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Bolshoi: Pas-de-Brazil. Brazil’s Bolshoi Theatre School turns favela kids into ballet stars


Brazil Russia BRICS ballet Bolshoi Theatre School favela Joinville dance arts youth

The Bolshoi Ballet is probably the world’s leading dance company with two schools forging future ballet stars. One is in Moscow, and the other is in faraway Brazil! The Bolshoi ballet school in the remote city of Joinville was conceived as a grand social project for deprived children. Pupils, who are mostly from low-income families, train in a rigorous eight-year programme for free so they can get out of poverty and perform professionally.

Friday, December 30, 2022

Lovers of Truth and Lovers of Lies: Seeing new lessons for today in Mel Gibson’s iconic portrayal of ‘The Patriot’


Christianity freedom independence spiritual warfare patriotism courage decision truth history film

Even the Spirit of truth, whom the world cannot receive, because it neither sees him nor knows him. You know him, for he dwells with you and will be in you. –John 14:17

... we sat down to watch a familiar movie, The Patriot, starring Mel Gibson in the role of a fictional character named Benjamin Martin, who finds himself drawn into the American Revolutionary War.

It’s always been a favorite and I’ve seen it many times. But this time I would see the story unfold through an entirely new lens. There’s more to it, I found, than just a patriot hero, a keen military strategy and an intriguing history lesson.

The movie actually contains many of the essential elements of spiritual warfare, useful for us living on the earth today, heading into the year of our Lord, 2023, which promises to be another year of volatility and disruptive events.

While the movie received mostly high praise at its release back in 2000, if you Google “The Patriot” you will find some spurious things have been written in recent years by mainstream critics taking pot shots at Robert Rodat’s dramatic presentation of a story about revolutionary colonists who rebelled against the British Throne. His story centers on the life of one Benjamin Martin, a fictional character based loosely on the real-life character of Brigadier General Francis Marion, an American Revolutionary War officer, planter and politician also known in history as the Swamp Fox.

Rodat’s critics say his script presents an overly simplified view of the period, some going as far as to say it should not be shown to American school children — of course not as it might instill values such as national pride, bravery and courage under fire. They totally miss the point. Every good story is simplified so as to cut through the noise and allow those listening to hear the single most salient lesson being taught. If told well, the lesson from a good story can ring for generations. That’s why I think Rodat knocked it out of the park with this film, solidifying its lofty place in the American historical film genre, where it captures the psyche of the early American agrarian settlers who lived and worked far from the population centers in New York, Boston or Philadelphia. They formed militias to protect themselves from government mobs and faced a moment in history similar to what we are living in now where they were forced to make a decision: Do they confront the obvious evil that had come out of the shadows and into broad daylight, had even come for their children, or do they bow and offer up their posterity to this illegitimate thing claiming authority, claiming ownership, over their lives?  (more...)

Lovers of Truth and Lovers of Lies: Seeing new lessons for today in Mel Gibson’s iconic portrayal of ‘The Patriot’

2022 - EU Leaders Exposed as America’s Suicidal Guard Dogs


Europe suicide servility treason politics looting corruption crime oligarchy obsequiousness spinelessness

Whimpering curs leading Europe to ruin

The Strategic Alliance Between Nazi Germany and America's Most Powerful Corporation


Nazi IBM computing census eugenics holocaust history genocide collaboration corporations books Germany WWII technology

A book by investigative journalist and historian Edwin Black which documents the strategic technology services rendered by US-based multinational corporation International Business Machines (IBM) and its German and other European subsidiaries for the Nazi government of Adolf Hitler from the beginning of the Third Reich in January 1933 through the last day of the regime in May 1945 at the end of World War II. Published in 2001, with numerous subsequent expanded editions, Black outlined the key role of IBM's technology in the Nazi genocide, by facilitating the regime's generation and tabulation of punch cards for national census data, military logistics, ghetto statistics, train traffic management, and concentration camp capacity.

In the early 1880s, Herman Hollerith (1860–1929), a young employee at the U.S. Census Bureau, conceived of the idea of creating readable cards with standardized perforations, each representing specific individual traits such as gender, nationality, and occupation. The millions of punched cards created for the population counted in the national census could then be sorted on the basis of specific bits of information they contained—thereby providing a quantified portrait of the nation and its citizens.  A circuit-closing device was used to electromagnetically record the data represented by the perforations. The technology enabled searching for individuals using the traits as search terms.

In 1910, the German licensee Willy Heidinger established the Deutsche Hollerith Maschinen Gesellschaft (German Hollerith Machine Corporation), known by the abbreviation "Dehomag".  The next year, Hollerith sold his American business to industrialist Charles Flint (1850–1934) for US$1.41 million (equivalent to $41 million in 2021).  The counting machine operation was made part of a new conglomerate called the Computing-Tabulating-Recording Company (CTR).  Flint chose Thomas J. Watson (1874–1956), the star salesman of the National Cash Register Corporation, to head the new operation.  In 1923, the German licensee Dehomag became a direct subsidiary of the American corporation CTR. In 1924, Watson assumed the role of Chief Executive Officer of CTR and renamed the company International Business Machines (IBM).

Black details an ongoing business relationship between Watson's IBM and the emerging German regime headed by Adolf Hitler and his National Socialist German Workers Party (NSDAP). Hitler came to power in January 1933; on March 20 of that same year he established a concentration camp for political prisoners in the Bavarian town of Dachau, just outside the city of Munich. Repression against political opponents and the country's ethnic Jewish population began immediately. By April 1933, some 60,000 had been imprisoned.  Business relations between IBM and the Hitler regime continued uninterrupted in the face of broad international calls for an economic boycott.  Willy Heidinger, who remained the chief executive of Dehomag, the German subsidiary of which IBM owned 90%, was an enthusiastic supporter of the Hitler regime.

On April 12, 1933, the German government announced plans to conduct a long-delayed national census. The project was particularly important to the Nazis as a mechanism for the identification of Jews, Roma, and other ethnic groups deemed undesirable by the regime. Dehomag offered to assist the German government in its task of ethnic identification, focusing upon the 41 million residents of Prussia.  This activity was not only countenanced by Thomas Watson and IBM in America, Black argues, but was actively encouraged and financially supported, with Watson himself traveling to Germany in October 1933 and the company ramping up its investment in its German subsidiary from 400,000 to 7,000,000 Reichsmark—about $1 million (equivalent to $20.9 million in 2021). This injection of American capital allowed Dehomag to purchase land in Berlin and to construct IBM's first factory in Germany, Black charges, thereby "tooling up for what it correctly saw as a massive financial relationship with the Hitler regime".

Final Thoughts on 2022


Ukraine proxy war unipolarity multipolarity hegemony geopolitics economics great reset destabilization color revolutions regime change desperation collapse sociopathy

Gonzalo Lira with Alex Stein, Sleboda, Larry Johnson, HistoryLegends, Ian Cheong, Christoforou, Nixon

Thursday, December 29, 2022

Western backed persecution of Syrian Christians in Idlib, Syria


Syria Christians persecution Al Qaeda Idlib ISIS ethnic cleansing atrocities hypocrisy regime change destabilization Britain oligarchy violence genocide

Vanessa Beeley interview with RT International, covering Western backed persecution of Syrian Christians in Idlib, Syria.

Wednesday, December 28, 2022

2022 Recap, 2023 Forecast


2022 2023 recap forecast geopolitics geo-economics oligarchy hegemony unipolarity multipolarity new paradigm progress

Join Rogue News for an in-depth geopolitical and geo-economic roundtable discussion featuring some of the best minds the new media.

The Unmarked Graves Boondoggle


Canada Indian Residential Schools unmarked graves boondoggle hysteria politicization accusations smearing calumny

Ottawa's 'Special Interlocutor for Missing Children' heads a growing empire but so far she has identified not a single unmarked grave that is actually a grave of a named 'missing' child.

ON JUNE 8, 2022 THE federal government appointed Kimberly Murray as Independent Special Interlocutor for Missing Children and Unmarked Graves and Burial Sites associated with Indian Residential Schools. An indigenous activist, Murray was Executive Director of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission from 2010 to 2015. At the time of her appointment as Special Interlocutor, she was “Executive Lead for the newly created Survivors’ Secretariat at the Six Nations of the Grand River, working to recover the missing children and unmarked burials at the Mohawk Institute.”

Although the statute under which her appointment was made has never been identified, Murray’s job description as Special Interlocutor is very specific:

The Special Interlocutor will work closely and collaboratively with Indigenous leaders, communities, Survivors, families and experts to identify needed measures and recommend a new federal legal framework to ensure the respectful and culturally appropriate treatment and protection of unmarked graves and burial sites of children at former residential schools.

Murray has been specifically tasked with developing a new federal legal framework for protection of unmarked graves of children of former residential schools.

Whether this is a constitutionally valid job description is open to question since it appears to delegate to her the function of the legislative branch of government.  (more...)

The Unmarked Graves Boondoggle


Kamloops Indian Residential School

Tuesday, December 27, 2022

Fascist Zero Sum thinking vs Win-Win Cooperation


fascism unipolarity multipolarity history globalists liberalism Ukraine Nazi humanism depopulation Great Reset destabilization

Did you know that Fascism and Liberalism are simply two sides of the same coin? In this episode of the Great Game on Rogue News, we explore the simple reasons for the ADL's defense of the pro-nazi Azov Battalion, the unipolarist end of history logic of Francis Fukiyama's liberal world order in opposition to the multipoloar open system outlook of Lavrov, Putin and Xi Jinping which is currently shaping the contours of the post-globalization age.

RCMP Commissioner Brenda Lucki pressured by Justin Trudeau to falsely claim alledged Nova Scotia shooter used assault rifles


RCMP Canada Nova Scotia mass shooting Brenda Lucki Justin Trudeau cover-up guns incompetence dereliction crime deception

Dashcam video of the scene where RCMP Cst. Heidi Stevenson was killed provides material evidence that RCMP Commissioner Brenda Lucki was pressured by Justin Trudeau to falsely claim Gabriel Wortman used assault rifles to commit mass murders on April 18-19 2020. Justin Trudeau pressured RCMP Commissioner Brenda Lucki to fabricate evidence to further the UN’s agenda of banning assault rifles in Canada. A screenshot from a dashcam video shows RCMP ERT officers firing assault rifles. A person RCMP identified as Gabriel Wortman was videotaped by a passing motorist fleeing the scene on foot but he wasn’t videotaped carrying an assault rifle.

The above screenshot from a dashcam provides material evidence that RCMP Cst. Heidi Stevenson was killed by friendly fire and RCMP Commissioner Brenda Lucki covered it up by claiming Gabriel Wortman had used assault rifles to commit the Nova Scotia mass murders. The position of RCMP Cst. Heidi Stevenson’s body on the ground and RCMP ERT officer firing assault rifles in the direction of her RCMP cruiser supports the friendly fire assertion.

This screenshot and other video images provides evidence that the weapons RCMP Commissioner Brenda Lucki claimed Gabriel Wortman used in the Nova Scotia shootings were actually used and fired by RCMP ERT officers at the scene where RCMP Cst Heidi Stevenson was killed. RCMP ERT members firing their Colt Carbines was captured by RCMP dashcam and by a motorist’s cell phone video. RCMP ERT officers were video taped carrying a Colt Carbine while he climbed over a guardrail in front of RCMP Cst. Heidi Stevenson’s cruiser.  (more...)

RCMP Commissioner Brenda Lucki pressured by Justin Trudeau to falsely claim alledged Nova Scotia shooter used assault rifles

Why Western Intelligence Fails


CIA failure bureaucracy mediocrity unaccountability incompetence neocons censorship social media Ukraine torture geopolitics Hollywood research

Gonzalo Lira with Larry Johnson and John Kiriakou

Monday, December 26, 2022

Signora Anti-NATO


Italy NATO war crimes colonialism imperialism Africa migrants politics economy NATO military Libya

A Life of Protest Against Military Alliance

Italian activist Marinella Correggia campaigns passionately against NATO, blaming the alliance for political and economic instability in countries where it has intervened.  She believes that pre-emptive strikes against terrorists and bringing democracy to the people are no more than flimsy pretexts for a very different agenda. She is convinced that the current refugee crisis is a direct consequence of needless NATO intervention.

Marinella is ashamed of her own country and chooses to stand with those on the receiving end of the bombs. She has been to Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya when NATO conducted military operations there. She has talked to families affected by NATO action and now, she wants the alliance held to account. For that, she’s building a case and looking for people willing to sue the massive war machine.

She collects testimony and evidence and tries to convince victims to speak out in hopes that legal process will bring an end to NATO’s abuse of power. She insists that NATO has committed criminal acts and must answer for them in a court of law. Marinella hopes to obtain compensation for NATO’s victims and to achieve legal condemnation of its actions.

Marinella compares herself to a little donkey challenging a tyrannosaurus: one woman taking on an international military machine might seem a losing battle from the start. Nevertheless, Marinella is driven to continue her activism, drawing attention to NATO’s abuse of power, asking awkward questions and trying to take the alliance to court. She invites others to join her cause and when enough have, a multitude of tenacious donkeys might just be able to defeat a dinosaur. RT Doc follows Marinella Correggia from Italy to North Africa on her quest for justice.

Sunday, December 25, 2022

Oligarchs own the U.N.


United Nations oligarchy infiltration capture globalists WEF One World Order ecofascism population control sustainable development imperialism

In this revealing and insightful interview. former UN Executive Director Călin Georgescu describes the process of infiltration and global takeover of the United Nations by oligarchs, particularly Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum (WEF).

He outlines the power structures of the UN, its covert manipulation, exploitation and enslavement of people around the world, and reveals the sobering reality of a once benevolent organization.

Călin Georgescu tells the story of his own tipping-point, of turning his back on the destructive agenda of the oligarchs. He emphasizes the importance of (re)connecting with nature, ourselves and our fellow human beings which shall guide us to true sovereignty, harmony and the Divine.

Saint Nicholas & Origins of Secret Gift-Giving


Christmas Christianity Greek Orthodox St. Nicholas Santa Clause gift giving charity tradition

“Eighty-six years have I have served him, and he has done me no wrong. How can I blaspheme my King and my Savior?”

-declared the aged Polycarp, a disciple of the Apostle John, as he stood in 155 AD before the Roman judge who ordered him to deny his faith or be killed.

The church had been born into a one-world anti-Christian government -- the Roman Empire, and experienced three centuries of severe government persecutions.

One of the notable church leaders who was persecuted in the late 3rd century was St. Nicholas.

St. Nicholas is the most renowned saint in Greek Orthodox tradition, as St. Peter is in Catholic tradition.

St. Nicholas was as important to Greeks and Russians as St. Patrick was to the Irish; or as St. Boniface (Winifred) to the Germans, or St. Olga to Kyiv, or St. Genevieve to Paris.

Greek Orthodox tradition tells of Saint Nicholas being born around AD 280, the only child of a wealthy, elderly couple who lived in Patara, Asia Minor (present-day Turkey).

When his parents died in a plague, Nicholas inherited their wealth.

Nicholas generously gave to the poor, but he did so anonymously, as he wanted the glory to go to God.  (more...)

Saint Nicholas & Origins of Secret Gift-Giving

Saturday, December 24, 2022

Canadian health overlord joins Mrs. Claus to push vaccine propaganda


Canada healthcare COVID vaccines propaganda manipulation luring grooming children politics conflict of interest pharmaceuticals WHO Chief Public Health Officer Theresa Tam exploits a classic Christmas character to ensure Canadian children know the importance of vaccine uptake.

Visit Rebel News for more on this story ►

A Grand Unified Theory of Corruption and Treachery


Gold Warriors Yamashita Japan CIA slush fund corruption treachery books funding banks Philippines Marcos fascism history

Gold Warriors, The Covert History of Yamashita's Gold : How Washington Secretly Recovered it to Set Up Giant Cold War Slush Funds and Manipulate Foreign Governments, by Sterling and Peggy Seagrave, originally published 2002 by Bowstring Books, 3rd edition 2010, 617 pages...

How did our CIA become so immensely powerful and so immensely corrupt?

This book tells a story that feels essentially relevant to me. Nevertheless, it is a story that has not been incorporated into narratives of any of the skeptical and well-informed independent journalists whom I most respect. It is 20 years old now, and the book is as exceedingly readable as it is meticulously documented. 

Through wars of conquest beginning in the 19th Century, Japan systematically looted staggering quantities of gold from China, Korea, and SE Asia. Anticipating defeat in WWII, members of the Japanese imperial family sent the Emperor’s cousin, Prince Chichibu, to bury gold and jewels at dozens of remote sites on occupied Philippine islands. At the conclusion of the war, the driver of Chichibu’s jeep was captured and tortured to disclose the locations of some of the underground sites. In the Seagraves’ account, the amount of gold is many hundreds of thousands of tons, equivalent in value to the GDP of the entire world today. A portion of this loot funded the Black Eagle Trust, a secret account used to create the CIA and support its clandestine operations, fomenting wars and overthrowing popular governments around the world on behalf of the world’s largest corporations. The M-Fund was used to kickstart “democracy” in Japan by supporting the election of war criminals and reliable anti-communists. Another major share passed through the personal holdings of Ferdinand Marcos, an American-supported President and then dictator in the Philippines from 1965 - 1986. Other beneficiaries included evangelist Sun Myung Moon, VP Richard Nixon, mobster Meyer Lansky, and Pope Pius XII. In the Seagraves’ story, everyone who came in contact with this treasure was corrupted, participating in murder, treachery, and unspeakable cruelty.  (more...)

A Grand Unified Theory of Corruption and Treachery

Friday, December 23, 2022

Parliamentary Budget Office estimated MAID healthcare savings of $149 million


Canada MAID euthanasia assistid suicide healthcare savings dehumanization degradation death dividend

A 2020 analysis done by federal number crunchers was based on the assumption that 7629 Canadians would access medically assisted dying with the help of the government. However, the number of Canadians taking choosing MAID topped 10,064.

FULL REPORT by Sheila Gunn Reid:

The Nazi mass murders of Canadian troops in WW II


Canada Germany Nazi WWII Hitler Youth SS war crimes bestiality barbarity murder POWs dishonor Conduct Unbecoming

On Dec. 28, 1945, Major-General Kurt Meyer was found guilty of war crimes for the massacre of 18 Canadians at Abbaye D’Ardenne in Normandy, France, shortly after D-Day in 1944.

Meyer commanded the 12th SS Panzer Division Hitlerjugend, arch-enemy of the 3rd Canadian Infantry Division as it advanced inland from Juno Beach on June 7, 1944. Meyer had instructed his troops to retaliate against the Allies for the bombing of German cities.

The bulk of the 12th Panzer Division were Hitler Youth members aged 17-19. These fanatical teens were led by battle-hardened older officers who had fought with the 1st SS Panzer Division on the Eastern Front against the Soviet Union and were inured to brutality. Old or young, these Nazis were not averse to murdering prisoners of war.

In 1943, correspondent John Hetherington reported on the “bestial young Nazi fanatics” captured in Italy. He recounted tales of PoWs who were taken to camps in Crete, Greece, being tortured by Hitler Youth guards.

“They represent everything that is most vicious in the Nazi system,” he said. “More mature German solders were by no means incapable of playing fair…even of chivalry, but the training undergone by the Hitler Youth is obviously designed to eliminate the better human instincts and replace them with those of the hoodlum.”  (more...)

The Nazi mass murders of Canadian troops in WW II

Why did the Ottawa Citizen publish Holocaust revisionism?


Ottawa Citizen Ukraine Nazi OUN holocaust revisionism history genocide ethnic cleansing falsification Royal Military College Canada normalization

Recent op-ed seeks to erase the ugly history of Ukrainian Nazi collaboration

On the second night of Hanukkah, the Postmedia-owned Ottawa Citizen published a crude piece of gross Holocaust revisionism from a Ukrainian nationalist academic.

This comes during a year that has been a boon for rehabilitating Nazi collaborators and neo-Nazis as a result of Russia’s criminal invasion of Ukraine in February 2022.

That month, Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland shared a photo of herself on Twitter at a rally in support of Ukraine holding a black and red banner associated with the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN), led by Nazi collaborator Stepan Bandera. The tweet was promptly deleted without explanation.

The organization’s military wing, the Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA), worked with the Nazis to ethnically cleanse Volhynia and Eastern Galicia of Poles and Jews in an effort to establish an ethnically-pure Ukrainian state, culminating in the murder of 100,000 Poles by 1943.

Meanwhile, the neo-Nazi Azov Battalion has gone from pariahs to heroes after its participation in the battle of the Azovstal steel plant in Mariupol in May, with media outlets downplaying the group’s explicit neo-Nazi and fascist origins.

But the author of the Citizen op-ed wants to go a step further in erasing Ukrainian nationalists’ history of Nazi collaboration.  (more...)

Why did the Ottawa Citizen publish Holocaust revisionism?


Canadian paper spreads Holocaust distortion, human rights NGO demands response

Intel reveals US politicians tried to hush US Nazi support


Wall Street politicians Nazi financial support deception duplicity WWII Hitler war fascism Germany exposure corruption

Russian intelligence reveals that US officials and Wall Street traders planned to covertly loan billions of dollars to Nazi Germany just before the Second World War.

The US and British political and commercial roles in contributing to funding the Nazi Party and later the Third Reich was well documented by documentary filmmaker Michael Romm, and academics like Antony Sutton and Jacques R. Pauwels.

US officials and Wall Street traders planned to covertly loan billions of dollars to Nazi Germany just before the Second World War and attempted to hide their plans, according to information gathered by the foreign intelligence division of the NKVD, the SVR's predecessor.

A report from the NKVD from the summer of 1939 written by an undercover field agent detailing "the participation of statesmen of the USA and Great Britain in financial transactions in aid of Nazi Germany" is one of a vast collection of documents that have been declassified, digitalized, and published on the website of the Boris Yeltsin Presidential Library about the years preceding World War II.

The document describes how Soviet intelligence learned about efforts to conceal American involvement in a planned multi-billion dollar loan from London to the Third Reich on July 24, 1939, just over a month before the Nazi invasion of Poland, through one of its informants.  (more...)

Intel reveals US politicians tried to hush US Nazi support

Nazis in Washington, Christmas 2022


psychological operations Nazi pandemic social control Ukraine fifth column white supremacy terrorism pharmaceuticals London feudalism oligarchy slavery serfdom

White Supremacists in the Nation's Capital? Again?

Thursday, December 22, 2022

Reject the Zelensky Hollywood Production, Organize Support for Peace Conf. Proposed by Pope Francis


Ukraine Zelensky war hawks congress Schiller Institute Larouche peace neutrality Pope Francis NATO proxy war nonaligned movement BRICS Germany

Helga Zepp-LaRouche used a pre-Christmas webcast to call for an expanded mobilization behind the offer of Pope Francis to use the Vatican as a site for negotiations, without preconditions, to end NATO's war against Russia.  Every thinking person, she said, is concerned with the danger of an escalation to World War III.  She urged viewers to circulate the Schiller Institute's letter of support for the Pope's offer, in the spirit of Christmas, and use the season as a moment for serious reflection on the mission of Jesus to achieve peace, through acting with good will towards all men.

The Zelensky extravaganza in Washington yesterday demonstrated the opposite, exposing the British intent for expanding the war, even as NATO is approaching the crossing of a trip-wire which is unacceptable to Russia.  She said that she believes the war hawks, typified by the Green officials in the German government, are preparing an escalation against China in 2023.  If they are successful in "diversifying" EU economies away from China, Europe will be "marginalized".  Instead, the potential still exists for Europe to participate in the BRI.

Wednesday, December 21, 2022

Canadian Lives Unworthy Of Canadian Life


Canada Nazi euthanasia assisted suicide distress poverty disability depression Darwinism neglect dehumanization degradation

The Nazification of America's neighbors to the north, under the guise of compassion and autonomy

See the man above? He's a Canadian who is too poor to pay his bills. So he's seeking out government-provided assisted suicide. This TV report tells his story. It is a moral outrage.

Alexander Raikin has a stunning article in The New Atlantis, talking about MAID, the acronym for Canada's euthanasia system, and how the supposed safeguards to keep people from abusing it are virtually meaningless. Raikin got his hands on video of conferences with MAID providers, evidence that the people who are doing this stuff know that lots of Canadians are choosing assisted suicide not because they are terminally ill, but because they are poor, or in psychological distress, or have some other non-terminal, manageable malady -- and know they can get away with having the state make their suicide clean and comfortable.

In December, an ad video by the Canadian fashion company La Maison Simons, titled “All Is Beauty,” went viral online. It told the story of Jennyfer Hatch, a 37-year-old-woman with Ehlers-Danlos syndrome who had chosen euthanasia. Slickly produced, the video showed slow-motion images of people gathered on beaches. At one point it describes “the most beautiful exit,” apparently referring to MAID. Hatch was euthanized the day before the campaign launched. She had told friends and interviewers that she wanted to live, but couldn’t afford it.

The tide has turned, and Canada’s vulnerable patients know it. They know how Canada’s system sees them. It shows up in how they see themselves, how they think about their choices.  (more...)

Canadian Lives Unworthy Of Canadian Life


A “Nazi-like euthanasia program” in Canada

Tuesday, December 20, 2022

(Protect) women and children first!


coronavirus COVID crime women pregnancy miscarriages harms medical ethics human experiments vaccines mRNA children bioethics reproduction

Reiner Fuellmich engages in a tough but critical discussion with obstetrician and fetal medicine specialist James A. Thorp, criminal defense attorney Yiannis Zografos, and pediatric surgeon Vasilia Souleimanova about the disastrous effects of covid injections, particularly on women and children. They also share their concerns regarding the inglorious role of the judiciary worldwide.

The statistics and testimonials from medical professionals are alarming, and the experts agree: for the sake of children - both born and unborn - and for the future of humanity, it is now more important than ever to stand up and unite. We must (continue to) speak the Truth loud and clear to give voice to all those who need us most.

The Worldwide Corona Crisis, Global Coup D’etat Against Humanity


coronavirus COVID crisis pandemic globalism coup crime fraud social engineering economy depression WHO WEF

Destroying Civil Society, Engineered Economic Depression

Monday, December 19, 2022

On Western Support for Nazism


Canada Ukraine Nazi finance Wall Street glorification whitewashing propaganda deception hidden hand NATO Rockefeller

It would be obvious and widely accepted that we in the West are responsible for the rebirth and growth of Nazism, if the truth was a staple in our cultural diets.

Beneath veils of distractions and obfuscations, for example, the Canadian government has a long history of quietly supporting Nazism.

Drawing false equivalencies between the USSR and Nazi Germany furthers the support for Nazism, which, through such operations, is being whitewashed. Canada voted against a UN initiative condemning the glorification of Nazism.

Russia is combating the cancer of Nazism and NATO expansionism in Ukraine, whereas the West seeks to fight “to the last Ukrainian” as it uses Ukrainians, and Nazism, as proxies against Russia.

Largely censored and forgotten, Washington is behind the Nazi-infested coup that overturned the elected Ukrainian government in 2014. This was followed by about eight years of genocide in which Nazi battalions bombed Eastern Ukrainian (Russian-speaking) civilians and civilian infrastructure.  (more...)

On Western Support for Nazism

Sunday, December 18, 2022

Horrors of Canada's medically assisted dying program


euthanasia Canada assisted suicide dehumanization MAID death proliferation normalization medicine infanticide eldercide veterans

Visit Rebel News for more on this story ►

Rebel News' Chief Reporter Sheila Gunn Reid joined Glenn Beck of BlazeTV last week to discuss Canada's medical assistance in dying (MAID) program, which is becoming a source of increasing horror as more information is made public. Reports indicate that Canada euthanized 10,000 people in 2021, but as Sheila explained to Glenn, we can't trust those numbers.

Anti-China Psyops: What’s Going on Behind the Brainwashing?


China cold war psyops jingoism oligarchy brainwashing social control depopulation Club of Rome imperialism geopolitics globalists

Matt Ehret and Cynthia Chung debunk the many leading myths about China as “the center command of world evil” and explore the inner fights waged between Chinese patriots in opposition to fifth column traitors that have worked tirelessly on behalf of foreign oligarchical interests to subvert China from within since the dark days of the Opium Wars.

New Release! Breaking Free of Anti-China Psyops: How the Cold War is Being Revived and What You Can Do About It

Saturday, December 17, 2022

Germany’s Stockholm Syndrome


Germany Russia classicism arts degradation Congress for Cultural Freedom Frankfurt School freedom republicanism oligarchy imperialism Goethe Schiller Beethoven Wilhelm Tell music

“No, there is a limit to the tyrant’s power! When the oppressed man finds no justice, When the burden grows unbearable, he appeals with fearless heart to heaven, and thence brings down his everlasting rights, which there abide, inalienably his, and indestructible as stars themselves. The primal state of nature reappears, wherein man confronts his fellow man; and if all other means shall fail his need, one last resort remains—his own good sword. The dearest of our goods we may defend, From violence. We stand before our country, We stand before our wives, before our children!

We want to be a single band of brothers, Never to part in danger or distress. We want to be free, as our fathers were, And rather die than live in slavery. We want to trust in the one highest God, And never be afraid of human power.”

- “The Rütli Oath”, Friedrich Schiller’s “Wilhelm Tell”

On March 1st, Valery Gergiev was dropped by his manager and fired from his position as Chief Director of the Munich Philharmonic Orchestra by Munich Mayor Dieter Reiter, for not denouncing Russia over its military intervention into Ukraine. Gergiev’s former manager Marcus Felsner stated to The Guardian that the Russian conductor is “the greatest conductor alive and an extraordinary human being with a profound sense of decency,” but he was unable to “publicly end his long-expressed support for a regime that has come to commit such crimes.

The question is, who is the biggest loser in all of this? That is, who will suffer the greatest loss culturally from the voluntary dismissal of “the greatest conductor alive”?

No decent human being longs for war. War has historically been recognized as the weapon, the tool of the tyrant. To threaten force upon a people, a civilization and risk its destruction, only to usurp a temporary and precarious throne is rightfully seen as the ambitions of a mad man.

The question is, to whose mad ambitions and designs of war are we, as a global populace, held hostage? That is, who is the tyrant? And who are the upholders of liberty, who have a right to “defend from violence” by their “own good sword”?

Many of you may be wondering what is the “Rütli Oath” and who is Friedrich Schiller?

Well, that is exactly the point. If you do not know, you have been robbed of something and it was done consciously so that you should not know, or remember such things. A citizenry that wishes to be free and would “rather die than live in slavery” and “never be afraid of human power” is certainly not acceptable storytelling for children, let alone adults, in a world where we do not have a right to choose what the future holds.  (more...)

Germany’s Stockholm Syndrome

Freemasonic Roots of US Intelligence


FBI intelligence freemasonry oligarchy occult luciferianism Britain confederacy slavery feudalism Delphi social control corruption

Matt Ehret is invited to break down the occult roots of US intelligence and the new film he made with Cynthia Chung and Jason Dahl viewable here:

Friday, December 16, 2022

Time to Revive the 1995 Act that Called for Abolishing the CIA


CIA incompetence crime unaccountability liability corruption degradation delusion failure dismal record unproductive

In a recent feature article in The New Yorker magazine, writer Amy Davidson Sorkin recalls the late Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan’s 1995 bill, the Abolition of the Central Intelligence Agency Act.

One of the original neoconservatives, Moynihan had served on the 1975/76 Church Committee, which exposed CIA crimes around the world. Thereafter, he emerged as a staunch supporter of the CIA from his perch on the Senate Foreign Intelligence Committee—which was set up to provide oversight of the CIA but in practice rubber-stamped most of its activities.

Village Voice columnist Nat Hentoff called Moynihan, “the biggest friend of the CIA the Agency ever had.”

However, with the end of the Cold War, Moynihan started arguing that the country did not need a CIA—which accords with my own view.

The CIA had not redeemed itself after the Church Committee exposed the fact that the CIA had been working around the world to overthrow governments, influence election, assassinate world leaders, and spy on Americans involved in civil rights or anti-war organizations.

Moynihan’s bill was referred to the Senate Intelligence Committee, where it garnered not a single cosponsor and died a quiet death. Worse than that, the debate over the appropriateness of even having a CIA has ended.  (more...)

Time to Revive the 1995 Act that Called for Abolishing the CIA

Britain’s Dirty Business in Bolsonaro’s Brazil


Brazil Bolsonaro Britain political interference fifth column fascism dictatorship coup resource extraction BP exploitation lawfare corruption subjugation neocolonialism

In September 2022, the BBC aired a documentary titled “The Boys from Brazil: Rise of the Bolsonaros”.

The three-part series, co-released with US outlet PBS, documents the rise of Brazil’s far right leader Jair Bolsonaro – who went from an obscure dictatorship-era military figure to the winner of the country’s 2018 presidential election.

“Jair Bolsonaro is one of the world’s most controversial leaders”, the documentary begins. “An ardent admirer of Brazil’s military dictatorship, Bolsonaro came to power determined to revive their policies to exploit the Amazon – whatever the cost”.

The documentary was released shortly before Brazilians go to the polls on 2 October, with former president and Workers’ Party (PT) candidate Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva the frontrunner. Concerns are mounting over whether Bolsonaro would accept electoral defeat if he were to lose the vote.

While the documentary airs voices which are critical of the Bolsonaro regime, it omits a crucial detail of clear interest to the British public – the UK government’s secret dealings with the Bolsonaros.

Documents obtained via the Freedom of Information Act offer details of UK collaboration with Brazil’s far right, and show how Bolsonaro’s Brazil has represented an opportunity for British business.  (more...)

Britain’s Dirty Business in Bolsonaro’s Brazil

Cambridge University’s Course for Spooks


Cambridge University spooks MI6 CIA CSI Magdalene College intelligence education recruitment

A former MI6 chief and an ex-CIA officer are offering a programme for budding intelligence practitioners at Magdalene College, Cambridge – one of several UK universities with links to British intelligence.

The Cambridge Security Initiative (CSI), an organisation founded and chaired by Sir Richard Dearlove – the former chief of the Secret Intelligence Service, known as MI6 – is advertising a course on spycraft run at Magdalene College, Cambridge.

The four-week course, to be held next summer and called the International Security and Intelligence Programme, addresses “various mechanisms of intelligence collection, analysis and dissemination, counter-intelligence and covert operations” as well as “cyber and information operations”.

It is co-convened by Professor David Gioe, who is the CSI’s director of studies and also an associate professor at West Point – the US military academy – and a fellow at the US Army Cyber Institute. 

Gioe spent over two decades working in the US intelligence community, including roles in the FBI, CIA, Defence Intelligence Agency (DIA), and the Office of Naval Intelligence.  (more...)

Cambridge University’s Course for Spooks

Universities: poisoning the well of knowledge


university education indoctrination menticide toxic social control delusion blinkers enslavement oligarchy corruption

For full disclosure, I do have a university degree, but I’ve worked hard ever since to recover from it.

In my book, "Mastering Uncertainty in Commodities Trading," the sentence that conveys the key insight I had during my apprenticeship was about discovery that the holy grail of market speculation is within: "this game was not so much about mastering the markets or statistics or even the charts as much as it was about mastering oneself. In speculation, markets are the external reality, but what decides the game's outcome is the inner process that determines one's actions."

Our actions depend on what we understand about that external reality and how we perceive changes. But the problem of how we know things goes beyond the domain of investment speculation - it is central to everything we do in life. The big word for this is epistemology - the "science" of how we know. It is one of the core mysteries of life which, the more we question it, the farther we drift away from the certitudes we embraced in our teenage years.

This is where one would expect our institutions of higher learning to lead the charge and provide us with the most accurate, best refined understanding of our world. Perhaps they do so on the margins, but in the mainstream, it seems that they ossify around dogmas which then become so entrenched that they are not even allowed to be questioned. Instead of true knowledge, they tend to produce groupthink, which can diverge so far from reality and common sense that at some point it becomes patently absurd.  (more...)

Universities: poisoning the well of knowledge

Thursday, December 15, 2022

Canadians who fight in Ukraine are not heroes, but mercenaries


Canada mercenaries crime Ukraine Nazi profiteers private militias corruption

On November 8, 2022, Saskatchewan (a Canadian province) Premier Scott Moe told CBC that Joseph Hildebrand, a recently fallen Canadian man who died in Ukraine, is a “true Saskatchewan hero.” Moe continued to say “...Canada must ensure Ukraine defeats Russia and rises again as a free, independent, prosperous nation.” This military activity is not legal however, nor is any role Canada officially plays, responsible. 

In April 2022, the Hamilton Spectator reported that wealthy philanthropists are helping to facilitate the recruitment and training of Canadians to fight Ukraine’s war through the International Legion of the Defence of Ukraine. Ken Stone’s previous article for The Canada Files explained how these Canadians are mercenaries, and recruiting them is a violation of Canada’s Foreign Enlistment Act. War should not be waged by the terms of the rich and the markets, they ought to be waged justly, in defense of nations and states. Currently the official activity of Canadian Armed Forces in Ukraine has been actively training these Ukrainian forces, but not engaged directly in combat. Operation UNIFIER has gained attention for embroiling Canada’s military in training neo-Nazi extremism. 

There are two levels of law that are relevant to illegal recruitment of Canadian mercenaries.

The Canadian Criminal Code contains the Foreign Enlistment Act 1985, originally passed in 1937 around the time of the Mackenzie-Papineau Brigade. The original law outlined the Canadian government’s refusal to combat fascism in Europe, erasing and criminalizing Canadians who aided the Spanish Popular Front against fascism. From its inception it was arbitrary in its vision.  

It essentially criminalizes the activity we see in the present period. Ironically, when Ukrainian neo-Nazis need Canadian mercenaries in the contemporary international crisis the law is not enforced. The law appears to apply for some, but not for others. Other unpunished violations include Canadians that helped carry out the Palestinian Nakba, to present day Israeli IDF recruitment to enforce the apartheid of Palestine. 

The Canadian Criminal Code is the weaker of the two law examples, interchangeably in the code mentioning 'any foreign state' on the grounds of recruiting is criminal, while actually enlisting to actively fight is found in violation only if it is against a 'friendly state'. But what is a friendly state? And who gets to decide this?  (more...)

Canadians who fight in Ukraine are not heroes, but mercenaries

Ontario doctor speaks up about COVID deaths — how many are smoke and mirrors?


Canada Ontario hospitals death certificates falsification COVID testing positive alteration cause of death coercion doctors bullying politics tyranny

FULL REPORT by Tamara Ugolini:

Rebel News' Tamara Ugolini speaks with Dr. Luchkiw, who says she faced pressure from hospital administrators to tamper with patient death records.

Wednesday, December 14, 2022

The Nova Scotia Mass Shooting - Dec 11th, 2022


Canada Nova Scotia mass shooting RCMP crime cover-up dereliction corruption unaccountability deception politics police prisons drugs

This episode features guests Paul Palango and Adam Rodgers. 

In this episode, which will be our last of 2022, we discuss a variety of items but most specifically the struggle to learn exactly what happened outside of the Enfield Big Stop Gas Station.

The Secret US Invasion of Canada: CIA Manipulates Public Opinion & Corrupts Canadian Foreign Policy


Canada CIA NED political interference subversion fifth column manipulation covert action public opinion corruption

On December 6, 2022, The Canada Files and CovertAction Magazine announced the webinar “The Secret US Invasion of Canada: How the CIA Manipulates Public Opinion and Corrupts Canadian Foreign Policy”, held on December 13 starting at 7pm EST. It featured TCF’s Editor-in-Chief Aidan Jonah, CAM’s Managing Editor Jeremy Kuzmarov and TCF’s Contributing Editor Arnold August, as event speakers.

Tuesday, December 13, 2022

Analysis of evidence in the “targeted” killings of Barry & Honey Sherman concludes murders were politically motivated


RCMP crime murder Sherman targeted killing cover-up conspiracy corruption police murder politic deception assassination unaccountability

5 years ago today Justin Trudeau’s 2015 election campaign fundraisers Barry and Honey Sherman were targeted and killed. Mass media and government officials claim no motive for the double homicides has been found despite there being substantial evidence to support an inference that the murders were politically motivated.

What was the primary motive for the targeted murders of Barry & Honey Sherman? To answer that one must first examine why lead Toronto police investigator, Det.-Sgt. Susan Gomes publicly stated that Barry and Honey Sherman were targeted and killed? “I believe they were targeted,” The word “targeted” was specifically chosen to describe Toronto’s 2017 homicides #64 and #65. What was Det.-Sgt. Susan Gomes revealing to the public by calling the double homicides “targeted” killing?

Targeted killing is defined as an assassination by a “government authority” of an individual(s) for a perceived threat. That’s what Toronto Police were telling Canadians when they said Barry & Honey Sherman were “targeted” & killed. Toronto Police stated publicly from the very beginning that “there was no sign of forced entry into their home”. That is referred to as surreptitious entry. Toronto Police publicly stating that the murderers entered the home of Barry and Honey Sherman via surreptitious entry is of major significance. It supports the discovery finding that the Shermans were targeted and killed by a “government authority”.  (more...)

Analysis of evidence in the “targeted” killings of Barry & Honey Sherman concludes murders were politically motivated

The Origins of America's Secret Police: Ancient Roots of Occult Societies & Intelligence Operations


secret police FBI America occult freemasonry intelligence covert operations totalitarianism lawlessness terrorism assassination oligarchy slavery confederacy infiltration fifth column subversion crime corruption

Do leading members of secret societies managing many of the levers of influence throughout history wield genuine "knowledge known only to the inner elites"... or is something else at play? 

In this Canadian Patriot Review documentary produced by Jason Dahl, narrated by Matt Ehret and based on the work of Cynthia Chung, you will be introduced to the ancient origins of the occult societies that penetrated the heart of America's intelligence agencies after the murder of William McKinley in 1901. 

This journey will take you into the heart of ancient occult societies that managed wars, financial and cultural policies over two millenia ago. You will learn of the underlying methodology of manipulation used to induce foolish kings and generals into self destruction during the days of the Persian Empire are used to this very day. 

With this perspective in mind, you will be introduced to 1) the British roots of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry founded in 1801 by British grand strategists in South Carolina, 2) a figure named Albert Pike who led in the largest expansion of this foreign agency within the USA after Lincoln's victory in 1865 and 3) the "seat of government" which 33rd degree FBI director J. Edgar Hoover managed in the USA during the course of eight presidencies. 

This dark history is contrasted to the courageous efforts of men who devoted their lives resisting the growth of this occult agency including President Franklin Roosevelt, Senator Thomas J Walsh, Congressman Hale Boggs, Attorney General of New Orleans Jim Garrison, Martin Luther King Jr, Bobby Kennedy and his brother John F Kennedy.

 This documentary was based on the essay "The Origins of America's Secret Police" by Cynthia Chung.

Plaque-like structures pulled from the veins of vaccinated people – why and how is this happening?


Canada COVID vaccines mRNA blood clots plaque harms embalmers veins doctors injections mandates

FULL REPORT by Tamara Ugolini:

Rebel News' Tamara Ugolini spoke with Dr. Jessica Rose about an alarming phenomenon allegedly occurring in vaccinated people.

Monday, December 12, 2022

Toronto Police investigation of Barry & Honey Sherman murders sealed by the Crown to cover up who committed the targeted murders


Canada Toronto crime Sherman murder unsolved cover-up police tardiness dereliction Trudeau election fundraising violation RCMP

There is evidence that shows that 5 years ago Justin Trudeau conspired to have his August 26, 2015 election campaign fundraisers murdered. Justin Trudeau had motive to conspire to murder Barry and Honey Sherman. An ongoing RCMP investigation of his election campaign fundraiser for the Lobbying Commissioner and an Apotex lawsuit put Justin Trudeau in legal jeopardy. The fundraiser was a prohibited gift. Justin Trudeau accepting the prohibited gift meant that he violated the Lobbying Act and the Canada Elections Act.

Violating the Lobbying Act had no legal consequences for either Justin Trudeau or Barry Sherman.

“The RCMP have never, ever followed up. The RCMP then rubber-stamps or whitewashes whatever Lobbying Act activity has happened.” House of Commons

However, violating the Canada Elections Act meant that Justin Truduea could have lost his seat in the House of Commons and he couldn’t be a candidate in another election for 5 years. It would have meant the end of his political career.

“The Canada Elections Act also sets out a series of disqualifications that apply exclusively to electoral candidacy. … Current disqualifications include the following: A person found guilty of an illegal or corrupt electoral practice (as defined in section 502 of the Canada Elections Act) is disqualified from contesting a federal election for either five or seven years and, if he or she has been elected, may be required to vacate his or her seat in the House of Commons. Illegal practices include wilfully exceeding the spending limit or obstructing the electoral process. Corrupt practices include voting more than once or accepting a prohibited gift or other advantage ” Parliament of Canada  (more...)

Toronto Police investigation of Barry & Honey Sherman murders sealed by the Crown to cover up who committed the targeted murders