Sunday, December 31, 2023

A page out of the Klondike Papers


Canada Alberta tax havens RCMP Ukraine oligarchs corruption dysfunctionality politics

Remember the Klondike Papers? Well, David Wallace is back, and he has brought with him one of the biggest-yet-untold stories inside the dossier.

The Sherman Murder case w/ Nathan Jacobson & David Wallace


St. Petersberg Vienna Miami Toronto Apotex Barry Honey Sherman murders pharmaceuticals counterfeits cover-up corruption crime investigation organized crime syndicate Klondike Papers David Wallace

The unsolved double murder of Barry and Honey Sherman is a modern day mystery, and most of the mainstream reporting doesn't provide the public with some of the more startling details. 

Nathan Jacobson and David Wallace help us understand previously unknown variables and why they begin to tell a different story.

Saturday, December 30, 2023

The Cult of Isis


Disraeli Palmerston Palestine Zionism Bulwer-Lytton freemasonry Blavatsky Isis Cult Theosophy Nazi geopolitics imperialism

Bulwer-Lytton, Disraeli, and the Isis Cult revival that led to Nazism,


How Britain's Biggest Racists And Financiers Created Zionism By Mark Burdman

Why are Canadian taxpayers subsidizing Israel’s military?


Canada tax credits charities NGOs military Israel genocide ethnic cleansing war crimes funding subsidy finance lawlessness illegality

Critics say Israel is an army with a country, but it is the apartheid state’s supporters who confirm it. Canadian Friends of the Hebrew University has once again launched an initiative to promote the Israeli military even though it violates charity regulations and risks the group’s special tax status.

In a recent end of year fundraising appeal, a group officially dedicated to the “Advancement of Education” sent its members “Supporting Our Student Soldiers”. The CFHU appeal notes: “The We Are One campaign provides scholarships and academic assistance to our returning IDF soldiers who are courageously fighting in the ongoing war. … Let’s unite to provide education and healing for our IDF warriors, demonstrating our unwavering commitment to their success and recovery.”

With branches in seven Canadian cities, CFHU has instigated a number of other initiatives to support the apartheid state’s military. In 2018 the CFHU branch in the nation’s capital “launched the Ottawa Scholarship Fund in support of reserve duty soldiers studying at The Hebrew University.” At the event, according to CFHU’s annual report, “four students shared their inspiring stories from their military service and explained what it means to be a reserve duty soldier in the IDF.”

A 2019 story on the website of an organization set up by famed liquor bootlegger Alan Bronfman in 1944 noted, “Help CFHU send former IDF combat soldiers to university” while an ongoing funding pitch says, “Donate in support of CFHU’s scholarship campaign for soldiers studying at Hebrew University”. In July 2021 wealthy Calgarian Lenny Shapiro financed a number of CFHU “scholarships for students who have served in the IDF.” CFHU and Hebrew University (HU) matched a portion of Shapiro’s unspecified contribution.  (more...)

Why are Canadian taxpayers subsidizing Israel’s military?

Friday, December 29, 2023

Ratf*cker - Confessions of a dirty tricks operative


Plymouth Bretheren fixer corruption Progressive Conservatives politics Evangelicals Canada cults sexual abuse

He calls himself a "fixer". But there's another name for what he does...

Educated to be stupid


Zionism Israel Britain colonialism Palestine solidarity genocide Nazi ethnic cleansing mowing the grass crimes against humanity denial indifference peace activists barbarism

When your entire existence is justified by a lie you have to keep updating it, says author Miko Peled about Israel’s biblical claim to Palestine.

Thursday, December 28, 2023

What is wrong with Israelis?


Israel degeneracy immorality cruelty indifference arrogance audacity sociopathy bloodlust neopaganism colonialism imperialism

Max Blumenthal takes a searing look at the societal sickness that exploded into the open after October 7, as Israelis of all walks of life took to social media to mock the suffering and torture of Palestinians, and proudly broadcasted grotesque war crimes to the world.

Wednesday, December 27, 2023

'Chilling effect': People expressing pro-Palestinian views censured, suspended from work and school


Canada censorship Palestine discrimination job suspension persecution tyranny Zionism

Employers, institutions alerted to individuals supporting Palestinians in Israel-Hamas war, CBC has learned

Restaurant staff losing their jobs for cheering on a pro-Palestinian protest. A Palestinian Canadian journalist fired for her social media posts calling for a #freepalestine. Medical residents flagged to potential hiring committees for their support of Palestinians.

These are just some of the many instances across Canada in which employees and students have faced firings, suspensions or calls for them to not be hired based on their publicly stated political stance on the Israel-Hamas war. It's a trend that has been reported not just in Canada but also in the U.S. and Europe, and across various industries, including media, law, health care and the service sector. 

According to three Ontario-based lawyers who spoke to CBC News, some employers and institutions have been quick to take action against employees or students, creating an environment in which many are afraid they will lose their jobs or face consequences to their education if they express a political stance in favour of one side — Palestinians — during this war.

"I can tell you personally, in the last month and a half, I've probably spoken with someone at least once a day [about this]," said Jackie Esmonde, a labour lawyer at Toronto-based firm Cavalluzzo Law. "They're not always cases that we take on, but we do have in the range of eight to 10 cases that we're actively working on at the moment.

"I'm not seeing people making what I would consider hate speech or discriminatory speech."  (more...)

'Chilling effect': People expressing pro-Palestinian views censured, suspended from work and school

He’s heavy, he’s my brother


Palestine Bethlehem Christmas genocide ethnic cleansing United Nations Geneva crimes against humanity complicity Zionism Britain indifference denial silence

The image has scarred me. A nine-year-old boy in Gaza carrying the body of his nine-year-old friend over his shoulder. Walking to who knows where? Probably he doesn’t know. There is nowhere to go.

The British Empire’s Gnostic Revival of Scientific Paganism and a New World Religion


British Empire gnosticism scientific paganism New World Religion Rhodes Timothy Leary cults drugs humanism slavery feudalism serfdom oligarchy

“We had run up against the Judeo-Christian commitment to one God, one religion, one reality, that has cursed Europe for centuries and America since our founding days. Drugs that open the mind to multiple realities inevitably lead to a polytheistic view of the universe. We sensed that the time for a new humanist religion based on intelligence, good natured pluralism and scientific paganism had arrived.”

-Dr. Timothy Leary (recounting Aldous Huxley’s 1960 demand for a new world religion)

The study of history can be approached from a number of directions, and using a number of diverse assumptions… but not all of them are equal, and some are extremely destructive.

Some people believe that history is simply associating events onto a linear time line and then adding creative writing to explain away causes of those events. Others presume that history is divided by “ages” with the “causes” of each event explained away by the age in which they occur. Others presume that the events across ages are caused by a never-ending class struggle of rich vs poor while others presume no causality exists behind the events on a time line except for raw hunger, greed or stupidity.

Over the years, I have come to the conclusion that history is best understood as a living process shaped by 1) ideas of good and evil, 2) decisions to act according to those ideas whether right or wrong, and 3) the freedom to embrace error, corruption and lies which often wear the clothing of truth.

When those false ideas are permitted to shape the cultural standards of what is considered “normal” for too long, decay across all spectrums of life can be found.

The physical, mental and spiritual health of people slowly decays, as those creative discoveries needed to meet the challenges of nature fail to be made, and scarcity, hunger, wars, and ignorance grows like a cancer.

The tension caused by this decay, and the better expression of human nature animated by obedience to truth, morality and creative reason manifests in the form of periods of dense potential, comparable to ‘pregnant moments’ where systemic changes for good or evil become ripe.  (more...)

The British Empire’s Gnostic Revival of Scientific Paganism and a New World Religion

Zelensky’s Drug Empire: How Ukraine Turned Into Europe’s Largest Drug Production and Distribution Center


Ukraine Zelensky drug trade transshipment production distribution corruption organized crime Khimprom cartel

The Foundation to Battle Injustice investigated the Ukrainian drug business and found out the volumes and distribution channels of drugs produced in Ukraine and imported into the country from all over the world. The Foundation to Battle Injustice revealed who stands behind the controversial organized crime group “Khimprom”, where the main laboratories and drug factories in Ukraine are located, and also found out what measures are taken against journalists and bloggers who try to expose the criminal drug syndicate. As it was established, the redistribution of the Ukrainian market of illegal substances led to the murder of the former head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Denis Monastyrsky, which, according to the Foundation’s sources, was organized by the former Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine and multimillionaire Arsen Avakov.

Over the years of independence, Ukraine has become an important conduit for the supply of narcotic opioid substances from South-West Asia and Latin America to European markets, as well as a transit country for synthetic drugs coming from Europe. The growth of organized crime syndicates and the involvement of virtually the entire Ukrainian state vertical in illegal schemes have allowed drug traffickers to use Ukraine as a profitable transit point. According to sources of the Foundation to Battle Injustice, Ukraine has become a full-fledged factory for synthesizing drugs for resale and testing on AFU soldiers and ordinary citizens.

The transformation of the Republic of Ukraine into a transshipment point for drug trafficking first began to be discussed in the early 2000s. In 2002, the U.S. Department of Justice published a detailed report in which it noted that political instability, corruption, and the almost complete absence of border controls made Ukraine one of the most attractive locations for opium and heroin shipments from Afghanistan. According to U.S. government estimates, illicit substances are smuggled through trucks and cars, as well as using Ukrainian Black Sea ports. Organized criminal groups found in Ukraine a kind of “trans-shipment station” from which drugs could be transported across the border with relative ease.

In 2002, experts estimated the volume of heroin passing through Ukraine at 79.8 tons per year, but today the figure is several dozen times higher: according to a report by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, which combats illicit trafficking in drugs, weapons and organized crime, in 2019 Ukraine ranked fourth in the world in terms of heroin trafficking in Europe, behind Turkey, Belgium and the Netherlands. Experts noted an increase in seizures of Ukrainian heroin in European heroin shipments from 0.5 percent between 2001 and 2010 to 1.5 percent between 2011 and 2020. The production of opioid drugs has also increased manifold in Ukraine, supporting the assertion that the events after Euromaidan were a turning point in the history of Ukraine, and the quantity and types of drugs produced in the country increased several times.

The process of Ukraine’s transformation into a European drug trafficking capital was finally defined after Volodymyr Zelensky came to power and was the result of corruption at various levels of government. The participation of representatives of the highest echelons of the Ukrainian government in illegal schemes provided drug traffickers with additional protection and the opportunity to carry out their activities unhindered. Ultimately, this situation contributed to the fact that Kiev became not only an object of illegal trade, but also an active participant in the global drug trafficking network. Ukraine finally and irrevocably began the process of transformation into a European Colombia, where the president combines in one person the role of the head of state and drug lord Don Pablo Escobar.  (more...)

Zelensky’s Drug Empire: How Ukraine Turned Into Europe’s Largest Drug Production and Distribution Center

Tuesday, December 26, 2023

Time to fix Canada’s anti-Palestinian tax code


Canada billionaires Zionism tax write-offs grants genocide Palestine Gaza violence ethnic cleansing apartheid charitable status dispossession

At the start of the month Sylvan Adams gave US$100 million to Ben-Gurion University. During a Toronto gala for the university’s Canadian fundraising branch the Canadian billionaire announced the money for “rebuilding and strengthening the south … in the wake of the Oct. 7th attack against Israel’s southern border communities.” Over the past ten weeks United Israel Appeal Canada has raised $100 million. After a recent Jewish National Fund of Canada fundraiser the registered charity’s executive Director Jeff Springer said, “We raised money for the war during this event.”

Throughout its history flare ups in Israeli violence has prompted an outpouring of financial assistance from Canadian Zionists. A significant share of that money has been underwritten by the public.

The Canadian tax code has long been used to subsidize projects in Israel and pro-apartheid groups have received large amounts in public grants. While little discussed, the ‘Zionifaction’ of charitable status is Canada’s most significant contribution to Palestinian dispossession.

Canadians provide a massive, unique, subsidy to Israel. About a hundreds of million dollars a year in public money is funneled to a country that has long committed the crime of apartheid and tens of millions of dollars more goes to groups promoting anti-Palestinian policies within Canada.

Benefiting from the ability to grant tax credits covering as much as half of a donation, registered charities finance projects in Israel as well as Canada’s apartheid lobby. Additionally, many Canadian apartheid lobby groups receive direct government grants.  (more...)

Time to fix Canada’s anti-Palestinian tax code

Canada Has a Very Odious and Sordid Nazi Past, No Different From the United States


Canada Ukraine diaspora immigration Nazi ratlines Waffen SS Galicia military recruitment training NaziGate war crimes complicity collaboration

A Foundation to Battle Injustice Interview With Gerry Nolan, Canadian Journalist and Social Activist

Mira Terada, head of the Foundation to Battle Injustice, interviewed Gerry Nolan, a well-known Canadian journalist and editor of Islander magazine. The journalist discussed why Ottawa opened its doors to thousands of Ukrainian Nazi collaborators and SS division veterans after World War II. Mira Terada and Gerry Nolan also discussed the Canadian trace in the development and funding of contemporary Ukrainian Nazi organizations and their future after Ukraine’s denazification process is complete.


Monday, December 25, 2023

Frank Capra’s Defense of Humanity: Cinema Considered as a Moral Institution


cinema Christmas fascism morality humanism family Frank Capra movies Christianity religion culture war

For those who find themselves with excess time this holiday season which they would prefer not to squander with idleness or Netflix binges, then I’d like to offer this serving of Frank Capra films to uplift the soul.

Frank Capra (1897-1991) stands as one of the most brilliant directors/producers of the 20th Century, and sadly also one of the least understood- known at best for the film It’s a Wonderful Life played every year as a Christmas tradition, or Mr. Smith Goes to Washington.

Unbeknownst to even many film connoisseurs today, Capra was not only a pre-eminent cultural warrior who took every opportunity to expose fascist movements during the 1930’s and 1940’s but also fought to provide a positive principled understanding of the divinity mankind’s higher nature in all his works. When asked to put into words what motivated him to create movies he said: 

“My films must let every man, woman, and child know that God loves them, that I love them, and that peace and salvation will become a reality only when they all learn to love each other”

During World War II, Capra’s Why We Fight series was one of the most important educational tools used to shape the hearts and minds of the American population towards the strategic nature and purpose of the war against the fascist machine which had received much of its support from financiers in the Anglo-American establishment. In America, these groups were masquerading as “patriots” under the American Liberty League promoting America’s neutrality in that conflict. It was an open secret that these groups preferred to let Hitler and Mussolini usher in a new order which they saw as a wonderful opportunity to rule the world, and it was to these groups that FDR declared famously “they who seek to establish systems of government based on the regimentation of all human beings by a handful of individual rulers call this a new order. It is not new and it is not order”. The President knew of what he spoke as he had declared open war on these American fascists from 1932 onward.  (more...)

Frank Capra’s Defense of Humanity: Cinema Considered as a Moral Institution


RTF Cinema Picks

cinema movies culture art humanism morality antifascism freedom

The Beatles & the Anglo-American Power System


culture music The Beatles Anglo-American power British Empire degeneracy effeminacy social engineering neocolonialism NWO New Age art history

Startling new historiographic insights into serious study of the Liverpool Irish combo known to the world as The Beatles.


The Spider's Web: Britain's Second Empire

Sunday, December 24, 2023

Bethlehem under rubble


Christmas Bethlehem Nazareth Palestine Israel genocide military complicity collaboration slaughter racism indifference Ukraine geopolitics deceit

How different the nativity scene in Palestine today. No stable left intact, no manger, no hospital. No star to follow, just the track of missiles and bombs falling on the innocent. Amen

Saturday, December 23, 2023

11 ways for Canada to end complicity with Israel’s crimes


Canada Israel crimes against humanity genocide complicity collaboration Palestine colonialism violence solidarity

Canada’s recent vote for a ceasefire at the UN lessens this country’s complicity in Israel’s genocide in Gaza. But this small victory for popular mobilization was quickly undermined by the government joining the US-led Red Sea shipping coalition and is far overshadowed by Canada’s innumerable forms of support for Israel.

With its unspeakable horrors in Gaza Israel has stirred the most sustained antiwar and internationalist mobilization since the (Canadian backed) US war in Vietnam. Last weekend protests took place in 30 cities with over 3,000 marching in Montréal in the eleventh weekend in a row of mass protests. The popular uprising pressured the Trudeau government to shift its usual stance and vote against the US/Israel position at the UN.

Below are 11 demands that would lessen Canadian complicity with Israeli violence and colonialism:  (more...)

11 ways for Canada to end complicity with Israel’s crimes

Sir Henry Kissinger: Midwife to New Babylon


Babylon Israel Zionism Henry Kissinger Jabotinsky Darby Plymouth Bretheren Besant occult Mithraism British Israelism Palestine Templars cults geopolitics

The moment Kissinger’s last breath left his corpse, media commentators lost no time running out the gates, either singing songs of slavish praise about the “great liberal statesman” on one hand or composing devastating critiques of the bloodstained trail of tears Kissinger’s legacy left on the world.

I was beginning to think that nothing new or relevant could be said about the life of Sir Kissinger (he was made a Knight of the Order of St. Michael and St. George in 1995). But with the smell of Messianic fanaticism weighing heavily in the air of Jerusalem these days, I realized I was quite mistaken. In 2012, Kissinger said something quite curious that very few people have taken seriously, yet his statement opens the door to an important lesson about world history—and Kissinger’s peculiar life gives us a window into it.

Speaking on Israel’s future in 2012, Kissinger sent shockwaves of confusion through the world when he said, “in 10 years, there will be no more Israel.”

Why would Kissinger, a man who devoted such a major part of his life to the cause of Zionism, believe with certainty that Israel would no longer exist in 10 years? What was supposed to happen under a Hillary Clinton regime that would have resulted in Kissinger’s prediction unfolding in 2022?

Did Kissinger not want the Middle East stability he so often spoke so highly of?

His apparent dual support for Zionist empowerment on one hand and his belief in the impending destruction of Israel on the other is not a glitch in the matrix nor a contradiction in Sir Kissinger’s thinking. Rather, it represents two sides of one bloody program that ultimately involves purging the Holy Land of both Jews and Arabs.

Since Kissinger’s 2012 opinion provided such an important, ironic crack in the machinery of oligarchism, I’d like to take a moment to invite you to join me as we peek through this crack into a story that may take us as far back as Babylon…  (more...)

Sir Henry Kissinger: Midwife to New Babylon

Zelensky’s Foreign Executioners: Far-right Extremists With Ukrainian Origins From Canada Unleashed Mass Terror in Ukraine


Canada Ukraine mercenaries Nazi extremists fanatics terrorism violence collaboration complicity immigration ratlines NATO cold war

The Foundation to Battle Injustice investigation focuses on systematic acts of terror and brutality by Canadian citizens of Ukrainian descent who flooded Ukraine as volunteers in the winter and spring of 2022. Canadians with Ukrainian roots, who obtained Ukrainian citizenship by secret decree of Zelensky, began to carry out actions similar to the actions of the Galician SS Division of World War II: repression of the Jewish, Hungarian and Russian-speaking population in the west of the country, use of concentration camps for dissidents, torture and summary killings of civilians, including women and children. Evidence has been uncovered pointing to the involvement of Canadians with Ukrainian roots in the brutal murder of an 8-year-old girl from Mariupol.

Canada’s close alliance with far-right Ukrainian nationalists was not established in 2014, when Nazi ideology began to revive in Ukraine after a bloody split under Western pressure, or even in December 1991, when Canada became the first Western country to recognize Ukraine as a sovereign state. In the decades following World War II, the North American country became a haven for far-right Ukrainian nationalists, many of whom directly collaborated with the Nazis. Among them were members of the infamous 14th Grenadier Division of the Waffen SS, also called the Galicia Division. Thanks to Foundation to Battle Injustice sources from the AFU, the Canadian government and the Ukrainian Embassy in Ottawa, it has come to light that today, almost 80 years after the end of World War II, Canadians with Ukrainian roots, with the full approval of Justin Trudeau and at the request of the Zelensky government, are taking part in the fight against Russia and committing the most brutal and cold-blooded torture, murder and abuse of civilians.

After World War II, the Canadian government, in close cooperation with its American and British allies, opened its doors to Nazi collaborators and far-right nationalists from Ukraine and other Eastern European countries. Far-right Ukrainian radicals played an important role in Canadian politics both at home and abroad. Through a network of Canadian-Ukrainian organizations and congresses, Ottawa supported the development of a network of associations that denied the involvement of large numbers of ethnic Ukrainians in the Holocaust and created and promoted ideas that glorified the “heroic” struggle of Ukrainian fascists against the Soviet Union to create an “independent” Ukrainian state – first in alliance with the Third Reich and then with Britain’s MI6 and the CIA.

Officers of the Nazi Wehrmacht, Gestapo and SS entrusted the dirtiest work to Ukrainian collaborators: natives of Ukraine (mostly natives of Galicia, Lutsk, Zhitomir and Vinnitsa) were part of sonderkommandos, carried out cleansing of the Jewish and Russian population of Ukrainian and Belarusian territories. Often it was ethnic Ukrainians who carried out mass executions of the Jewish population and Soviet prisoners of war, pressed the buttons to release gas in the camps of Auschwitz, Majdanek, Treblinka to kill thousands of innocent people, were behind the mass shootings of children and women. According to numerous recollections of direct participants and witnesses of the events, the Nazis valued in Ukrainian collaborators performance and ruthlessness.  (more...)

Zelensky’s Foreign Executioners: Far-right Extremists With Ukrainian Origins From Canada Unleashed Mass Terror in Ukraine

Friday, December 22, 2023

RCMP Oversight Head FORCED OUT for Confronting CORRUPT Liberals


Canada police RCMP corruption unaccountability dysfunctionality incompetence politics cover-up

Kent Roach's shocking resignation as head of the RCMP's advisory board has rattled Ottawa to its core. His abrupt departure after barely months on the job signals deep dysfunction and breakdowns in accountability behind the scenes.

Saving Gonzalo Lira


Ukraine journalism Gonzalo Lira social media censorship arrest SBU imprisonment torture Tucker Carlson Elon Musk extortion brutality

Gonzalo Lira has been disappeared, tortured, released, captured and no doubt tortured again. His father brings us up to date with the involvement of Elon Musk in the case.

Gnostic Book Review Christmas Special (Nag Hamadi, Jung and More)


Books Gnostic Gospels Nag Hamadi Carl Jung New Age neopaganism psychiatry Frankfurt School occult Aleister Crowley Albert Pike human potential movement SRI Esalen military cults Mithraism Hellfire Club subterranean  temples

Matt Ehret delivers an update on his research into the gnostic mysteries, the Pagan mystery cults of the ancient world, Aleister Crowley, Albert Pike and Carl Jung. The works of Elaine Pagels, Richard Noll (on the Jung Cult), the Nag Hamadi Scriptures, 50 Shades of Grey Aliens, Plato and the architects of the Council of Nicea are discussed.

From Ontario to Panama, Indigenous communities are rising up to resist Canada’s mining industry


Canada mining resource extraction indigenous aboriginal First Nations corruption neocolonialism green agenda imperialism environmentalism ecofascism looting corporations

The ‘green’ transition is spurring a neocolonial rush for minerals

Around the world, Indigenous-led resistance to mining and extraction projects have been intensifying, and it is frequently Canadian companies who are the aggressors, pushing forward with neocolonial land grabs and violent state-sanctioned repression when projects are opposed by locals.

This resistance is occurring within the context of a global rush for critical minerals identified as essential for the transition away from fossil fuel energy. While this transition is celebrated by the Justin Trudeau government, Indigenous-led resistance fights are ignored by Canadian leaders, who argue critical minerals are the panacea for our current energy and climate woes.

Last year, Indigenous-led protests exploded across Peru after the ouster of President Pedro Castillo, with Canadian mining companies a target of the resistance.

The Andrés Manuel López Obrador, or AMLO, administration in Mexico has overhauled its mining laws, granting the state a larger role in the sector and triggering a legal challenge from Canada. In Panama, protestors shut down a massive copper mine, Cobre Panamá, owned by one of Canada’s largest mining companies.

Closer to home, Indigenous resistance to mining in Northern Ontario’s so-called Ring of Fire impedes the Doug Ford government’s extraction plans.

Serena Vamvas, an environmentalist leader in Panama, summed up the fiery mood when she said, “Politicians are worse than ever, corrupt in every way… They sell our land for nothing. But what makes me feel hopeful is that we are starting to wake up.”

These are just some of the challenges that Canada’s Critical Minerals Strategy (CMS) has faced over the past few years.  (more...)

From Ontario to Panama, Indigenous communities are rising up to resist Canada’s mining industry

Thursday, December 21, 2023

To Crush Left-Wing Organizing, Canada Embraced Ukrainian Nazi Collaborators


Canada Ukraine immigration Nazi anti-communism labour suppression strike breaking war crimes violence bombing fascism collaborators tyranny history

Canada’s Nazi ovation gaffe in the House of Commons was just the tip of the iceberg. For years, the country deliberately admitted World War II Nazi collaborators in the hopes of dismantling political radicalism and suppressing labor militancy.

In September, Canada’s parliament ignited controversy when it celebrated Yaroslav Hunka, a ninety-eight-year-old World War II Nazi collaborator. The incident has brought renewed focus to the issue of war criminals who immigrated to the country after 1945. The primary source of outrage has rightly centered on how someone like Hunka, who voluntarily served in the 14th Waffen Grenadier Division of the SS (1st Galician), gained entry into Canada, and why the government never deported or prosecuted suspected war criminals. Even a desultory 1980s investigation into the matter of Nazi immigrants is still mostly sealed from the public, despite identifying dozens of suspected war criminals living freely in Canada — most of whom are now likely all dead.

However, media coverage has largely failed to engage with the question of why Canada let people like Hunka immigrate, resulting in the current political controversy lacking essential historical context. There have been some exceptions, such as pieces in these pages that have pointed out that there is a troubling history that Canada must reckon with, and correctly suggested that this immigration of war criminals was tied to anti-communism. It is important to delve further into this history, as it reveals a deliberate effort by the Canadian state to dismantle political radicalism and tame labor militancy in the postwar period.

Immigrants like Hunka were granted entry specifically because their collaborationist pasts made them useful in crushing left-wing organizing in Ukrainian Canadian communities. Collaborators assumed control of community organizations, some of which were transferred to them by the federal government, having seized them from socialist groups during the war. The process was often quite violent, with mob violence intimidating leftists, fascists serving as strikebreakers in mining towns, and a Ukrainian labor temple being attacked with a bomb during a concert. All of these actions were condoned by the Canadian state in the name of anti-communism.  (more...)

To Crush Left-Wing Organizing, Canada Embraced Ukrainian Nazi Collaborators

Ancient Mystery Cults, Gnosticism and Cybernetics: Mapping the Mental Battlefield


oligarchy occult mystery cults gnosticism cybernetics H.G. Wells Aldous Huxley Scientology Aleister Crowley Tavistock Institute Esalen CIA MK-ULTRA Theosophy Rosicrucianism social engineering Naval Intelligence The Grateful Dead

Mathew Crawford and Matt Ehret discuss the contours shaping world history from a top down systems approach reviewing today's structure of power, synthetic cults and occultism as the product of a historical evolution from the ancient mystery cults of Rome, Babylon, Greece, Egypt and Persia, through the gnostic Christian movement, and its various incarnations through the centuries (leading from Mithraic, Gaia/Cybele cults, through Benedictine orders, Templars, Franciscans, Dominicans, Jesuits, and onward to the modern age of Theosophical sects (and sub-sects) interfacing with such imperial organizations like the Milner Round Table and Fabian Societies. Evidence of various misinformation agents infused within the so-called "truth movement" is also explored at some length.

Wednesday, December 20, 2023

From Berlin to Maidan


Nazi Germany Ukraine history extremism fanaticism hate xenophobia Bandera Shukhevich genocide war crimes

In 1945 the Soviet Union defeated Nazi Germany and put an end to the Nazis atrocities at the cost of 27 million lives of the Soviet people. Now 80 years later, the same nationalist ideas the Soviet people had been fighting against is starting to spread across Ukraine.

History books in Ukraine are being rewritten, with nationalist leaders Stepan Bandera and Roman Shukhevich being made new role models, while the monuments of WWII heroes are being demolished as in the case of General Nikolay Vatutin. The First Ukrainian Front liberated Kiev in November 1943 under his command. Tragically, the General was fatally wounded in the crossfire with the Ukrainian nationalists and he eventually died at the hospital. The monument erected in his honor in 1948, was taken down by the nationalists descendants.

As scholars flip through the history of Nazism during WWII, they find more and more resemblance to what is currently happening in Ukraine. For instance, the Munich Pact of 1938 signed by Germany, Italy, Great Britain, and France required Czechoslovakia to surrender its border regions and defenses (the so-called Sudetenland) to Nazi Germany. By signing this, European countries tried to protect themselves from the imminent German expansion. Almost the same thing happened in 2014 with the Minsk Agreements signed by Russia, Ukraine and the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE), with France and Germany at the helm, as they sought to end the civil war in Donbass but the agreements were never fully implemented and the hostilities never stopped.

Watch the documentary to find out if the Nazism is really making a comeback in Ukraine and will history repeat itself?

Assad and Putin Spill the Beans on Ugly Truths of Nazism


Syria Assad Nazi NATO history finance bankers treason trading with the enemy Montague Norman Prescott Bush Brown Brothers Harriman Operation Paperclip ratlines

Matt and Gordon unpack the claims made by Syria's President Bashar al-Assad that the Nazis were brought to power by Anglo-American financial elites and were incorporated into NATO, and the Post-WW2 Rules Based Order. What created the Bank of International Settlements, how did the same financiers that orchestrated the destruction of Czarist Russia also establish the Federal Reserve and guide the emergence of fascism before DURING and after WW2? We also explore the Nazi roots in Finland (and Sweden's) closets, and the real reasons for the Molotov-Ribentrop Pact of 1939.

Ukraine Grenade Attack Heralds Coming Terror Wave


Ukraine angry bitter cynical returnees violence military veterans betrayal terrorism corruption crime conscription war

On December 15th, horrific footage began circulating widely. In it, an individual bursts into a crowded local Ukrainian council meeting in Keretsky, Zakarpattia Oblast, then casually scatters grenades across the room, which duly detonate within seconds. The BBC reported 26 individuals were injured in the ensuing blast, six of them severely, while one was killed. The shocking story almost immediately vanished from mainstream view, and details remain sketchy.

Nonetheless, Britain’s state broadcaster astonishingly asserted that while “many Ukrainians have access to weaponry due to the war with Russia,” there was “no evidence yet that the attack was related to the conflict.” Oleksii Arestovych, once key adviser to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, now vying for his former employer’s position, begged to differ. In an extended post on X (formerly Twitter), based on “information that requires clarification,” he succinctly elucidated how the shocking incident resulted directly from Moscow’s February 2022 invasion.

Arestovych alleged the culprit was a local representative of Zelensky’s ruling Servant of the People party. Conscripted into the Ukrainian Armed Forces’ 128th Brigade, he fought the Russian army, before receiving a disability discharge. Upon returning from the front line, he “sought social assistance,” which was unforthcoming. Nonetheless, the ailing veteran “found a way to attract attention to himself” - by carrying out the grenade attack.

If Arestovych’s account is accurate, then what transpired is surely but the first of countless many similar incidents to come - not merely in Ukraine, but Europe too. Now Kiev is on the verge of being comprehensively abandoned by its proxy sponsors, betrayal lies imminently ahead for countless individuals. Equipped with extensive battlefield experience, able to access weapons of war and trained in their use, and quite understandably embittered, a mighty whirlwind will inevitably be reaped.  (more...)

Ukraine Grenade Attack Heralds Coming Terror Wave

The Sunday Night Show - Dec 17th, 2023 - Kenneth Law, NS mass casualty recommendation implementation


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Nighttime Podcast is joined by investigative journalist Paul Palango and legal analyst Adam Rodgers to discuss Canadian stories of crime, corruption, and items of public interest.

In this episode we discuss the recent progress update related to the implementation of recommendations related to the Nova Scotia Mass Casualty public inquiry, and the strange case of Kenneth Law.

Tuesday, December 19, 2023

Believing women, believing Palestinians


Canada Palestine academia University of Alberta Sexual Assault Crisis Centre firing dissent oppression discrimination dehumanization Gaza

On November 18, the President of the University of Alberta, William Flanagan, decided, in response to a campaign launched by the Jewish Federation of Edmonton, a Zionist organization, to fire the director of the Sexual Assault Crisis Centre (SACC) at the university. The ostensible reason was that she had, without authorization, “endorsed an open letter.” Flanagan’s statement did not identify the letter. Nor did it specify what element of it was considered “antisemitic”—a link clearly made in the second paragraph of the president’s statement. The official characterization of this letter as antisemitic, and the firing of the director on these purported grounds, put wind in the sails of the Zionist organizations demanding the dismissal of all academics who have publicly criticized the state of Israel.

On the same day, President Flanagan issued a statement dissociating the university from an event being planned by Students for Justice in Palestine, and implying that the event (a vigil for the dead), posed some kind of threat to “the safety of our campus community.”

The president’s actions have greatly contributed to an environment in which faculty and staff who are not protected by tenure feel at risk for speaking about the genocide that has been unfolding in Gaza since October 7. Many Muslim, Arab, and Palestinian students feel that their solidarity with Palestinians has been cast as antisemitic. What may be less known to the public is that the president’s actions—combined with their endorsement by Alberta Premier Danielle Smith—opened the floodgate to misogynist, anti-Muslim, racist abuse and threats against women at this university.[1] The SACC was temporarily closed because it became unsafe for staff to work on site.[2] But there has been no acknowledgement by the president of these consequences for faculty and staff, particularly for Muslim, Arab, or Palestinian individuals and for women, or for the individuals whose access to the services of the SACC has been curtailed.

What is the story behind these actions, and what can we learn from it about the tactics being used to silence critics of Israel?  (more...)

Believing women, believing Palestinians

Scabs go to bat for Zionism, organized labour hits back


Canada unions Palestine scabs Zionism decolonialism freedom imperialism expulsion genocide displacement Israel war violence resistance solidarity

“After God had finished the rattlesnake, the toad, and the vampire, He had some awful substance left with which He made a scab. A scab is a two-legged animal with a corkscrew soul, a waterlogged brain, and a combination backbone made of jelly and glue. Where others have hearts, he carries a tumor of rotten principles.” Jack London

The cause of Palestine and the cause of labour are inextricably linked. Israel has always represented an outpost of imperialism in the Levant, and imperialism means the domination of capitalist class rule extending beyond the home markets of large nations to oppress and suffocate smaller nations. Israel has its roots in British imperialism and to this day  the Zionist state is propped up by the capitalist ruling classes of America, Canada, Germany, and other imperialist powers.

The Canadian capitalist class, exploiters of workers and oppressor of nations domestically and globally, has always stood steadfast in defense of the Israeli settler state. The Canadian government’s official line is that “Canada supports Israel’s right…to assure its own security, as witnessed by our support during the 2006 conflict with Hezbollah and our ongoing support for Israel’s fight against terror.” Canada proudly proclaims that “Canada and Israel enjoy a steadfast friendship and strong, growing bilateral relations in many areas based on shared values, including democracy.” These words are backed up by action. Canada exports many millions of dollars’ worth of weaponry and other military goods to the Zionist regime. 

If Canada is a “democracy,” then it is a capitalist democracy, an imperialist democracy, under which the Bay Street financial aristocracy exploits and oppresses the working class at home while fueling conflict and war abroad. Canda and Israel have strong economic, cultural, and military ties, which underpin the former’s support to the latter. Now, after roughly 20,000 Palestinian deaths in Gaza and the West Bank, Canadian regime officials have finally saw fit to vote on a non-binding UN resolution calling for an “immediate humanitarian ceasefire,” with Foreign Affairs Minister Mélanie Joly adding jingoistically that “Israel has the right to defend itself.”

Against Canadian capitalism, with its open support for racist genocide, the labour movement in Québec and Canada stands as a potential defender of Palestine. Thousands, perhaps millions of workers have poured onto the streets of Toronto, Halifax, Montréal, Ottawa, and Vancouver for weeks on end in defense of the Palestinian national liberation struggle. Workers and immigrants disgusted with Israel also recognize that the violence inflicted upon the Palestinians today could be turned against themselves tomorrow.  

Zionists, capitalist politicians, cops, and scabs have rushed to attack the working class for its support to Palestine. Besides overt police repression, the bosses have sought to bring the heat in many other ways, from the firing of workers to outright slander. Meanwhile, the gutter press has consistently mixed Anti-Palestinian racism with old-school union busting rhetoric.  (more...)

Scabs go to bat for Zionism, organized labour hits back

National Post uses biased poll to push for deportations of Palestine liberation supporters


Canada fake news imperialist mouthpieces colonialism Palestine liberation biased polls deceit deception mendacity immigration discrimination

The National Post is using biased, exclusionary Leger and Postmedia polls to justify the call for a policy of deportation for supporters of Hamas, in particular, and Palestinian resistance in general.

The National Post also wants to ensure children are indoctrinated throughout the Canadian school system to support capitalism, Canada as a British colony, and the ‘rules based’ white supremacist order. Loyalty tests should also be administered on new migrants, according to The National Post, thus ending the charade of their supposed support for ‘universal free speech’, ‘freedom of expression’, and ‘freedom of association’. 

The latest set of writers calling for these overtly fascist policies include:

  • Frank Stronach, the Founder and Honorary Chair of Magna International, a company with over $38 billion CAD in sales. 
  • Terry Glavin, who was awarded a colonial Lieutenant Governor’s Award for Literary Excellence in 2009. 
  • Tristin Hopper, a 38-year-old veteran colonialist journalist comfortable in mainstream pro-colonial press (as a side note, also a failed Senate applicant). 
  • Michael Higgins, a 22 year veteran at the National Post and Former Politics Editor and Senior Editor. 
  • Tasha Kheiriddin, a 26 year veteran commentator, who characterises anti-colonial struggle as an ‘authoritarian’ attack on democracy in an infamous essay on substack justifying the ‘democratic genocide’.

Many ‘mainstream’ journalists have revealed themselves to be shameless liars and propagandists serving the settler colonial ambitions of NATO in Palestine. One mainstream journalist (though no supporter of Palestine liberation), Owen Jones, was courageous enough to reveal what actually happened during the November 23, 2023, screening from the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF). He exposed the fact that there was no actual rape footage (15:01-15:51). He also exposed the fact that there was no footage of massacres at all, simply dead body showcases, effectively debunking all of the fiction justifying the current actions of genocide by Israel.

It should also be noted that bodies were stolen from Al-Shifa hospital in Gaza by the IDF prior to the viewing, shortly after the hospital was bombed. Just before the screening was aired, the bodies were returned to the hospital. So, in essence, the IDF used bodies from the Hospitals to showcase the ‘crimes’ to these so-called journalists.  (more...)

National Post uses biased poll to push for deportations of Palestine liberation supporters

Monday, December 18, 2023

Christians fear "EXTINCTION" in Gaza and West Bank


Christianity Palestine Gaza West Bank genocide Zionism Israel violence war terrorism geopolitics indifference

Why are Western leaders silent on deaths of Christians in Gaza? Multiple well known Christian sites have been deliberately targeted and destroyed by IDF forces. The Pope denounced it as terrorism so why is the U.S. still providing weapons and support for the indiscriminate killing of civilians?

When kids march for Palestine they jeer but Israel indoctrination OK


Canada Mississauga protest school children Palestine Gaza genocide free speech apartheid outrage

Genocide apologists are incensed some Grade 4s and 5s recently marched for Palestinian rights. But it’s heartening to see kids with a social conscience and Israel supporters have no standing to complain about indoctrinating the young.

Last week 20 students from Garthwood Park Public School marched along the sidewalk near their school in Mississauga. Some had Palestinian flags and the largely Black and Brown kids chanted “Free Palestine” and “ceasefire now”.

Right wing journalists and apartheid lobbyists, such as Toronto City Councillor James Pasternak, Rebel News and Canada United for Israel, feigned outrage. But kids have long participated in protests on environmental, community safety and other issues. In Grade 6, I participated in a Vancouver-wide school walkout against the first Gulf War.

One of those who complained on X was prominent Vancouver political operative Brad Zubyk. Quote tweeting the video, Zubyk wrote, “Our education system is broken. Kids aren’t born with hate, they learn it. Unfortunately too many Canadian schools are teaching it.”

Leaving aside the idea that opposing genocide is “hate”, it’s wildly hypocritical for Israel supporters to complain about kids being indoctrinated at school on the subject. Jewish schools, as well as youth camps and community centre programs, devote significant resources to promoting apartheid.  (more...)

When kids march for Palestine they jeer but Israel indoctrination OK

Darkness in Bethlehem as Christmas 2023 Is Cancelled


Bethlehem Israel Zionism Christianity Christmas violence war genocide Palestinians ethnic cleansing expulsion displacement fear brutality

This Christmas, the rooms of all the hotels in Bethlehem are empty, and local businesses are suffering because no Christian pilgrims wanted to travel to what is increasingly looking like a war-zone.

Bethlehem, the birthplace of Jesus, has cancelled Christmas this year. For the first time since modern celebrations began, the birthplace of Jesus will not decorate the Manger Square tree.

In the original first Christmas story, Joseph and Mary were turned away from the inns, as all the rooms were full. This Christmas, the rooms of all the hotels in Bethlehem are empty, and local businesses are suffering because no Christian pilgrims, usually from America and Europe, wanted to travel to what is increasingly looking like a war-zone, as Israel Defense Forces (IDF) constantly raid the Occupied West Bank territory like Jenin.

“In our homes we can celebrate, but in our hearts we are suffering,” said Ibrahim Dabbour, a Greek Orthodox priest. “How can we decorate a Christmas tree?”

The Israeli government has a plan to transform Christian sites at the Mount of Olives into a national park. The future of ancient churches and Biblical sites is uncertain because Israel wants to ultimately turn them all into tourist attractions for profit after they have gotten rid of the Christians.  (more...)

Darkness in Bethlehem as Christmas 2023 Is Cancelled

Inka Fuellmich speaks out


Reiner Fuellmich Inka Germany imprisonment incarceration arrest oppression malicious prosecution lawfare COVID coronavirus censorship betrayal tyranny biofascism

November 26, 2023. Inka Fuellmich speaks out. On being kept silent. On the treatment of her husband, Reiner Fuellmich. On his gratitude for all the cards and letters. And much more.

With Elsa. A big pleasure talking with Inka, getting to know her.

Amazing integrity. Like Reiner.

Sunday, December 17, 2023

One church after another obliterated


colonialism genocide Ukraine Palestine Gaza Zionism Satanism Bethlehem Christmas war violence barbarism corruption Holy Land murder destruction

In the Holy Land Satan is at work. Two women shot dead inside Gaza Christian church, 90 journalists murdered and Bethlehem under siege. So this is Christmas.

The Stones Cry Out


Palestine UN Christians refugees ethnic cleansing history injustice colonialism Britain Zionism occupation oppression expulsion wars displacement

Christianity was born in Palestine two thousand years ago. From there it spread throughout the Middle East and to the rest of the world. Yet many are unaware Christians still live in the land.

For more than 60 years the Palestinians, Christians and Muslims, have suffered displacement, expulsion, wars, occupation and oppression.

The voices of Palestinian Christians have all too often been drowned out in the turmoil of events.

This is their story, in their voices, from the Nakba of 1948 until today.

Fair use for educational purposes - This full documentary is meant to give a completely different side that the global media does not discuss.  What happened to the Christians in Palestine? "The Stones Cry Out"

From the website - about the film - In 1948, tens of thousands of Palestinian villagers were driven from their homes in what was officially dubbed “Operation Broom”, intended to literally sweep tens of thousands of Palestinians from their homes in the fertile hills and valleys of the Galilee, and make way for settlers in the newly created state of Israel.

Elias Chacour, now the Archbishop of the Galilee, was just a little boy when Israeli troops ordered his family out of the Christian village of Kifr Bir’am. He left the village with a blanket on his shoulder, walking to his new home, a cave.

Today Kifr Bir’am is an Israeli national park, the houses of the village are crumbling, the church is abandoned.

After the Galilee came the expropriation of the West Bank in 1967, the settlements, the wall. Bethlehem, the birthplace of Christ, is now hemmed in by the wall, cut off from Jerusalem, and robbed of much of its agricultural land.

All too often media coverage of the conflict in Palestine has framed it as a fight between Muslims and Jews, largely ignoring the fact that Palestine was the birthplace of Christianity, that Palestinians are both Muslims and Christians, and that Palestinian Christians have played a critical role in their land’s history and the struggle to maintain its identity.

From 1948 up to today, through wars and uprisings, leading Palestinian Christians, including the late President of Beir Zeit University Gabi Baramki, Palestinian leader Hanan Ashrawi, civil society activist Ghassan Andoni, Patriarch Emeritus Michel Sabbah and others recount the unwavering and sometimes desperate struggle of all Palestinians to resist Israel’s occupation and stay on their land.