Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Pump This: The Schwarzenegger File

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Interrogatory in nature, this program highlights the Nazi family background and Nazi-like affectations of California Gubernatorial candidate Arnold Schwarzenegger. Beginning with discussion of a body building picture in which Schwarzenegger is giving the Nazi salute, the broadcast sets forth numerous accounts of Schwarzenegger’s manifestation of a Nazi/Aryan persona during his bodybuilding days. The discussion also examines Gustav Schwarzenegger’s Nazi background in the Austrian brown-shirts, and the Third Reich’s military police — the latter a key liaison element with the SS mobile killing squads on the Eastern Front. (Gustav – Arnold’s father – was with a unit that was involved in some of the most brutal fighting in Russia.) After examining the strong areas of overlap between the elder Schwarzenegger’s background and the areas projected as repositories of Third Reich postwar underground operatives, the broadcast examines the curiously large influence that Gustav was able to exert on behalf of Arnold’s mili­tary career. It appears that Gustav may well have been more than a mere smalltown police chief. Arnold Schwarzenegger was a close political ally of and defender of Nazi war criminal Kurt Waldheim, later elected president of Austria. Schwarzenegger has never repudiated his support for Waldheim. Much of the program examines the networking of Bush family ally and investment adviser Allen Dulles and personalities (including Ronald Reagan, Richard Nixon, George H.W. Bush and William Casey) that were to become luminaries in the Republican hierarchy. All of these men were involved with the Crusade for Freedom, an illegal CIA/State Department operation in which Nazi and fascist war criminals were brought into the US for political purposes. Many eventually coalesced into the Republic ethnic outreach organization. The key words and concepts to understand in the context of this broadcast are networking, oligarchy, hierar­chy. Is Schwarzenegger associated with the Underground Reich? Was his ascension realized through the networking of elements of the American power elite with the Underground Reich?  (more...)

 The Nazis Go Underground

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