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English Translation of Udo Ulfkotte’s “Bought Journalists” Suppressed?

The English translation of German journalist Udo Ulfkotte’s best-selling book, Gekaufte Journalisten (Bought Journalists) appears to have been suppressed throughout North America and Europe.  On May 15, 2017 Next Revelation Press, an imprint of US-Canadian-based publisher Tayen Lane, released the English version of Bought Journalists, under the title, Journalists for Hire: How the CIA Buys the News.

Tayen Lane has since removed any reference to the title from its website. Correspondingly indicates the title is “currently unavailable,” with opportunities to purchase from independent sellers offering used copies for no less than $1309.09. The book’s subject matter and unexplained disappearance from the marketplace suggest how powerful forces are seeking to prevent its circulation.

Gekaufte Journalisten was almost completely ignored by mainstream German news media following its release in 2014. “No German mainstream journalist is allowed to report about [my] book,” Ulfkotte observed. “Otherwise he or she will be sacked. So we have a bestseller now that no German journalist is allowed to write or talk about.”  (more...)


You think Rupert Murdoch's minions are any different?

Oy Canada! Haven for War Criminals

Only time will tell whether the good news this past week that the Canadian citizenship of Einsatzgruppe D member Helmut Oberlander was again (for the fourth time!) revoked will mark the beginning of a satisfactory conclusion to this very frustrating and infuriating episode in the annals of attempts to bring Nazi war criminals to justice.

In certain respects, the Oberlander case is a symbol of the relative futility of Canadian efforts to take legal action against Nazi perpetrators and collaborators who were admitted to Canada during the decade following the end of World War II. To be fair, Canada was not the only country forced to face this issue. In fact, practically all the major Anglo-Saxon countries which fought against the Axis forces during the war made the same mistake of admitting Nazi war criminals afterwards.

In some cases, like in the United States, about 150 of these individuals were actually sought out for their unique expertise, like the Nazi rocket scientists and engineers who worked on the V-2 rockets and other similar projects. At least several dozen others, natives of countries which had come under Communist rule, were chosen for espionage tasks behind the Iron Curtain or as potential CIA agents.

Most of the Nazis’ helpers admitted to the United States, Canada, Great Britain, Australia and New Zealand, however, most of whom were from Eastern Europe, simply posed as innocent refugees fleeing Communism. At this point in time, it was easier to hide their role in the Holocaust, since the common perception in the West was that most of the victims of the Shoa had been murdered in death camps like Auschwitz or concentration camps like Dachau, Mauthausen, Buchenwald and Bergen-Belsen, all of which had been run by Germans and Austrians and liberated by Allied troops.

It was only in the late Sixties and early Seventies that reports began to surface that there were numerous Nazi collaborators among the refugees admitted to Anglo-Saxon democracies in the immediate aftermath of World War II.  (more...)


Saturday, July 29, 2017

Forgotten Bolsheviks: The Warning Signs of Fascism on Campus

Paul Fromm, Canada’s most prominent white supremacist
Over the past several years, Toronto has seen a rise in far right organizing—most notably the Soldiers of Odin, PEGIDA, and the Proud Boys. Likewise, university and college campuses have also been experiencing a rise in right-wing politics.

Students in Support of Free Speech (founded at the University of Toronto) has been in the media due to their committed support of Jordan Peterson, professor, high-rolling Patreon fundraiser, and opponent of protections for trans people. This support, and their regular work with the Proud Boys, Rebel Media, the Canadian Taxpayers Federation, et al., has cast this burgeoning student group as the training ground for the future far right in the eyes of many.

However, SSFS in the past week has been consumed with responding to a controversy surrounding notable neo-Nazi, Paul Fromm.

Fresh off of a spate of media attention from the white nationalist memorial for lawyer Barbara Kulazska at the Richview Library in Toronto, Fromm spoke at a SSFS rally for the so-called “Halifax Five” (five disgraced military members who, as members of the Proud Boys, decided to disrupt an Indigenous ceremony in Halifax on Canada Day). SSFS members now claim that Fromm should never have been allowed to speak at their event (or, at least use their megaphone), while supporters of Fromm’s attack them online over their false claims of misrepresentation   (more...)

Campus ideologues have conveniently forgotten that the Nazis emerged from the National Bolsheviks. These were far more common in my college milleau than the hyperventilation-inducing Red Stalinists. And, they still manage to garner some press:

Canada's ratline remains well-disguised, and well-travelled.

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Trust the Swedes with your data? Surprise!

Select your subcontractors well

Related, sorta:

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

These five countries are conduits for the world’s biggest tax havens

The Dutch monkey in the middle
First came the Panama Papers, then the BahamasLeaks. Journalists continue to shed light on and raise a public outcry over the offshore financial centres that corporations use to reduce their tax bill – something that is still being challenged in court.

A new study has now uncovered all the world’s corporate tax havens and, for the first time, revealed the intermediary countries that companies use to funnel their money into these places.

Published on July 24 in the academic journal Scientific Reports, the paper Uncovering Offshore Financial Centers: Conduits and Sinks in the Global Corporate Ownership Network shows that offshore finance is not the exclusive business of exotic, far-flung places such as the Cayman Islands and Bermuda.

The Netherlands and the United Kingdom also play a crucial – although a heretofore obscure – role in the tax-avoidance game, acting as conduits for corporate profits as they make their way to tax havens.  (more...)

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

How the Camorra Went Global

A Pizza Ciro restaurant in Rome. The chain was among the assets confiscated
from the Righi family by the police in May 2016.
“We’ve come here to kill you tonight. Perhaps you don’t get it? At the same time, we’ll also kill your son and your wife".

These chilling words, spoken by a man associated with Italy’s brutal Camorra mafia, were recorded in a car by a hidden police microphone. Antonio Righi -- known as Tonino the Blond -- was threatening a broker to whom he had given more than €200,000 on behalf of the mob.

Righi had already been convicted of trafficking drugs and handling stolen goods in 2004. Now, in the summer of 2008, the Italian police were on his trail again. The whole Righi family had been working for the Camorra bosses in Naples since the early 1980s. But Antonio was bringing the money laundering game to a new, global level, and local anti-mafia prosecutors wanted to take him down.

On July 21, investigators who had been tapping Righi’s phone intercepted another key conversation -- less sensational, but, in a way, even more emblematic of the modern mafia. Speaking with an associate, Righi said he had found a tempting investment opportunity, and wanted confirmation that he could use funds parked in a British firm he had acquired.

“Is this company, Carrefur, alright?” Righi asked. “Because I have an ongoing operation for which it could come in handy.”

“Of course,” his henchman replied, “It is good because you have a lot of capital in it.”

The day after, in another conversation overheard by police, the nature of the deal became clearer: Righi spoke to a broker about investing 226,500 euros ($US 360,000) of dirty money in a Swiss real-estate fund.

These conversations were later transcribed in an indictment issued by anti-mafia prosecutors in Naples and obtained by Investigative Reporting Project Italy (IRPI), a partner of the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP). On January 22, 2014, Righi, along with several family members and associates, was charged with conspiracy to launder money and mafia-type association -- a serious crime in Italy. He is currently in custody in Naples, where the trial is still ongoing.  (more...)


So, what's the action on Bay Street.?

Theocratic imperialism in Latin America -- US church goes to Brazil: instills fear, splits families

SAO JOAQUIM DE BICAS, Brazil (AP) — At the Word of Faith Fellowship churches in the Brazilian cities of Sao Joaquim de Bicas and Franco da Rocha, the signs of broken families are everywhere: parents separated from their children, siblings who no longer speak, grandparents who wonder if they will ever know their grandchildren.

Over the course of two decades, the U.S.-based mother church took command of both congregations in Brazil, applying a strict interpretation of the Bible and enforcing it through rigorous controls and physical punishment, The Associated Press has found.

Many of the more than three dozen former members interviewed by the AP in Brazil said they live in perpetual fear of retribution. Some have sought psychological help. Others ask themselves how they put up with the abuse for so long.

Former member Juliana Oliveira remembers when life was normal in the Sao Joaquim de Bicas church, but that was years ago, before the Americans came from Spindale, North Carolina. Before the Brazilian traditions were stripped away, she said, and the screaming and beatings began.

“When you are in a cult, you don’t know you are in a cult because little by little it all becomes ’normal,’” said Oliveira, 34. “It’s like a frog in a pot of water. By the time it’s boiling, he can’t jump out.”  (more...)

Monday, July 24, 2017

Notorious Mississauga blogger known for anti-Muslim rants faces hate-crime charge

A self-described “journalist & social commentator” known for posting angry video rants attacking Muslims and a range of other targets has been charged with committing a hate crime.

Kevin J. Johnston, a 45-year-old resident of Mississauga, Ont., posts videos on his website and to various social media platforms, and at one point had his accounts suspended by YouTube and Twitter.

Though he carried on fights with various public figures (and even ran for mayor of Mississauga in 2014) he focused much of his attention on schools, which he accused of “indoctrinating” students with Islamic ideology. In one video, he offered a bounty — first $1,000, later increased to $2,500 — to anyone who filmed a Muslim student in a Mississauga school “spewing hate speech during Friday prayers.”

In another, he said Liberal MP Iqra Khalid could get shot for introducing a motion condemning Islamophobia in the House of Commons, and said he’d be there to witness it with a “with a big, fat smile.”  (more...)

More coverage:

Unfortunately, goons like this glom onto legitimate conservative movements and turn them into circus sideshows. Welcome to Canadian politics.

New victim sues Archdiocese of Ottawa for alleged sexual abuse

Rev. Dale Crampton
An Ottawa man has become the latest victim to sue the Archdiocese of Ottawa for sexual abuse that he allegedly suffered at the hands of the city's most notorious Catholic priest, Rev. Dale Crampton.

Robert Sullivan has filed a $2-million damages claim for abuse that he says began when he was just 10 years old.

"No matter how much work I do, and try to forgive, it's still something inside me: It killed part of me," Sullivan, 51, said in an interview with the Sun.

He is the tenth person to come forward through the legal system in the year since the Sun published a series about the dark history of clergy sex abuse in Ottawa.

Three have lodged criminal complaints against Rev. Barry McGrory, 82, a retired priest who is scheduled to stand trial next year on eight charges.

Five other people, including Sullivan, have filed civil suits to obtain damages for the abuse they suffered at the hands of Crampton, a convicted pedophile who killed himself in October 2010 by jumping from a highrise balcony. (A total of 15 lawsuits have now been filed against Crampton).

Another man has said he was sexually abused at a cottage in August 1979 by Bishop John Beahen, then one of the most powerful figures in Ottawa's Catholic community. And a local family has launched a lawsuit on behalf of a deceased relative who revealed his story of clergy sexual abuse on his deathbed.

"Every story, every bit of media coverage shakes memories loose," said Robert Talach, a personal injury lawyer who has represented many of the claimants, including Sullivan.   (more...)

What Did Your Evangelical Minister Do During The War? -- The Reinhard Gehlen Organization

 The series focuses on the pivotal role Hitler’s top spymaster (Gen­eral Reinhard Gehlen) and his organization played in post-World War II history. In charge of all intelligence on the Eastern Front during the war, Gehlen’s organization was adopted by U.S. intelligence after the war and became, in turn, the CIA’s intelligence eyes and ears on the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe, the de-facto NATO intelligence organization and the intelligence service of the Federal Republic of Germany, the BND. In this capacity, Gehlen was able to exert a profound influence on the course of world events.

Despite a pledge to his American sponsors not to employ war criminals, from the first, Gehlen did not hesitate to utilize some of the worst offenders. SS colonel Otto Skorzeny put his post-war ODESSA network of SS men to work for Gehlen as part of the latter’s operation. This broadcast documents Gehlen’s use of Skorzeny and a force composed largely of veterans of Hitler’s “Final Solution” to train the Egyptian intelligence service, having undertaken the mission on behalf of the CIA.

Program highlights include: Gehlen’s central role in the creation of Radio Free Europe; an interview with Gehlen; Gehlen’s employment of Eichman’s superior in the Final Solu­tion, Otto Von Bolschwing; the BND’s employment of Eichmann’s deputy Alois Brunner; the appointment of Von Bolschwing associate Helene Von Damm to serve as White House specialist for Presidential personnel; Skorzeny’s creation and training of the first Palestinian terrorist groups while serving on the Gehlen-CIA mission in Egypt in the 1950’s; Gehlen’s use of Adolph Eichman in the Skorzeny/CIA/Gehlen mission in Egypt; text of a rare interview with Gehlen, in which he demonstrated his unreconstructed Nazi sympathies; Gehlen’s pivotal role in the establishment of Radio Free Europe; a history of Gehlen operative Helmut Streicher, a former SS officer, whose intelligence activities ranged from the Eastern Front in World War II to the Bay of Pigs invasion; Gehlen’s work as a minister in “the Evangelical Church,” following his alleged retirement from the BND (Germany’s intelligence service and the final incarnation of Gehlen’s Nazi spy outfit.

CIA ratlines Nazi fascism heresy military totalitarianism war crime
Lifting Jesus higher?

Did the CIA insurgency in the Catholic Church begin in Bavaria with Reinhard Gehlen?

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Russian Adoptions, Worse Than PizzaGate, Myth of 1400 Pedo Arrests Under Trump

This rambles a fair bit but, about half way through, Opperman lands a bombshell. Here's some background that places his assertions in context:

This blogger will watch this space for further revelations.

Root of Corruption: Falange – The Secret Axis Army in the Americas


In 1936, Reichsmarshall Hermann Goering—one of Hitler’s top aides and the head of the Luftwaffe—observed that “Spain is the key to two continents.” Goering was enunciating a key principal of German and Nazi geopolitics. By controlling Spain, the Nazis felt they could control both Europe and Latin America. Geographically dominating the entrance to the Mediterranean Sea from the Atlantic and “flanking” France, Spain also wielded tremendous influence in Latin America through the strong cultural and economic ties between the Spanish and Latin American aristocracies. In addition, the profound Catholic influence in both Spain and Latin America, augmented Spanish clout in that part of the world. ...

In order to utilize Span’s geopolitical influence as a tool for Nazi imperial designs, the Third Reich turned to General Wilhelm von Faupel and his Ibero-American Institute. Von Faupel was a bitter opponent of the Weimar Republic, and readily accepted the Nazis as the antidote to German democracy. Known as an “I.G. General” for his links to the I.G. Farben company, von Faupel also maintained close ties to the powerful Thyssen interests which, like Farben, were the powers that backed Hitler. (The Bush family were also closely linked to the Thyssens.) During the 1920’s, von Faupel had served as a general staff adviser to the Argentine, Brazilian and Peruvian military establishments and was famed throughout Latin America for his skills as an officer. Because of his Latin American ties and his links to the corporate interests that backed Hitler, von Faupel became the Reich’s point man for the fascist takeover of Spain and subsequent construction of a Fifth Column throughout the Spanish-speaking world.  (more...)


Is this the hidden key to the corruption that has been revealed in Opus Dei, the Legionnaires of Christ, and Pope Francis' inner circle? Has the anti-communist "conservative" faction of the Church provided cover for an underground network of plutocratic Bolsheviks?

Friday, July 21, 2017

Former teacher jailed 14 months for sex with teen

A former Argyle music teacher was sentenced Friday to 14 months in prison for sexually exploiting a teenaged student.

Chad Smith, 41, violated the sacred trust accorded to teachers to satisfy his own “sexual and emotional needs,” said North Vancouver provincial court Judge Joanne Challenger in handing down the sentence.

Beginning in 2012, the popular North Vancouver music teacher began a two-year relationship with a 16-year-old female student. Smith sent the victim online messages in which he discussed their “psychic soul connection” and referred to the legal age of sexual consent.

Over approximately two years Smith had sex with his victim at her home and in his car, where she faced a risk of pregnancy, Challenger noted. There were also encounters in Smith’s office at school, which was equipped with a lighting system that informed students and staff not to enter at certain times. It was the student’s first sexual relationship, the judge added.

The victim, whose identity is protected by a publication ban, initially opted not to press criminal charges against her former teacher after extricating herself from the relationship.

However, undeterred by requests to “Just leave me alone,” Smith sent her a gift, numerous emails, and dropped by the victim’s workplace.

“Why should I lose my job because I loved you with every inch of my heart?” Smith asked in an email, later read out in court, as he requested mercy.

The victim eventually revealed the crime to her psychologist, leading to a police sting using the victim’s email account. On Aug. 27, 2015, RCMP officers tracked down Smith in a grocery store, arresting him and wresting his cellphone away. Upon his arrest, police recorded Smith saying, “I am what I am.”  (more...)


Strathcona County teacher charged with sexual assault

A 31-year-old teacher with the Elk Island Public School Division has been charged with sexual offences in relation to a female student, Strathcona County RCMP said in a media release Thursday afternoon.

The charges come after the RCMP received a complaint on July 5, 2017. Officers said it is alleged the offences took place between May 1, 2015 and Sept. 1, 2015.

According to court documents, Graeme Patrick Forsyth has been charged with two counts each of sexual contact with a person under the age of 16, sexual counsel of a person under the age of 16, sexual exploitation and sexual assault.

Forsyth was a teacher at Bev Facey Community High School. In an email sent to students and parents, Elk Island Public Schools (EIPS) said “we felt it was important to contact you and let you know what has transpired.”  (more...)

More coverage:

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Canada’s Mining Industry, Foreign Policy and Neoliberalism in Africa

While few Canadians could find Zambia on a map, the Great White North has significant influence over the southern African nation.

A big beneficiary of internationally sponsored neoliberal reforms, a Vancouver firm is the largest foreign investor in the landlocked country of 16 million.

First Quantum Minerals (FQM) has been embroiled in various ecological, labour and tax controversies in the copper rich nation over the past decade. At the end of last year First Quantum was sued for US$1.4 billion by Zambia Consolidated Copper Mines Investment Holdings (ZCCM-IH), a state entity with minority stakes in most of the country’s mining firms. The statement of claim against First Quantum listed improper borrowing and a massive tax liability.

In a politically charged move, President Edgar Lungu recently ordered ZCCM-IH to drop the case and seek an “amicable” out of court settlement with FQM. Social movements criticized the government for (again) caving to powerful mining interests exploiting the country’s natural resources. According to War on Want, Zambia is losing $3 billion a year to tax dodges by multinationals, mainly in the lucrative mining sector. A recent Africa Confidential report on the row between First Quantum and ZCCM-IH highlighted the Vancouver firm’s political influence, pointing out that “top government officials are frequently feted and hosted by FQM.”  (more...)

The CIA as Organized Crime: How Illegal Operations Corrupt America and the World

 The CIA AS Organized Crime

This book provides insight into the paradigmatic approaches evolved by CIA decades ago in Vietnam which remain operational practices today in Afghanistan, El Salvador, Iraq, Syria, Yemen and elsewhere. Valentine’s research into CIA activities began when CIA Director William Colby gave him free access to interview CIA officials who had been involved in various aspects of the Phoenix program in South Vietnam. The CIA would rescind it, making every effort to impede publication of The Phoenix Program, which documented the CIA’s elaborate system of population surveillance, control, entrapment, imprisonment, torture and assassination in Vietnam. While researching Phoenix, Valentine learned that the CIA allowed opium and heroin to flow from its secret bases in Laos, to generals and politicians on its payroll in South Vietnam. His investigations into this illegal activity focused on the CIA’s relationship with the federal drugs agencies mandated by Congress to stop illegal drugs from entering the United States. Based on interviews with senior officials, Valentine wrote two subsequent books, The Strength of the Wolf and The Strength of the Pack, showing how the CIA infiltrated federal drug law enforcement agencies and commandeered their executive management, intelligence and foreign operations staffs in order to ensure that the flow of drugs continues unimpeded to traffickers and foreign officials in its employ. Ultimately, portions of his research materials would be archived at the National Security Archive, Texas Tech University’s Vietnam Center, and John Jay College. This book includes excerpts from the above titles along with updated articles and transcripts of interviews on a range of current topics, with a view to shedding light on the systemic dimensions of the CIA’s ongoing illegal and extra-legal activities. These terrorism and drug law enforcement articles and interviews illustrate how the CIA’s activities impact social and political movements abroad and in the United States. A common theme is the CIA’s ability to deceive and propagandize the American public through its impenetrable government-sanctioned shield of official secrecy and plausible deniability. Though investigated by the Church Committee in 1975, CIA praxis then continues to inform CIA praxis now. Valentine tracks its steady infiltration into practices targeting the last population to be subjected to the exigencies of the American empire: the American people.

'Occupation: Fraudster. Address: Street of 40 Thieves’ — how Italians mocked UK company rules

Banda Bassotti — the gangsters in Donald Duck
When alleged mafia money launderer Antonio Righi wanted to do shady deals out of sight, it was to London, not just Naples, that he turned to hide his trail, according to Italian prosecutors.

Righi — aka Tonino the Blond — is standing trial over claims that he laundered ill-gotten cash for the feared Camorra crime group.

But although his alleged wrongdoing was for paymasters in southern Italy, Britain’s super-light company laws may have provided the opportunity to cover up any murky deals.

Why? Because Britain is one of the easiest countries in the world in which to set up a business, no questions asked, through which to move money and apply a veneer of respectability to the most unsavoury of transactions.

An examination of Righi firms by the Investigative Reporting Project Italy (IRPI) found what looks to be one of the most blatant examples of outfits being set up in the UK without any pretence at making bona fide official filings.

One company which had Righi as a director was Magnolia Fundaction UK, registered to an address in Soho’s Broadwick Street. Its documents cite as a director a man with the surname “Il Ladro di Galline”, which translates as “The Chicken Thief”. He declares his occupation as “fraudster”, using the Italian word “truffatore”. (more...)

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

'Who is it protecting?': father questions publication ban on Toronto teacher jailed for sex offences

His daughter had the courage to come forward, so a Toronto father wonders why the courts are keeping secrets.

CBC Toronto can't tell you his name or his daughter's name.

That much, at least, is standard in cases like this one, which involves sex-offences and young victims. It is common — and with good reason — for a victim's identity to be tightly guarded from the public.

But the father is speaking out about what he calls the "overreaching" publication ban that also means we can't tell you the name of the teacher who sexually exploited his daughter and another student, or the Toronto private school where he taught.

"They're going to be hidden, the school and this convicted sex offender, behind the ban," said the father, who spoke publicly for the first time in an interview on CBC Toronto's Metro Morning on Wednesday.

"There are parents whose children are [at the school] today who don't know about this," the father told Metro Morning host Matt Galloway.  (more...)


How the United States Lost the Second World War

This massive archive program merits serious consideration as a most revealing examination and explanation of the Cold War. The history of intellectual endeavor teaches that prevailing theories in the academic disciplines may be disproved and supplanted in time. Taken in combination with AFA 36, this work documents the working hypothesis that during the Cold War, German fascism and the Third Reich did not disappear as is commonly believed but rather survived underground and achieved a very real political and economic victory over the Allies.

In the aftermath of World War I, the German Nazis learned that anti-communism could be used to achieve strategic leverage over Germany’s prospective enemies such as Great Britain and the United States. The Third Reich utilized this stratagem to establish Fifth Column movements in countries they had targeted for conquest. Those movements were composed largely of sympathizers who viewed the Third Reich as a bulwark against communism. The Third Reich sought to escape the full consequences of military defeat in World War II by playing the anti-communist card again.

When it became clear that the armies of the Third Reich were going to be defeated, it opened secret negotiations with representatives from the Western Allies. Representatives on both sides belonged to the transatlantic financial and industrial fraternity that had actively supported fascism. The thrust of these negotiations was the establishment of The Christian West. Viewed by the Nazis as a vehicle for surviving military defeat, “The Christian West” involved a Hitler-less Reich joining with the U.S., Britain, France and other European nations in a transatlantic, pan-European anti-Soviet alliance. In fact, The Christian West became a reality only after the cessation of hostilities.

The de-Nazification of Germany was aborted. Although a few of the more obvious and obnoxious elements of Nazism were removed, Nazis were returned to power at virtually every level and in almost every capacity in the Federal Republic of Germany. A Hilter-less Reich then was incorporated into the anti-Soviet alliance the Third Reich’s leaders had envisioned: NATO.  (more...)

Savior of the Christian West?

Retired Barrie teacher accused of sexual misconduct found guilty

A retired Barrie teacher who was facing allegations of sexual misconduct with a student has been found guilty by the Ontario College of Teachers and has had his teaching certificate revoked.

David Thomas Hay, who taught at Bear Creek Secondary School in Barrie, was accused of having been involved in an inappropriate personal relationship with a female student between 2009 and 2014.

Hay allegedly sent inappropriate texts to the student, including one where he told the student: “Now go and picture me giving you a vibrator and give yourself a fantastic orgasm.”

The Ontario College of Teachers (OCT) also says Hay gifted the student a sex toy, and suggested the teen engage in sex with he and his wife.  (more...)


Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Fox News taps Mark Fuhrman, Simpson trial's racist cop, to analyze O.J.'s parole hearing

Fox News will provide live coverage of O.J. Simpson’s parole hearing Thursday featuring as an analyst the former Los Angeles police detective famous for lying during Simpson’s trial about his repeated use of racist language.

Fox News told numerous media outlets, including USA Today and Hollywood Reporter, that Mark Fuhrman, who was a chief witness against Simpson and later pleaded no contest to committing perjury during the trial, will be on hand to provide commentary on the parole proceedings.

Simpson has served nine years of a nine-to-33 year sentence for his armed confrontation with and subsequent robbery of memorabilia dealers Bruce Fromong and Alfred Beardsley in a Las Vegas hotel room in 2007. He was arrested and later found guilty of kidnapping, armed robbery, assault with a deadly weapon, burglary and conspiracy charges.

Fuhrman was one of the first officers to investigate the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson, Simpson’s ex-wife, and Ron Goldman, for which Simpson was arrested and charged.  (more...)


 Blood Oath

Ottawa targets income ‘sprinkling’ loophole that lets wealthy Canadians reduce tax bill

Finance Minister Bill Morneau
A new federal blueprint for closing tax loopholes unfairly benefiting the wealthy will target Canadians who use private corporations to “sprinkle” income among family members to lower their collective tax burden, according to a Department of Finance document obtained by the Toronto Star.

Finance Minister Bill Morneau is scheduled to unveil a package of proposed reforms at a press conference Tuesday morning, part of an ambitious commitment to crack down on tax avoidance and evasion that emerged in the aftermath of the Panama Papers.

“There are signs that our system isn’t working as well as it should, specifically when it comes to private corporations,” writes Morneau in an opening letter contained in the 63-page report. “There are worrying trends. There is evidence that some may be using corporate structures to avoid paying their fair share, rather than to invest in their business and maintain their competitive advantage.”  (more...)



Sunday, July 16, 2017

Per Engdahl and Euro Fascism

WHEN, as often happened, he was labelled an old Nazi, Per Engdahl, leader from the early Thirties of the 'New Swedish Movement', angrily used to protest that the label was incorrect.

No Nazi he - but he certainly was a Fascist, a believer in corporatism, and a long-time admirer of Il Duce, Benito Mussolini, whose posthumous triumph in the latest Italian elections Engdahl must have savoured, before he died on 4 May (his death was only made public in Sweden two weeks later, after the funeral).

Engdahl also vehemently disclaimed all plans and hopes he might have entertained to become the Swedish counterpart of Vidkun Quisling, had Nazi Germany occupied his native land during the Second World War. On the contrary, Engdahl used to say, if Sweden had been invaded, he would have emulated the example of Andreas Hofer, the Tyrolean peasant who led the rebellion against Napoleon in 1809; and so he often told his German friends during frequent visits from neutral Sweden during the war.

The Allied victory in 1945 left Engdahl and his minuscule Fascist movement high and dry in a country where there had been a considerable number of Nazi and Fascist sympathisers until the turning-point of the war with El Alamein and Stalingrad.   (more...)


Skip forward to 19:50

Public libraries no longer safe haven from hatred

Paul Fromm, a former Brampton school teacher who lost his teaching license
because of his white supremacist proclivity
When I was a young boy growing up in Ottawa, the public library was my sanctuary.

Ottawa was a tough place for a Jewish kid. I was one of only a couple Jewish children in my public school and a day hardly went by where I didn’t have to face the spectre of anti-Semites, bullying and intimidation.

“Christ killer, dirty Jew” and other such colourfully hateful epithets were hurled at me and schoolyard fights over my “big nose” or supposed riches were common. However, a short walk to the Rideau St. Public Library put me into a safe place, a wonderland of stories and adventures from the Hardy Boys to Robert Louis Stevenson.

I simply never had to worry about being taunted, confronting Jew haters or facing down gangs of kids that were fed hateful ideas at home and elsewhere about Jews.

The library was my haven. It is with great sadness therefore that I had to confront a situation this week that shattered my long-held belief of the library as a safe place for all Canadians. A decision by the public board of the Richview Public Library to allow a group of racists, bigots and neo-Nazis to hold their event has forever shattered the symbolism of Canadian libraries.  (more...)


The above piece is authored by Bernie M. Farber, the executive director of the Mosaic Institute. I have no affiliation with that group. However, having witnessed the egregious bigotry, including anti-semitism, endemic in Ottawa, Toronto and my hometown Windsor, I proffer to him my unrestrained support. I have no illusions about ever "curing" this country of its deeply entrenched flaws. However, I will strive to shine a light on Canada's feet of clay so that the unwary can take appropriate precautions. Caveat -- I don't see why libraries, or any other institution, would not reflect the pathologies of the culture around them. I grew up with a Carnegie Fascist Propaganda Library.

Saturday, July 15, 2017

The Halifax Five launches protest over statue

TORONTO - A rally in support of the “Halifax Five” and free speech was held Saturday afternoon at the north end of Queen’s Park.

A crowd of about 60 people gathered for the event, including representatives of the Proud Boys, Free Bird Media and Students in Support of Free Speech.

The “Halifax Five” are members of the Canadian Armed Forces, who last week, interrupted a gathering of Indigenous people protesting at the Edward Cornwallis statue in Halifax. (To the Mi’kmaq, Cornwallis is a war criminal for his attempts at eradicating their ancestors.)

The off-duty military members identified themselves as Proud Boys, a relatively new group that believes in cultural superiority and free speech. Their Proud Boys Canada Facebook page includes the information that the Proud Boys are, “Western chauvinists who refuse to apologize for creating the modern world,” and lists these tenets: “glorify the entrepreneur, venerate the housewife,” cherishing free-speech. And they love their guns, too.

Proud Boys was formed by Canadian right-wing provocateur Gavin McInnes, co-founder of Vice media. In the United States, same the movement is pro-Trump. Some of their membership requirements seem to have been formed in a tongue-in-cheek fashion.

At the rally Saturday, speakers explained that the Proud Boys are being wrongly painted by the media as being far-right, white supremacists. It was emphasized that the organization is not racist.

It must have been a mistake then, that local white supremacist Paul Fromm was present to show support for the Halifax Five.  (more...)

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Why Johnny Can’t Identify Il Duce: The Cellular Methodology of Fascism

This series identifies and analyzes several reasons for Americans’ lack of awareness of fascism, its history and its methodology. The first program focuses on lowering American educational standards and the deliberate obfuscation of the historical connection between powerful industrial and financial interests and the genesis and propagation of fascism. These factors significantly undermined contemporary understanding of the political forces which produced Hitler and Mussolini.

In addition, the  series details important episodes in the development of French fascist forces culminating in the Vichy collaborationist government of Marshall Petain. The role of French fascists in undermining France and contributing to the German victory of 1940 is one of the many aspects of the history of fascism which has been deliberately obscured. (Among those fascists was former French President Francois Mitterand, at who’s insistence the euro and the European Monetary Union came into being.)

Finally, this series highlights the clandestine methodology of fascism, particularly the underground organizational structure of fascist movements and its effectiveness in subverting established democracies. Discussion centers on the underground Nazi cells of contemporary Germany and their evolution from the cellular organization established by the Third Reich prior to its defeat. The program also sets forth the role of the Swedish fascist Per Engdahl, and his role in maintaining the continuity of fascism from Hitler and Mussolini to the present. The re-emergence of fascism in Austria and the Czech Republic is discussed, as is international networking between neo-Nazis.

The series also contains discussion of collaboration between neo-Nazis and national intelligence services, and connections between neo-Nazis and “respectable” power politicians, plus analysis of the Liberty Lobby, an influential American fascist organization.

Neo-Fascist Gadfly: The Mysterious and Psychopathic Francis Parker Yockey


Francis Parker Yockey, a lawyer and former war-crimes prosecutor, was one of the most enigmatic figures inside the far right in both Europe and America. While he is best known today for his book Imperium, a huge tome often described as a Mein Kampf for modern-day neo-Nazis, his life remains a mystery. Pursued by the U.S. Government for almost a decade, Yockey was arrested by the FBI in 1960. Shortly after his capture, he was found dead in his jail cell. An autopsy showed that the 43-year old mystery man had swallowed a cyanide capsule. Yockey’s story takes us into the heart of the postwar Fascist International, a shadow Reich composed of spies, conspirators, and occultists.

The milleau of my youth was much more like this, than the goofy flower-child narrative that today's kids are fed about the baby boom generation.

Friday, July 14, 2017

Forgotten history: From neo-Nazis to the KKK, Canada had a white supremacy problem.

On Wednesday night, longtime leaders of Canada’s white supremacy movement paraded into a Toronto public library to remember a lawyer they considered a hero. In spite of outcry from human rights advocates and calls from the mayor of Toronto to shut it down, they gathered in the name of free expression.

Paul Fromm, one of Canada’s most notorious self-identified white nationalists, organized the event as a memorial for lawyer Barbara Kulaszka, who infamously helped alleged war criminals and avowed Holocaust deniers beat criminal charges. Fromm said she died last month of lung cancer.

Dressed in a blue-and-white striped summer suit, he spoke with reporters outside the library insisting they are only living out their right to gather in a place they support as taxpaying citizens, insisting they were doing nothing illegal.

Fromm is among the old guard of Canada’s far-right. While he and his ilk have been largely ignored in recent years, overshadowed by the rise of the so-called alt-right taken up by younger and more tech-savvy figures, they represent Canada’s sordid — and often overlooked — past with white supremacy.  (more...)


Thursday, July 13, 2017

Art teacher accused of sexually assaulting girl, 7, at Junction studio

A teacher is accused of sexually assaulting a seven-year-old girl while she was taking art classes in Toronto.

The girl was attending the 10-week program at 4Cats Arts Studio located in The Junction area, police said. Investigators allege that while she was there, she was sexually assaulted by a teacher on multiple occasions.

Officers arrested a suspect on July 11 and charged him with sexual assault. He was identified by police as 24-year-old Toronto resident Jordan Pereira.  (more...)

Memorial goes ahead at Toronto library for lawyer who represented far-right extremists

Bolshevik bookends
A memorial for a lawyer who counted accused neo-Nazis and white nationalists among her clients went ahead at a Toronto Public Library branch Wednesday evening, despite calls from local politicians and human rights advocates for the library to cancel the event.

“It certainly will discredit the Toronto library system,” said Bernie Farber, former CEO of the Canadian Jewish Congress, who said he was “stunned” that the library agreed to rent space at its Richview branch in Etobicoke for a memorial in honour of Barbara Kulaszka.

“Barbara Kulaszka was a fellow traveller in hate groups in this country. She provided legal counsel to neo-Nazis, racists and bigots, and in fact ensured, through some of the work that she did, that hate laws and neo-Nazis and even Nazi war criminals would not be prosecuted in this country.

“Her legacy, if she has one, is one of increasing and permitting hatred in Canada.”

Kulaszka represented some of Canada’s most famous far-right extremists, including German-born Holocaust denier Ernst Zundel, who was deported back to his home country in 2005 after a Canadian judge deemed him a security threat. Zundel was later sentenced to five years in German prison in 2007.  (more...)

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But, but... they're pro-Aryan life!

My first years in Toronto's elite university placed me in view of the top tier of this milleau. I can make a reasonable guess about where the money trail leads. It is most disturbing.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Toronto Public Library Refusing to Cancel Planned Neo-Nazi Gathering

Prominent members of Canada’s neo-Nazi movement are holding a memorial service at a Toronto Public Library branch tonight for Barbara Kulaszka—a lawyer who defended them in front of the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal.

Jewish organizations want the Toronto Public Library to cancel the Richview Library booking, but, in an email, Ana-Maria Critchley, manager of stakeholder relations for the Toronto Public Library, tells Torontoist that’s not happening.

The memorial will have speakers like Marc Lemire, former president of the Heritage Front, a neo-Nazi group; Christian Klein, who says Germans were the real victims of WWII and that Jews ran camps where Germans were tortured and murdered; and Paul Fromm, Canada’s most prominent white supremacist of the generation left standing.

“We firmly support free speech,” says Sara Lefton, vice president at the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs. “But that doesn’t mean that publicly funded institutions such as libraries are obliged to provide a pulpit for white nationalists to promote their hateful agenda . . . CIJA is voicing our strong opposition with the library, mayor’s office, and City Council.”

That message is echoed by Avi Benlolo, president and CEO at Friends of Simon Wiesenthal Center, as well as Nathan Leipciger, past president of the Canadian Jewish Holocaust Survivors and Descendants  (more...)

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Is this an authentic popular movement, or is it a cointelpro operation, as some may contend?

One last question: Has your conservative movement been appropriated or is it in the process of being appropriated by closet Nazis?

Nobody gives us  memorials