Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Sexual Socialization of Children Harmless?

Graham Spanier and Jerry Sandusky

The current charges of a “coverup” of the child sex crimes of Coach Jerry Sandusky’s sex abuse and grooming of at least10 boys, including one 10-year old boy in a shower at Penn State, by Dr. Spanier. He also claims to be ignorant of the commonality and nature of sex abuse among his academic colleagues. In 1998, police investigated a report by an 11-year-old boy about a Sandusky shower incident. A “psychologist warned, “that Sandusky fit a “likely pedophile’s pattern.” Although Sandusky apologized for “poor judgment,”President Spanier overlooked the situation. In 1979 Spanier writes of his reliance and acceptance, without questioning, of infants and children as “sexual” in “Sexual Socialization,” in his Human Sexuality in a Changing Society. How did he “know” of infant and child sexual feelings, what  proofs did he have? Critics generally note that without proof, we tend to believe what we want to believe. He presents this interpretation of child sexuality to vulnerable student

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