity politics

On the same day that Facebook banned six far-reaching, Canadian far-right groups and individuals from its platform, local parents and teachers heard from hate experts that members of such extreme white nationalist organizations had recently targeted Newmarket High School for recruitment purposes.

The Say No to Hate seminar organized by the York Region District School Board drew a large crowd of educators, parents and some high school students to the Newmarket High School auditorium on April 8. About 300 people pre-registered for the event.

Moderator Bernie Farber, a longtime human rights and hate crime expert was joined by Elizabeth Moore, a former member of the now-defunct 1990s white supremacist group the Heritage Front, and Canadian Anti-Hate Network executive director Evan Balgord, an investigative journalist and noted researcher on far-right extremism in Canada.

“It’s an important day. Today, Facebook actually decided to act on its promise and bar white nationalist groups and individuals,” Farber said to applause during his opening remarks.

“Tonight, we’re going to talk about hate. We’re clearly living in very complex and difficult times. Even this morning, we were informed that this school was plastered with posters from a white nationalist organization telling people to be aware of the fact that we’re here tonight to talk to you about 'anti-European hatred'. But the sadness is that they came into this school. They’re here, my friends, they’re here.”  (more...)


Yes, they are here. When I came to Toronto as a young engineering student, I was immediately immersed in a hot stew of second-generation Nazi hate. As a Catholic of Polish descent, I quickly discovered that I didn't fit in and found niches with Jewish students where we could evade the campus Gestapo. Two places on campus that I had to avoid were New College and St. Michael's College. Sons and daughters of former Nazis and Axis ideologues seemed to congregate there in unusual numbers, and their student bodies reinforced each other in supremacist radicalization. Even today, these ideologues poison our communities:

Tuesday, April 9, 2019


Catholic Poland crime war Nazi medicine research experiments

In the beginning, SS commander Heinrich Himmler used Ravensbrück, the largest women’s-only concentration camp in the Third Reich, as a show camp. There were flowers in the window boxes, birdcages and a beautiful road lined with trees. Himmler would show it to the international Red Cross to prove he was treating the prisoners well.

Then came 1945… In Ravensbrück, the inmates – largely Catholic but also Protestant and Jewish – were now starving, sick, and struggling to survive day-to-day in the camp known as “Hitler’s Hell for Women.” Many had lost husbands, children, and other beloved family and friends; all had lost their countries. In this hell, prisoners created Christmas parties for the children, organized education classes, wrote plays, shared food and clothing and protected the sick. And these women, from over 20 different nations, found a way to come together and risk their lives to save 63 young Catholic Polish inmates, many of whom were high school and college students, who had been horribly maimed by Nazi experimental surgeries on their legs and slated for execution.

Not only did this international group of women pull off one of the most amazing large-scale concentration camp rescues of the war, but they ensured that the young Polish students, known as the “Rabbits” because of the way they developed a distinctive habit of limping—“hopping”—around camp on their wounded legs, survived to testify at the Nuremberg Trials against their Nazi doctors. It took the courage and cooperation of thousands of women of varying countries, religions, and political beliefs, but in the end - and against all odds - they saved the Rabbits of Ravensbrück.

Ravensbrück is a camp relatively unknown because it doesn’t fit the typical Holocaust narrative. Every single Rabbit was Catholic. The hundreds of survivors’ stories in this account bear witness to the terrifying heterogeneity of Nazi crimes.  (more...)

Catholic Poland crime war Nazi medicine research experiments

Monday, April 8, 2019

The Unsolved Murder Of An Unusual Billionaire

In December 2017, a Canadian pharmaceuticals executive and his wife were strangled in their home. No one knows who did it or why, but everyone has a theory.

accountability fascism freemasonry drugs crime corruption Nazi science business police

Although mainstream media continues to focus on Barry Sherman and his many commercial conflicts, an intelligent observer would note that this does not distinguish him from many other successful businessmen. It's part of the game. What is unique in this case is the ritual arrangement of the victims' bodies, which puts things in the realm of "Eyes Wide Shut". While Barry was a no-nonsense scientific nerd and atheist, things are far more interesting for Honey. Her alma mater, New College at the University of Toronto, was a hive of Luciferianism, old Nazi aristocracy, and freemasonry. A former Austrian Nazi officer was on the college's board.; one of Ontario's highest ranking freemasons. His daughter subjected me to an intense and prolonged attempt at recruitment, which ended at harassment and stalking when I resisted. My "Catholic" house don had invited me to a satanic black mass and tried to set me up "romantically" with an Eastern Star lecturer with the college. Memorable stuff. My Jewish classmates and friends quickly left the college, and I followed them after a very unsettling second year in residence. If Honey Reich (her maiden name) had persisted in this milieu, she was living in very dangerous company. Here are some places our "serve and protect" boys may want to investigate, if they're not too beholden to the freemasons:

accountability fascism freemasonry drugs crime corruption Nazi science business police

accountability fascism freemasonry drugs crime corruption Nazi science business police

Saturday, April 6, 2019

Nazi Precursors IV: Nazi Skull and Schwarz Bones

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Arnold Schwarzenegger doing the Nazi salute
The House of Schwarzenberg is an Austrian-Bohemian nobility serving the House of Habsburg and they are involved with military, politics, and the Roman Catholic Church with Cardinal Friedrich Schwarzenberg during the 19th century. The family has origins from Bavaria and they established a covert branch in Switzerland. On their coat of arms there is a raven pecking at a decapitated head. Prince Karel Schwarzenberg is the current head of this family and a member of the Czech parliament and a knight of the Habsburg's Order of the Golden Fleece. They are a Roman Catholic family also connected with Protestantism which was created as a false opposition to Rome. Prince Karel supports the idea that denying communist crimes is a criminal offense. That itself is fascist and intended to deny freedom of speech. Prince Karel has attended Bilderberg meetings. Bilderberg is international conference with members in politics, military, business, and banking that conspire together to dominate over society in secret which sounds just like communism. It was in Austria where families like the Schwarzenbergs ruled where the Nazi ideologies had originated from. The royal and noble bloodlines engineered WWII all around. Adolf Hitler was an Austrian. Gustave Schwarzenegger was an Austrian Nazi and the father of Arnold Schwarzenegger. Arnold Schwarzenegger did a Nazi salute for one of his body building photos. Schwarzenegger is an unofficial relative of the Schwarzenberg family and that is why he has been allowed to become a famous and wealthy actor and politician as the former Governor of California.  (more...)


Nazi Precursors III: Hessian Nazi Militia

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Prince Donatus of Hesse is one of the highest level members of the Holy Roman
Empire... the essence of a holocaustic Nazi
The House of Hesse are a military bloodline of the Holy Roman Empire closely allied with the House of Habsburg and British Crown. The Hesse princes are extremely murderous Nazis. Langrave Donatus of Hesse is a global commander of Nazi gang stalking cults. The Hesse family own the Iron Horsemen motorcycle gang which were founded in Cincinnati. Cincinnati has a large German-American population. The first German Methodist church was established in Cincinnati. Hest in old Germanic-Danish means horse. Rudolf Hess was a relative of the House of Hesse and Deputy Fuhrer of the Nazi Party. Philipp the Landgrave of Hesse was a member of the Nazi Party. Christoph Ernst August of Hesse was a member of the Nazi SS. Mayer Amschel Rothschild was the founder of the Rothschild banking dynasty and employed through the House of Hesse and Elector William I of Hesse. Royalty and nobility ruled and owned governments. They lived in palaces with vaults filled with gold. They employed bankers and businessmen which were and are usually fake Jews like the Rothschilds who they would loan out gold to so they could manage proxy banks for them. When people get fed up with oppressive governments and corruption the blame is mostly shifted onto bankers which are really serving the royal and noble families.  (more...)


history accountability corruption oligarchy fascism Nazi eugenics population control

Nazi Precursors II: IllumiNazi Hohenzollerns

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The Hohenzollern-Prussian coat of arms with the black and white masonic checkerboard
pattern. Freemasonry in Germany was first established in Prussia.
The House of Hohenzollern are an imperial military bloodline that ruled in Germany, Prussia, and Romania. The Hohenzollerns originated from Hechingen, Germany which uses the masonic black and white checkboard pattern for its flag similar to the Hohenzollern coat of arms. They were extensive land owners with castles all over the Holy Roman Empire. Today the President of Germany resides in the Hohezollern's former Bellevue Palace. The House of Hohenzollern are elevated at the top of the masonic Illuminati pyramid. The German word Hohe means height and zoll refers to tolls or tax collection. The Bank for International Settlements (BIS) which was founded by Nazis is a mediator in fraudulent tax contracts with central banks and has been siphoning off wealth from nations. Walther Funk and Emil Phul were Nazi bankers and original directors for the BIS. The Hohenzollern family have large amounts of wealth concealed in private banks like most royal bloodlines. Their primary function is commanding military operations financed by the Bank for International Settlements which funds covert Nazi style gang stalking in the US and around the world. ... They control society through structural systems. Their basic masonic structure is of a hexagram with and an upward Illuminati pyramid of false light merged with a downward Occult pyramid of false dark creating a hexagram design of control and the Hohenzollern family sit at the top of this Illuminati pyramid as overseers. The royal families refer to themselves as Illuminati. They believe they are illuminated and superior to the rest of society. They are really just fascist murderous, and deceptive psychopaths.  (more...)


Nazi Precursors I: SaxoNazis

accountability fascism Catholic history freemasonry Nazi modernism occult
Prince Alexander of Saxe-Gessaphe, and his wife Princess Gisela and son Prince Clemens
with Pope Francis
The Saxe-Coburg and Gotha family or Sachsen-Coburg and Gotha are a high level German royalty involved with military and landownership and involved with both Roman Catholicism and Protestantism. The Saxe clans manage white supremacist groups and also some black supremacist groups. The flag of Coburg has an African on it. The leadership of the white supremacist groups and black supremacist groups are covertly working together with the agenda of human enslavement.  Both of these groups blame Jews for everything and both of these groups are financed by Court Jews working for royals and nobles. Court Jews that work with royals and nobles are not real descendants of the ancient Hebrews. The Saxe families have covert shares in Goldman Sachs and still have residences in Bavaria where the Goldman and Sachs banking families originated. The Saxon nobles married with the Bavarian House of Wittelsbach more than 5 times which ruled Bavaria when the Goldman and Sachs families migrated to the United States. The name Saxe is said to be derived from the Seax knife however it is the other way around. The Saxons originated from a Scythian Tribe of Sakas. The Sakas were related with the more ancient Moabites and later the Kingdom of Ashkenaz located in Scythia which was also related with the Tribe of Ashkuza. The Gepids were a Gothic tribe and descendants of the Israeli Japhetites. Ashkenaz was an Israelite-Canaanite that migrated into Scythia establishing the Tribe of Ashkuza and Ashkenazi people. The House of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha were directly involved with the Nazis and the term Nazi was secretly created to honor Ashkenaz. Prince Friedrich Josias of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha was a Nazi officer in the Wehrmacht. Prince Bernhard of Saxe-Meiningen was accused of being part of a Nazi conspiracy and then later fled to Italy. Charles Edward the Duke of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha was a politician in Nazi Germany. The House of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha were one of the families involved in engineering the Nazis and WWII which was used to persecute and kill off their opposition as well as seize more power. The Saxe family's elder house is the Wettin family. Wettin like wet. They used brainwashing to cause the Nazi movement. The Nazis are generally white supremacists and this also links with the KKK wearing tall pointed hoods which originated with the Sakas.  (more...)


accountability fascism Catholic history freemasonry Nazi modernism occult

Who Owns the Knights of Columbus? Colonna Crime Corporation

accountability Catholic corruption crime Knights of Columbus

The House of Colonna presently hold the hereditary position of Prince Assistants to the Papal Throne at the Vatican. They claim to be the Julio-Claudian dynasty of ancient Rome and directly descend from Peter de Columna and the Counts of Tusculum from the 10th century. The Counts of Tusculum produced 6 popes. Cologne Germany was named Colonia Claudia Ara Agrippinensium named for the Julio-Claudian family. They descend from the Counts of Tusculum which took the name Ptolemy. The Julio-Claudian dynasty ruled Rome during the conquering of Ptolemaic Egypt and the Julio-Claudian family also married in with the Ptolemaic Dynasty. The Ptolemie family are an Italian nobility claiming ancestry from the Ptolemaic Dynasty. They were established in the 12th century and they purchased the fiefdom of Patrica from the Colonna family. Count Claudio Ptolemie is a current member. The Colonna family use the column on their coat of arms which is a symbol for political power. The Colonna name derives from the Greek word kolona which means a column. The Columbus and Colombo names also derive from Columna and Peter de Columna. The South American nation of Colombia is named after Columbus. Christopher Columbus was a relative of the Colonna family and he claimed America for Rome. Christopher Columbus was born in Genoa and he was partly financed by the Doria banking family which have intermarried with the House of Colonna several times in the past like with Prince Fabrizio Colonna and his wife Bianca Doria the Duchessa of Tursi as well as Prince Andrea Doria III of Melfi and his wife Princess Giovanna Colonna di Paliano. The Colonna family ruled in Alba Longa and covertly established a branch in Salamanca, Spain as the Dukes of Alba originally ruled by the Alvarez family now the Dukes of Toledo. Salamanca uses the column on its flag and the Dukes of Alba are intermarried with Christopher Columbus' family with his son Diego Colon and Maria de Toledo. The Alvarez family and their billionaire cousins the FitzJames family of Spain and Dukes of Alba currently work with the Colonnas. The Colonna family are primary owners of the Motisi Mafia clan of Palermo and Sicily. The House of Colonna married in with the Ventimiglia Princes of Palermo and ruled in regions of Sicily as nobles and as Viceroy of Sicily with Prince Marcantonio Colonna. Baron Niccolo Turrisi Colonna was a politician from Palermo who made early mentions of the mafia before they were officially recognized. Niccolo also claimed that the government attempting to shut down the mafia made the problem worse as if he was defending them to the point he was believed to be the head of the mafia. This is what the global crime syndicate does. When they get exposed they react by being more murderous and terroristic and then blame the people exposing them.

The Colonnas are the primary owners of the Colombo crime family and were part owners of the Jewish Mafia which infiltrated Hollywood creating Columbia Pictures through their New York mafia associates like Harry Cohn who met with Mussolini and was friends with mafia associates like John Roselli and Jack Entratter. Chris Colombo is the top boss of the Colombo crime family today. Michael Franzese is a covert member of the modern Commission while claiming to be a reformed gangster as a made man in the Colombos. The Colonna family are also the primary owners of the Chicago Outfit along with the Florentine House of Capponi headed up today by Count Neri Capponi, Count Sebastiano Capponi, and Count Niccolo Capponi and the Florentine House of Rosselli Del Turco headed up by Marquis Niccolo Rosselli Del Turco. The Clintons and Obamas are deeply connected with Chicago and covertly work with the Chicago Outfit. Barack Obama has numerous associations with criminals connected with the organized crime in Chicago including Tony Rezko who was convicted of wire fraud and money laundering and Obama's friend Alexi Giannoulias whose Broadway bank financed several mobsters. The Colonna and Capponi families likely made an alliance during the Siege of Florence with Stefano Colonna di Palestrina as the Florentine Militia Commander. The House of Colonna held various titles in the former Papal States as well as ruled as the Dukes of Cesaro, Sicily. The Colonna family are the owners of the Knights of Columbus which use the Roman fasces symbol on its logo. Carl Anderson is the Supreme Knight of the Knights of Columbus and serves the Vatican and House of Colonna. Many police and federal agents are members of the Knights of Columbus and some of them are used to infiltrate law enforcement and provide assistance and intelligence for the Italian Mafia. Terence Monahan is the current Chief of the New York City police and was Jesuit educated at Fordham. Monahan is also a knight of associate of the Knights of Columbus. The Colonna family have influence over both police and organized crime. The Five Families function as covert criminal business enterprises for the Italian nobility and they use their mafias to blackmail, extort, and control politicians, bankers, and businessmen.  (more...)

Now, about that character in Palermo who threatened Pope Benedict XVI: