Thursday, September 28, 2023

The Blood and Soil Cult of Fascism


fascism Nazi Canada Gladio cults social engineering infiltration Satanism Nazi CIA depopulation population control eugenics Ukraine

In this episode of Breaking History, Sean and Matt discuss the origins of Ukrainian fascism, where Canada acquired its Nazi problem, and the synthetic creation of blood and soil cults masquerading as separatist/nationalist movements around the world. A focus is placed on the new imperial organizing myths created to define a Sikh ethno-nationalist homeland in Punjab (dubbed Khalistan), the manipulation of Native Americans who have been led to believe that the great advanced civilizations of pre-Columbian America had nothing to do with them, political Zionist ideologues, Finnish nazis who believe in 'Greater Finland' (including East Karelia carved out of Russia) and much more.

We also discuss the connection of Satanism with fascism (tying this into the appointment of Marina Abramovich as Ukraine's ambassador in charge of child security).

What Is The Khalistan Movement & Why Does It Have India & Canada Locked In A Diplomatic Standoff?


Canada India Khalistan diaspora terrorism assassination corruption politics crime cults extremism

Amid the growing tension between India and Canada over the Khalistan issue. We look at the history of the Khalistan movement in India. We look at how the movement that stemmed from the demand for Sikhism to be recognised as a distinct religion turned violent and ultimately led to the death of Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. In this episode of Decode, we also look at the most prominent figure of the Khalistan movement.

Canada is officially Khalistan; India has shown it to the World


Canada India Khalistan cults terrorism organized crime drugs vandalism extremism violence assassination politics

From simmering tensions to international recognition: How India's diplomatic heat turned up the spotlight on Khalistan. Canada's dance with controversy in the mix!

India's Raid on Khalistani Gangsters Reveals Canada Links


Canada India crime terrorism Khalistan corruption NIA Ukraine independence gangsters diaspora corruption

India's National Investigation Agency has conducted nationwide raids on gangsters from the Khalistan separatist movement. Over 40 suspects turned out to have links to Canada.

Wednesday, September 27, 2023

MPs like clapping seals applauding a Nazi. All that was missing was the beach balls


Canada Nazi Ukraine Germany parliament politics Waffen SS 14 Galician applause ovation affrontery scandal historical revisionism war crimes genocide NATO

Canada you have a Nazi problem. Prime minister Trudeau applauding an SS member in parliament was akin to dancing on the graves of his countrymen who died in WWII

'It's a scandal of epic proportions': Viva Frei weighs in on parliament's Nazi fiasco


Canada parliament applause ovation Ukraine Zelensky Justin Trudeau scandal affrontery Nazi ignorance fiasco buffoonery

Viva Frei joins the Ezra Levant Show to weigh in on the Nazi fiasco that happened in the House of Commons. 'These buffoon-parliamentarians are giving a standing ovation to someone who fought valiantly against our allies,' Frei says.

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Bandera Lobby Show: John-Paul Himka


history suppression Ukraine Nazi Waffen SS Galicia OUN UPA diaspora distortion holocaust

This week I'm joined by Dr. John-Paul Himka to discuss the recent scandal in Canadian parliament and his most book, "Ukrainian Nationalists and the Holocaust - OUN and UPA's Participation in the Destruction of Ukrainian Jewry, 1941-1944."

Trudeau calls everyone else Nazis — but he literally cheered an actual Nazi


Canada history parliament Ukraine Nazi Waffen SS 14 Galician ratlines immigration ovation applause Zelensky war crimes affrontery glorification scandal deceit

The failures to that led to a Nazi being honoured in Parliament are an international disgrace, says Ezra Levant.

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Ezra Levant joins Glenn Beck to talk Parliament honouring a Ukrainian Nazi


Canada Ukraine Nazi Glenn Beck Zelensky Justin Trudeau parliament Nazi Waffen SS 14 Galician war crimes ovation applause scandal affrontery gall gaslighting outrage

Ezra Levant joins the Glenn Beck Program to talk about Canadian Parliament honouring a Ukrainian Nazi SS officer.

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Trudeau 'BRAGS' about 'giving $9 billion to a foreign war'


Canada Justin Trudeau hysteria Ukraine warmongering irrationality money pit delusion frenzy

On the Livestream, Sheila and David discuss Trudeau's speech regarding Ukraine and the billions of dollars Canada will be sending to help. ‘He stood bragging about sending $9 billion to a foreign war while Canadians can't afford housing,’ said Sheila.

Thunderous applause and a fist pump


Canada parliament Ukraine Zelensky Justin Trudeau Nazi applause ovation Waffen SS 14 Galician war crimes affrontery scandal deceit denial historical revisionism Bandera

Only possible in a Trudeau parliament

Tuesday, September 26, 2023

A Nazi in Parliament: Did They Know or are they just stupid?


Canada parliament Ukraine Waffen SS 14 Galician Nazi scandal culpability excuses embarrassment finger pointing deception

On Friday, September 22, 2023 a Nazi war veteran was invited into the Canadian House of Commons and lauded as a hero by all 338 members of Parliament. Randy and Chelsea sit down to discuss parliamentary procedure to get to the bottom of the lies being told by all parties and politicians.

Perfidious Canada


Canada Nazi Ukraine Blowback immigration ratlines cover-up CIA RCMP FBI Gladio strategy of tension imperialism geopolitics

Connecting all the dots

The Sunday Night Show - Sept 24th, 2023 - RCMP Officer Murdered in BC, No Ban on NDAs in NS, the Gender Identity Protests


Canada police RCMP Nova Scotia nondisclosure agreements police shooting gender ideology education sex assault harassment politics

Nighttime Podcast is joined by investigative journalist Paul Palango and legal analyst Adam Rodgers to discuss Canadian stories of crime, corruption, and items of public interest.

In this episode we discuss:

  • the murder of an RCMP officer in Coquitlam, BC
  • the Nova Scotia government declines banning non disclosure agreements related to sex assault and harassments cases
  • the gender identity protests that occurred across Canada last week

Canada Has a Nazi Problem


Canada Ukraine Nazi OUN Bandera Chrystia Freeland geopolitics oligarchy Liberal Party Nazi Maidan Azov cold war CIA

Patrick Henningson talks with Arnaud Develay, an international human rights lawyer, about the Canadian Parliament recently giving a hero’s welcome to Waffen SS Nazi veteran, with PM Justin Trudeau and Zelensky, and Canadian Banderite minister Chrystia Freeland, all on hand to lead the cheers. As it turns out, Canada has a deep pedigree with importing Nazis from Ukraine post WWII and have continued to support extremists right up to the present day.

Canada's History Tells You Why Trudeau is Buckling Under the Pressure of Anti-India Terrorists


Canada India terrorism history books haven blind eye Justin Trudeau Khalistan Sikh lawlessness politics

The roots of the present crisis lie much deeper in the political system of Canada. Canadians, however, must remember that every country which has nurtured or protected terrorists in the name of ‘liberal values’ has suffered at the hands of the same terrorists

Has Canada failed to learn from its past? And is that the reason that has led Prime Minister Justin Trudeau led government in Canada to buckle under the pressure of Khalistan supporters and terrorists to make unsubstantiated allegations against India regarding recent killing of a Khalistan terrorist on its soil?

Award winning and much respected Canadian journalist Stewart Bell’s book Cold Terror: How Canada nurtures and exports terrorism around the world provides useful insights in this regard. The book was first published in 2004 and later revised in 2007. In addition to the Islamic terrorism, it also talks about the inept handling of the Khalistan movement which is being run from Canadian soil.

Here are some key takeaways from Bell’s observations that can help one understand the root cause of the present crisis between India and Canada in context of Canada’s lame duck approach towards terrorism:  (more...)

Canada's History Tells You Why Trudeau is Buckling Under the Pressure of Anti-India Terrorists

Monday, September 25, 2023

Canada just SHOCKED the world with this move in front of WW2 veterans


Canada parliament Ukraine Zelensky Justin Trudeau Chrystia Freeland scandal Nazi Waffen SS 14 Galician historical revisionism glorification affrontery buffoonery

In Canada, Parliament gave a standing ovation to a 98 year-old Nazi veteran who fought for Ukraine against Russia during World War II. He was a Waffen-SS soldier. Is Hitler back after decades of being canceled? Canadian veteran and journalist David Krayden joins us to discuss this national embarrassment.

Actual NAZI SOLDIER honoured in Canadian parliament


Canada parliament Justin Trudeau Chrystia Freeland Ukraine Zelensky Nazi Waffen SS 14 Galician affrontery scandal ovation glorification hypocrisy debacle

The Canadian government honoured an actual Waffen-SS Nazi volunteer in the House of Commons on Friday. Every single MP, Senator and guest in attendance at Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy's address to Parliament on Friday gave Nazi solider Yaroslav Hunka a standing ovation. In fact, even worse, Speaker of the House and Liberal MP Anthony Rota described Hunka as a "Canadian hero and a Ukrainian hero."

Zelenskyy's trip to Canada was a disaster. The decision to tarnish the visit by applauding an actual Nazi soldier has given the Russian Federation an entirely unnecessary propaganda victory and it is yet another massive international embarrassment brought upon all Canadians by the Trudeau government.

Ezra Levant and Andrew Lawton discuss former Nazi soldier being applauded at Canadian Parliament


Canada Nazi Ukraine Justin Trudeau Chrystia Freeland parliament Waffen SS Galician holocaust ratlines war criminals | MORE:

Rebel News CEO Ezra Levant recently joined The Andrew Lawton Show to dive deeper into the appalling mishap in Parliament that allowed a former SS soldier to be honoured by hundreds of MPs.

Underfunded Hospitals PAID Nurses To Counter Protest Million Person Parents March


Canada unions nurses parents march activism astro turf education gender ideology transgender gaslighting politics manipulation corruption marxism journalism

More insanity just got exposed! I interview former educator & CUPE member about the liberal strong arming of Canadian unions and their desperation to take caring parents down by actually paying people to go protest the Million Person March. The head of CUPE Fred Hahn ironically promotes Che Guevara on his walls and in his photos but Che Guevera put gay people in camps and murdered them. Is he just another useful idiot or does he know this?

Find Rob Primo at :

Sunday, September 24, 2023

Safe Haven Unmasked: Canada's Role in Rise of Radicals


Canada Justin Trudeau India Khalistan Air India 182 bombing terrorism safe haven radicals extremists diplomacy debacle humiliation embarrassment corruption complicity foreign interference

Today, we examine Canada's alleged involvement with Khalistani individuals and the potential security implications. We discussed cases such as Parminder Singh Saini and Talwinder Singh Parmar, shedding light on their backgrounds and activities. Trudeau needs to realize what is he up to.

A tale of two transanity protests: can you guess which side was crazed and unhinged?


Canada Toronto education gender ideology transgender sexualization grooming parents unions protests family wokeism depravity| If the goal of the '1 Million March 4 Children' counter-protesters was to come off as a bunch of weirdos wearing trouble on their shirts — mission accomplished!

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Infamy, infamy, they’ve all got it infamy. But Trudeau can’t escape


Canada Nazi Ukraine Waffen SS 14 Galician WWII atrocity Bandera war crimes ratlines parliament infamy

It’s the inflexion point in the war, High-Heeled ‘Jack’ Trudeau, Nazi war criminal applauded in Canadian parliament and Biden Trump’d. It’s all over bar the tears, recriminations and memoirs.

This is the END of Trudeau in Canada


Canada education gender ideology sexualization transgender parents protests Justin Trudeau politics authoritarianism fascism Ottawa unions

Thousands of people gathered in Canada to protest gender ideology and sexualization of school curriculum in Canada on Wednesday. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau called this protest “transphobia, homophobia, and biphobia" but footage from these events showed that it was anything but hateful. It was people from all walks of life with the common goal of protecting the early sexualization and grooming of children.

The Satanic Roots of the Counter-Culture Explored


Counter Culture Tavistock music freemasonry satanism cold war drug cults Crowley MI6 Scottish Rite history

Matt Ehret is invited to talk about the dark roots of the western counter-culture revolution with host Cynthia Breed. The Beatles led a 'British Invasion' that enmeshed a generation of Americans into a new synthetic drug cult. What was the role of London's Tavistock, the CIA's MK Ultra and what about Satanists like L. Ron Hubbard and Aleister Crowley in ushering in this new counter-culture revolution? What was the "culture" that was being countered and why? These matters will be explored as well as a deep dive into the battles within Masonry and current geopolitics will be discussed at some length in this long form interview.

Saturday, September 23, 2023

Volodymyr Zelenskyy Visits Canada And Asks Marina Abramovic To Be Ambassador For Ukraine


Canada Ukraine Zelensky politics proxy war NATO Bandera money arms Nazi fascism satanism Toronto

Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskyy recently visited Canada and he along with his host Justin Trudeau were greeted at the Royal York Hotel in Toronto to angry Canadians booing and shouting in displeasure of this alliance.

Trudeau vowed to pledge $650M MORE in funding to support Ukraine’s war effort on top of the already $9.5B that has already been contributed.

Meanwhile Zelenskyy recently invited the infamous satanist “artist” Marina Abramovic to be an ambassador for Ukraine so that she can “help the children affected by rebuilding schools and such.”

In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth covers the ongoing Ukraine/Russia war that Canada has no business being involved in while also showing who the true aggressors really are and have been all along…Hint, it starts with NA and ends with TO.

Agreement Boosts Academic Mobility Across BRICS Borders


Academic Mobility BRICS Brazil Russia India China South Africa youth optimism partnership multilateralism

BRICS countries, a grouping of emerging economies, agreed to facilitate the recognition of academic qualifications among members to ensure the mobility of skilled professionals, academics and students.

This emerged during a summit held from 22-24 August 2023 in Sandton, Johannesburg, South Africa. The group consists of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. The theme of the 15th summit was ‘BRICS and Africa: Partnership for mutually accelerated growth, sustainable development and inclusive multilateralism’.

BRICS countries are perceived as seeking to bolster their geopolitical power to counter the often US-led West on economic and political issues. The bloc also agreed to grant membership to six other countries: Argentina, Egypt, Ethiopia, Iran, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates from 1 January 2024.

Chinese President Xi Jinping, Brazil’s President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and South Africa’s President Cyril Ramaphosa attended the summit in person, while Russia’s President, Vladimir Putin, participated virtually after an International Criminal Court arrest warrant for him over the war in Ukraine complicated his travelling to South Africa.

Following the meeting, the group issued a declaration touching on educational, political, economic, security and cultural matters.

“We support the principle of facilitating mutual recognition of academic qualifications among BRICS countries to ensure the mobility of skilled professionals, academics and students and recognition of qualifications obtained in each other’s countries, subject to compliance with applicable domestic laws,” according to the Johannesburg II Declaration.

“We welcome concrete proposals made during the 10th meeting of BRICS Ministers of Education focusing on critical areas in education and training such as entrepreneurship development, skills for the changing world, out-of-school youth, climate change, labour market intelligence, early childhood development and university global ranking.”  (more...)

Agreement Boosts Academic Mobility Across BRICS Borders

The US and UK governments knew in 1944 that Germany would start World War III


Quebec City US UK Germany WWIII militarism aggression denazification deindustrialization pacification geopolitics

US President Roosevelt and UK Prime Minister Churchill knew that Germany would start WWIII if it gained financial control of Europe. Roosevelt and Churchill met secretly in Quebec City, Canada in 1944 to discuss measures to prevent Germany from starting WWIII. The Quebec Conference was held September 11–16, 1944.

The US government initiated a “Program To Prevent Germany From Starting a World War III”. The program was discussed during the 1944 Quebec Conference. The first measures that were discussed to prevent Germany from starting WWIII was the demilitarization of Germany.

Section II of the top secret US briefing book revealed that to prevent Germany from starting WWIII Germany couldn’t be allowed to gain financial control of Europe.

The US government recommended that a program of large-scale reparations must be rejected for the following reasons:

2. If liberated Europe becomes economically dependent on Germany for reparations, her economic dependence cannot be broken off when reparations cease. The rest of Europe would continue to be dependent on Germany as a source of supply and as a market. These economic ties would also mean political ties. Germany would be right back where she was in the Thirties when she was able to dominate the rest of Europe economically through her industrial power and to exert her economic power to achieve political domination.

3. An economically powerful Germany ipso facto constitutes a military threat to world security.  (more...)

The US and UK governments knew in 1944 that Germany would start World War III

Friday, September 22, 2023

Breaking Free from the Banker's Dictatorship


Canada Trudeau Elon Musk Starlink military Ukraine Crimea Black Sea targeting Zelensky begging proxy war Five Eyes spies big tech

Demonstrating eloquence and persistence, leaders from the Global South are confronting their former colonial masters at the U.N. General Assembly, not with anger, but with offers of cooperation.  But the enforcers of the Unipolar Order are not moved by such appeals, and continue their efforts to use war and economic blackmail to maintain control.  One example of this is the angry denunciations of Elon Musk's sane decision to refuse to allow Ukraine to use his Starlink satellite system to target the Russian Black Sea fleet.  And what role is Canadian puppet Prime Minister Trudeau playing in escalating tensions?

India threw out Canadian diplomat in flat 4 mins


Canada India Khalistan diplomacy humiliation embarrassment clownworld meltdown

India swiftly expelled a Canadian diplomat in a mere four minutes amid escalating tensions. Justin Trudeau's attempts to shame India globally have backfired, with the world largely indifferent to his rhetoric. The Canadian government's reputation has suffered, and the era of Trudeau appears to be on the decline. This episode serves as a stark example of Trudeau's unsuccessful endeavors on the global stage, a trend that India seems to have initiated and is now seemingly concluding.

Fascist Roots of The Trudeau Political Dynasty in Canada


Canada India Khalistan fascism Trudeau WWII Hitler subversion LX Les X Nazi Petain France Mussolini Catholic history

So the Indian government largely ignored Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau at the G20 Summit in New Delhi. And we Indians did make fun of him on social media. We admit that. A mature leader would have just brushed it off and gone home. And hired a better maintenance team for his official aircraft so that he does not get stranded at international gatherings, after the party has ended and everyone has left. Unfortunately, Canada does not have such a leader. Instead, they have Justin Trudeau.

So he goes home and accuses India of killing a Khalistani terrorist on Canadian soil. It turns into a huge diplomatic crisis. Of course, he cannot get any of Canada’s traditional allies to take his side. So Justin Trudeau is stranded, again. We wish it would be just as funny. But this time, it is not.

Why is Trudeau supporting Khalistani terrorists? One reason is that he wants the extremist Sikh vote in Canada. His father Pierre Trudeau, also a Prime Minister of Canada, had protected the man who became the mastermind of the Air India Kanishka bombings. That cost 329 lives. But the crimes of the Trudeau political dynasty do not end there. One of the lesser-known facts is how they were involved with some of the darkest chapters of history.

Why was Pierre Trudeau a member of an underground fascist society at the time of World War II? Why did he aspire to lead a ‘national revolution’ to create a breakaway state from Canada? A state that would be set up according to the ideals of Hitler and Mussolini. And why is there a painting of Mussolini even today at the Catholic Church in Montreal? That is the home ground of the Trudeaus.  (more...)

Fascist Roots of The Trudeau Political Dynasty in Canada

CSIS’ questionable history with India and Sikh separatists


Canada India Khalistan Air India Flight 182 CSIS Sikh terrorism assassination cover-up deception obstruction denial

Yesterday, the Globe and Mail’s Robert Fife and Steven Chase (who have a servile relationship with CSIS) broke a story that CSIS has “what they consider credible intelligence that India was behind the mid-June fatal shooting of Hardeep Singh Nijjar”, a Sikh separatist leader based in British Columbia. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and NDP leader Jagmeet Singh endorsed CSIS’ claim of having credible evidence. Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre made his condemnation conditional on results of further investigation into Nijjar’s murder, seeking more information about why Trudeau came to endorse CSIS’ claim.

India is most definitely a repressive right-wing state which targets minorities both at home and abroad, and has intelligence agents in their foreign embassies. NPR noted that India had “accused the activist [Nijjar] of involvement in an alleged attack on a Hindu priest in India and had offered a cash reward for information leading to his arrest.” 

Yet critical faculties need to be retained, because of who is making the claim, and how these allegations serve their interests.

Canadian and Indian intelligence have mixed relations. While the nations engage in intelligence cooperation, Canadian intelligence has been complicit in targeting India in the past.

CSIS’ fingerprints are all over the 1985 Sikh separatist bombing of Air India 182 which killed all 329 people on board, 268 of whom were Canadian citizens. The bombing came after Operation Blue Star led to the massacre of 5000 to 7000 Sikhs in 1984. 

At minimum, CSIS knew about the bombing plot by Sikh separatists desiring the creation of a state called Khalistan from India’s Punjab region, and let it happen.  (more...)

CSIS’ questionable history with India and Sikh separatists

VIOLENT ACTS caught on camera at several parents’ rights protests across Canada


Canada education gender ideology transgender grooming parents protests indoctrination unions intimidation violence impunity bias oppression | David Menzies and Sheila Gunn Reid discussed the violent outbursts by counter-protesters at the '1 Million March 4 Children' protests that took place at multiple locations across Canada.

The Cluster B Society


pathocracy psychological dysfunction ideology destabilization derangement

You’re not imagining that the world has gone mad.

Healthy debate has been replaced by activist hysterics. Speech is declared violence, while violence is excused as speech. Masculinity is condemned as regressive, while men in skirts and heels are celebrated in the public square.

It’s easy to laugh at these outbursts as the ravings of a small but vocal minority, but the compromised health of our body politic is not a trivial concern. A strange, new pattern of psychological dysfunction has infiltrated our most prestigious institutions, our corporate bureaucracies, and the highest offices in the land.

In short, we’re sick. Our society is out of balance. We’ve been consumed by a cluster of disorder that appeals to our worst instincts and deranges our most important social functions.

We need to recover our sanity. But to do so, we must first know exactly what we’re dealing with: the emergence of a Cluster B Society.

Thursday, September 21, 2023

The #1MillionMarch4Children TAKES OVER Canada


Canada Toronto education indoctrination gender ideology transgender parents protests family marriage grooming resistance

A mass nationwide protest against gender ideology took place throughout Canada on Wednesday. The organizers – a group of Muslim parents who have had enough of the radical gender ideology craze – named the coordinated protest the ‘1 Million March For Children.’

Harrison Faulkner was on the ground at the Toronto protest to interview attendees and make sure both sides of the story were told. As thousands gathered to oppose gender ideology and indoctrination in schools, an equally large number of counter protesters showed up to reject what they called a gathering of “ultra-conservatives” and “transphobes.”

Dirty Tricks: Inside the RCMP's Biggest Scandal


RCMP scandal Black Panther crime corruption COINTELPRO Toronto racism history

He called himself the General. And he was at the heart of the RCMP's biggest scandal.

A teenage boy and his friends start robbing banks in Toronto. A future Prime Minister is deported from Montreal. A Black Panther in Baltimore goes to prison for four decades. And the RCMP is split apart by the biggest scandal in the force’s history. 

At the heart of it all is one man. He calls himself the General.

The Secret History of the RCMP


Canada RCMP Orange Order white supremacy Metis genocide Manitoba history Red River terrorism

The RCMP is one of the most famous police forces in the world — the red serge and stetson hat are practically synonymous with Canada. But that image obscures the profound power the Mounties have held throughout Canadian history. And the dark legacy of ethnic cleansing and genocide at their core.

How NATO just killed 15,000 people in Libya


Libya flood regime change destabilization NATO war crimes disaster mass murder regime change neocolonialism color revolution

Tens of thousands of people have died or are missing from recent floods in Libya. Would locals be safer if the country had not been attacked by NATO during the Obama years? Meteorologists say that very well could be the case. We break down how the Obama administration lied its way into a war that has left a decade of devastation in its wake.

India Wins the Diplomatic Brawl With Canada


Canada India Khalistan Justin Trudeau terrorism crime assassination political posturing grandstanding embarrassment humiliation isolation clown world

Justin Trudeau's ill-fated diplomatic dance: A humorous look at his attempt to play vote bank politics, accusing India, and the global eye-rolls that followed, leaving his credibility in tatters.

Wednesday, September 20, 2023

Has Trudeau politicized Canada’s relationship with India?


Canada India Khalistan terrorism assassination Justin Trudeau expulsions organized crime politization

On Monday, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau made the shocking accusation that the India government was behind the murder of Khalistan activist, Hardeep Singh Nijjar, in Surrey, B.C. India has rejected Trudeau’s allegations while Canada has yet to provide concrete evidence to back up its accusation. Since Monday, the two countries have been involved in a diplomatic tit-for-tat exchange, expelling diplomats from their respective countries and issuing travel warnings.

On this special edition of The Rupa Subramanya Show, Rupa is joined by foreign policy and security expert Abhijit Iyer-Mitra to make sense of the situation. Abhijit is based in New Delhi and has been following Canada’s troubling connection with the Khalistani movement closely.

Rupa and Abhijit discuss if Trudeau is politicizing Canada’s relationship with India, how other western countries aren’t picking sides in the dispute, and if there’s any hope to repair this relationship while Trudeau remains in office.

Thousands rally in Ottawa against gender indoctrination in schools, far-left activists counter


Ottawa rally Canada education gender ideology transgender parents family marriage protests grooming sexualization | MORE:

Rebel News reporter Robert Kraychik reports from protests in Ottawa surrounding LGBT indoctrination in schools and parental rights.

Trudeau accuses India of murder


Canada India terrorism Khalistan Sikh accusation hypocrisy diplomats expulsion Justin Trudeau

The reason for last week's chilly reception to Justin Trudeau in India has been made clearer as Trudeau levelled an accusation that the Indian government was involved in the June killing of Sikh activist Hardeep Singh Nijjar in Surrey, B.C. India has rejected the accusation outright, and Canada and India have each expelled one of the other's senior diplomats. True North's Andrew Lawton discusses with columnist and podcaster Rupa Subramanya.

Tuesday, September 19, 2023

Woke unions call for counter protest of 1 Million March 4 children


woke unions Canada education gender ideology grooming indoctrination transgender protests sexualization parents family marriage | MORE:

The peaceful protest, which includes keeping children out of school for the day and marches in 92 cities across Canada, is for all people who share concern about radical gender ideology, sexually explicit materials, and sex activism being pushed on kids in schools.

Yet another embarrassing episode for 'the best fighter jet ever made'


military aircraft F-35 crash complexity cost overrun boondoggle waste aerospace

On September 17, an F-35B STOVL (short take-off, vertical landing) fighter jet operated by the United States Marine Corps (USMC) was involved in what was ever so euphemistically called a "mishap" after taking off from Air Station Beaufort in North Charleston, South Carolina. The USMC was unable to locate the aircraft so it asked the public for help, unleashing a torrent of ridicule and memes not just in the US, but also around the world. The pilot ejected, but the jet continued flying in a rather frantic flight path, eventually crashing approximately 130 km from where the ejection took place. The cause of the crash is still being investigated, but the pattern suggests that it might have been the unresolved software issues that have resulted in several similar crashes in the past.

Last year alone, at least four F-35s crashed, including two in January, in a time span of just three weeks, while another two were lost in October and December respectively. Of well over a dozen crashes and various incidents, the majority have been the F-35B variant, the most complex of the existing three, with the rest being the F-35A (developed for the US Air Force) and at least one F-35C (developed for the US Navy). The main reason why the latter hasn't had as many incidents is probably because it was inducted into service only in 2019, years after the other two officially became part of the US military. The aircraft is infamous for at least 800 flaws, particularly within its software systems and subsystems, often resulting in unresponsive flight controls.

The F-35's core design has been controversial since its very inception, as the jet sacrificed robustness for (over)focus on sensors and computing power. Its supersensitive systems and subsystems simply cannot withstand even basic flight conditions, while the most mundane changes in weather (anything from a drizzle to a regular thunderstorm) have been an almost insurmountable obstacle for the F-35.  (more...)

Yet another embarrassing episode for 'the best fighter jet ever made'

Canada-wide Million Man March in support of parents' rights is planned for Wednesday


Canada education gender ideology transgender grooming indoctrination parents family protests march | The protest is organized by Kamel El-Cheikh, a Muslim man concerned about the nation's school children being exposed to sexually charged materials and inappropriate behaviours against the wishes of their families.

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Hear no NATO evil, see no NATO evil


Canada NATO Libya destabilization flood destruction subjugation

To maintain public support for the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)’s proxy war with Russia, it’s important to erase its history of violence. The Canadian media’s refusal to mention NATO’s role in Libya’s instability partly reflects the requirements of Ukraine propaganda. 

In their coverage of the devastating flooding in eastern Libya, the Canadian media have all but refused to mention the 2011 NATO war on Libya, as this author detailed in “We broke it, but refuse to own Libya’s disaster”. Adding weight to this author’s initial media analysis, only one other article, a Medium article from an activist, has mentioned the Canadian general who oversaw the NATO war in 2011 (hundreds of articles mention his role in Libya previously). 

In maybe the most extreme example of omission propaganda, CBC released the context focused “How Libya’s preoccupation with war left it vulnerable to epic flooding”. The summary for a story released Friday notes: “Storm Daniel devastated the city of Derna, Libya, with severe flooding. The death toll could be as high as 20,000. Andrew Chang breaks down the political climate in the country that led to a preoccupation with war, which analysts say distracted from being able to react to the disaster.” 

But the 10-minute-long report failed to even mention NATO’s six-month war, which included Canadian fighter jets, naval vessels and special forces. Produced by Canada’s public broadcaster for a Canadian audience, the prominent CBC host simply omitted the most politically salient point for his audience. In 2011 NATO fighter jets dropped thousands of bombs in a war that destroyed Libya’s government, leading to years of violence and political division. The war reportedly disrupted repairs by a Turkish company on Derna’s two dams and political division led to a disorganised evacuation of the devastated city.  (more...)

Hear no NATO evil, see no NATO evil

The Sunday Night Show - Sept 17th, 2023 - Three Stories of Cops Behaving Badly


Canada RCMP police arrogance cover-up Nova Scotia mass shooting misconduct incompetence dysfunctionality corruption brutality

Nighttime Podcast is joined by investigative journalist Paul Palango and legal analyst Adam Rodgers to discuss Canadian stories of crime, corruption, and items of public interest.

In this episode we discuss:

  • the Seattle police officer captured on body cam discussing the death of a civilian hit by a police car in unimaginably cold detail
  • an Ontario police officer who was filmed killing a deer with an axe
  • the RCMP officer in BC who entered a man's home to deliver a traffic ticket.... as he exited his shower naked

Monday, September 18, 2023

1 Million March 4 Children


Canada parents education gender ideology transgender grooming sexualization Islam religion politics protests

Matthew Hallick is joined by 1 Million March 4 Children organizer Kamel El-Cheikh to talk about the upcoming nationwide march that has united Canadians of every sort against radical Leftist indoctrination and sexualization in Canada's public schools. 

Episode Resources:

Hands Off Our Kids:;

1 Million March 4 Children:;

The biggest scandal that you've never heard of


Canada CAHN Anti Hate Network Diagolon hoax Freedom Convoy political capture ideology smearing attack dogs hit jobs

Last week, an 85-page investigative report was published by journalist Caryma Sa’d, which looked into the Trudeau government’s reliance on the Canadian Anti-Hate Network’s  (CAHN) use of open-source intelligence to target a fictitious, meme group known as Diagolon. This report revealed that despite the legacy media citing CAHN “experts” that label Diagolon as a dangerous, far-right militia, senior Canadian intelligence never shared the same concern.

When then Public Safety Minister Marco Mendicino told reporters in February of 2022 that a far right organization had leaders on the ground in Ottawa, it was uncovered that the government relied on CAHN sources to back up Mendicino’s assertion.

They’re calling this scandal HateGate.

When you realize that the Trudeau government has partnered with the CAHN, given them public grants, and even appointed CAHN board members to government roles, the HateGate scandal becomes that much more concerning.

Why India slaps Justin Trudeau every time he comes to India


Canada India Justin Trudeau politics gaffs Khalistan terrorism sabotage neocolonialism arrogance condescension bigotry clownishness G20

Talk about a talent! This politician has a special knack for getting on the nerves of 1.4 billion people in India. It's like he's been running a 'How to Annoy a Nation' workshop for years! Back in Canada, Trudeau's popularity is on a downward rollercoaster ride. Being stuck in New Delhi must feel like a mere mosquito nibble compared to the giant problems he's facing back home. We're talking food prices shooting up, homes getting pricier than unicorn manors, a sprinkle of corruption, a dash of questionable foreign policy, and a generous serving of woke-ism. It seems the Canadians have had their fill of him.