Monday, July 31, 2023

Gonzalo Lira: I'm About To Cross The Border


Ukraine SBU Gonzalo Lira judiciary corruption update incarceration

An appeal from Ukraine

Sunday, July 30, 2023

NATO does not, and never did, ‘defend’ democracy


NATO Canada Nazi military fascism neocolonialism war

A secretive alliance Canadians never voted to join that requires this country to defend faraway lands and funnel ever greater resources to warfare is presented as a tool of democracy. And pro-NATO propagandists ignore how the alliance once helped oust a Canadian government and its ties to undemocratic regimes.

As a result of a decision made at a private NATO get-together a decade ago Canadians have been told incessantly that we must spend ever more public resources on the war machine. At the alliance’s recent summit they determined the 2% of GDP threshold should now be considered the “floor” for military spending.

For three quarters of a century Canada has deployed troops abroad nearly constantly to fulfill its obligations under the permanent war alliance. NATO is why Ottawa recently announced plans to double its forces in a faraway country few could locate on a map. Prior to what is turning into a semipermanent deployment to Latvia 100,000 Canadian troops were stationed in Western Europe over 42 years. Two years after that deployment ended in 1993 a significant contingent of Canadian troops were deployed to the Balkans on a NATO mission, which climaxed with the 78-day bombing of Serbia in 1999.

Even further afield, Canadian troops occupied Afghanistan for 13 years to fulfill our “duty” to the alliance. They’ve also recently been deployed to Libya and Iraq to mete out NATO violence there.  (more...)

NATO does not, and never did, ‘defend’ democracy

Corporatism Kills Individual Freedom


corporatism fascism finance banks debanking politics lawlessness cancellation

Dr. Reiner Fuellmich and co-host and lawyer Dagmar Schoen have another conversation with Alex Thomson (former officer of the UK's GCHQ, partner agency of the NSA) and Rodney Atkinson (political and economic analyst, journalist and author) about the different faces of corporatism, which shows itself in all areas of life and business, both clear and obvious, subtle and opaque.

Through ignorance, and the allowing of us, 'the people', and through a supposed superiority of corrupt, unscrupulous abettors in politics, business and the mainstream media, as well as global, deep networking, including through NGOs, supposed philanthropic foundations and conglomerates such as the EU, an omnipotence of self-styled elites, rightly described in its vicious excesses as corporatist fascism, has been able to emerge.

Thomson and Atkinson use their own experiences and examples of victims of this kind of oppression and exclusion of dissenters to show how corporatism in its inhuman form shows itself with all its harshness, and does not shy away from depriving people of their livelihoods and isolating them socially.

But how does this powerful instrument of corporatism come about in the first place? How and by what methods can people be instrumentalized for this purpose? Are they specifically selected or does corporatism also take place latently? How far back into the past do we have to look to understand the beginnings and build-up of such constructs of infiltration and takeover of power, which are even capable of using royal houses as their puppets, instigating wars and corrupting entire legal systems to their advantage?

Is the EU a corporatist organization with potentially fascistoid and imperialist ambitions, and why is the undermining of nation-states and their legal systems important?

This corporatism goes far beyond banking and free speech. It is ultimately a form of fascism and totalitarianism. Thomson and Atkinson conclude that the EU is a first attempt at establishing a one-world government. Only we as people and as a society united and no longer divided can counter this corporatism, with the goal of allowing an authoritarian, socialist form of capitalism to emerge.


Saturday, July 29, 2023

The Polish Response to Putin’s Challenge


Poland Ukraine NATO proxy war Russophobia revanchism cannon fodder mercenaries geopolitics

Russia’s warning to Poland not to send troops into the western Galician region of the Ukraine has fallen on deaf ears in Warsaw. Instead, electioneering ahead of an October national parliamentary vote has dictated different priorities for the governing party, the main opposition party, and the rising Konfederacja (“Confederation”) party.

No major politician in the country has commented. The government downplayed by summoning the Russian ambassador to the Foreign Ministry in Warsaw on Saturday to be told that Poland “strongly condemn[s] the threats and unjustified questioning of [Poland’s] borders.”  

Speaking from Washington, Radoslaw Sikorski, now a Polish member of the European Parliament under financial investigation, said Putin “is clearly up to something. He’s provoking Poland. Wagner’s mercenaries are in Belarus… He’s clearly preparing some kind of provocation, probably to draw Belarus into the war. I don’t expect him to attack NATO [Poland] because clearly Russia would lose… Let me be absolutely clear. Poland has zero territorial designs on anybody. This is just looking for some kind of provocation. Mr Putin’s war is not doing well. Umm, yee, perhaps he’s trying to scare us into, errr, us self-deterring so to speak.”   

To capture or hold the votes of Poles already concerned at the impact on the country of unrestricted Ukrainian and muslim refugees, and the losses to farmers of dumping of Ukrainian grain exports, Putin’s warning is not triggering public debate, or exposing significant differences between the government and the opposition parties.  

Independent Polish political analyst Stanislas Balcerac comments “there’s not much coverage, Poland is more concerned about Wagner in Belarus. There are other topics – the election campaign, toxic waste fire in Zielona Gora.    Confederation may be stealing some of the younger voters from the PiS [Law and Justice, the government party], but it is unclear how the PiS wants to deal with it between now and the election date.”  (more...)

The Polish Response to Putin’s Challenge

Who is Louis Jolyon "Jolly" West?


psychiatry Jolly West CIA MK-ULTRA Scientology cults drugs LSD prisons human experimentation

Louis Jolyon "Jolly" West was a prominent American psychiatrist and professor of psychiatry who conducted studies on the effects of mind control and psychological torture for the CIA's infamous MKULTRA program. He is best known for his involvement with accused assassin Jack Ruby and his role in the infamous Ruby assassination trial.

West's research focused on the effects of trauma, hypnosis, and mind control on victims of torture. He was the first to suggest that mind control could be used to make someone commit a crime against their will. He also explored the effects of electroshock therapy and psychosurgery on mental patients.

Who Was CIA Black Sorcerer Sidney Gottlieb?


CIA Sidney Gottlieb MK-ULTRA drugs torture interrogation chemical biological weapons biochemistry corruption unaccountability

Sidney Gottlieb was known as the "Black Sorcerer" of the Central Intelligence Agency. A brilliant chemist, Gottlieb was the driving force behind the infamous MKULTRA program, a series of covert, illegal experiments conducted by the CIA in the 1950s and 1960s. Gottlieb was born in the Bronx in 1918 and earned a Ph.D. in biochemistry from the California Institute of Technology in 1948. After a short stint as a professor at Stanford University, Gottlieb joined the CIA in 1951. Gottlieb quickly rose through the agency's ranks and soon became one of its most powerful and influential figures. He was in charge of the CIA's Technical Services Division, which was responsible for the development of chemical and biological weapons, mind control drugs and other covert tactics. As such, Gottlieb was responsible for the creation of the MKULTRA program, which aimed to study the effects of drugs and other interrogation techniques on unwitting test subjects. The program was shrouded in secrecy and Gottlieb ensured that the CIA would never be held accountable for its actions.

Gottlieb was also a major proponent of the CIA's use of assassination and torture. He supported the use of drugs and torture on political dissidents in foreign countries and is often called the "Poisoner in Chief."

UAF drug addiction and Kiev's child trafficking alliance


Ukraine drugs cocaine war crimes addiction testing child abduction organ harvesting trafficking CIA

CIA’s Ties To Child Sex Cult - UK Column News - 28th July 2023

- RT: Ukraine: Drug testing ground 

“As Ukrainian troops retreat, Russian forces discover that Ukrainian trenches are littered with syringes and unmarked pills.”

- GOV.UK: Foreign Secretary speech at the United Nations Security Council 17 July 2023

- Save Ukraine: Home page

- Mint Press: The Finders: CIA ties to child sex cult obscured as coverage goes from sensationalism to silence

- Foundation to Battle Injustice: Foundation to battle injustice found exclusive evidence of trafficking disabled Ukrainian children in Spain

- South Front: Legalized Sale Of Children For “Spare Parts” And Ukrainian Justice: Why Did Court Release Transcarpathian Child Trafficker?

- Eva K Bartlet: Artyomovsk [Bakhmut] Refugees Speak of Ukraine's "White Angels" Abducting Children

Friday, July 28, 2023

The Continuation Of War By Other Means


economy demography war conquest geopolitics Germany Nazi deception

General Otto von Stuelpnagel who ruled France for Hitler from 1940 to 1944:

"What does a provisional defeat matter to us if because of the destruction of manpower and material which we will have been able to inflict on our enemies and neighbouring territories, we have obtained a margin of economic and demographic superiority greater than before 1939? The conquest of the world will require numerous stages, but the essential is that the end of each stage brings us an economic and industrial essential greater than that of our enemies."

"With the war booty which we have accumulated, the enfeebling of two generations of the manpower, the destruction of the industries of our neighbours and that which we can save of our own, we shall be better placed to conquer in twenty-five or even fifty years than we were in 1939. The interval of twenty-five years is a limited interval, for that is the time which will be required for Russia to repair the destruction we have visited on her."

The memorandum mentioned some of the elaborate devices by which the rulers of Germany would seek to evade a Just peace;

 “We do not have to fear peace conditions analogous to those which we would have imposed because our adversaries will always be divided and disunited. Our enemies recognize already that the 1919 formula, 'Germany will pay,' lacked sense and worth. We will furnish them some brigades of workers, we will restore some art objects or out-of-date machines, and we can always say that those which we do not restore were destroyed by enemy bombardments.

We should immediately prepare as camouflage a list of such objects destroyed by Anglo-American bombs."

The basic aim of the German plan, in 1945 as in 1918, was to secure a final peace settlement, no matter how severe it may appear on the surface, or how hard on the German people, which would leave German economic power intact.  (more...)

The Continuation Of War By Other Means

Hybrid war


hybrid warfare psychological operations disinformation Ukraine Nazi deception propaganda geopolitics proxy war economy diplomacy sanctions isolation

‘The fact of the matter is that we [the US] have encouraged Ukraine to fight a war that they have no chance of winning, and our advisors are in Kiev, they’re advising Zelensky on what to do over and over again,’ says Richard Black, retired colonel and former Virginia State senator. He is convinced that the West for decades, was engaging Russia in hostilities and has finally succeeded. Officially, the USA and Europe are not involved in the operation. However, in reality, they provide weapons used against Russia and employ all means to convince the world of Russia's aggression. Experts and heroes of the documentary shed light on why Ukraine has become a tool in the hybrid warfare waged against Russia. How has decades of hostility and geopolitical manoeuvring between the West and Russia have set the stage for the current situation? Where else has hybrid warfare been employed as a tool in global power struggles?

Who Was G Gordon Liddy?


G Gordon Liddy FBI Nixon Watergate unaccountability Nazi German crime corruption Nixon politics history scandal

George Gordon Battle Liddy was an American lawyer, FBI agent, talk show host, actor, and convicted felon. He is most famous for the Watergate scandal but there is much more to his story.

Post-War Terrorism & Nazi Money


Francois Genoud terrorism Algeria Switzerland bankers Nazi Allan Dulles OSS Amt VI Ben Bella war history ratlines

Post-war terrorism has German/Nazi fingerprints all over it.

One of the main links is the Francois Genoud/Ben Bella network.

One of the more relevant examples is that of former Algerian President Ahmed Ben Bella, a notorious early follower of Hitler, who was reborn as an Islamic Fundamentalist and was engaged in a coup attempt in Algeria that immediately threatened the King of Morocco.

Among Ben Bella's most prominent backers since the 1962 Algerian Revolution that first placed him in power was Francois Genoud, a member of the Swiss Nazi Party during World War II, who assisted Allen Dulles from 1943-45 in negotiations to redeploy Nazi intelligence assets into safe havens for later use.

Among those assets was Amt VI, the "foreign nationalities division" of SS General Walter Schellenberg's Sicherheitsdienst (SD), consolidating both the Second Division of Admiral Canaris's Abwehr and foreign nationalities division of the Waffen SS that maintained extensive Mideast networks through an alliance with the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem.

The Swiss-based Francois Genoud was the banker and one of the principal controllers of these Amt VI assets post-war.  (more...)

Post-War Terrorism & Nazi Money

Thursday, July 27, 2023

The Green Movement, And The Nazi In The UN


environmentalism Kurt Waldheim Nazi Germany SS holocaust cover-up UN United Nations depopulation genocide Club of Rome green movement propaganda indoctrination history

On April 1, 1938 Kurt Waldheim voluntarily joined the Nazi Student Federation. He volunteered for the brown-shirted SA but it is not clear when. His military file reads: “SA Member since November 18, 1938” but this date could be his application or admission. SA applicants had to prove themselves worthy during a six-month apprenticeship.  Kurt was either an apprentice or a member on Kristall Nacht. (November 9, 1938) – the SA rampage organized by Goebbels.

The SA in Vienna, where Kurt was living, distinguished themselves on Kristall Nacht. Forty-three of 44 synagogues were trashed and 20,000 Jews abducted. For days SA squads looted shops and houses of Jews in broad daylight. Jews, and opponents of Nazism, were forced to wash streets and walls with a skin-blistering solution. Many lost their jobs. Before Kristall Nacht there were 200,000 Jews living in Austria. By month’s end there were 150,000.

He trained as a commando near Berlin until October when he joined the 11th Cavalry Regiment in recently annexed Sudetenland. A month later he was back in Vienna, active in the SA. In 1939 he was transferred to the 45th Infantry Division with whom he occupied France, 1940-41. After a stint back home he rejoined the 45th as a lieutenant. The 45th was part of Army Group Center whose goal was capturing Moscow. Here Waldheim first witnessed “cleansing operations” – razing villages, machine gunning suspects, deporting women and children to slave camps. For bravery in the battle of Brest-Litovsk he was awarded the Iron Cross and promoted to commanding a cavalry squadron. His commander, General von Pannwitz, repeatedly praised him. (Von Pannwitz was hung as a war criminal.) Waldheim also received Assault Cavalry and Eastern Front medals. On December 14, 1941 he was wounded in his right thigh and shipped to an Austrian hospital.  On March 6, 1942 he rejoined the 1st Dragoon who transferred him to Yugoslavia to be a staff officer in the 12th Army’s Bader Combat Group.

Waldheim thus entered another atrocity-ridden theatre of war. In 1942 the multi-national Axis army enacted a system of reprisals for acts of resistance including punitive executions of suspects. SS units randomly lynched Serbs from Belgrade street-posts to meet quota. Worse atrocities were committed by the Axis puppet state of Croatia – a front for the genocidal Ustashe movement.  On March 19, 1942, after a spike in resistance, the German 12th Army decreed:

“The most minor case of rebellion, resistance or concealment of arms must be treated immediately by the strongest deterrent methods... It is better to liquidate 50 suspects than have one soldier killed.”  (more...)

The Green Movement, And The Nazi In The UN

150 Million Deaths?


Germany biological warfare 1918 flu fatalities war crimes secrecy Anthrax history cover-up suppression disease infection

Was Germany behind the 1918 Flu virus that killed 50-150 million people?

Admiral Hall, Chief of British Naval Intelligence during WW1, supplied information to an American legal claim against German sabotage within the USA.

The claim was originally meant for compensation for the Germans blowing up a chunk of Manhattan in the biggest terror attack in US history pre-9/11.

 But when Major Peaslee, heading the US investigation, read copies of the British intercepts of German traffic and ciphers, he discovered that the Germans were not just blowing up US munitions depots (before a declaration of war); they were using biological warfare on a large scale.

 It is quiet public knowledge that Germany was using Anthrax and other biologicals on cattle, with 1000s of animals heading for the Allied war effort infected by German agents at various ports. But in 1916 the Germans had discovered a flu variant that killed by over-stimulation of the immune system, therefore perfectly targeting the healthiest of men; Soldiers.

The links will show you that a German agent was in the US releasing their new Bio-weapon in January 1918. The same month the first recorded case of 1918 flu turned up in Maryland barracks.

Germany fought the legal case not in normal terms, but tried bribery, pressure, everything they could, to not be found guilty of the sabotage of the Manhattan munitions depot, despite the US only asking for $20m damages. They could have even settled outside of an official 'guilty', but they didn't.

WHY? Because they knew the evidence could point to them releasing the 1918 flu.  (more...)

150 Million Deaths?

Wednesday, July 26, 2023

German Subversion Methods


Germany spies espionage subversion press media fifth column destabilization fake news

Excerpt from the Grandfather of German Intelligence Wilhelm Stieber’s memoirs, describing German subversion of Austria and France in the late 1800s.

"I advise that, if they are not themselves newsmen, my resident spies should at least recruit newsmen to their cause, but without informing them as to what use the news they gather is put. Instead they should simply be told that their cooperation as journalists is required, and considering the fact that most news-writers suffer from a chronic lack of funds, the promise of fees as generous as we can make them should act as irresistible bait. One can create no more convincing mask for a secret investigatory service than a system of what purport to be newspaper reporters which extends across an entire country."

It has been interesting recently to watch the press regarding German political movements. Where it is fairly obvious to anybody who pays attention to what is actually happening, and the way Germany is slowly gaining control of Europe, there is a lot of propaganda in the British and American press. This propaganda, I suspect often comes from Press Releases, and continually sings German praises Vs the Greeks, the Irish, or whomever Germany is looking to remove some form of economic or political control from next...

What really concerns me though, is that this has been obvious for decades hasn't it?

Thatcher warned about it when Germany, and Kohl specifically, manipulated German reunification.

Nicholas Ridley whilst part of the British Government openly said that the Euro was "a German racket for Germany to gain control of Europe". This comment encouraged his resignation, with the PC brigade shouting "sack him, sack him"... But nobody seems to have actually looked at the idea that he may have been right.

How has Germany managed such penetration of foreign countries without alarm bells ringing?  (more...)

German Subversion Methods

The NAZIS and FASCISTS who founded the THE EU and their influence today


Germany Nazi European Union Fourth Reich fifth column subversion fascism influence war criminals

The EU is based on the Nazi plans published in Berlin in 1942 " The EU was founded and initially led by "former" Nazis and fascists, as was the Charlemagne prize awarded to TONY BLAIR, EDWARD HEATH, ROY JENKINS and others for their role in removing democratic sovereignty from the nation states of Europe"

RODNEY ATKINSON is a former adviser to Ministers and an internationally praised author of 6 books on political economy and the crisis caused by the European superstate. He has broadcast on radio and television in the UK, Germany, Poland, Yugoslavia, Austria and the USA, and his books have been sold in more than 50 countries.  

Books are available either at or on Amazon

We welcome your comments but please understand that the definition of fascism as used in this video is: Fascism is a form of government which is a type of one-party dictatorship. Fascists are against democracy. They work for a totalitarian one-party state. The Nazi party was actually the Nazi Socialist Party.  if you follow the loop around from Fascist to Communist they meet as the same definition.

Taking the Sound of Freedom fight on Human Trafficking from film to action


Canada Sound of Freedom child sex trafficking books activism crime apathy deflection denial mainstream media

Now that the movie and those who share it continue to spread the vital anti-child sex slavery message, what steps can the average person take to fight against such horrors?

Visit Rebel News for more on this story ►

Tuesday, July 25, 2023

Trudeau Liberals studied ways to ban federal funding of groups 'unaccepting' of LGBTQ


Canada gender ideology compulsion coercion exclusion social control manipulation Trudeau totalitarianism

The Trudeau Liberals have required organizations wanting to access federal summer jobs grant funding to swear an attestation to the Liberal's view on human rights, which includes LGBTQ rights, abortion access and gender theory.

Visit Rebel News for more on this story ►

What was Operation Paperclip?


Germany Nazi science ratlines Operation Paperclip war criminals cover-up corruption absolution unaccountability normalization denial

Operation Paperclip was a secret program conducted by the United States of America during the Cold War. It was a mission to bring German scientists, engineers and technicians from Nazi Germany to the United States. The aim was to keep these scientists from falling into the hands of the Soviet Union and to gain access to their research and technological secrets. 

The operation was highly controversial in its secrecy and the failure to properly investigate the backgrounds of the scientists and the potential use of the technology they brought with them. There were also concerns that some of the scientists may have been involved in war crimes. The United States government was quick to deny these allegations.

Monday, July 24, 2023

Biological Warfare Department


Ukraine biolabs research human experiments Donbass biological weapons fatalities secrecy cover-up CIA

In March 2022, Russian ambassador to the UN, Vassily Nebenzia, presented a report that detailed a network of 30 biological weapons labs in Ukraine. With each passing day, volunteers uncover new evidence of illegal activities related to the development of biological weapons in the liberated territories of Donbass. Oksana, an officer from Luhansk, serves in a special unit whose aim is to gather more evidence of the existence of secret US bioweapons factories. ‘The adverse reactions and fatalities that occurred here were all covered up, as evidenced by the removed records and locals testifying that very often, large black plastic bags were hauled out of here, and rather bizarre deaths occurred’, she says.

Through meticulous research and expert interviews, this documentary sheds light on the activities that take place in the US biolaboratories in Ukraine, Georgia, Indonesia and other countries worldwide. Former high-ranking officials and journalists who dared to visit these laboratories explain how the sophisticated network was established, and reveal its ultimate purpose.

From Operation Paperclip to JFK to Corona


coronavirus JFK Operation Paperclip science Germany Nazi eugenics ratlines CIA conspiracy war crimes America vaccines

Dr. Reiner Fuellmich conducts an in-depth conversation with Mark Groubert, investigative Hollywood screenwriter, whose main subjects are the traumatic events surrounding the assassination of the Kennedy brothers. However, Groubert also takes an in-depth look at other topics that are obscure to people, such as the so-called "Operation Paperclip" from recent history.

According to the official version, scientists and technicians were recruited via this American secret operation after the defeat of Nazi Germany in order to acquire their knowledge and projects. Regarding Groubert's research, high-ranking Nazi functionaries, war criminals and physicians were also taken out of the country to continue and deepen their experiments, including Mind Control, in the USA. He debunks the myths about the alleged "good scientists" and describes their experimental work, which also cost many lives in the USA.

He reports on connections between "Operation Paperclip" and the JFK assassination, names well-known names and the connections of these people to each other, which can no longer be called coincidental.

Groubert explains what the lesser known "Operation Dragon Return" was all about, what role the Soviet Union played in it, and how Nazi influence on U.S. foreign policy began at Camp King. Especially explosive is the information about the beginnings of the MK-Ultra program there, how great was the influence of Nazi philosophy on the U.S. government, and how it helped certain Nazi officials escape the Nuremberg trials.

Were both the Republican Party and the Democratic Party infiltrated by right and left wings at that time?

Has a Cold War between ex-Nazi ideologues and ex-Soviets been taking place since 1940, which has visibly extended to the Ukraine conflict as a proxy war with hundreds of thousands of victims again?

In this spectacular interview, Groubert elaborates on how deep the social and political entanglements are, what crimes against humanity are still hidden, and how many people and situations still need to be connected in order to gradually obtain a clear overview of world events past and present.

There are too many historical links between the past and today that need to be revealed. Uncovering these hidden stories is immensely important for our socio-political life and our society, which we can change and improve by doing so.

How Groovy Was It Really?


CIA OSS drugs LSD psyops human experiments psychiatry behavior modification suicide Easy Rider Haight Ashbury summer of love Frank Olson MK-ULTRA acid test Switzerland Sandoz I.G. Farben

Exploring aspects of the “counter-culture” of the 1960’s against the background of the CIA and military’s experimentation with mind-altering substances and various mind-control techniques, this program asks the question: “Was it really good?”

Key Points of Analysis and Discussion Include:

1.–Details concerning SPAN, the operational code-name for the dosing with LSD of the entire town of Pont St.-Esprit in Southern France.

2.–The story of William Hayward, the director of the ’60s cult film Easy Rider. Hayward was the victim of psychiatric confinement by elements associated with the intelligence community.

3.–The monitoring of Ken Kesey’s LSD events by members of the intelligence community.

4.–Former OSS agent Gregory Bateson’s stewardship of the introduction of Ken Kesey to LSD.

5.–Sourcing for the information about the Bateson/Kesey dynamic and discussion of CIA and military experiments with mind-altering substances at the University of Vermont.

6.–CIA operative George Hunter White’s surreptitious dosing of unwitting subjects with LSD.

7.–George Hunter White’s arrest of jazz singer Billie Holiday for opium possession in 1949. Drug arrests destroyed Holiday’s ability to work in establishments that served alcohol.

8.–The story of a San Francisco event featuring the cream of the psychedelic bands of the time. The event benefitted the Hare Krishna cult.

9.–Discussion of the fascist philosophy of the leader of the Hare Krishna cult.

10.–The biography of John Perry Barlow, former campaign manager for Dick Cheney and lyricist for the Grateful Dead. Barlow’s role with the EFF, an organization with many worthy members and reputation but one which, nonetheless, has worked for the intelligence community.

11.–Barlow’s interaction with the CIA and NSA and an examination of the possibility of his stewardship of social media.  (more...)

How Groovy Was It Really?

Sunday, July 23, 2023

Leaked Files Suggest Hidden British Hand in Latest Kerch Bridge Strike


Britain espionage terrorism intelligence SBU Ukraine Crimea Kerch Bridge proxy war NATO technology planning conspiracy

A coterie of British intelligence freelancers has collaborated with Ukraine’s Security Service on plans to destroy the newly-attacked Kerch Bridge, and to target accused collaborators who Kiev is “shooting…like pigs”

On July 16, a predawn assault on the Kerch Bridge connecting Crimea with mainland Russia left two civilians dead and a 14-year-old injured. As advisors to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky hinted at Ukraine’s culpability, Russian President Vladimir Putin pointed his finger at Kiev and vowed revenge.

The attack was the second attempt at destroying the Kerch Bridge in less than a year. On October 8th 2022, a suicide attacker remotely detonated a truck bomb on the bridge, killing three and inflicting such severe damage the vehicular crossing remained closed until February this year, while railroad traffic resumed in May.

As The Grayzone revealed two days after the bombing, a cabal of British mlitary-intelligence freelancers had drafted detailed plans for destroying Kerch Bridge months earlier. The blueprints were drawn up at the behest of Chris Donnelly, a senior intelligence operative and former high ranking NATO advisor. His transnational nexus manages London’s contribution to the proxy war at arm’s length, in conjunction with the Security Service of Ukraine’s (SBU) Odessa branch.  (more...)

Leaked Files Suggest Hidden British Hand in Latest Kerch Bridge Strike

How BP’s Interests Drive Uk Support for Wars, Coups and Dictators


UK BP British Petroleum oil war coups dictators corporate capture foreign policy MI6 Foreign Office military imperialism colonialism geopolitics

The Foreign Office is largely captured by global climate polluter BP.  From Iran to Azerbaijan, Iraq to Nigeria, Russia to Venezuela, the UK prioritises the corporation’s profits over a decent foreign policy.

Declassified recently revealed that BP has pumped Iraqi oil worth £15bn since the UK and US militaries invaded the country in 2003.

Governments in London and Washington long denied the Iraq war was about oil. Yet BP returned to the country in 2009 after a 35-year absence and was awarded a significant interest in Iraq’s largest oil field near British-occupied Basra in the south of the country.

Something similar happened in Libya following another UK military intervention in 2011. 

Eleven years after that war, in October last year, Libya’s National Oil Corporation agreed for BP to start drilling for natural gas in the country. BP controls exploration areas in Libya covering nearly three times the size of Wales.

British officials have a long standing habit of fighting wars which they claim to be in the interests of human rights that are really about oil or geopolitics.  (more...)

How BP’s Interests Drive Uk Support for Wars, Coups and Dictators

Saturday, July 22, 2023

We took our documentary about religious persecution on tour across the country


Canada religion Christianity persecution churches repression criminalization pandemic COVID lockdowns documentary

Kian Simone and Sheila Gunn Reid made the movie to serve as the historical record of the government's treatment of pastors and congregations who stood for religious liberty and the Charter rights of all Canadians when Covid-19 restrictions were imposed on churches.

Unmarked Graves Investigation Comes Up EMPTY, No Criminal Activity Found


Canada aboriginal indigenous residential schools genocide RCMP photo op

Mounties say after a yearlong investigation into potential unmarked graves detected in a western Manitoba First Nation, they have not found any evidence pointing to criminal activities.

Churches were burned, national holiday’s were created and lies about Canada being “systemically racist” were perpetuated.

In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth exposes the lie that thousands of Canadian school children were purposely murdered in a mass genocide.

Muslims stand up to gender ideology in schools


Canada gender ideology compulsion education homofascism Islam LGBTQ parents families dissent freedom

Schools across Canada have incorporated gender ideology in their curriculums, teaching young students about pronouns, transitioning and LGBTQ lifestyles. Many believe this is inappropriate for children and that gender ideology has no place in schools, including many parents of the Muslim faith.

In the last few months, Muslim parents have organized and participated in protests against gender ideology being taught in schools. In addition, many Muslim students have refused to participate in pride events being held in their schools.

The left and the legacy media have been highly critical of Muslims who are taking a stand against gender ideology. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau even lectured Muslims, accusing them of being manipulated by “the American right wing.” But what’s really behind their opposition? What pushed them to finally speak out?

Former mayoral candidate for Toronto Bahira Abdulsalam and concerned parent Kamal El-Cheikh joined The Rupa Subramanya Show to discuss their concerns.

The UNSPEAKABLE Things That Happened Inside the LEAGUE OF GERMAN GIRLS


Germany Nazi League of German Girls breeder fanaticism informant psychopathy dehumanization history automatons idolatry Hitler worship cults

No fury like that of a woman indoctrinated

Dr. Morse Reacts: Sound of Freedom, Elites, and Pedophilia


Sound of Freedom mainstream media disparagement pedophilia Kinsey normalization sexual revolution children family parents Epstein

The Sound of Freedom has generated a lot of press coverage (and box office earnings) but has also garnered its fair share of negative comparisons to Qanon and conspiracy theories. Why on earth would a film that shows the rescue of kids from pedophile rings be condemned by so many in the media? Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse explains.

Friday, July 21, 2023

In Latin America and Asia, Canada Supports the US Government’s New Cold War


Canada colonialism resource extraction cold war Latin America China foreign interference repression imperialism

Over the past few weeks, two events have occurred that seem unrelated, but are deeply interconnected.

First, the US government dispatched roughly 1,000 military personnel to Peru to participate in a joint military exercise between June and August. Their arrival coincides with the return of pro-democracy protests aimed at applying pressure to the unelected right-wing government of Dina Boluarte (who took power after elected President Pedro Castillo’s removal in December 2022).

Second, Ottawa halted its cooperation with the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB), a multilateral development bank comprised of 106 member states, alleging that it is “dominated by [Chinese] Communist Party members.”

Both of these events shine a light on the nature of Canadian foreign policy in the current geopolitical context.

Not only have Canadian officials offered no condemnation of the Boluarte government’s repression of Indigenous-led protests, which has killed almost 70 protestors and injured thousands—Ottawa has also said nothing about the US government sending troops to Peru shortly before the reactivation of anti-Boluarte demonstrations.  (more...)

In Latin America and Asia, Canada Supports the US Government’s New Cold War

Thursday, July 20, 2023

The Canadian justice system has COLLAPSED


Canada judiciary dysfunctionality collapse violent offenders Freedom Convoy inequity politics safety children sex offenders

Everything in Canada seems broken, but the most striking sign is the fact that our government appears to be holding political prisoners in jail as repeat violent offenders roam the streets.

Thanks to the Trudeau's government's woke catch-and-release bail policies, the Canadian justice system has collapsed.

As Freedom Convoy organizers and supporters get the book thrown at them, violent criminals and even convicted sex offenders are released into the public.

The Nova Scotia Mass Casualty - July 16th, 2023


Canada Nova Scotia mass shooting RCMP police cover-up incompetence deception corruption justice misconduct

Nighttime Podcast is joined by Paul Palango and Adam Rodgers for a discussion covering;

  • the unprecedent changes that just occurred within the Desmond inquiry
  • the viral video showing a Nova Scotia RCMP officer using a cruisers siren in a rather bizarre way
  • the upcoming grand opening of the Heart’s Haven Memorial Park
  • several other topics adjacent to the Nova Scotia Mass Casualty

The US-Nazi Connection since World War II: From Inspiring the Third Reich to Supporting the Neo-Nazis of Ukraine


US Nazi CIA Ukraine jihadis mafia terrorism collaboration finance fascism corporatism depopulation social control

The mafia in Washington, London, Brussels and Tel Aviv would do anything to keep their “Unipolar World Order” project in place, in fact, there are getting desperate to hold on to whatever remaining powers they have left even if it means collaborating with its worst enemies. There is a well-known ancient proverb “The enemy of my enemy is my friend” that rings true today especially since Washington, the CIA, the Military-Industrial Complex, along with Mossad and NATO have supported well-known terrorists including the Islamic State (ISIS), Al Qaeda, and other groups to overthrow governments they don’t approve of especially in the Middle East. However, their support of terrorists who were their enemies at one time or another did not start with their regime change wars against Syria or Libya, the idea of supporting its enemies began during and after World War II when the US government recruited Ukrainian Nazis to counter their new enemy, the Soviet Union. What a strange turn of events knowing that the Soviets who fought the Nazis with their American and European allies during the war were seen as a new threat. Washington and the rest of their mafia cohorts used the Nazis back then as they are now using jihadi terrorists today in their war for world domination no matter what the costs are in the long-term.

So who were the Nazis and why was Washington interested in recruiting them in the first place? For starters, the Nazis had members involved in several scientific and technological disciplines that the US government was interested in and would later utilize them to produce all sorts of weapons of war and psychological operations for its future military operations, but we will get into further details shortly. However, the Nazis did follow a far-right fascist ideology that was authoritarian that coincided with ultranationalist principals that rejected anarchy, communism, democracy, republicanism, socialism and other forms of government that was seen as a threat to their rising power. And as insane as this sounds, the Nazis also used scientific racism, or what we can call eugenics to manipulate human gene pools by separating certain groups of people between those who are considered inferior to advancing those who were deemed superior.  Then there is the element of antisemitism that was prevalent within the Third Reich. Nazism has led to genocide, torture, forced sterilizations, imprisonment of its opposition, deportations and other atrocities among those who did not fit the profile of being an ultra-nationalist especially if you did not have the racial qualities that they demanded for their movement. 

If we look back into the history of fascism, its roots were based in Europe when Louis-Napoléon Bonaparte ‘aka’ Napoleon III ruled France with an iron fist from 1848 to 1852 had the elements of a fascist/Nazi state.  (more...)

The US-Nazi Connection since World War II: From Inspiring the Third Reich to Supporting the Neo-Nazis of Ukraine

Wednesday, July 19, 2023

Tyrannical Justin Trudeau CAUGHT ON CAMERA thinks Muslims can't think for themselves


Canada gender ideology Islam parents education grooming narrative control pedophilia cancelling dismissal condescension

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau thinks that Muslims cannot think for themselves. He says that Muslims are being controlled by right-wing extremists to be critical of gender ideology. Not their religion of course, which forbids the mixing of sexes in many places. Extremists like the truckers who protested vaccine mandates? Yeah, kind of like that. Journalist David Krayden joins us to break it all down.

Docteur Satan: The Serial Killer Doctor Of Nazi-Occupied Paris


France Vichy Nazi war history doctor psychopath serial killer collaborators resistance history medicine vaccines deception

Known for his dubious medical practices and shady financial deals, the Nazi occupation liberated Dr. Marcel Petiot's murderous instincts, enabling him to embark on a shocking killing spree.

Tuesday, July 18, 2023

The CANADALAND Guide To Navigator


public relations Canada crisis management perception control spin

“When you can’t afford to lose” is not just Navigator’s trademarked slogan; it’s also its core business proposition. Although it offers a range of services, from market research to communications, Navigator is best known as the firm to which Canada’s rich and powerful turn when facing a crisis that could cost them that wealth and power.

Its highest-profile clients have included Michael Bryant and Jian Ghomeshi. More recently, it’s been a player in the controversies around Hockey Canada, the Special Rapporteur on Foreign Interference, and the Ottawa Police response to the convoy occupation. Bit by bit, we’ve gotten more insight into the work they do behind the scenes to — as one observer once put it to the Toronto Star — change your perceptions without you even knowing it.

On today’s episode, host Jesse Brown and news editor Jonathan Goldsbie offer a primer on the company that’s been a common thread running through many of the biggest Canadian news stories of the past 15 years.

Repression of anti-war voices an old Canadian story


antiwar Canada Ukraine repression silencing cancelling UCC intimidation disparagement warmongering jingoism

A recent campaign to shut down a call for peace echoes a darker period in Canadian history. But the dominant media and leading cancel culture critics all but ignored it.

Between June 19 and July 8 Dimitri Lascaris spoke across the country on “Making Peace With Russia, One Handshake At A Time.” The 12-city tour organized by the Canada-wide Peace and Justice Network followed the former Green Party leadership candidate’s visit to Russia in April.

There were efforts to disrupt or cancel all the events by calling and mass emailing venues, through in person protests and underhanded moves such as mass booking Eventbrite tickets without any plan to use them. Despite requiring advanced tickets and only revealing the locales at the last-minute, five venues buckled to pressure and canceled. The first Toronto event was held in a nearby pub after the Ontario Public Service Employees Union revoked the room booking at the last minute claiming they received threatening messages. The next stop in Winnipeg was held at a third location after two different venues canceled on short notice. In Montréal the talk was held in a park after the venue owner overrode his manager under outside pressure while an alternative venue was found in Halifax after the office of the Saint Mary’s University president intervened to deny the space.

A cabal of US and Canadian military funded figures such as Marcus Kolga and Jean-Christophe Boucher, as well as the Ukrainian Canadian Congress (UCC) and Ukrainian Embassy, targeted the different venues. They openly called for shutting down talks about ending the horrors in Ukraine and diminishing the risk of nuclear catastrophe.

Despite the hurdles, the events were generally well attended. But finding backup venues and making alternative arrangements is a major burden for small, all-volunteer, groups.  (more...)

Repression of anti-war voices an old Canadian story

The Mainstream Media's Hit Piece's On The Muslims Who Say NO To Grooming


Canada gender ideology gay agenda homeschooling grooming Christian Muslim parents families schools education population control depopulation Canada

Interview With Mahmoud Mourra & Nico King.

The mainstream news & WEF/UN/WHO alphabet soup agenda are worried about the Canadian Muslim community starting to take a stance against the sick porn & gender confusion being taught in schools. All at once in perfect timing ALL of the mainstream outlets produced hit pieces on Mahmoud & politicians that won't denounce his movement. Mahmoud, Nico, and I discuss CANADIAN unity, fake news, and the liberals agenda to divide Canadian parents through ridiculous headlines.

Man ‘identified’ as female to get into women’s shelter, now he’s allegedly identifying as a feline?!


wokeism transgender women's shelter Canada Ontario Windsor identity politics political correctness social services safety

'It's a women's shelter, it should be for women, not for men that dress-up like women,' said a female resident at the Welcome Centre Shelter.

Visit Rebel News for more on this story ►

Monday, July 17, 2023

Albert Hofmann, The Nazis and The CIA


Albert Hofmann Nazi CIA Sandoz Switzerland drugs MK-ULTRA human experiments mind control menticide bioethics

Transformed into something of an icon during the “Psychedelic Era” of the 1960’s, Sandoz’s Albert Hoffman’s political affiliations are fundamentally different from his “Peace and Love” persona minted during that time.

The reality of that time is fundamentally different from the surviving cultural and political narrative.

This program sets forth disturbing facts about Hoffman, his relationship with the CIA and the Sandoz firm’s activities in World War II.

“. . . . In the same interview [Gordon] Wasson said that Albert Hofmann ‘worked in some way with the CIA’ and that Hoffman’s ‘discoveries were imparted in whole by Sandoz to the U.S. government. Sandoz wanted to be on the right side of things.’ Hofmann’s connection to the CIA has never been officially confirmed by the CIA, which maintains a policy of not commenting on or revealing information on foreign citizens who find their way into its employment. Former agency officials have commented anonymously that several Sandoz scientists and officials, including Hofmann, maintained a close relationship with the CIA, but the ‘Agency never fully trusted the Swiss’ and ‘always held a dual insurance policy with Sandoz’ by vetting and placing covert employees within the firm’s laboratories and administration. . . .”  (more...)

Albert Hofmann, The Nazis and The CIA

The Third Reich Never Died


Nazi third reich judiciary COVID PCR test fraud pseudoscience Sweden fear mongering panic WHO terrorism

Sweden Under Review interviews Dr. Reiner Fuellmich & Emil Borg

Sunday, July 16, 2023

Lockdown charges against MP Derek Sloan and MPP Randy Hillier dropped — lawyer explains the case


Canada COVID lockdown police harassment charges dropped Randy Hillier Derek Sloan constitutional rights biofascism resistance

Ezra was joined by Chris Fleury, lawyer for former MPP Randy Hillier and MP Derek Sloan. In collaboration with with the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms, Chris had the charges against the two, for attending a rally against COVID lockdown measures in 2021, dropped.

Przemysl, Poland commemorates 80th anniversary of Volhynian massacres


Poland Przemysl commemoration Volhynia massacres anniversary Ukraine history war crimes genocide bestiality ethnic cleansing

People took to the streets in Przemysl, Poland to honor the victims of massacres that took place in Volhynia in 1943 under the direction of the Organisation of Ukrainian Nationalists.

Saturday, July 15, 2023

Chinese Election Interference: Five Eyes, NATO and the Ugly Truth of CSIS


Canada China election interference RCMP CSIS NATO Gladio Five Eyes strategy of tenson terrorism cold war colonialism imperialism British GCHQ MI6 CIA FBI cointelpro MK-ULTRA assassination unaccountability Nazi paperclip

In this short film, The Canadian Patriot Review asks: IS there evidence to support made by Canada's intelligence agencies which claim that the Chinese government has interfered in Canada's elections in support of the Liberal government of Justin Trudeau OR Canadians being played by British Intelligence once again to ignore the true foreign agency which has infiltrated Canada?

Answering this question will take us into the dark bowels of the Five Eyes, NATO, and a fascist secret army apparatus which controlled domestic terrorist movements throughout the Cold War under something called 'Operation Gladio'. From this vantage point, we will better appreciate the causes of Canada's FLQ terrorist crisis in the 1960s-1970s, the murder of Quebec Deputy Premier Pierre Laporte in 1970 and the martial law imposed onto Quebec during that same period.

The ugly origins of CSIS and abuses of Civil Liberties conducted by the Special Operations Center of the RCMP will also take on new meaning.