Wednesday, September 23, 2015

EMPTY SCHOOLS PROTEST against the radical sex curriculum, Oct. 1

On October 1, 2015 the Canadian Families Alliance is calling on all Ontario parents to keep their children home to protest the radical sex curriculum that is being implemented in elementary schools starting the year. Premier Wynne and her Liberal government refuse to listen to parents who want the controversial and age inappropriate curriculum withdrawn. When it was released in February, both the premier and the minster of education reassured parents that they would have the option to pull their children out of any parts of the curriculum that they didn't support. Now, it turns out this isn't true. They have done a complete about face on the issue of parental rights. The government has decided to give that responsibility to the schools boards. The Peel Board and the Toronto Board have already said that there will be no opting out provision. So, Wynne and Sandals have misled parents at best and lied to them at worst. Parents have been given no other choice but to protest.

Parents should also be demanding that both of these politicians resign because they cannot be trusted. By lying to parents, they have totally lost the confidence of the Ontarians. Everyday for Life Canada has called for their resignations.

Parents have another opportunity to send a strong message to the government.  (more...)

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